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Cops apprehend presumed sniper hiding in camping tent in Cold Creek


Officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department used their helicopter to obtain a man hiding with a rifle in his tent to give up near Cold Creek Monday afternoon. 2 people stated the guy contended them.

On Tuesday, police identified Wayne Pulsipher, 60, as the suspect. He was scheduled into the Clark County Detention Center on two charges of attack with a deadly weapon.

Neil Bard said he and his child Daniel were camping and picking up brass shells to recycle for cash when they experienced the strange male.

“When I drove previous him, he picked the weapon up and pointed it right at us,” Bard informed FOX5. “He stated he was a sniper for the armed force.”

Bard stated the man also declared to be an archaeologist who desired the two of them to obtain off “his home” due to the fact that he felt threatened.

“I have no idea what the fact is. He comprised so many stories,” Bard said. “Then he started saying that I was a devil, that I was evil, and he was taking a look at me, and I believe he was hallucinating seeing me as a beast.”

The guy proceeded to grab a sniper rifle and start shooting, Bard stated. He and his son ran to their automobile and drove to a nearby fire station. They were not hurt.

“I thought we were going to pass away,” Bard stated. “I drove so tough out there, so quickly, that I overheated my vehicle and broke my radiator.”

Authorities stated the suspect might have shot them with a “long-range rifle.” Police made contact with the suspect in the desert and took him into custody four miles north of the fire station at some point prior to 2:15 p.m. Bard stated police bewared not to approach on the ground till the suspect abided by orders given to him from an overhead helicopter.

Assistant Chief Bill Wolfe, a volunteer firemen with the Cold Creek Fire Department, stated he was glad to be able to assist the victims get in contact with the authorities.

“(The man is) probably in need of some assistance,” Wolfe stated. “Ideally he’ll get it and he won’t return.”

“I can inform you he’s emaciated. He’s skin and bones and has no teeth, and he appears like everyone I’ve ever seen that’s informed me they were a meth addict,” Bard explained. “Perhaps he’s sick and he needs medical care. Possibly he requires a meth addict and needs to kick the meth.”

“If he really is a military person, and he really went and served our country, and he was a sniper, they need to bend over backwards to assist the guy,” Bard continued, “however if I didn’t go to the authorities, he was going to kill somebody.”

Pulsipher is expected to appear in court for a 72-hour hearing on July 25 at 7:45 a.m.

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Five aspects of Sands Bethlehem purchaser Wind Creek'' s gambling establishment in Alabama

[unable to obtain full-text material] The circular casino flooring, surrounded by stores and restaurants, procedures 57,000 square feet and provides more than 1,600 slot machine-style, electronic-gambling makers under amber-colored lights and …

Las Vegas business purchasing Cripple Creek casino in Colorado

Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015|5:52 p.m.

CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo.– A $30 million offer is in the works to purchase among the most popular gambling establishments in Cripple Creek. Las Vegas-based Full House Resorts is planning to purchase Bronco Billy’s Casino and Hotel, which is the last of the original gambling establishments in Cripple Creek still locally possessed.

Owner and General Manager Marc Murphy said he’s remaining on as basic manager after the purchase, along with the management personnel and staff members. Murphy said investors have been thinking about offering the casino and hotel for several years.

Capacity Resort president Daniel Lee said he does not anticipate any major changes.

Lois Woods opened up the Rocky Mountain Canary General Store in 1972 with her other half, and they existed when pc gaming was authorized in Cripple Creek in 1991.

Woods stated the gambling establishments brought in more individuals and profits, made Cripple Creek a year-round location and developed jobs in the mountain town.

Numerous small regional casinos closed down or were purchased out by larger companies as they struggled to adhere to video gaming regulations and fines.

“It’s probably excellent to have larger, experienced operators as far as making it economically,” stated Woods.

Some homeowners stated they would such as the casino to stay under local ownership, KOAA-TV reported (http://tinyurl.com/pabczja).

Capacity is expected to finish the purchase in the next 4 to 6 months.