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Reid contacts leaders to consider change to UNLV mascot, nickname


Talking with press reporters in Washington Tuesday, Sen. Harry Reid gotten in touch with Nevada college authorities to think about altering the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ mascot and sports nickname.

The statements came after a shooting in South Carolina that declared nine lives triggered dispute about displays of the Confederacy.

On the campus of UNLV Tuesday, it was tough to discover any individual who believes the mascot, Hey Reb!, ought to be changed.

“What occurred over there is a disaster naturally, but what’s happening right here on school is what’s happening on campus. Go Rebels,” student Billy Watts stated.

“I do not believe their mascot has anything to do with the disaster that’s going on in South Carolina or anything like that. Individuals are taking this stuff to a brand-new level it doesn’t have to go to,” student Amanda Spang stated.

Tony Allen, with UNLV’s Workplace of Media Relations, on Tuesday provided the following statement:

“UNLV’s existing mascot, Hey Reb!, was produced in 1982 by late regional artist Mike Miller and was motivated by western pioneers of the 1800s. It was planned to be reflective of western self-reliance and spirit and has actually turneded into one of the most beloved mascots in college athletics.

The university’s initial mascot, Beauregard, was eliminated in the 1970s when students approached the university administration and voted to eliminate the Confederate-themed mascot but retain the Rebels name.”

FOX5 spoke to one student who believes change is required.

“I think the mascot for UNLV can definitely be reassessed, I believe. I seem like we can enter a better direction than the Runnin’ Rebels, particularly because of the Charleston situation,” senior Maurice Palmer said.

Nevada Rep. Joe Heck reacted to Reid’s statements by stating the mascot has actually remained in location considering that 1983 and is not associated with the Civil War, the Confederacy or slavery.

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GOP must consider Reid in Nevada, even on his escape


Andrew Harnik/ AP

Senate Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada goes to a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, June 2, 2015.

Friday, June 5, 2015|11:06 a.m.

Harry Reid
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., takes questions from reporters during a news conference at the Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015.Introduce slideshow “

WASHINGTON– Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is at it once again.

Known for meddling in politics at all levels in his house state of Nevada, the Democrat intervened previously today to assist kill a GOP-backed bill in the Legislature that would have allowed Nevada to trade its governmental caucuses for primaries, viewed as friendlier to facility candidates like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio who may be tougher for Democrats to beat.

The surprise result exasperated Republican politicians from Las Vegas to Washington and served notice that even as Reid heads into retirement, Republicans will certainly have to get around him if they hope to win Nevada in 2016. And it was just the current step from a skillful tactician who rules his house state’s political scene like no other and is determined to keep the White Home and his own Senate seat in Democratic hands though his name will certainly never ever once more be on the tally.

“Harry’s an icon, there hasn’t been any person in politics like him. Whether you like his politics or not he’s carved out an area that fairly frankly is distinct in the history of Nevada politics,” stated Republican politician Rep. Mark Amodei, a previous state celebration chairman. “He’s a results-oriented person, and till we truly hug ‘exactly what are they doing, and how do we compete with that’ there’ll remain to be days where we struggle.”

For Reid, 75 and blind in one eye as the outcome of a mishap while working out previously this year, working versus the primary expense was just one of his recent moves developed to enhance Democratic leads in Nevada.

Some of his leading lieutenants run the state Democratic Celebration and will contribute in working for presidential prospect Hillary Rodham Clinton. The previous secretary of state and very first girl surrounded herself with some of Reid’s allies in the immigrant community when she went to the state last month, and she plans another look in a number of weeks.

Reid likewise has been keeping interest focused on Yucca Mountain, a federal hazardous waste dump planned for 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas that’s been mostly mothballed at Reid’s persistence. “Republican governmental prospects have to actually think Nevada voters are daft,” Reid stated to fans last week in an e-mail that slammed Rubio for supporting the dump and questioned Bush’s specified opposition.

And he’s working to assist a carefully picked successor, former state Attorney general of the united states Catherine Cortez Masto, replace him in the Senate, though he rejected any function in talking Democratic Rep. Dina Titus from the race.

“She made the decision on her own. I do not get involved in stuff like that,” Reid stated.

Reid himself contributed in promoting the Nevada caucus system in the very first location, in 2008, which offered Nevada early state presidential voting status with nominating contests held in January, 3rd only to Iowa and New Hampshire. That brought unmatched focus to the little state during the primary fight in between Barack Obama and Clinton, signing up 10s of countless brand-new Democratic voters who would help Democrats win in 2008 and 2012– and, not coincidentally, help Reid himself to re-election in 2010 when he was being crossed out as politically dead.

At the very same time the caucuses showed an embarrassment for the GOP. The 2008 GOP convention was too soon shut down as activists clashed, while in 2012 the turnout was an anemic 8 percent. With a wide-open primary field and the opportunity to reclaim the White House in 2016, Republicans saw an opportunity for Nevada to play a vital role. Holding primaries would improve participation– given that voters would just need to appear to the polls, not attend hours-long conferences– and would need less expenditure and organizing from candidates.

Facility Republicans likewise saw an advantage for candidates like Bush, because caucuses tend to be dominated by conservative party lobbyists who may incline a figure like libertarian-minded Rand Paul. Kentucky’s junior senator already has a network of advocates in the state thanks to candidateships by his daddy, previous Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

Legislation to make the modification was widely supported by the GOP heading into the legislative session that ended previously today, however Reid telephoned to a Democratic supporter in the Assembly, Harvey Munford, who immediately had a change of mind. The session ended without any vote on the expense.

“Generally, he spelled it out to me,” Munford said later on, adding that Reid had actually warned of the possibility that Nevada might lose its early state function, which was asserted on holding caucuses.

Nevada’s junior senator, Republican Dean Heller, said Reid was “clearly … doing exactly what remains in his benefit, and I was doing exactly what was in my best interest and I was disappointed to see the outcome.”

“Ron Paul succeeded in the state with a caucus last few cycles, and I believe that his child will do well also,” Heller added.

Reid himself brushed off a question about whether his move might wind up pushing Republicans to nominate a more right-wing prospect.

“I didn’t understand they had anybody else running. So who else would they nominate?” Reid said.

Associated Press writers Riley Snyder and Michelle Rindels in Carson City, Nevada, contributed to this report.

Taxicab Authority to consider taking position on Uber

The Nevada Taxicab Authority will think about weighing in on the state dispute over regulating Uber in an unique meeting next week.

The difficulty is, the debate may be over by the time the five-member board that manages Clark County’s taxi industry fulfills.

The board on Tuesday accepted an unique conference on May 26 at 2 p.m., for “discussion and possible decision concerning (a) board position on the regulation of Uber and classification of (a) board spokesperson prior to the Legislature.”

The Nevada Legislature, arranged to close up shop on June 1, is plowing through lots of bills en route to the end of the legislative session. Assembly Costs 175, changed to incorporate the policy of transport network business by the Public Utilities Commission, is one of those expenses pending action by the Assembly. The much lower house also hasn’t thought about Senate Bill 440, which would require transport network business to be insured.

Lawmakers might work through the weekend and Monday’s Memorial Day holiday as deadlines loom for sine die.

The authority board wasn’t able to schedule a conference any earlier since of open-meeting-law requirements to post a program at least three working days prior to the meeting date.

Earlier in Tuesday’s conference, the board unanimously authorized permitting as much as 384 extra taxis on the streets each day June 19-22 for the Electric Daisy Carnival unique event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

At the recommendation of the 16 taxi companies, the board authorized 12 additional taxis per business during 2 12-hour durations from midday to 2 a.m., and from 6 p.m. to 10 a.m., throughout the electronic music festival that runs from sunset to dawn over the weekend.

An estimated 140,000 individuals per night are anticipated to attend the event sponsored by Insomniac, a California-based celebration producer.

The only opposition to the proposal was minimal, coming from the Industrial Technical Specialist Workers union representing cab drivers, which suggested 10 extra cabs per company instead of 12.

Nellis Air Force Base as soon as again is assisting local transport business by permitting taxis and buses to use base streets to bring celebration attendees to the location.

A cab ride from the Strip to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway costs between $50 and $60 one method. Electric Daisy Carnival guests typically enter groups to divide the cost of a ride.

Rick Nogues, unique occasions planning officer for the Metropolitan Cops Department, stated taxis and buses will be transmitted through the base with return journeys along Las Vegas Boulevard North, keeping Interstate 15 readily available to festival attendees taking their own vehicles.

With 5,000 to 10,000 more individuals per night attending the event this year over in 2014, traffic is anticipated to be heavy on I-15 in the hours preceding the opening of the festival, just before sunset June 19-22.

The heaviest festival traffic will certainly occur on southbound I-15 at sunup June 20-23. The June 23 festival exit time accompanies Las Vegas’ Monday-morning commute.

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