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Dennis Hof stripped of license for brothel near Pahrump


Steve Marcus Dennis Hof smiles during an interview at his Love Cattle ranch legal whorehouse in Crystal, Nev., on Tuesday, June 26, 2018. Hof won the Republican primary election for Nevada State Assembly District 36.

. The Nye County Commission voted Tuesday to pull the whorehouse and alcohol licenses for Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South brothel near Pahrump because he failed to request renewals on time.

The commission voted 3-2, with one member abstaining, to reject the annual license renewals, resulting in the closure of the whorehouse.

“It’s vengeance,” Hof said, blaming the action on suits he filed versus the county and political disputes.

Hof, who won the Republican main for Assembly District 36, stated he plans to look for a court injunction enabling him to reopen the brothel.

Commission Chairwoman Lorinda Wichman stated whorehouse owners must submit renewal types 1 Month prior to licenses expire, however Hof was late. Hof said that’s since the Constable’s Office sent him the kinds late.

Wichman, however, stated the forms are sent by mail just as a courtesy, and it’s up to brothel owners to get them and make certain they are submitted on time.

“There is no alternative in my mind and no other way I can offer a vote to renewing a license, particularly when it should have resulted in an automatic cancellation when the application was not received Thirty Days prior to the expiration date,” Wichman stated at Tuesday’s commission meeting.

Wichman directed the constable to obtain the brothel’s licenses.

The whorehouse staff was at first uncooperative when authorities informed them they intended to take the licenses, county officials said.

“The executive supervisor for Dennis Hof called the constable and showed that they would not enable the Nye County sheriff’s deputies on the facilities,” Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said.

But when deputies, armed with a court-issued warrant, appeared, brothel workers gave up the licenses without event, she said.

Hof can petition the county again for both licenses.

“He can reapply, however I’m unsure what does it cost? success he’ll have,” Wichman stated.

Brothel owner Dennis Hof faces '' major ' code infractions


Max Whittaker/ The

New York Times Dennis Hof, left, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Cattle ranch, with Cami Parker, a worker at the cattle ranch, during a campaign stop of presidential candidate Ron Paul in Reno, Feb. 2, 2012. Officials say Hof might have broken rules at one of his brothels.

Tuesday, Might 2, 2017|2 a.m.

Famous whorehouse owner Dennis Hof is facing several infractions at one of his Nye County whorehouses.

The Nye County Commission will hold a program cause hearing today on 2 code violations involving 6 woman of the streets at the Location 51 Death Valley Cathouse brothel in Amargosa Valley.

Inning accordance with an affidavit, when a Nye County district attorney private investigator carried out a whorehouse check on Feb. 11, 6 of the 12 working women on task had actually ended work cards and were not existing on their medical clearance.

“A show cause hearing is (set up) when we believe they are not following the guidelines,” Nye County Commissioner Dan Schinhofen stated. “Those are type of major charges … He (Hof) allowed them to work without being signed up. Then the ones who didn’t get clinically examined, that’s truly bad.”

Nye County code 9.20.150 requires every woman of the street operating in a brothel should have a medical exam carried out every seven days. Nye County code 9.20.140 states every woman of the street must sign up with the Nye County Sheriff’s Workplace on a quarterly basis.

Of the prospective infractions brought against brothels, these are as serious as the county has seen, inning accordance with Schinhofen. Hof’s licenses could be suspended or he could be ordered to pay fines if he is discovered to be in offense.

Hof stated the ordeal is simply a misunderstanding, and he said he thinks that he can show his case if need be.

“I have the utmost regard for Nye County Constable Sharon Wehrly and the constable’s department, however I don’t think this officer understood exactly what (he was) doing,” Hof stated.

Hof said that he had the cards of all the girls who operate at the whorehouse in a drawer, and not all them were in fact there operating at the time of the examination.

“You need to have a work card for every single girl who is working and the medical clearance. What it takes, depending upon the house, is 2 or three times that numerous girls to keep them working. So, that Alien house is a five-girl home. So that suggests we need 10-15 girls in the system.”

The whorehouse had six girls permitted that week because it can have up to 5 ladies working at a time, with one girl covering the others’ days off.

“So there’s constantly 5 ladies working,” Hof stated. “So there were 6 other cards in there who remain in the system but were not working.”

The Alien 51 Death Valley Cathouse paid first-quarter (Jan. 1-March 30) charges amounting to $1,875 for up to five woman of the streets to be operating at a given time, according to Nye County records.

Hof said that the detective with the Nye County’s District Lawyer’s Workplace never ever asked for all the woman of the streets to come out, to compare the cards with who was actually there working, regardless of the affidavit mentioning, “all 12 prostitutes showed they were working.”

“For some reason, this officer assumed they were working. They didn’t call and say, ‘Dennis exactly what’s going on here?’ They didn’t ask the cashier, they didn’t request for the girls to come out and put these cards up to their face, so they just didn’t comprehend.”

In spite of the declared infractions, his performance history in the market speaks for itself, Hof stated.

“I’ve been doing this for 27 years, Hof said. “My home in Northern Nevada has 15-30 ladies at all times and we never ruin, never ever when.”

When questioned if there could be a misunderstanding, Schinhofen stated he wasn’t sure.

“We’ll find out at the meeting since the officer will be there to testify,” Schinhofen stated. “It will be a he-said she-said thing, I guess. But we’ll see.”