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Trump copies Putin strategy

Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017|2 a.m.

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Vladimir Putin has actually cracked down on foreign reporters in Russia with a brand-new law that treats them as foreign representatives. As such, they could be hammered for reporting news that the Kremlin does not like.

An ardent fan of Putin, Donald Trump followed suit with a Twitter tirade against the First Amendment, with CNN particularly in his sights.

The president is obsessed with “phony news.” The term phony ways something not true or real. To Trump, it indicates any news that he does not like. He ranted about how CNN did a poor job representing the United States on the world phase. It is the president’s task to represent the nation to the world by telling the truth.

The media cover numerous wars, catastrophes, famines and genocides on the worldwide scene. The damage that governments may do in those locations is greater than the advantages they can provide in good times. Dictatorial federal governments seeing Trump attacking our journalists might choose to do damage to any reporter.

Trump utilizes people, and his support for journalists depends just on excellent press for him. If he hinders truths, he is putting his own personality above the look for reality. He constantly screens details to flatter his own ego.

He justifies his own misdeeds by mentioning those of others.

The male can not hold two opposing concepts in his head at one time. The more we see him face reality, the more we see how little he understands government, stability and leadership.

He can not navigate the crosswinds of opposing concepts to determine which perspective is better suited.

We are winding up with a myriad of bad choices.

Hacker threatens to release stolen copies of Netflix series


Taylor Schilling, center, portrays Piper Kerman, whose memoirs are the basis for the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

Friday, April 28, 2017|7:10 p.m.

SAN FRANCISCO– A hacker declares to have actually taken the upcoming season of Netflix’s hit series “Orange Is The New Black,” and is demanding that the video streaming service pay an undefined ransom to prevent all the brand-new episodes from being prematurely released online.

The hacker, operating under the name The Dark Overlord, has currently supposedly uploaded the very first episode to a prohibited file-sharing service. The Associated Press might not lawfully confirm the authenticity of that submitted file.

New episodes of “Orange” are scheduled for main release on June 9.

Netflix stated that a little production vendor that deals with a number of major TV studios had actually suffered a breach. The Los Gatos, California, business described it as an “active situation” that’s being investigated by the FBI and other authorities.

Pirated copies of “Orange” could damage Netflix’s subscriber growth and the company’s stock cost.

In the ransom note, The Dark Overlord claimed to have actually stolen series from other studios, too, by getting into a single company. The purported hacker guaranteed to also release those titles unless “modest” ransoms are paid.

Reports of an enormous leak of Hollywood movies and TV episodes have been flowing online for months, fed by purported screenshots of the video footage and a copy of a proposed deal to erase the taken product in return for 10s of thousands of dollars in electronic currency.

When the AP contacted The Dark Overlord in February, the hacker said the purloined video wouldn’t be made openly available after all, making the far-fetched claim that “no one truly (cares) about unreleased motion pictures and TV show episodes.”

It’s not clear what set off The Dark Overload’s restored ransom needs.

Netflix is relying on “Orange” to help it add 3.2 million subscribers from April through June. That’s significantly higher than the company’s typical gain of 1.8 million customers in the same period over the previous five years.

Whenever Netflix’s quarterly subscriber gains fall shy of management’s forecasts, the company’s stock usually plunges.