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Fetish & & Dream Halloween Ball relocates to Red Rock Resort

One of the country’s most famous Halloween parties is back for its 22nd-annual edition, however this year the Fetish & & Dream ball is moving west to Red Rock Resort.

The party that has typically been headquartered at the Hard Rock Hotel is getting a bit more lux this year with the relocate to Summerlin, but there’s no toning it down. All the exotic, naughty-and-nice costumes stay– it’s dress-code necessary, after all– in addition to the exposition row including all the latex, leather, lotions and potions you might prefer. You can likewise expect the human petting zoo, clowns, stiltwalkers, freaks and fetish entertainers that make the event so special, plus music from Darude, Plastik Funk, Scooter & & Lavelle, DJ R.O.B. and DJ Twin.

Halloween in Las Vegas wouldn’t be the same without F&F. For tickets and more information, check out fetishandfantasyhalloweenball.com. Fetish & & Dream Halloween Ball at Red Rock Resort, October 28.

Clooney illustrates American dream as headache in '' Suburbicon '.

Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017|6:44 a.m.

VENICE, Italy– Affable, good-looking George Clooney was all appeal at the Venice Film Festival on Saturday, however do not be tricked.

The star says his newest directorial effort, “Suburbicon,” is a mad movie for an upset country– his own. It’s a twisted tale of darkness at the heart of the American dream.

“A great deal of us are angry– mad at ourselves, mad at the way the country is going, mad at the way the world is going,” Clooney informed press reporters Saturday in Venice, Italy, where “Suburbicon” is contending for the festival’s Golden Lion prize.

“It’s most likely the angriest I’ve ever seen the nation, and I endured the Watergate time,” he added. “There’s a dark cloud hanging over our country today.”

America’s departments offer an unnerving timeliness to “Suburbicon.” The satirical movie noir stars Matt Damon and Julianne Moore as homeowners of a relatively idyllic– and all-white– 1950s suburban community that erupts in anger when a black household moves in.

It fuses a script by the Coen bros with a narrative about racial divisions motivated– in a negative method– by Donald Trump’s governmental project.

“I was viewing a great deal of speeches on the campaign path about developing fences and scapegoating minorities,” Clooney stated.

That set Clooney and writing-producing partner Grant Heslov to thinking about other points in United States history when forces of division remained in the ascendant. They kept in mind 1957 events in Levittown, Pennsylvania, a model suburban community where white homeowners rioted at the arrival of a black family.

They merged that idea to an unproduced script by Joel and Ethan Coen about a similar white-picket-fence neighborhood where a crime goes horribly wrong in farcically bloody ways.

The images of white rage in the movie feel unnervingly contemporary, recalling last month’s rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“Sadly, these are concerns that are never ever out of vogue in our country,” Clooney said ahead of the film’s red carpet best. “We are still trying to exorcise these problems. We’ve still got a great deal of work to do from our initial sin of slavery and racism.”

On one level, “Suburbicon” is a funny, in which the best-laid strategies of Damon’s computing corporate executive go bloodily astray. Damon and Moore practically take off with suburban repression, and there’s a scrumptious turn by Oscar Isaac as a prying insurance coverage private investigator.

But the social issues Clooney displayed in previous films he directed– “Great Night, and Good Luck” and “The Ides of March”– are never ever far from the surface area.

The Clooney Structure he runs with his better half, human rights legal representative Amal Clooney, offered $1 million in the wake of Charlottesville to the Southern Poverty Law Center to combat hate groups.

Clooney stated he was distressed that “Suburbicon” not be a polemic or “a civics lesson.”

“We wanted it to be funny, we desired it to be mean– but we wanted it to be upset,” he said. “And it got angrier as we were shooting.”

Scrutiny sure to grow on day-to-day dream sports

At halftime of Marcus Mariota’s first NFL game, the Tennessee Titans were looking respectable for picking him No. 2 in the draft. The rookie had passed for four goals, and the game already was a rout.

Wagerers who took the Titans as 3-point underdogs Sunday against Tampa Bay were feeling good, too. Tennessee led 35-7 en route to a 42-14 triumph.

And, obviously, the amatuer general managers who bet on Mariota by drafting him as their quarterback were most likely imagining big paydays via DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo or another of the lots of dream sports sites.

For years, betting has actually driven the appeal of the NFL, a league that has actually powerfully opposed wagering. The brand-new fact is betting has business in the form of the flourishing dream sports market, which is doing its part to assist drive the appeal of the NFL while the league enthusiastically promotes it as a company partner.

“It looks a lot like sports betting,” Michael “Roxy” Roxborough, a longtime Las Vegas oddsmaker, stated of fantasy football.

Betting and fantasy look like each other as closely as twin sis, yet the law states they are as different as a brunette and a redhead. The law grins on Mary Ann and frowns upon Ginger. So, this is the gray area where money, politics and sports collide and things get confusing.

Summarizing the case: Sports betting is forbidden in all states however 4– it is safeguarded in Nevada– under the Specialist and Amateur Sports Security Act (PASPA) of 1992. In 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act blackballed sports betting and online poker, yet permitted an exception for dream sports by specifying them as a video game of ability, not as a video game of possibility.

This is when it ought to be argued football handicapping needs as much or more skill than preparing a fantasy group. I am an advocate of both. This is not an attack advertisement on fantasy, rather more of a problem that sports betting is relegated to some sort of leprosy island.

It’s also time to analyze where the fantasy market is headed, since it’s a remarkable topic in a lot of aspects. Dream leagues have actually been around because the 1980s, however only in the past year or two did the daily and weekly websites become monstrous companies.

“Fantasy didn’t know it was a business until it was,” stated Roxborough, who established and ran Las Vegas Sports Professional from 1982 to 1999. “You talk about crossing the line in the sand– every year they have actually pushed the video game a little more– but there is no line.”

The NFL kicks sand in the face of wagerers and Las Vegas sports books while concurrently welcoming dream gambling. (If you can wager $5 on a dream group with an opportunity to win $100,000, is it not gambling?) All four major pro leagues are partnered in some way with either DraftKings or FanDuel just due to fantasy developing more interest in the games and profits for the leagues. The TV networks are all-in on the frenzy.

DraftKings plastered signboards all over Major League Baseball parks across the nation this summertime. Floyd Mayweather Jr. had a FanDuel logo design on his trunks in his fight versus Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Garden in May. Examples continue, and we will see increasingly more.

“The leagues have actually opposed betting almost every method they could, yet the NFL and MLB think fantasy is excellent,” Roxborough stated. “It’s an unusual marriage where teams and leagues are information partners in a company. It drives viewership and drives individuals going to NFL.com and MLB.com to look for data and statistics, and they have relationships with ESPN and Fox, so all of it ties together.”

Investors are pumping numerous countless dollars into DraftKings and FanDuel, companies now introducing TV advertising campaign that a bulk of viewers view as bothersome and unbearable. Have you seen the bothersome kid hoisting the huge check for $1 million? You most likely have actually seen it countless times.

It was reported DraftKings was the nation’s No. 1 spender on TV ads recently. The advertisements are unbearable but effective. According to a New york city Times story, fantasy sports games will generate around $2.6 billion in entry fees this year and grow to a bit more than $14 billion by 2020.

It is estimated around 50 million people in the united state will play dream sports on the Web this year. It likewise has been documented that neither DraftKings nor FanDuel is turning a profit yet.

“All these locations have been pumped up with a lot of venture money, and they need to obtain clients with this marketing,” Roxborough stated. “No one is turning a profit on it, however I believe it’s easy to understand because they have all that venture money, and the idea is to be the last man standing and get clients. The concept is to build up possessions and after that figure out how to generate income from these customers.”

The target market is young, tech-savvy fans who invest cash on their interest for sports. Fantasy sports wagering is illegal in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Washington, and sports banking on single video games is legal in just one state.

New Jersey’s attempts to legalize sports wagering continue to get blocked. In August, the federal ban on all however 4 states (also including Delaware, Montana and Oregon) was maintained in a Philadelphia court. The NFL, frequently accused of hypocrisy, has led efforts to support the wagering ban.

And you understood this battle was coming– a New Jersey lawmaker is now asking your house Energy and Commerce Committee to review the legal status of fantasy sites.

Las Vegas resident Paul Czuchra, author of the book “Might the Probabilities Be With United states: Legal Segregation in America,” has threatened to contest PASPA in court.

Nevada sports books have actually lagged behind the innovation world and are way behind the dream curve. But last week, for the first time, Wynn Las Vegas sports book director John Avello provided a “Fantasy Match Prop” for NFL Week 1. He published two teams– each including a quarterback, 2 running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end and kicker– with a point system utilized for evaluating the winning side. Bettors could bet on team “A” or group “B” with the rate opening at minus-110 on each side. It’s a brand-new principle that acquired approval from the state’s Pc gaming Control Board.

“We had excellent company on it,” stated Avello, who will post the Week 2 prop teams today. “There’s a market for it.”

Roxborough, who has houses in Las Vegas and Thailand, watches on the evolving betting landscape around the globe. He forecasts the fantasy sports market will move into a possibly uneasy spot under the political microscope.

“They handled to get adequate opinions that fantasy is not gambling. If you get sufficient money or adequate partners, you can make anything legal or get the law to look your way,” Roxborough stated. “Everybody is heavily purchased it.

“I have no idea how it plays out. The one thing I’m particular about is dream will certainly come under more financial scrutiny, and I believe that will be coming.”

In the meantime, study the statistics, ante up and draft your fantasy quarterback. I’ll use Drew Brees, who’s a better alternative than Mariota this weekend.

Possibly your quarterback will certainly pass for four touchdowns in the first half. Perhaps you might be the beside raise a huge check for $1 million in a TELEVISION commercial, although in truth that’s a long-shot dream.

* CLOSING NUMBERS– I played four ‘dogs and one favorite recently to go 5-0 against the spread and run my college football record to 9-1. I’ll confess to catching a few breaks, so the results have actually been much better than the handicapping. Here are five plays for Saturday (home team in CAPS):

Georgia Tech (-2) over NOTRE DAME; Colorado (-3) over Colorado State; South Florida (+7) over MARYLAND; TEXAS (+7) over California; Stanford (+10) over SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.

Las Vegas Review-Journal sports betting columnist Matt Youmans can be reached at [email protected]!.?.! or 702-387-2907. He co-hosts “The Las Vegas Sportsline “weekdays at 2 p.m. on ESPN Radio (1100 AM). Follow him on Twitter: @mattyoumans247.

Dream sports: Gambling or not?

WASHINGTON– With the NFL season underway and fans opening their wallets to put together “virtual” groups, a New Jersey legislator wishes to know: Is dream sports gambling or not?

Rep. Frank Pallone on Monday required a congressional hearing to check out the legal status of dream sports. The $15 billion industry has drawn 57 million players in North America and been embraced by the very same professional sports leagues that traditionally combated a growth of legalized sports betting in casinos.

“Anyone who watched a video game this weekend was swamped by commercials for dream sports sites, and it’s only the very first week of the NFL season,” said Pallone, the top Democrat on the Residence Energy and Commerce Committee. “Regardless of how traditional these sites have actually ended up being … the legal landscape governing these activities remains murky and should be reviewed.”

“Fans are presently enabled to risk cash on the efficiency of an individual gamer,” Pallone said. “How is that various than betting money on the result of a game?”

Pallone, whose state just recently lost a court bid to accept sports wagers at its casinos and racetracks, suggested federal law is blurry on fantasy sports, where participants compete for rewards or cash based upon the performances of players they pick for their “groups.”

A 1992 federal law limits sports betting to Nevada and three other states. At the same time a 2006 online gaming law consisted of an exemption for dream sports that fulfill certain criteria.

The American Pc gaming Association that represents office gambling establishments is studying how or whether to include its members in fantasy sports. Gaming regulatory authorities in Nevada have recommended the industry step really carefully to comprehend the legal ramifications of the move.

Geoff Freeman, AGA president and chief executive, stated he would invite a congressional hearing to hash out the topic.

“Daily fantasy sports is an interesting new platform,” Freeman said in a statement. “Numerous of our members would like to leverage their brands and years of gaming know-how to offer this product to their clients.”

“However the current lack of legal clearness is an obstacle,” Freeman said. “The market agrees this is a problem that should be dealt with.”

Contact Review-Journal Washington Bureau Chief Steve Tetreault at [email protected]!.?.! or 202-783-1760. Discover him on Twitter: @STetreaultDC

Images: Sneak peek at 2016 ‘Dream’ calendar; Mandy Moore to direct opening


Tom Donoghue/ DonoghuePhotography.com

The 2016 “Dream” calendar shoot with Kristin Ratatori at LAX on Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015, in the Luxor.

Monday, Aug. 10, 2015|11:58 p.m.

2016 ‘Fantasy’ Calendar Shoot
Launch slideshow “

2014 Dream Calendar Image Shoot
Launch slideshow “

Click to enlarge photo

The 2016 “Dream” calendar shoot with Chloe Crawford at LAX on Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015, in the Luxor.

Click to enlarge photo

“Fantasy” at the Luxor.

Party planning for the 16th anniversary of the adult burlesque revue “Dream” at the Luxor is underway. In reality, the stunning beauty ladies shot their sexy pictures for the 2016 calendar last week.

Producer-director Anita Mann tells me that there will certainly be a calendar launch party Oct. 20 to mark the 10th year of the cheeky calendar, and the curvy cast will certainly commemorate their real 16th anniversary Nov. 1.

“This year, we selected a genuine after-dark dream,” stated Anita. “A dream underwear shoot inside LAX at our home hotel.” Our thanks to contributing photographer Tom Donoghue, who was welcomed to catch our saucy preview. A DVD from the calendar shoot likewise will be launched.

Looking back over 16 amazing years, Anita said: “I count my true blessings every day. I’m so extremely thankful that we’ve had this excellent run, and I still get thrilled with every program every night.

“On our birthday, we will introduce 4 brand-new numbers. We have 12 girls in rotation in the cast. 8 are always in the show, and four are swing dancers due to the fact that we are seven nights a week, 52 weeks a year.

“Jaime Lynch is still our major vocalist performing four or five nights a week, and then our former lead Lorena Peril is back with us, along with Lily Arce on the other nights of the week.

“It’s interesting to have Lorena return after her European show trip. She’s singing with her hubby now in Las Vegas, and we have her back in between times.

I asked Anita why her show has actually had such a long, successful run.

“Our audiences actually associate with the cast more than any other show with an intimacy, an experience not found anywhere else. There’s a great deal of adult cabaret to choose from in Las Vegas, but we’ve been continuous with the showgirl part.

“The big shows lost. We lost ‘Folies Bergere,’ we lost ‘Into the Night.’ ‘Peepshow’ was a great adult program, but it, too, was in a bigger showroom.

” ‘Jubilee’ is still there, and I hope permanently, but our ‘Dream’ dancers are much closer having fun with our audience. The adult shows that have lasted for many years are because of being more intimate.

“Our cast gets better and better, and their talents actually reveal individually. Their interaction also gets better weekly. It works because it’s my mommy’s preferred show, and she’s 89!

“So ‘Dream’ is for audiences of any ages and certainly for couples. The people and the ladies enjoy the show, so both leave as winners.

“I believe our biggest obstacle with time was when MGM took over the Luxor. We needed to alter from ‘Midnight Fantasy’ to just ‘Fantasy,’ so we had to alter the whole show. We ‘d rehearse by day and slowly alter the show each night.

“When we opened 16 years earlier as a ‘family-friendly adult show,’ we understood that it wasn’t going to be all over-the-top sex. We’ve kept the variety home entertainment element that couples could associate with conveniently.

“We carefully keep a balance. It’s not just in-your-face nudity right from the start. We keep it attractive, not outright. I never ever desire it to be in your face. It’s everything about the showgirls’ effort and devotion to real show-business home entertainment skills.

“The other programs don’t a lot copy us but have a various design in providing it. The copycats don’t disturb me. Our show exists solely to please the audience and not worry about the so-called competitors.

“Dancing has actually come back so much on mainstream tv, and TELEVISION has helped preserve dancing, so our opening number is all dance. I want to do the same with our showgirl dancers.The women do not go topless up until the 2nd number.

“Over 16 years, they have actually become part of the fabric of Las Vegas. We’re closing in on a 20th anniversary. That would be fantastic to strike that number and continue onward from there.”

* * *

Two-time Emmy Award candidate Mandy Moore is sprucing up the “Fantasy” phase by choreographing the show’s new opening number. Moore (“So You Believe You Can Dance”) is a director, choreographer and dancer. She will take a trip right here to teach the “Fantasy” girls a brand-new regular set to a mashup of Little Mix’s “Salute” and Jordin Stimulates’ “I Am Lady.”

Our guest columns resume Tuesday with Food Network star Ben Vaughn’s weekly tome, “Top Chef” and Border Grill chef Susan Feniger and vocalist Bob Torti, who stars in “Rock of Ages” at the Venetian and offstage has actually won creative kudos for his sculptures.

Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich & & Famous” popularity has actually been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the previous 15 years providing readers the within scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum play ground.

Follow Robin Leach on Twitter at Twitter.com/ Robin_Leach.

Follow Las Vegas Sun Entertainment + Luxury Senior citizen Editor Don Chareunsy on Twitter at Twitter.com/ VDLXEditorDon.

Luxor Hotel & & Gambling establishment

Among the most iconic resorts on The Strip, the Luxor pyramid welcomes interest while the resort’s interior benefits visitors with equal parts excitement, secret and intrigue.

This 4,405-room resort includes a wide range of home entertainment including world-famous dance crew Jabbawockeez (spring 2013), the Cirque du Soleil production CRISS ANGEL Believe, the intriguing adult revue, DREAM, the hilarious funny of Carrot Top, Menopause The Musical and the exclusive LAX Club.

The property likewise offers a day spa and salon, wedding event chapel and welcoming swimming pool complex and is linked to Mandalay Bay through The Shoppes at Mandalay Location– a collection of unique shops and dining establishments.

With a 120,000-square-foot gaming area, delicious restaurants and first-class night life and home entertainment, Luxor supplies an unrivaled travel destination.

3900 S. Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89119

LAX Nightclub Vast, packed and an intense sensory overload, LAX ensures the ultimate Vegas club experience (although it’s called after the L.a airport). Filled with swank design information and an uber stylish crowd, this Strip bar is everything we’ve come to expect from Pure Management homes. Located inside the Luxor, LAX has a sister property in Hollywood, and both locations are favorites of the stars. Celebrities frequently host the party, and the guest list is a genuine who’s who of tabloid beloveds: Paris and Nicky Hilton, Wilmer Valderrama, Brody Jenner, Dave Navarro, Kristin Cavallari, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Britney Spears … the list goes on. Celebrities in their own right, DJ AM and DJ Vice keep the revelers captivated, as do regular contests like the current Miss LAX swimsuit pageant.
3900 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89119