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ESPN cuts sponsored DraftKings content from shows

Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015|4:01 p.m.

ESPN is cutting sponsored DraftKings content from within programs but continues broadcasting commercials from the day-to-day dream sports site. That’s according to ESPN Outside the Lines host Bob Ley, who revealed the shift during his show Tuesday.

The change at the sports network comes as daily fantasy sports behemoths DraftKings and FanDuel react to reports a DraftKings staff member might have had access to important company information before winning second location in a FanDuel contest. The occurrence is being likened to possible insider trading. The companies say there’s no proof anyone misused internal business data.

The event is fueling require the fast-growing fantasy sites to be regulated.

The industry thinks about daily dream a knowledgeable game, not gambling. It is legal to play in all however five U.S. states.