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Las Vegas vehicle dealerships settle with FTC over deceptive advertisements

Released Monday, June 29, 2015|4:45 p.m.

Updated 1 hour, 10 minutes ago

A Las Vegas vehicle dealership implicated of using deceptive ads reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission with the assistance of Nevada’s previous attorney general of the united states.

The FTC revealed Monday that 2 dealerships– TC Dealer’s Planet Hyundai and JS Autoworld’s Planet Nissan– accepted stop misrepresenting the cost to purchase or using a vehicle.

Federal authorities said the 2 companies suggested false or deceptive purchase costs, month-to-month payments for purchases and leases and deposits in its ads.

Planet Nissan said the FTC complaint was the result of a human error in a November 2014 advertisement, according to George Chanos, who represents the company and worked out the settlement. The Republican politician Chanos was selected Nevada chief law officer in 2006 to fill now-Gov. Brian Sandoval’s term.

Multiple revisions on the single full-page advertisement were blamed for the inaccuracies and the company stated it now has new policies and procedures in place so that there is a lawyer evaluation prior to any ads are made public.

“These ads go under numerous modifications– an offer may have altered from a purchase offer to a lease offer,” Chanos said.

He also asked forgiveness to clients on behalf of the business and said there were no customer grievances submitted.

Planet Hyundai officials could not immediately be reached for remark Monday.

There are no fines imposed for either business, however an infraction of the FTC settlement might have a fine of up to $16,000 each day. World Nissan’s John Staluppi Jr. said in a statement that the settlement did not include an admission of any misdeed.

The FTC will provide the final order following a 30-day public remark period on the proposed settlement.