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'' Time warp ' found by paranormal detective beyond Las Vegas


A paranormal researcher said he’s the first person to ever discover a time warp, and that he discovered it on the borders of Las Vegas. Joshua Warren has been determining the rate of time all over southern Nevada, and he stated, recently he discovered that time had actually slowed down.

He said he determined several places between Las Vegas and Location 51, but the only location he got a reading was in the desert just north of the city in between I-15 and Route 93.

“The odd thing, the genuine holy grail here, was exactly what we picked up with this brand-new piece of technology,” Warren said.

The technology he’s describing was the DT Meter, which represents differential time rate meter. It was just recently created by a Silicon Valley engineer, Ron Heath. It’s linked to a 100-foot cable television with a sensor on the end that sends back a signal.

“That signal is always expected to take a trip at the very same rate of time at any particular place. The only way that could change is if a great void approached earth or something like that, which is never supposed to occur,” Warren stated. “At this spot, on June 18 of 2018, I actually measured for the first and only time, time itself slowing down for 20 split seconds.”

Warren stated that must not happen, according to the laws of physics.

“That shouldn’t occur unless there is some sort of unknown technology being tested close by that would influence the environment, or if there are naturally places around planet earth that actually sort of flicker every so often, that warp a bit,” Warren said.

He said where this took place brings up a lot more questions.

“I believe it’s truly fascinating when you think about that this website where we got this reading, revealing this time anomaly, also occurs to be one of the most popular UFO hotspots in the area,” Warren said.

He stated his research is just beginning.

“The big question at this moment is not whether we have these anomalies, however what’s causing them? Is this something natural that gives us a window a gateway into another world or another level of truth? Or is this the by-product of some kind of unusual innovation, be it something secret and man-made or something that’s extraterrestrial?” Warren stated.

He stated he prepares to continue determining time rate around Las Vegas to see if any pattern can be analyzed.

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Defense lawyer in weapons case assaults City detective'' s reliability

A veteran Las Vegas authorities detective when charged with beating and robbing a prostitute was grilled on the witness stand Monday in a defense proposal to encourage a federal judge to toss out proof in a weapons case he helped put together.

Defense attorney in the weapons case questioned Michael Kitchen’s integrity and argued that he put incorrect details in a sworn affidavit to obtain permission to rob the house of Richard Ward in May 2014 throughout a disturbance in the location.

Ward faces a federal felony charge of having an unregistered rifle with a silencer.

At the time of the raid, detectives designated to a gun criminal offenses task force with federal agents discovered 78 firearms, consisting of rifles illegally modified by reducing their barrels and including silencers, a pistol with a silencer and an operation for making prohibited silencers in the garage, according to a criminal complaint.

Kitchen area initially testified in the case at a suppression hearing on Jan. 22– simply hours prior to he was apprehended by fellow officers and accuseded of felony robbery, battery and attempted sexual attack in the conflict with the woman of the street.

He later entered what is called an Alford plea in District Court to a gross misdemeanor attempted theft charge and was sentenced last month to 3 years probation. Under the Alford plea, he did not admit sense of guilt however acknowledged district attorneys had adequate proof to show his guilt.

Kitchen area, now on unpaid management leave from the Metropolitan Police Department, has an opportunity to see the charge minimized to a misdemeanor if he makes it through probation without any offenses. No decision about his future with the department has actually been made public.

Assistant Federal Public Defender William Carrico won consent in the weapons case to remember Kitchen to the witness stand and question him about his criminal charges. After listening to the detective’s testimony Monday, U.S. Magistrate Nancy Koppe said she would issue a written choice on whether to throw away the evidence.

Federal prosecutors said that Kitchen area did not put false info in his search warrant affidavit which any mistakes were not intentional and did not rise to a level needing suppression of the evidence.

Carrico questioned Kitchen about his Jan. 22 encounter with the woman of the street, who worked for a companion service. The female informed officers Kitchen became “angry and ultimately violent” when informed his preliminary $100 fee was only for her “time and business,” and sex would cost another $150, according to an authorities report.

Kitchen was alleged to have actually punched the prostitute two times in the head and pushed her to the floor, breaking her wrist. He was also accused of tugging $100 expenses from her bra prior to leaving the scene. He was detained the following day.

But on Monday Kitchen rejected harming the lady, and his attorney, Josh Tomsheck, said afterward it turned out the female’s wrist was not broken.

Kitchen area affirmed that he had actually just gone to her house for a massage and that the female voluntarily gave back his $100.

“Did you inflict those injuries upon her?” Carrico asked.

“No, I did not,” Kitchen area responded.

He confessed, nevertheless, that he changed the license plates on his truck after he left the prostitute’s apartment and erased text from her.

He affirmed that he deleted the messages due to the fact that he didn’t believe his sweetheart would value him getting a massage from another lady.

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Detective: Las Vegas guy had ‘method’ more medical pot than enabled

If Steven Ficano had anywhere near the amount of pot enabled by his medical cannabis card, authorities merely would have confiscated the drug and let him off with a stern caution, a Las Vegas detective affirmed Wednesday.

What cops found at Ficano’s northwest valley house considerably went beyond the legal limitation: a total of 68 growing plants, 18 mason containers of pot on the bedroom floor, 50 jars of pot in a wine cooler, 40 jars in a freezer, and 67 jars in a refrigerator, with smaller sized quantities scattered around the house. The finished item weighed 24 pounds; the plants weighed 28 pounds.

The lead detective in the case, Brian Grammas, stated he sought a warrant for Ficano’s arrest after the now 65-year-old let cops inside his home in October 2012.

Ficano, who didn’t believe he committed a criminal activity, had a medical cannabis card and a note from his physician that stated he might possess more than the ounce of weed clients were enabled at the time.

But Ficano is on trial on felony charges of ownership of marijuana and belongings of marijuana with intent to sell, simply as Nevada’s very first medical marijuana dispensary is expected to open up dispensary.

A jury could choose Ficano’s fate as early as this afternoon. On the other hand, a co-owner of Bliss Health, about 12 miles far from the Regional Justice Center where Ficano’s trial is being held, said the dispensary might open this week.

In Nevada, possession of less than an ounce of weed without a medical cannabis card is a misdemeanor. Anything more is a felony.

Medical marijuana has actually been legal because 2000, however cardholders were required to grow their own pot up until in 2013, when the law allowing dispensaries was passed. In the meantime, cardholders can have up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and not more than 12 cannabis plants.

Ficano told police he had a note from his physician, Ivan Goldsmith, that would enable him to possess 29 plants and 2 to 4 pounds of finished marijuana. At the time, anyone with a medical cannabis license was needed to grow the plant at home.

“After watching out at the backyard, there was way greater than that variety of plants,” Grammas told jurors.

The officers wished to look inside a safe in Ficano’s bed room, so he opened it for them. Inside, he had $51,667 in cash, 14 handguns, 8 rifles and 4 shotguns, according to a cops report. A digital scale sat in the garage. The cash and the weapons were taken.

The investigator stated the money was in little denominations, and the proof recommended that Ficano might be selling the drug.

However Grammas also told jurors that he found no pay sheet in Ficano’s home and detectives did not try to browse his mobile phone.

Until his arrest in 2012 on the cannabis charges, Ficano had no criminal record.

Jay Acebo, a Las Vegas firefighter who has actually lived throughout the street from Ficano for 26 years, affirmed Wednesday that he had actually never ever seen anything that would suggest his neighbor was offering drugs.

Acebo called Ficano a “routine blue-collar individual,” who frequently puts on shorts and a T-shirt.

Acebo understood Ficano grew tomatoes but did not know he likewise harvested cannabis plants in his backyard.

District attorney Lindsey Moors has said that other next-door neighbors called police worried about the plants in Ficano’s yard.

The weapons were antique lever-action rifles, collectible pistol sets and historical muskets, Ficano’s attorney Dustin Marcello said.

The cash was a mix of antique currency, costs from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s and a career’s worth of saved money Ficano had actually taken out of his checking account throughout the economic downturn, the defense attorney stated. Some of the pot had been saved in the jars so long that it had grown moldy. The majority of the plants were either male or too immature to produce buds.

For 36 years, Ficano ran a furniture repair business. He established arthritis and has scoliosis. Ficano also used pot to alleviate lingering pain from a car mishap a number of years back, Marcello said.

After the crash, Ficano was prescribed pain relievers and ended up being addicted. Medical marijuana assisted him kick that dependency.

Goldsmith, the medical professional who recommended medical pot for Ficano, said he did not plan to authorize as much as authorities discovered at the residence.

Marcello recommended that Ficano grew more than what was allowed due to the fact that he just planted when a year and had a hard time to discover ways to convert the plant into an edible type.

Towards completion of testament on Tuesday, Marcello asked Goldsmith why he would prescribe marijuana instead of another drug.

The doctor responded: “The times are altering.”

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