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Disneyland closes down cooling towers over Legionnaires' ' cases

By Susannah Cullinane, CNN

(CNN)– Disneyland Park has actually shut down two cooling towers at its park in Southern California following an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease.

Orange County health officials said nine people who checked out the Anaheim theme park in September established the disease.

An extra three people who had been to Anaheim however not Disneyland got sick too, stated Jessica Good, a spokesperson for the Orange County Healthcare Agency. One client, who had not gone to the park and had extra health concerns, died, she said.

The 12 patients are between ages 52 and 94, and 10 were hospitalized, she said.

CNN has actually reached out to Disneyland for comment however has actually not heard back.

“To date, no additional Legionella cases have actually been related to prospective direct exposure in Anaheim after September,” Good said. “There is no recognized ongoing threat associated with this break out.”

Legionnaires disease is an extreme form of pneumonia triggered by Legionella germs, in some cases found in water supply. It is usually contracted by breathing mist from the water that contains it. The source of the mist can be a/c units in big facilities, showers or jacuzzis. Legionnaires’ illness is not infectious in between people.

County health officials recognized Disneyland Park as a typical place of eight of the cases last month, and have actually been working to recognize possible sources, Good said.

Disneyland Park notified health officials this month that elevated levels of Legionella had been identified in two of its 18 towers, which were then dealt with and decontaminated.

Disneyland took the towers out of service on November 1 and informed the health agency it had actually performed extra disinfecting and testing. It brought the towers back into service November 5, however two days later, they were gotten of service again, she stated.

Health officials subsequently released an order that the towers stay shut down up until they are verified to be free from contamination. The results of the tests will not be known for about 2 weeks.

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Disneyland devotee gos to park for 2,000 days in a row


Robert Gauthier/ Los Angeles Times/ MCT Clients stroll along Main Street in Disneyland on Tuesday, May 20, 2014, in Anaheim, Calif. Associated Press Friday, June 23,

Reitz, 44, of Huntington Beach started visiting the park on New Year’s Day in 2012 with his former

girlfriend. The out of work Disney fans thought it would be an enjoyable way to maintain their spirits if they visited every day throughout that leap year. However after they got tasks and even after the relationship ended, Reitz kept going.”It’s become a living breathing

thing along the method,” he told the Orange County Register.

The Air Force veteran now operates at the VA Long Beach Health care System and makes time to

go to the park daily, in some cases alone and often with his present girlfriend, Karen Bell of Costa Mesa.”I like walking around taking images, talking with cast members and guests, “he stated. Reitz has tried essentially every trip and restaurant in Disneyland and the adjoining Disney California Experience Park.

His favorite dining establishment is Pizza Port in Tomorrowland. His favorite ride is the Matterhorn Bobsleds, which he first rode when he was 2.” I love sitting in the front row, holding the deal with and leaning into the turns,” Reitz said. However”there’s absolutely nothing I would turn away from,”he stated.

Reitz has some guidance for Disneyland visitors: Get the Disneyland app for mobile phones to keep up with wait times

and flight closures and use the FastPass system to reserves times for

the most popular attractions.”The number one thing I inform people is to bring your patience,”Reitz stated.”With the summer time crowds and the heat I inform people to relax and have a good time.” Reitz does not know for how long he’ll keep making day-to-day visits to the park however notes his current yearly pass is good up until next January.”I’ve gotten to experience a lot of the magic of Disney that

it continues to be fun for me,”he stated.” And that’s why I’ve still chosen to keep coming every day.”