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'' This location has a special soul'': Westgate ' s new president discuss her course to Las Vegas and the team that keeps her here

[not able to recover full-text material] Las Vegas is built on being a welcoming and friendly destination, however it can be a little intimidating. That’s the effect it had on Cami Christensen when she arrived in 2001 wanting to construct a profession in hospitality.

UNLV Faculty Discuss Egyptian Artist Rita Asfour on PBS Oct. 13

Tune in to PBS (Channel 10) at 10:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13, to see UNLV professors from the departments of art and dance included in an unique, Rita Asfour: Art Her Way.

Last October, art teacher Robert Tracy curated the “Art Her Way” exhibition including ballet and showgirl costumes in the Peter Lind Hayes – Mary Healy Lobby Gallery of Ham Auditorium. The occasion likewise included a panel conversation with Tracy, dance department chair Louis Kavouras, and dancer and Pilates instructor Dolly Kelepecz-Momot, as well as a really special dance department performance. PBS filmed much of the occasion. College of Art associate dean Sean Clark also is featured in the unique.

Rita Asfour was born in 1933 of Armenian-American heritage. A vibrant impressionist artist, Asfour was trained at the distinguished Leonardo Da Vinci Academy where she earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in 1959.

Asfour’s conventional, signature style is motivated by her various journeys throughout Europe, the Americas, and the South Seas. After earning her fine arts degree, she traveled throughout Europe. Supporting her innovative exploits with an effective profession as an illustrator, she worked as a magazine illustrator for five years at a popular Lebanese publication in Beirut. Her illustration work has actually graced numerous magazine covers, kids’s publications, art books, and ads.

Rita Asfour experiments in numerous mediums consisting of oil on canvas, pastel on board, and paper relief. Her emotional oils and pastels enkindle the romantic ambiance of conventional art and, subsequently, keep her constant appeal. Several of Asfour’s works are romantic images of females or children inhabited by simple day-to-day frivolities. She paints life with such comfort and genteel spirit that she negates the distracting truths of today.

Officials discuss retrieval of items left behind at Route 91 Harvest Festival

Debris litters a festival grounds across the street from the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino on Oct. 3, 2017. (John Locher/AP)< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/10/15086569_G.jpg "alt=" Particles litters a celebration premises across the street from the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino on Oct. 3, 2017. (John Locher/AP)"

title=" Debris litters a celebration premises

throughout the street from the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino on Oct. 3, 2017. ( John Locher/AP )” border =” 0″ width=” 180″/ > Particles litters a festival premises across the street from the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino on Oct. 3, 2017.( John Locher/AP ). LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-. Authorities in Clark County stated a plan remains in motion when it pertains to returning products that were left at the scene of Sunday’s shooting. Representatives said the home distribution procedure for victims and relative to retrieve personal effects from the Path 91 Harvest Festival grounds is underway.

The home distribution process will start today for anyone who lost home in the 1 October event at the Route 91 music festival.

— LVMPD (@LVMPD) October 8, 2017 Many short articles, including automobiles, were left at the performance place after gunfire rang out at the festival.

John Steinbeck, Clark County Fire Deputy Chief, together with FBI Media Professional Sandy Breault were among a little group of officials who spoke Sunday afternoon.

The Household Help Center, situated at 3150 Paradise Roadway, is where items can be picked up from the very first cleared area of the celebration place.

Officials stated this is a continuous procedure which none of the items being obtained at this time were considered evidence. Sunday’s press conference was held at the former Riviera hotel-casino website.

Stay with FOX5 for ongoing protection.

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New officers for service alliance discuss growth, lifestyle and navigating downtown Las Vegas


Steve Marcus A mural by artist Jerry Misko, bottom, is revealed at the Emergency situation Arts integrating in downtown Las Vegas Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016.

Sunday, May 21, 2017|2 a.m.

Jonathan Ullman

Jonathan Ullman Marc Abelman The Downtown Vegas Alliance was developed in 2008 to draw in and grow companies, buy development and usually

improve lifestyle in the location. Now 60 members strong, it has developed collaborations with business neighborhood, the not-for-profit sector and the city of Las Vegas. Freshly elected board members consist of the executive director and CEO of the Mob Museum, Jonathan Ullman, who will serve as the company’s chair; owner of Within Style, Marc Abelman, the group’s secretary; BP2 Solutions’ Brian Knudsen, who was called vice chair; and the vice president of Bank of Nevada, Costs Paredes, treasurer. The group has actually seen downtown grow by both “tangible and intangible means,”the former being the addition of services and jobs

and the latter being exactly what they see as neighborhood buy-in and enthusiasm. In the previous decade, how has the downtown location altered, and exactly what function has the Alliance played? Ullman: Take the Mob Museum, for example. When we moved into what was the previous(U.S.)Post Office and federal courthouse in February 2012, the city had moved out of City Hall and Zappos had not yet moved in. The Downtown Grand was not yet opened. It was relatively desolate down there. You could state much the same of the location to the east. Then you had the Mob Museum open, the Smith Center open, the Neon Museum open, the(Discovery)Children’s Museum open and the new City Hall open. These were significant projects with massive efforts by both public and private partnerships. I believe what has been similarly exciting is the more organic development you have actually seen on Fremont East with the financial investment in new restaurants and the shops that have shown up in the Container Park and around on Carson Street. Even going farther out toward Maryland Parkway, you have Atomic Alcohols and Chow. It’s such an amazing time. It’s hard to keep up nowadays. It utilized to be it was a significant newspaper article when you had a brand-new restaurant. That’s not the case anymore. Abelman: Before, you couldn’t discover a great cup of coffee. … It’s a community port. You see it with Makers & Finders and Vesta. When it pertains to Fremont East, I consider the addition of a bookstore and a record shop. Those are the intrinsic organisations that add to the imaginative layer and worth to & the community. Ullman: These are gathering points. They are landmarks for neighborhoods. Public understanding of the sustainability of downtown’s growth can really vary. What do you think of investment and momentum in the neighborhood? Abelman: On my block, the amount of financial investment coming in between Charleston(Boulevard)and California Street, and Casino Center(Boulevard)and Main Street, is amazing. Those new services are making an actually substantial investment. There is a lot of faith that’s going on. Ullman: These are the kind of development chances that need confidence that the neighborhood in the area is relocating the direction that can sustain capability and drive the business required to be successful. That’s part of the tipping point we’ve moved over. Developers can recognize that this growth trajectory is going to continue. How have you seen the quality of life modification? Ulman: When I think about lifestyle, I think of options. There are many choices now. Where do you wish to consume? Where do you wish to choose entertainment? How do you wish to invest your time? Where do you want to meet family and friends? That continues to grow and grow. The downtown community and the

city are worthy of massive credit. They have shown they can do whatever they set their minds to, from constructing a performing arts center to the numerous initiatives maded with a medical district being created. We’ve demonstrated and shown to ourselves that whatever we wish to do, we can do it. It’s simply deciding exactly what’s most

essential to us. While much of the businesses are somewhat brand-new, there are services and people who have actually been in the area for several years, if not decades. How do you tackle bringing in older members of the neighborhood or older companies and making sure they have a voice in what’s going on? Ullman: We are conscious of making exactly what we have accessible broadly. Certainly, being more entrenched and having more of

a history in downtown Las Vegas is by no implies a reason not to be included. It’s the opposite. Folks who have more experience and have more of a stake because they’ve been here operating services for several years, they need to absolutely feel invited. Why not participate in discussions about where we’re going and how we can improve downtown for everybody? If you wish to belong of that discussion, you ought to become part of this organization. Abelman: If you’re excited about where we are going, we’re thrilled to have you. Exactly what’s on the immediate horizon for the Alliance? Ullman: We will be having a discussion about transport. To put it in the simplest of terms, how do we make it simple to move individuals around downtown Las Vegas? How do you make it more walkable? How do you make it simpler for people to find their way? How

do you make it clearer to folks? If I’m not from Las Vegas, and I take the Deuce downtown and I’m walking Fremont Street Experience and I want to

go check out, how do we make it obvious and much easier for individuals? You do not wish to lose out on exactly what’s amazing at the Arts District or in the Cultural Corridor. This is good for everybody. If we can move people around downtown, if we can display all our products, that does not eliminate from any person’s profits. Exactly what it does is extends the interest and extends the quantity of time people will check out. It makes all downtown more of a destination. Visitor research shows people a growing number of are searching for a genuine experience. … They want to go where the locals go. They wish to have stories to inform and images to share that are not just

the most common, however speak with exactly what a city is all about. Abelman: Let’s state you have somebody boiling down here. They have coffee at a coffee shop then shop and then they go to the bookstore and encounter a good friend who goes,’You wan na hear music tonight? ‘That’s exactly what we want. Ullman: So when you return to transportation, how do you make that experience possible without somebody needed to obtain in a vehicle and drive from point to indicate point?

Marco Rubio discuss his Las Vegas roots, why American Dream increasingly evasive


Jonathan Bachman/ AP

Republican presidential prospect Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., speaks during the National Right to Life convention, Friday, July 10, 2015, in New Orleans.

Friday, July 10, 2015|9:45 p.m.

Decades ago, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s father would invest his nights tending bar in the back of Las Vegas casino banquet halls, much like the one his kid stood at the front of this night as he attended to a crowd of hundreds at FreedomFest.

A pair of Cuban immigrants who worked long hours as a bartender and house maid to support their household, Rubio held up his daddy and mom as examples of the American Dream at the very same time he alerted the crowd that dream is narrowing.

“They were both born in extremely poor households,” the Republican presidential prospect stated. “Nearly every place worldwide you are informed on the day you are born you will just be allowed to be exactly what your moms and dads were before you.”

Rubio stated his father and mothers had a hard time and were prevented upon arriving in America, that included a multiyear stint in Las Vegas throughout his youth, however through determination had the ability to have their home and raise a family of four youngsters, achieving their version of the American Dream.

His speech came at the FreedomFest, a conservative event billed as the “world’s largest gathering of totally free minds” being hosted today at Planet Hollywood. The final day of the conference will certainly happen Saturday, with Republican governmental candidate Donald Trump set up to give a speech at 11:50.

Rubio, making his second check out to Las Vegas since May, credited the capitalism system for providing his family an opportunity to be successful, but cautioned that the American Dream today remains in risk.

He stated an increasingly competitive worldwide economy and new innovations threaten America’s standing on the planet.

“The road to the American Dream has actually gotten narrower because the world has altered and rather honestly our governmental policies have actually not changed with it,” Rubio stated.

He called the tax code excessively difficult and pricey, instead pushing for a simplification that will certainly “make it easier to do company in America.”

He also pointed to reforming college to offer choices beyond expensive four-year universities and crediting students for experience made on the job or through online courses.

“What matters is exactly what you know, not where you learned it,” he said.

Regardless of the alarming cautions, Rubio continued to be positive and hopeful throughout the 20-minute speech, keeping away from the conventional stump speech in favor of a less overtly political and more personal appeal.

“I have a financial obligation to America I will never pay back,” Rubio said. “This is not just the country I matured in, it’s a nation that literally changed the history of my household.”