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'' Drunk Killed Papa' ' message left after deadly east Las Vegas bicycle crash


For many individuals, the intersection of Indios Avenue and Mountain Vista Street is simply part of their day-to-day commute, however for one valley family, it’s a place they will never forget.

On Monday, medical inspectors determined the bicyclist killed in a crash in the east Las Vegas community April 28.

The Clark County Coroner’s Office said 44-year-old Jason Eckert died from numerous blunt force injuries. He was noticable dead on April 29 at Dawn Healthcare facility.

On Monday, motorists passing that intersection saw an effective message sprayed on the wall with a gaping hole that reads: “Drunk Killed Father.”

“(My grandson) stated ‘We were having a lot enjoyable today, and whatever was ideal till this happened,'” Robert Steffan, the victim’s father-in-law said. “Then he goes ‘I desire my daddy.'”

Steffan kept back tears as he kept in mind soothing his eight-year-old grand son, who stood feet away on his bike with a front row seat to the DUI crash that eliminated his father Jason Eckert.

“That was a key part of his life … preparing for when his father came, and they would go out and do something. So they took a 20-mike bike flight that day.”

Eckert’s kid Avaram rode along with his moms and dads on Mountain Vista that night, when a car sped towards them, seemingly out of control.

“Way drunk,” Steffan said. “He began to skid 20 feet before the stop sign.”

An examination into the crash is continuous, cops stated.

“Jason’s body was crushed onto the hood of the car,” Steffan stated. “Then he was hurled through the street.”

Steffan stated Eckert’s helmet split in 2, and believed he died instantly. The chauffeur, Danesmin Solis-Cortez was taken to the hospital with small injuries and was detained.

“We put the graffiti up for him [Avaram]” “I’m all right with that.”

Next-door neighbors were alright with it too, and stated they hoped the writing has a deep impact in the community.

“Individuals have been stopping all afternoon,” stated one neighbor. “They slow down and look at that wall. It’s just awful, it makes you scared to go anywhere.”

Through their mourning, Eckert’s family took solace in knowing Eckert’s final minutes cause conserving other lives through organ contribution.

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Drunk, drugged and potentially on the run: The Hart household'' s last days

By Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN

(CNN)– Three children remain missing therefore many concerns persist in the mystery of how the Hart family’s SUV ended up at the bottom of a 100-foot Mendocino County, California, cliff.

The few information that have actually emerged paint what appear to be dark months, and maybe years, for Jennifer and Sarah Hart’s six adopted children, who repeatedly implicated their moms of abuse, according to reports from next-door neighbors and a social worker.

How Harts isolated kids to conceal abuse

The home-schooled kids complained specifically of being denied food and of racist behavior, inning accordance with a case report. Jennifer and Sarah Hart were white. Their children were black.

In their final days, the family members left their home in Woodland, Washington, and headed south. Little is understood of their seemingly hasty departure– or of the list below days– however the latest information talk to a possibly disturbing demise for the kids.

Prior to the SUV was found at the bottom of the cliff off US Highway 101 on March 26, Jennifer Hart’s blood-alcohol content was over the legal limit to drive and some of the children were sedated when she, perhaps intentionally, got a 70-foot start and sped up off the cliff without braking, inning accordance with police, who are investigating the crash as a criminal activity.

Here is what is known of their last days:

Authorities pay visit

There had actually been reports of abuse in the past, and neighbor Bruce DeKalb states he heard firsthand from the children allegations that the mothers were keeping food and maltreating the children, who the Harts adopted in Texas.

A couple of weeks before the fatal crash, 15-year-old Devonte began asking DeKalb for food, stating his moms were penalizing him by keeping meals, the neighbor stated. It began as a once-a-day event however soon escalated and he was stopping by three times a day, he said.

“We decided that we had to get professional help,” DeKalb stated.

He called Kid Protective Services on March 23, and officials arrived simply after Jennifer Hart got back from work, but she didn’t answer the door. The next morning, the household and their lorry were gone. Kid Protective Providers aimed to visit once again on March 26 and 27, but didn’t make contact, the Washington State Department of Social and Health Providers said.

Also on March 26, among Sarah Hart’s buddies called 911 asking for a well-being check. The good friend stated she ‘d received a text from Sara, saying she was ill, and her phone was now dead and no one had seen her or her other half, the buddy told dispatch.

Jennifer and Sarah Hart were discovered along with children Markis, 19, Jeremiah, 14, and Abigail, 14.

Devonte, 15, Hannah, 16, and Sierra, 12, remain missing. A sixth body was found in the ocean last week, but it will require time to recognize it, cops say.

Jennifer Hart too inebriateded to legally drive

Just what took place to the Hart family once they left Forest is not clear, though police have been aiming to link a couple of dots.

Eventually on March 24, the day after the report to Kid Protective Providers, the household made it to Newport, Oregon, and then, later that evening, to Mendocino County, about 400 miles down the coast from Newport. On the morning of March 25, Jennifer Hart was tape-recorded on surveillance video at a Safeway in Fort Bragg, about 15 miles south of where the household was discovered dead the next day.

They stayed in the location till a minimum of 9 o’clock that night, however there’s no more info regarding the household’s location till their SUV was found upside down on the Pacific coast.

At some point between the family’s last sighting that night and March 26, when their SUV was discovered at the bottom of the cliff– likely several hours after landing there– it appears Jennifer Hart had a few drinks.

She was driving the SUV, and had a blood alcohol level of.10%, which is over California’s legal limitation to drive,.08%, cops said.

2 of the kids sedated

Sarah Hart and 2 of the three children found dead at the scene evaluated favorable for diphenhydramine, an active ingredient in Benadryl.

The existence of the compound has not been identified in the 3rd kid.

Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine that can cause sleepiness.

The toxicology report was launched Friday.

No skid marks

Mendocino County Constable Tom Allman has actually described the crash as a criminal activity.

The lorry appears to have left a highway for a dirt turnout, then accelerated on that turnout for about 70 feet till it went off the cliff, authorities stated, mentioning data from the vehicle’s software and air bag module.

No skid marks were seen in the area, officials said.

“I’m to the point where I not am calling this an accident,” Allman said.

There were no witnesses to help direct authorities. A passerby found the SUV, seeing the wreckage at the foot of the cliff.

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Vegas upstart Battle Born Games is set to debut with Do not Get Drunk


A part of the Do not Get Drunk video game board is shown in this screen capture from video.


Don’t Get Drunk is plainly affected by the new school of adult video games such as Cards Versus Mankind and Exploding Kittens– with a number of twists. “These are really enjoyable games, and everybody drinks when they play them, and they were all released on Kickstarter,” Williams states. “However there’s few video games where drinking belongs to the video game.”

And then there’s the social media element, which aims to increase the video game’s bonkers factor. If people are always on their phones, why not overlap it with their video game play? “It’ll be something they want to share anyhow,” Williams states. “And the dares are a little crazier when you have to share them with the world– well do you wish to do them or not?”

Williams got a peek of how audaciously individuals can play his game last Wednesday, when he launched the Kickstarter project for Do Not Get Drunk at Born and Raised in Henderson. He distributed 4 copies of the game for play and, according to his Kickstarter page, saw players “belly-dancing without their t-shirts on, handstand twerking and yelling that they ‘had the clap’ all in the middle of a bar– sorry not sorry.” He’s also exhibiting the video game at beer festivals to evaluate interest.

In less than a week, Do not Get Drunk has actually fulfilled a fifth of its $16,000 Kickstarter goal, the quantity required to make the video game. Williams is wanting to follow in the footsteps of the thousands of independent players that utilized the entrepreneurial platform to offer their developments directly to fans. It’s how he purchases games himself, and it’s how he aims to apply another one of his passions to his professional life.

“I really want to hit the goal because it shows an interest from the general public,” Williams states. “I understand it exists. I just left Atlantic City Beer [and Music] Festival and everyone there had an excellent action [to the video game] It has to do with getting it in front of the right people. I understand it’ll remove due to the fact that everyone says advantages about it. Who doesn’t want to work for themselves and be their own manager?”

Drunk man accidentally takes $1,600 Uber trip

(Meredith/KYW)– Kenneth Bachman did the responsible thing. He was at a party and knew he most likely shouldn’t drive home so he called an Uber. What he didn’t expect was the $1,600 costs he got.

Bachman was in Morgantown, West Virginia and needed to discover a way back to Gloucester County, New Jersey, which has to do with a five-hour drive.

[Click on this link to view the path on Google Maps]

He bought an Uber ride, which he stated he does not actually keep in mind doing, then dropped off to sleep in the cars and truck.

“I simply woke up in the Uber next to an old man simply telling me I was an hour out from Jersey,” Bachman told KYW. Once he made it home, he got the $ 1,600 costs.”I was $ 1,635 and some change,” he said. He likewise included that he mistakenly ordered the more pricey “Uber XL.”

Bachman paid his expense however stated he still needs to go back to West Virginia to obtain his bags.


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Drunk chauffeur runs traffic signal, triggers deadly crash in main Las Vegas

Crime tape marks a deadly crash in central Las Vegas where two people lost their lives on Sept. 23, 2017. (Roger Bryner/FOX5) Criminal activity tape marks a deadly crash in main Las Vegas where 2 individuals lost their lives on Sept. 23, 2017. (Roger Bryner/FOX5) Criminal activity tape marks a deadly crash in central Las Vegas where 2 individuals lost their lives on Sept. 23, 2017.( Roger Bryner/FOX5). Cops at the scene of a deadly over night crash on Spring Mountain Roadway on Sept. 23, 2017. (LVACS) Cops at the scene of a fatal over night crash on Spring Mountain Roadway on Sept. 23, 2017.( LVACS). LAS VEGAS( FOX5) -. Las Vegas cops are examining a fatal crash in the central part of town early Saturday early morning.

Officers reacted to reports of a lorry collision just after 3 a.m. at the crossway of Spring Mountain Roadway and Polaris Avenue.

A believed intoxicated motorist of a Dodge Charger cannot stop at a traffic signal at the crossway while traveling westbound on Spring Mountain, inning accordance with City’s preliminary investigation, and collided with a Ford Carnival trying to cross traffic.

The two residents of the Ford were noticable deceased at the scene, while the chauffeur of the Dodge was booked on presumed impairment. A portion of Spring Mountain Road and Polaris Avenue was closed for multiple hours for the deadly examination.

Authorities did not launch any additional instant details.

Stay with FOX5 for updates on this story.

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Male injured by suspected drunk motorist outside alcohol shop

A man was hospitalized with dangerous injuries after being struck by a believed drunk motorist in front of his workplace Sunday early morning, Las Vegas authorities stated.

Jon Monroe, 37, was hit by a 2005 Chevrolet C3500 while he was basing on the walkway in front of his task at the Liquor Outlet at 8645 S. Rainbow Blvd., near Wigwam Opportunity, about 10:20 a.m.

Authorities stated Darby Neagle, 43, was attempting to park and ran the Chevrolet onto the walkway and hit Monroe. He was pinned up versus the building, Metro Lt. Jeff Goodwin stated.

Neagle then backed into an unoccupied Dodge Durango in the parking lot and drove away on Rainbow, police stated. The guy was required to stop when authorities obstructed his course.

Police apprehended Neagle, who will certainly deal with charges of driving under the impact and leaving the scene of an accident leading to considerable physical damage, cops stated.

Monroe was taken to University Medical Center in crucial condition.

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