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Las Vegas' ' $1.4 billion spending plan consists of funds for more than 60 positions


Sam Morris/Las Vegas News Bureau Las Vegas City Supervisor Betsy Fretwell

Thursday, Might 18, 2017|2:33 p.m.

Las Vegas City board approved a $1.4 billion spending plan on Wednesday for the upcoming fiscal year, which starts July 1.

The budget adds or restores 61 and 1/2 city positions, including 10 public works project management staff, 14 marshals for parks, 4 animal control officers and two positions youth advancement program assistance. Furthermore, it helps fund 67 law enforcement officer and 47 support staff positions at City Authorities.

“It’s quite substantial that we can do that,” City Supervisor Betsy Fretwell stated. “We’ve practically restored most of the services that had to be brought back.”

The staffing level for the upcoming fiscal year will be 2,598 employees, which is still below the pre-recession level of approximately 2,750 in fiscal year 2008. According to Fretwell, non-public safety employment remains 17 percent listed below fiscal year 2008 levels, while public safety employment is 6 percent greater.

She included, “I ‘d like to believe we rebuilt the city a little smarter.”

Council members likewise characterized the spending plan as “robust” and “healthy” as it returns to pre-recession levels of revenue.

The $1.4 billion budget plan consists of $548.9 million in the general fund and $370 million in the capital program. That is a boost of $27.5 million in the general fund over present fiscal year price quotes.

The capital enhancement plan consists of $46 million for Symphony Park enhancements, $20 million for a parking garage somewhere in downtown, $15 million for the Passage of Hope homeless effort, $9 million to replace the fire station at Washington Opportunity and Rancho Drive and $2.8 million for infotech software and hardware replacement.