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Moms and dads warned about new online ‘difficulty’ urging teens to end their lives

(Meredith)– Moms and dads are being warned about a disturbing suicide “game” spreading on WhatsApp, a popular messaging app owned by Facebook.

The viral difficulty, dubbed “Momo,” encourages teens to include a contact through WhatsApp. The contact, whose identity is unknown, then advises the “gamers” to finish a series of difficulties that eventually lead to self-harm or suicide, according to News.com.au. Those who do not follow the”orders” are told their personal information or jeopardizing images will be leaked.

Authorities in Argentina are currently examining whether the “video game” affected a 12-year-old girl to end her life, the

Buenos Aires Times reported. Inning accordance with the newspaper, the girl recorded her activities prior to hanging herself in her family’s yard in the district of Escobar last month.

The “game” has actually been compared with the “Blue Whale Challenge,” which is thought to have resulted in reports of suicides in Russia and the United States Others have actually compared it to the imaginary character “Slim Male.” 2 12-year-old ladies attempted to kill a schoolmate in 2014 and said they did it to please him.

[Related: 40-year dedication for lady in Slender Man case] In July, Mexican officials launched a warning about the disturbing obstacle, reminding kids to avoid speaking with complete strangers on social networks.

Authorities in Spain also required to Twitter to alert teens:”Do Not include ‘Momo!'”The “Momo” profile photo on WhatsApp shows the sculpture of a lady with bulging eyes and long black hair. The sculpture was created by an unique effects business in Japan, which is not related to the suicide difficulty.

If you or someone you understand is self-destructive or in psychological distress, please call the National Suicide Avoidance Hotline right away at 1-800-273-8255 or text 741-741.

To find out more about the warning signs and risk factors of suicide, click here.

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Is the '' deodorant difficulty' ' the latest harmful teen fad?

(Facebook / jamie.wasrobertson)
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” title=”( Facebook/ jamie.wasrobertson )” border= “0” src=” /wp-content/uploads/2018/05/16723936_G.png” width=” 180″/ >( Facebook/ jamie.wasrobertson). (Meredith)– There was the Tide Pod obstacle,

the cinnamon obstacle, and now the most recent teenager trend– the deodorant challenge? The difficulty itself just involves spraying aerosol antiperspirant on your skin as long as possible. It can result in horrible chemical burns that can weep yellow pus for weeks.

A Facebook post from recently has actually gone viral, drawing attention to the challenge. Graphic pictures in the post show Jamie Prescott’s teenage child with painful-looking burns on her arm. The caption says the wound is currently 3 weeks old and might wind up requiring a skin graft to heal effectively.

In spite of the recent Facebook post, the antiperspirant difficulty is in fact not a new craze. The Huffington Post reported on the trend back in 2014, mentioning teens in the United States uploading videos of the challenge to YouTube. There is likewise some concern as to the scope of the difficulty. The event from the viral post occurred in Yate, England, however there isn’t really much proof showing that the challenge is popular anywhere else– at least not recently.

Concerned moms and dads can just hope this was an isolated event and not a sign of an extensive trend. Needless to say, teens (or anyone else) ought to be dissuaded from spraying themselves with aerosol items for extended periods of time.

Difficulty Yourself

Let that arrow fly, run that race, or move that rook. Whatever your preference, opportunities are Corporate Obstacle has an event for you.

While understood mostly as a sports competitors, Business Obstacle, now in its 33rd year in Southern Nevada, also has nonathletic occasions including chess and a trivia difficulty. And the sports consist of a wide range of activities from horseshoes to a new occasion this year– Business Ninja.

Not a ninja? Doesn’t matter. “You can be novices, you can be experts. We don’t care,” said Kathy Lauckner, who has coordinated UNLV’s Corporate Challenge efforts since the university sponsored its first team in 1986. The point is involvement.

” Whether you are attempting to relive your splendor days or you just want to come out and walk, there is something for you,” she stated. The Mayor’s Walk, for instance, is a fun getaway rather than a competition. Often entire Rebel households– and pets– turn out for the walk.

UNLV’s Obstacle History

The first year Lauckner organized a team it was for her associates at UNLV’s Harry Reid Center for Environmental Researches.

” We had many different jobs going on at the center and much of us didn’t understand each other that well,” stated Lauckner who retired in 2016 as the center’s training planner after 32 years with the university. She now teaches part-time in the School of Neighborhood Health Sciences. “I thought Business Obstacle would be an excellent way to bring us together, and it worked. That’s when I expanded it to the entire university.”

Today, Team UNLV generally draws 200 to 250 participants. Collaborating many people therefore numerous events would not be possible, Lauckner said, without the vital aid provided by the captains of UNLV’s numerous groups.

While Group UNLV’s strengths vary from year to year, the team has done well in occasions as varied as poker, swimming, golf, and the trivia challenge.

However the competitions where the group truly bleeds scarlet for their school is the blood drive. “That is my proudest accomplishment. It truly adds to the neighborhood,” she stated.

Structure Neighborhood

While it’s enjoyable to win medals, Lauckner stated that’s not her top goal for Corporate Challenge.

” It develops sociability on campus,” she stated. “It offers you the opportunity to satisfy people that you wouldn’t necessarily learn more about otherwise. Sometimes you meet somebody in person that you have actually been talking with on the phone for many years.

” Also, it gets us up and moving.”

Another advantage is that it gets UNLV’s name out in the neighborhood and offers employees the chance to talk with people in other companies about programs on school they can tap into.

UNLV remains in the department for companies with 2,000 or more employees. And who is the university’s most significant competitor?

” Zappos,” Lauckner stated. “Everybody always is watching out for Zappos.”

Household Affair

For Lauckner, Corporate Challenge has actually become something of a family affair. Her alumna daughter, Kellilyn Monar, ’13 Bachelor’s Degree Art and BS Entertainment Engineering Style, once again is drawing upon the talents she sharpened at UNLV to design the Tee shirts for Group UNLV, something she has done a number of times in the past.

While numerous UNLV workers take part on Team UNLV year after year, nobody has stepped up to change Lauckner.

” Maybe that’s because they think I don’t wish to be changed,” she stated. “But the fact is, I would invite the possibility to train somebody.”

Memorable Minute

Lauckner’s participation in Corporate Challenge goes far beyond collaborating the university’s involvement.

There are the occasions such as bocce ball, swimming, and the Mayor’s Walk that she has actually signed up for then– because she cannot stand to see Group UNLV surrender an occasion when a staff member cannot appear– there are the occasions where she finds herself participating at the last minute.

“For many years I have actually taken part in all however archery, fencing, and shooting,” she stated.

One remarkable moment came when she stepped onto the basketball court and discovered herself searching for at her challenger– former UNLV basketball star Freddie Banks, among the top shooters in Runnin’ Rebel history. Already he was working for a regional company.

She gulped. She played. She made long lasting memories. So will you.

Constitutional difficulty might be coming for Nevada private school vouchers


AP Photo/Nevada Appeal, Brad Coman

Students Isabel Onisile, 11, left, and Octavia McKindra, 11, attend a rally at the Sierra Nevada Academy Charter School at the National School Choice Week Capitol celebration in Carson City, on Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015.

Friday, July 3, 2015|2 a.m.

Click to enlarge photo

Senator Scott Hammond of the 77th (2013) Nevada Senatorial District.

This week the Colorado Supreme Court struck down a policy enabling state education funds to be funneled into independent schools on the grounds that providing public cash to spiritual organizations violated the state’s constitution.

Right here in Nevada, a new law will give any parent who draws their child out of public school around $5,000 in taxpayer money to spend on whatever education expenses they choose, consisting of religious education. It’s the country’s most sweeping voucher program ever enacted.

Which asks the question: Will the exact same thing that happened in Colorado occur in Nevada?

Right here’s what Nevada’s Constitution says: “No public funds of any kind or character whatever, State, County or Municipal, shall be made use of for sectarian function.”

Opponents of the new law state the language is relatively clear: The state can’t divert taxpayer money to religious schools.

“Anytime there are public funds going to functions that are sectarian in nature, you have to think about whether or not that’s an infraction of the First Modification and the Establishment Clause,” said Tod Story, president of the Nevada ACLU.

But advocates state simply because a school is religious does not indicate the guideline is too.

“It’s pretty apparent that the money is for an instructional purpose,” said Michael Chartier, state programs director for the Friedman Foundation, which advised policymakers on the new law.

The argument over religious schools will be especially vital in Nevada, where the large bulk of well regarded independent schools are religious. For many households that may use the money, especially those who live in low-income areas in the inner city of Las Vegas, spiritual schools are the only independent schools in the area.

And at many sectarian private schools, it’s difficult to disentangle faith from daily learning.

In order to enroll at St. Anne’s Catholic School near downtown Las Vegas, for example, father and mothers have to sign files accepting support the “concepts specifically particular of a Catholic school, (and) exhibit the values and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church.”

At St. Christopher’s, students are anticipated to participate in all spiritual activities except for the Sacraments. St. Francis de Sales requires father and mothers and students to sign a document saying they will “be devoted” in their spiritual dedications and “strive to develop strong prayer lives.”

Lots of Catholic schools also provide tuition savings to parents who are already members of the church. So if father and mothers became parishioners, they would have more voucher cash to invest in other things.

That could matter in a possible suit, but school option supporters are staunchly versus the state asking private schools to alter their existing policies.

“It’s crucial that private schools not be required to change admissions policies,” Chartier stated. “When you need schools to alter that, you require them to change their culture. Parents choose them since of the culture they have.”

Scott Hammond, the Republican state senator who sponsored the costs, stated the program is a lot like Medicaid, where the government often pays spiritual hospitals for patients’ medical care.

“We have actually done everything we can to ensure that we’ve had the separation there,” he stated. “It’s not the state choosing [where the cash is spent], it’s the person.”

Up until now, nobody has actually advance to challenge the law. However opponents say it’s just a matter a time.

“Somebody’s going to challenge it,” stated John Vellardita, executive director of the Clark County instructor’s union. “They’re not going to get a complimentary pass on this.”

Late last month Vellardita said his organization had not decided yet. But exactly what about the state instructor’s union, the Nevada State Education Association?

“We have not taken any positions or made any choices,” stated Ruben Murillo, the union’s president. “We’re not likelying to just jump into something without having a strategy.”

Murillo stated numerous groups had approached him about the program. He would not say which groups, but said that they were presently taking a look at the law and might decide soon.

Story stated the ACLU is likewise checking out the law to see if it passes constitutional muster.

In North Carolina and Florida, court battles are still being waged over the constitutionality of vouchers. In Indiana and Alabama, coupons have been declared constitutional.

In Colorado, coupons were challenged nearly as quickly as they were authorized. In most of the claims, teacher’s unions have been the leading force. They’re typically joined by a variety of civil rights groups, consisting of the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

A lawsuit can avoid states from putting coupons into impact. But for now the Nevada program is safe. This summer season the state treasurer’s office is preparing the regulations, a process that could take till September.