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Advisor: Trump positive in FBI director despite attacks

Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017|4 p.m.

WASHINGTON– President Donald Trump has full confidence in his new FBI director in spite of a series of attacks on the impartiality of his soon-to-retire deputy, a White Home advisor said Sunday.

Trump is “very pleased” with Director Chris Wray and “the changes that are taking place,” legislative affairs director Marc Short told “Fox News Sunday” as Trump continued to assail Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who plans to retire from the bureau next year.

McCabe’s guidance of the FBI’s examination into Hillary Clinton’s email practices came under examination due to the fact that his other half’s Virginia Senate campaign got contributions from Clinton-ally Terry McAuliffe’s political action committee. The president and congressional Republicans have actually seized on that as an indication of anti-Trump bias in FBI management.

However, asked if Trump is telling Wray to “clean home,” Short said only: “I think he has complete confidence in Chris Wray.”

Trump’s frequent and blistering attacks on the nation’s premier police have actually shown a hard obstacle for Wray, who took the control August after Trump fired James Comey as he was leading the bureau’s probe into possible Trump campaign ties to Russia during the 2016 presidential election. Wray strongly defended the bureau versus Trump’s claims its track record was “in tatters.”

However it’s less common for a deputy director to be in the spotlight.

McCabe, a lawyer by training, was a fast-rising leader within the FBI. He was the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s counterterrorism department at the time of the 2013 Boston Marathon battle, later ascending to executive assistant director of the nationwide security branch and proceeding to lead the Washington field office, among the bureau’s biggest and most popular workplaces.

He was called deputy director by Comey in early 2016.

Yet he became entangled in presidential politics with the October 2016 discovery that his other half’s state Senate project had gotten contributions from McAuliffe’s political action committee. Though the FBI said that McCabe had actually sought advice from ahead of time with principles professionals, and was not at the time of the donations in a supervisory function in the Clinton email investigation, Trump nonetheless was able to utilize the contributions in the final days of the project– and as president– to attack FBI management as prejudiced against him.

The Justice Department’s inspector general’s office has actually been scrutinizing the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email case, consisting of McCabe’s actions.

“When we put all of our faith and our confidence in the Department of Justice and the FBI knowing that there should be no bias there, (Trump) is making the point that we have to make certain there’s no bias,” Short said.

Trump’s individual attacks against McCabe have continued even though McCabe might ostensibly be in a position to support concerns about the president’s conduct that Comey has actually stated he raised internally with senior management. Trump tweeted over the weekend about McCabe’s spouse’s campaign being provided cash by “Clinton Puppets” and appeared to celebrate about McCabe’s departure.

It was broadly known within the FBI that McCabe was eligible to retire this coming spring. It is basic for FBI authorities to leave the bureau for brand-new opportunities upon becoming retirement-eligible, and it was extensively expected that McCabe– independent of the criticism from Trump– would retire to offer the brand-new FBI director an opportunity to select his own No. 2.

As for McCabe, Short, the adviser, stated, “We wish him well.”

Associated Press author Eric Tucker added to this report.

Rance Howard, star dad of director Ron Howard, passes away at 89

Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017|7:40 a.m.

LOS ANGELES– Veteran Hollywood actor Rance Howard, the dad of director Ron Howard, died Saturday. He was 89.

Ron Howard announced his dad’s death on Twitter Saturday afternoon. He praised his father for the ability to stabilize ambition with excellent individual stability.

“A depression-era farm kid, his passion for acting altered the course of our household history,” he wrote. “We love & & miss out on U Papa.”

Rance Howard’s death likewise was confirmed by Michael Rosenberg, a spokesman for his kid’s production company.

The older Howard was the father of star Clint Howard and grandfather of starlets Bryce Dallas Howard and Paige Howard.

Rance Howard had been wed to the late Jean Speegle Howard. They fulfilled as teens doing a touring children’s production in Oklahoma of traditional fairy tales like “Snow White” and “Cinderella.” They married on the trip worn their outfits, with the bride impersonated Snow White and groom as a huntsman.

The senior Howard’s acting career spanned a number of decades since the 1950s. He appeared in several of Ron Howard’s films, consisting of “Apollo 13,” “A Stunning Mind,”” Splash,””How the Grinch Takes Christmas,”” Parenthood “and”

Grand Theft Auto.”Other film credits consist of “Chinatown” and the 2013 drama “Nebraska.” On tv, he appeared on numerous series including “Seinfeld,” “Murder, She Wrote,” “NCIS: Los Angeles,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and Ron Howard’s starring series, “Happy Days.”

UNLV Announces New Director for Maternal-HIV Program

UNLV has received approval from the federal Health Resources and Solutions Administration (HRSA) to designate a brand-new program director and business supervisor for its grant-funded maternal-HIV program, reliable right away.

Dr. David Di John, associate professor of pediatrics and section chief for pediatric transmittable diseases in the UNLV School of Medication, will act as program director. Pamela Beal, associate dean of clinical affairs with the UNLV School of Medication, will manage business operations for the program. The program’s devoted case manager and community health care worker, employed by the university in October, will continue to assist patients and deal with existing external partners to further enhance the comprehensive network of resources.

The UNLV maternal-HIV program is funded by a HRSA Ryan White Part D grant. The grant covers main and specialized healthcare and treatment for uninsured or underinsured ladies, babies, children, and youth living with HIV/AIDS. Dr. Di John and program personnel will instantly start taking consultations to see patients and work diligently to guarantee ongoing quality of care.

Dr. Di John joined the UNLV School of Medicine in July 2017 and has served as associate professor of pediatrics for the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medication because 2014. He brings more than 30 years of experience in research and treatment of pediatric transmittable illness, including medical look after females, babies, kids and youth with HIV/AIDS. He directed a pediatric AIDS clinic in New York, taught scientific pediatrics for 18 years at New york city University Medical Center, and acted as director of pediatric contagious diseases for Flushing Medical facility Medical Center in New York.

“We’re devoted to enhancing cooperations with hospitals, companies and individuals across Southern Nevada to supply customized care for patients in this underserved population, and I’m delighted to be a part of the effort,” Dr. Di John said. “I look forward to working with our partners to advance the program’s impact and enhance the lives of members of our neighborhood.”

Beal has more than two decades of experience in clinical and nonclinical program management for numerous patient populations, including women, infants, and children living with HIV/AIDS. Beal has actually led local maternal and kid health coalitions, protected and handled more than $14 million in grant funding for neighborhood and population-based outreach programs, that includes $4 million in HRSA/Ryan White funding. Throughout her career, she has concentrated on identifying systemic challenges and improving delivery of health care to assist underserved and high-risk populations.

Throughout the program administrative audit, clients continued to have the ability to talk to a physician and receive other resources and referrals offered by the grant-funded program. Each patient in the program is under the care of a pediatrician or primary care doctor.

Patients may get in touch with (702) 499-5827 or (702) 524-5388 or email Pamela.Beal@UNLV.edu!.?.!.

Retiring NKF United States Research Director Robert Bach Notes Vast Modifications in CRE Over Profession

Influential CRE Expert On Cycles He’s Seen and Prognosticates on Exactly what remains in Store for CRE Markets, the Market and the Economy

Robert Bach, one of the most recognizable voices in commercial real estate market analysis since the early 1990s, has retired from NKF and is weighing his options for what comes next.
Robert Bach, among the most recognizable voices in commercial realty market analysis given that the early 1990s, has retired from NKF and is weighing his choices for exactly what follows. Robert Bach stepped down earlier this month as U.S. director of research for Newmark Knight Frank(NKF), saying he planned to take exactly what he jokingly called an”unsettled sabbatical of indeterminate length,” after more than 35 years in commercial property, seeking advice from and community and regional planning, consisting of more than twenty years as senior vice president and primary economist for the former Grubb & & Ellis Co.

. Bach, based in Chicago for most of his profession, has actually worked as the leading spokesperson and media contact on national CRE patterns for Newmark, and prior to that, for Grubb & & Ellis, which he took part 1991 after earlier stints in preparation and marketing research.

Newmark, which BGC anticipates to spin out as a separately traded public company throughout the fourth quarter, dropped the Grubb name from its branding previously this month.

CoStar News connected to Bach for his viewpoint on how the industry has actually progressed over the years.

CoStar: What are a few of the significant changes you’ve seen in the industrial real estate company and markets given that beginning your career in city planning departments in the 1970s?

Bach: Back when I started, realty was a market run more by regional firms and business owners. There was hardly any institutional capital interest in the sector. Likewise, realty was more susceptible to overbuilding than it is today, for example, the tax-fueled construction booms and busts that ultimately caused the savings and loan crisis in the 1990-1991 economic crisis and the creation of the RTC (Resolution Trust Corp.)

Business realty had an awful reputation amongst financiers as a result of that. But over the next decade or more, that track record has not just been restored, we’ve seen CRE become a favored asset class for institutional and worldwide gamers, in addition to the common mom-and-pop folks who have always invested in realty for their retirement or their kids’ college tuition.

In 2007, the subprime home loan crisis and huge liquidity problems were starting to coalesce in world monetary and property markets, followed by the collapse of Lehman Bros and subsequent financial crisis. How do you evaluate the state of CRE markets now versus a decade back?

Business real estate really proved itself after coming out of the last economic downturn and monetary crisis smelling like a rose. In 2008 and even as late as 2010, some analysts expected CRE would be the next shoe to drop as home loans provided in 2006-2007 slowly came due. Great deals of individuals went out and raised money for distressed realty. (However) the market came through that financial disaster with flying colors. Prices dropped for about 2 years from mid-2007 to mid-2009, then reversed on a cent and worths started going back up once again.

As early as the middle of 2009, I keep in mind being at a Grubb & & Ellis reception for huge financier customers and was surprised to hear them complain that residential or commercial property values were already increasing and they might not find homes at a big discount. It was an incredible turnaround, and today the market really looks good.

Part of that is because the level and intensity of commercial overbuilding has declined through each cycle given that the late 1980s. This market will constantly be vulnerable to overbuilding, merely since it takes a very long time for the building and construction pipeline to empty out after the economy turns, and there’s also a hold-up in launching and providing brand-new product after a healing starts. But it has slowly become less susceptible to these peaks and valleys, thanks to slower growth and more disciplined lending institutions. I believe the whole system is much more stable than it used to be.

Have the systemic issues in CRE financing that caused the capital markets to end up being overheated been properly dealt with, in your view?

CMBS represented around 50% of all lending volume preceeding the Fantastic Economic downturn, that’s waht caused the fear that commercial property would be the next shoe to drop. Now, CMBS as a percentage of all outstanding debt is around 13%. While CMBS does supply included liquidity, it likewise adds intricacy.

In the late 1980s through the mid-’90s, the RTC got structures and home mortgages and offered them back at 50 cents on the dollar to personal financiers. It was a pretrty uncomplicated proposal. With CMBS, you truly cannot do that because the loans were currently sliced and diced and it simply wasn’t useful. Regulators instead focused on the banks and reinforcing their capital structure, keeping interest rates low and making certain financial institutions didn’t fail en masse. Fundamentally, that worked as companies started to hire and individuals began to shop, the property values returned up and the lenders were able to refinance the loans.

Exactly what’s your take on the length of time this upcycle will extend?

This economic recovery will last another few years and will end up being the longest in history by the middle of 2019, according to my last projection for Newmark. The stock exchange could and probably will undergo a couple of more corrections before the financial cycle reaches its conclusion. Corporate profits are pretty good, the labor market is plugging along and GDP development is expected to strike 3% this quarter, inning accordance with the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s GDP “Nowcast.”

One of the main aspects that keeps the stock exchange afloat is that business revenues are looking much better. There was a depression in current quarters and it looks like it’s lastly pertained to an end. Organisation capital spending is getting and consumer confidence is strong. If job growth continues, we’ll see continued need for office space. If business incomes hold up, we’ll see continual need for all kinds of commercial residential or commercial properties.

Provided the diversions from the Trump financial strategy, do you see other dangers to the current market run, perhaps with regard to foreign investors drawing back?

The United States will constantly be a safe house for foreign capital. I think that will endure the politics of the day. I do not know that the U.S. is in need of financial stimulus at this point. The economy is quite buoyant currently, and service and family self-confidence is high. From an economic perspective, people are disregarding what’s going on in Washington. Possibly for the economy and for CRE, that’s not a bad thing at the moment.

You’ve experienced a lot of modifications as an outcome of combination during your career, and market reports suggest there’s more to come. How much more room for M&A is left in the CRE sector, and what form do to think it will take?

M&A is here to stay, not just in realty however in corporate America and across the globe. We’ll see big companies continue to demolish local gamers to complete their footprints. In particular, I think we’ll see big CRE companies attempt to demolish new tech companies.

How important will the integration of innovation be for CRE business? What are some of the crucial chauffeurs?

The application of technology to CRE will basically identify who the winners and losers will be. Technology is the existing “arms race” in this industry, so there will be M&A activity around it. Any technology company or company that can assist a company like Newmark, CBRE, JLL, Cushman or Colliers assist their clients is fair game. Anything involving consulting is hot.

At Newmark, the Worldwide Corporate Solutions consulting group assists corporations rationalize their realty footprints. Technology can definitely assist with that. There are many data sources and analytical tools. Any technological solution that can bring those tools together in a bundle to assist corporate decision makers is going to be hot.

As a previous regional organizer, how do you assess the opportunities at the crossway of real estate and infrastructure financial investment?

I believe it’s a crucial intersection that will last for a long time. I’ve thought there’s real chance in infrastructure for a while. The recent CBRE acquisition of Caledon Capital is a prime example of the kind of M&A chance for large business.

The Trump Administration has spoken about using facilities as a boost to the economy which’s all well and good, however infrastructure planning has to last beyond a single economic cycle. We require a multi-year and most likely a multi-decade plan to boost all types of facilities if we’re to keep our status as the world’s leading economy.

Desiree Reed-Francois Introduced as Sports Director

If absolutely nothing else, Desiree Reed-Francois has impressive timing.

President Len Jessup revealed Reed-Francois as UNLV’s new sports director on April 17 to follow in the footsteps of Tina Kunzer-Murphy and take over sports just as the Rebels are a few brief years from taking the football field in a $1.9 billion NFL arena, supplemented by the advanced Fertitta Football Complex now in the works.

A day after the announcement, Reed-Francois took to the podium at a media conference with her other half, Joshua; son, Jackson; father, Don; mother Gloria Jean; sibling, Roman– and a luxurious Hey Reb! at the foot of the dais– searching.

“My first team was with my brother,” she stated. “When I was a little woman growing up in the San Francisco Bay area, Roman and I played every sport. I was a rower, but he was the real athlete. My brother and I, we dreamed of him being an expert football player. He was going to bet the San Francisco 49ers, and I was going to be his lawyer.

“In 1994 a football mishap changed our lives and it changed our dreams. Roman ended up being a quadriplegic playing football; however, the story doesn’t end there. It was the lessons we discovered in athletics of resiliency, decision, and a relentless competitive drive that triggered our dreams to take a various course. My dream became finding a method to assist other student-athletes accomplish theirs.”

Reed-Francois pertains to UNLV from Virginia Tech, where she has actually served as the deputy sports director to Whit Babcock, who also went to April 18’s press conference. She was in charge of everyday operations for 22 programs and more than 600 student-athletes.

Ticket, marketing, and licensing revenue was up more than 20 percent over the past two years under Reed-Francois’ eye, boosted by season ticket sellouts for Hokies football and big dives in presence for males’s and females’s basketball, baseball, soccer, and softball. She partnered on budget development, prepared the department’s facilities master plan, upgraded fundraising technique, and revitalized the university’s student-athlete success program.

“There’s a terrific sense of interest and momentum in the community and at UNLV,” Reed-Francois said. “College athletics have the special capability to educate, join, and motivate. Together, we will do all of that at UNLV and develop a champion culture that leads academically and athletically.”

With her consultation, effective June 1, Reed-Francois becomes the very first Hispanic female athletic director at the Football Bowl Subdivision level.

Reed-Francois was a standout to the search committee, and Jessup was gushing in his praise for her experience and enthusiasm throughout the interview process.

As a research organization, Jessup stated, UNLV is rising through its Top Tier strategic strategy, “but a really fundamental part of the strategy is also making ourselves more powerful in the Mountain West (Conference) and, ultimately, positioning ourselves down the roadway for a relocate to a Power 5 conference. Athletics is part and parcel with the technique of where we’re opting for this institution.

“This hire of the brand-new sports director is certainly one of the most essential hires that I have actually participated in my two years. It is necessary for the whole university and the entire Rebel nation.”

While working under Babcock, Reed-Francois played a crucial role in hiring head football coach Justin Fuente, the 2016 Atlantic Coast Conference Coach of the Year. She likewise helped protect new coaches for ladies’s basketball, lacrosse, and volley ball.

Her prepare for UNLV is simple enough.

“Rather merely, we’re going to win.”

Director: Robin Williams concentrated on character in last function


Starz Digital via AP

Kathy Baker, left, and Robin Williams appear in a scene from the movie, “Boulevard.” In the movie, Williams plays a closeted gay male who comes out in his 60s and after that leaves his lifelong love, his spouse of 40 years, played by Baker.

Friday, July 10, 2015|8:25 p.m.

New York City– Dito Montiel states Robin Williams occasionally goofed around on set while shooting “Boulevard,” but the director says more often, the late actor invested the time in between takes pondering exactly what his character would do next.

“In some cases he ‘d do a show for sure. That’s kind of him. Then sometimes he’s sitting there actually thinking of the character,” states Montiel. “He really appreciated the characters a lot.”

“Boulevard,” which opened in New york city on Friday, is Williams’ last remarkable function to be launched following his death last summer season.

In the movie, which expands to other theaters on July 17, Williams plays a closeted gay man who comes out in his 60’s and afterwards leaves his long-lasting love, his better half of 40 years, played by Kathy Baker.

Montiel states he was delighted when he got a call saying Williams wished to talk with him, but he never ever dreamed it would have to do with this indie film.

“I resembled, ‘Whoa, that’s insane,'” the director says, thinking possibly it had to do with a new “Mrs. Doubtfire,” which was rumored to be up for a sequel.

Montiel says he “liked” working with Williams on “Boulevard” as well as though he was an admirer, he was a bit shocked at how well Williams immersed himself in the function.

“He won an Academy Award for being a remarkable actor, so I was not that surprised he might tap into it,” the director states. “I was shocked at how well he could, truthfully, since you have this pre-conceived idea about a lot of well-known people.”

Montiel, who admits he still keeps some of the phone messages Williams left him, says it was “extraordinary” getting to know the star while they worked on the movie and says it was even better to hear Williams state he was pleased with his efficiency.

“All I kept thinking was, ‘Male, I hope he truly likes it’ and he actually liked it,” Montiel states. “I miss him. It was really nice to make a motion picture with him.”

Clark County kid well-being director resigns

Clark County’s kid well-being leader– often slammed by child supporters and protected by county management– has actually revealed she is resigning.

Officials validated Wednesday that Clark County Department of Family Solutions Director Lisa Ruiz-Lee is stepping down from her position, although an efficient date has actually not yet been set. It’s unknown who will assume her obligations in directing the struggling department, which has actually come under examination of an unique state panel formed to examine system imperfections and issues.

Ruiz-Lee sent out an email to workers Wednesday informing them of her departure.

She was called director of the Clark County Department of Family Solutions in May 2012. She had functioned as interim director of the department because August 2011.

Household Services examines reports of youngster abuse and disregard and licenses foster homes, to name a few obligations. More than 3,000 youngsters are in the system at any one time.

Ruiz-Lee had actually worked for the county given that 1998 and got an annual income of $121,076 in 2014, according to county records. When required remark, she referred questions to the county’s public details workplace.

“Lisa has done a great job and we will really miss her expertise and dedication to the youngsters of Southern Nevada,” said Clark County Manager Don Burnette on Wednesday.

Assistant County Manager Jeff Wells commended Ruiz-Lee for developing thorough psychological health services for kids, developing a system to rapidly determine kids at danger and pushing an initiative to increase the number of foster father and mothers.

Nevertheless, tensions have actually been high in between Ruiz-Lee and staff members, boiling over because of security issues including children, their families and workers. Members of the Service Employees International Union, which represents personnel Ruiz-Lee managed, last August signed a petition, which went to Clark County commissioners. In the petition, employees listed issues about high caseloads and unsafe conditions for children and workers.

The petition required social employees’ caseloads to be kept at affordable levels to improve child safety. It likewise asked Family Solutions to make it a priority to provide assistance and resources to youngsters and staff members who need help. Last but not least, the petition required the company to establish and carry out security policies to protect kids, households and workers.

Staff members and child supporters have actually also repeatedly revealed concerns with Ruiz-Lee’s absence of transparency.

During her period, there’s been a couple of deaths of children in the foster care system and a chronic scarcity of foster moms and dads. Kid Sanctuary’s population has actually exceeded its state-licensed capability several times in the in 2013. Child Haven is the county’s emergency situation shelter for abused and overlooked children.

A blue bow committee was developed last fall by Nevada Supreme Court Justice Nancy Saitta to check out shortcomings in the county’s child well-being system and court.

The committee created a set of suggestions to enhance services. Household Services has already started to carry out some of the small recommendations.

The committee will continue to fulfill for the implementation phase.

“She had one of the most hard jobs in the county and she worked relentlessly to make improvements in the kid well-being system,” stated Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak. “While she accomplished a dreadful lot, there’s constantly more to be done. I want her the very best in her future ventures.”

Review-Journal writer Ben Botkin added to this report. Contact Yesenia Amaro at yamaro@reviewjournal.com!.?.! or 702-383-0440. Find her on Twitter: @yeseniaamaro