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Chipotle provides purchase one, get one offer for Earth Day

Chipotle Mexican Grill is offering free food with purchase on Earth Day (Chipotle).
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Chipotle Mexican Grill is providing complimentary food with purchase in the world Day( Chipotle). LAS VEGAS( FOX5) – Fast-casual Mexican restaurant Chipotle is providing a mouthwatering offer for Earth Day. Diners who display their multiple-use water bottles or tote bags to cashiers can score a free burrito, taco, salad or bowl with the purchase of one of the previously mentioned items on April 22 from 10:45 a.m. to 10 p.m. at any Las Vegas Chipotle area, a media release stated.

Chipotle recently revealed their dedication to divert half of its dining establishment waste from land fills by 2020; a 10 percent increase from the restaurant chain’s present diversion rate, a release said.

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Study: Distinct Diamond Impurities Indicate Water Deep in Earth'' s Mantle

A UNLV researcher has discovered the very first direct evidence that fluid water pockets may exist as far as 500 miles deep into the Earth’s mantle.

Groundbreaking research study by UNLV geoscientist Oliver Tschauner and associates discovered diamonds pushed up from the Earth’s interior had traces of distinct crystallized water called Ice-VII.

The study, “ Ice-VII inclusions in Diamonds: Evidence for liquid fluid in Earth’s deep Mantle,” was released Thursday in the journal Science.

In the jewelry company, diamonds with pollutants hold less value. However for Tschauner and other scientists, those pollutants, called inclusions have infinite worth, as they may hold the secret to comprehending the inner workings of our planet.

For his research study, Tschauner used diamonds found in China, the Republic of South Africa, and Botswana that surged up from inside Earth. “This reveals that this is a global phenomenon,” the teacher stated.

Scientists theorize the diamonds utilized in the research study were born in the mantle under temperatures reaching more than 1,000-degrees Fahrenheit.

The mantle – that makes up more than 80 percent of the Earth’s volume – is made of silicate minerals including iron, aluminum, and calcium among others.

And now we can add water to the list.

The discovery of Ice-VII in the diamonds is the first recognized natural incident of the aqueous fluid from the deep mantle. Ice-VII had been discovered in prior lab screening of products under extreme pressure. Tschauner likewise found that while under the boundaries of hardened diamonds discovered on the surface of the planet, Ice-VII is strong. However in the mantle, it is liquid.

“These discoveries are crucial in understanding that water-rich areas in the Earth’s interior can contribute in the international water budget and the movement of heat-generating radioactive elements,” Tschauner stated.

This discovery can help scientists create new, more precise models of exactly what’s going on inside the Earth, specifically how and where heat is produced under the Earth’s crust.

To puts it simply: “It’s another piece of the puzzle in understanding how our planet works,” Tschauner stated.

Naturally, as it frequently chooses discoveries, this one was found by accident, described Tschauner.

“We were searching for co2,” he said. “We’re still searching for it, actually,”

The study was co-authored by UNLV geoscience professor Shichun Huang, in addition to associates from the University of Chicago, the California Institute of Innovation, China University of Geosciences, the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.

It depends on us to protect Earth

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018|2 a.m.

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President Donald Trump’s very first year in workplace appeared to be devoted to undoing key legislation ensuring clean air and water, and his suggested spending plan aligns with his anti-environment agenda. It includes a 31 percent cut to the Epa, which is mainly responsible for securing human health and the environment.

Defunding the EPA has major implications, consisting of the loss of thousands of tasks and the undoing of environmental regulations, which eventually puts public health at fantastic danger. The proposed cuts would reduce the sustainability of our future.

It is our legislators’ tasks to represent the enthusiasms and issues of their constituents– individuals. It is our task to let the lawmakers know what we care about. We need to connect to our local authorities, such as Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., and let him know that the environment is our enthusiasm and concern.

Tom Petty, down-to-earth rock super star, passes away at 66


Chris Pizzello/ AP In this Oct. 2, 2007 file image, singer Tom Petty gets to the world premiere of the documentary “Runnin’ Down a Dream: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers” in Burbank, Calif. Petty has actually died at age 66. Spokesperson Carla Sacks states Petty died Monday night, Oct. 2, 2017, at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles after he suffered cardiac arrest.

Released Monday, Oct. 2, 2017|10:06 p.m.

Updated Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017|1:52 a.m.

Tom Petty, an old-fashioned rock super star and everyman who brought into play the Byrds, the Beatles and other bands he worshipped as a kid and produced brand-new classics such as “Free Fallin,’ “Refugee” and “American Woman,” has died. He was 66.

Petty died Monday night at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles a day after he suffered heart attack at his house in Malibu, California, spokeswoman Carla Sacks stated.

Petty and his longtime band the Heartbreakers had just recently completed a 40th anniversary trip, one he hinted would be their last.

“I’m believing it might be the last journey around the country,” Petty told Wanderer in 2015. “We’re all on the behind of our 60s. I have a granddaughter now I wish to view as much as I can. I don’t wish to spend my life on the roadway. This tour will take me away for four months. With a youngster, that’s a great deal of time.”

Typically backed by the Heartbreakers, Petty broke through in the 1970s and went on to sell more than 80 million records. The Gainesville, Florida, native with the shaggy blond hair and gaunt features was enjoyed for his melodic acid rock, nasally vocals and down-to-earth design. The Rock-and-roll Hall of Fame, which inducted Petty and the Heartbreakers in 2002, praised them as “resilient, resourceful, hard-working, likeable and unpretentious.”

“I’m stunned and saddened by the news of Tom’s passing, he’s such a substantial part of our musical history, there’ll never be another like him.” Eric Clapton composed in a statement.

Petty’s albums consisted of “Damn the Torpedoes,”” Hard Guarantees” and”Full Moon Fever,”although his first No. 1 did not come until 2014 and “Hypnotic Eye.” As a songwriter, he focused often on day-to-day struggles and the will to overcome them, many memorably on “Refugee,” “Even the Losers” and “I Won’t Pull back.”

“It’s sort of the classic style of a great deal of the work I’ve done,” he told The Associated Press in 1989. “I believe faith is very important simply to get through life. I think it’s really crucial that you think in yourself, firstly. It’s an extremely difficult to thing to come by. However when you get it, it’s vital.”

Petty didn’t simply sing about not pulling back, he lived it. In 1979, he was enraged when his record label was offered and his contract moved. Stating that he would not be “purchased and offered like a piece of meat,” he self-financed what became “Damn the Torpedoes” and declared bankruptcy instead of allowing his label, MCA, to launch it. He ultimately reached a new offer with MCA, for better terms. In the early 1980s, he was again at war with MCA, this time over the label’s plans to charge additional money, a dollar higher than the standard $8.98, for his album “Tough Promises.” He again prevailed.

Petty was both an artist and obsessive fan, one who met his youth heroes and lived out the dreams of countless young rock fans. He befriended Byrds leader Roger McGuinn and became close to George Harrison, who carried out on “I Won’t Back Down” and joined Petty, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne in the unscripted super group the Taking a trip Wilburys. Minor inducted Harrison into the Rock Hall in 2004; two years previously Dylan’s son Jakob inducted Petty. In the 1980s, Petty and the Heartbreakers supported Bob Dylan on an across the country trip.

He would speak of being taken in by rock music since youth, to the point where his daddy, whom Petty would later on state beat him savagely, thought he was “mental.” Awed by the chiming guitars of the Byrds, the melodic genius of the Beatles and the snarling lyrics of Dylan, he was surprised to discover that other kids were feeling the exact same way.

“You ‘d drop in some other kid whose hair was long, this was around ’65, and go, ‘Wow, there’s one like me,'” he informed The Associated Press in 1989. “You ‘d go over and talk and he ‘d say, ‘I have actually got a drum set.’ ‘You do? Excellent!’ That was my whole life.”

By his early 20s, Petty had actually formed the group Mudcrutch with fellow Gainesville locals and future Heartbreakers (guitar player) Mike Campbell and (keyboardist) Benmont Tench. They soon separated, however reunited in Los Angeles as the Heartbreakers, joined by bassist Ron Blair and drummer Stan Lynch. Their eponymous debut album came out in 1976 and they quickly built a large following, fitting quickly into the New Wave sounds of the time.

The world altered more than Petty did over the previous few years. In 2014, around the time he received an ASCAP Creators Award, he told The Associated Press that he considered himself as “type of a music historian.”

“I’m constantly interested in the older music, and I’m still always discovering things that I didn’t learn about,” he said. “To be honest, I truly probably spend more time listening to the old stuff than I do the new things.”

The timelessly skilled Earth, Wind & & Fire illuminate the Pearl


Earth, Wind & Fire at

Tuesday, July 18, 2017|2 a.m.

. They ran out their seats the majority of the time, well-warmed by some entirely timeless soul and funk, but the people at the Pearl on Friday night seemed like they could not believe what was happening, although everybody knew the song (“Reasons”) and the singer (66-year-old Philip Bailey). We all knew his unusual falsetto could and would strike a register most singers just dream of, particularly when he’s ending up this precious 1975 R&B ballad that impossibly never charted in its day.

But that’s the thing about Earth, Wind & & Fire. You understand exactly what’s going to take place, exactly what it’s going to seem like and feel like, however it can still capture you by surprise and maybe even make you feel like you have actually never ever heard anything like it before. That held true with Bailey’s otherworldly outro to “Reasons,” and actually, quite a bit of the band’s show at the Palms’ ideal concert hall on July 14.

Opening with “Shining Star” got the crowd involved immediately, as even those in the upper deck were all set to dance. EW&F never actually took a break, scorching through hits like “Getaway,” “Serpentine Fire” and “Sing a Song” in addition to fan-only favorites like “Kalimba Story” and “Keep Your Go to the Sky,” weaving the tunes together into a nonstop groove. The audience exploded when ballad “Commitment” was cued up.

The group lost founder, bandleader and producer Maurice White last February when the music legend died at the age of 74 after fighting Parkinson’s illness. The existing EW&F trip– likewise featuring Stylish and Nile Rodgers, although that group played a different show at the Pearl on Sunday– is anchored by original members Bailey, Ralph Johnson and White’s little brother Verdine, a continually cool figure on bass guitar. The trio’s ageless talent was enhanced by vocalists/percussionists B. David Whitworth and Philip Baily Jr., both of whom offered lots of energy, and obviously the beloved horns (Gary Predisposition on sax, Bobby Burns Jr. on trumpet and Reggie Young on trombone) were constantly there to sprinkle the room with sonic color. By the time the band completed its encore of “Fantasy” and “In the Stone,” the audience was possibly pleased, however absolutely still desired more.

'' Biggest Tattoo Program on Earth' ' leaves its imprint on Las Vegas

With lots of the world’s top tattoo artists and hundreds more up-and-comers slinging ink, the Biggest Tattoo Program on Earth made a resounding return to the Las Vegas Valley this weekend with a record number of artists and individuals.

“It does not matter if you started a year ago or if you started 30 years earlier,” stated Exposition founder Mario Barth. “Today is as much about showcasing your work as it is discovering.”

After a two-year absence, the yearly tattoo expo and education conference hit the Las Vegas Convention Center with about 825 tattoo artists and about 55,000 convention participants from worldwide. Thepublic exposition, which kicked off Friday and concluded Sunday, likewise featured two days of training and workshops, taught by the veteran tattoo artists for aspiring convention newcomers.

“We examine their work when they’re applying, so we understand their potential,” Barth said of the amateur artists. “If you just take the best, just how much better can you get? The newbies will most likely be much better One Decade from now than the best today, anyhow.”

For the first time in the exposition’s 14 year history, the tattoo market’s conservation and digital sides were also on display screen.

The occasion worked as the official launch for the National Association for the Conservation of Skin Art, an industry organization in the making given that 2014, said association chairman Charles Hamm.

Hamm, who manned a huge booth Saturday with physician Dr. Edward Cornett, proudly showed the Cleveland-based company’s signature innovation: framed cut-outs of tattooed human skin.

Eliminating and preserving tattoos allows families of lost enjoyed ones to “conserve their story,” Hamm said.

Hamm, 60, an accountant, said the concept pertained to him a couple years ago while discussing the value of his body art with pals.

“I’ve spent about 150 hours at $200 an hour getting tattooed,” Hamm said. “I’m going to pass away someday and could get creammated like it never ever occurred.”

“However these have definition, and I wish to keep them.”

The task, called “Conserve My Ink,” is coordinated with regional mortuaries and funeral houses, Hamm said. Households of NAPSA members who participate in the job receive a $2,000 “last wish benefit” for conserving one of the person’s tattoos.

“We truly want this to occur,” he said. “And certainly not everyone is passing away tomorrow.”

On the artistic side, more tattoo artists are moving away from sketch pads in favor of computer screens, stated expo spokesperson Lindsey Busch.

Digital tattoo sketching on platforms like the Japan-based Wacom tablet allows artists to imitate design and positioning of a tattoo on a client’s body, Busch stated.

“The artist takes a picture, develops the tattoo and shows you what it’s going to resemble on your skin,” Busch stated.

Exposition founder Mario Barth, 49, is on the growing list of popular tattoo artists utilizing Wacom. A 36-year veteran in the industry, the Austria native launched the annual convention in New Jersey in 2001 with just 150 tattoo artists.

By 2009, the convention was up to its peak of 750 artists and 52,000 individuals in it’s first year in the Las Vegas valley. After a slight decline over the next four years and a year off in 2013, Barth moved the convention from Strip casinos to the Las Vegas Convention Center with hopes of growing it to a record number.

“If you bring the best, individuals will certainly come,” Barth stated.

Robby Gill, 48, a shop owner from Kingman, Ariz., waited patiently outside a meeting hall Saturday for the possibility to meet Barth.

Gill, who said he likewise owns 3 shops in Florida and has actually participated in tattoo conventions in both Miami and New York, hailed the Las Vegas convention as “the very best in the market.”

“I simply wanted to thank him and show my regard,” Gill said. “Other shows try and tempt you in for an experience, but this is quality-based.”

“No knockoffs items here and the focus isn’t really on which models are revealing the most skin,” he added.

Other program participants, like Karina Flores, 25, participated in the program’s body art competitors. Saturday’s program awarded prizes to owners of the very best tattoos in six different classifications.

Flores, competing in the “best black-and-white tattoo” competition, displayed her Guardian shoulder tattoo, of a woman’s face with an owl on top, to a crowd of about 200 viewers.

Like most of Saturday’s spoke with convention-goers, Flores highlighted creativity and meaning in picking tattoo art.

“My tattoos reflect me and they feature a story,” she said. “And it helps when they look good.”

Contact Chris Kudialis at [email protected]!.?.! or 702-383-0283. Find him on Twitter: @kudialisrj

NASA mission finds '' cousin to Earth '.

(RNN)– NASA revealed Tuesday that its Kepler objective has found the very first near-Earth-size world with a sun very similar to our own.

The planet, named Kepler-452b, is the tiniest world found to this day that is orbiting in a habitable zone just like Earth. The planet is the appropriate distance from its sun to enable water to swimming pool on its surface area and might potentially sustain life.

“On the 20th anniversary year of the discovery that proved other suns host planets, the Kepler exoplanet explorer has actually found a planet and star which most closely look like the Earth and our sun,” said John Grunsfeld, associate administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. “This exciting result brings us one step better to discovering an Earth 2.0.”

It also, like Earth, has a great chance of being rocky.

The world is 5 percent further from its sun than Earth. It is bigger than Earth and has a 385-day orbit.

Kepler-452, likewise referred to as Kepler-452b’s father and mother star, is estimated to be 1.5 billion years older than our sun but thought to have the same temperature. It is slightly brighter and bigger.

“We can consider Kepler-452b as an older, bigger cousin to Earth, offering an opportunity to comprehend and reflect upon Earth’s developing environment,” said Jon Jenkins, Kepler information analysis lead at NASA’s Ames Research Center. “It’s amazing to think about that this world has actually spent 6 billion years in the habitable zone of its star; longer than Earth. That’s significant opportunity for life to occur, must all the required active ingredients and conditions for life exist on this planet.”

The verification brings the overall number of verified planets to 1,030.

In addition to Kepler 452b, NASA now has 4,696 planet prospects. Planet candidates need follow-ups to identify that they are a world.

Twelve of those brand-new candidate worlds have diameters just like Earth and orbit in a habitable zone. However, only nine of their orbit stars resemble our sun.

For more information and a significantly more technical description, click here.

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Star chef Rick Moonen: Healthy, safe, sufficient food and appreciating Planet Earth



Guest columnist star chef Rick Moonen, 2nd from left, and equivalents in Milan, Italy.

Thursday, July 16, 2015|8 p.m.

Visitor Writer Rick Moonen
Guest columnist star chef Rick Moonen in Milan, Italy.Launch slideshow “

Rick Moonen’s Super Eco-friendly Cuisine Supper
Star chef Rick Moonen's Super Green Cuisine Dinner at RM Seafood in Mandalay Bay.Introduce slideshow “

Editor’s Note: As Robin Leach ends his trip to Costa Esmeralda on Sardinia to spend a week outside Rome in Santa Marinella on the coastline before moving onto his traditional summertime vacation under the Tuscan sun in Italy, numerous of our Strip personalities have advance in his absence to pen their words of wisdom.

We continue today with Mandalay Bay star chef Rick Moonen, Dream Sports Incorporate creator Bo Brownstein and Wendy Albert, who keeps the cash registers calling at Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood as senior director of marketing. Here’s Rick:

Expo Milano 2015 is the Universal Exhibition that Milan, Italy, is hosting from Might 1 to Oct. 31. The style of this year’s World’s Fair is “Feeding the World, Energy for Life.” Understanding the requirement of keeping the human race fed, securely, is a big part of what I have devoted myself to over the course of my career.

In 2012, I was chosen by the State Department as one of the U.S. chefs to act as a cooking ambassador abroad, part of an enthusiastic brand-new task to use food as a diplomatic device.

Started by the U.S. Chief of Protocol Capricia Penavic Marshall and blessed by her boss, (then) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Diplomatic Culinary Collaboration was produced to “elevate the function of cooking engagement in America’s official and public diplomacy efforts,” as their objective statement states.

I was honored to represent Las Vegas as a U.S. region with sensitivity towards the health of our world. Expo 2015 is permitting a platform for an exchange of ideas and shared solutions on the style of food, promoting each nation’s imagination and promoting development for a sustainable future.

On one hand, there are the hungry (some 870 million were undernourished from 2010 to 2012) and, on the other, there are those who die from disorders linked to bad nutrition or too much food (roughly 2.8 million deaths from illness associated with weight problems or being overweight in the very same duration).

Additionally, about 1.3 billion lots of food is squandered every year. For these reasons, we need to make aware political choices, establish sustainable way of livings, and utilize the best technology to develop a balance between availability and consumption of resources.

With that in mind, and having lived and preached the message of sustainability for the last 20 years, I was thrilled and honored to be chosen as one of the chefs welcomed to take part as a culinary ambassador as part of the James Beard American Dining establishment for several days in June.

Milan has actually become an international display where more than 140 countries are revealing the best of their innovation that offers a concrete answer to an essential need: having the ability to ensure healthy, safe and enough food for everyone while respecting Planet Earth and its stability.

On June 8, World Oceans Day, I went to Milan to represent the American Southwest at Expo 2015. From the moment I landed, I was immersed in this event and rushed from the airport to speak on a panel discussion at the united state Structure. I followed that up by showing a sustainable seafood recipe on Milan Tv.

Over the next 2 nights, I hosted a multi-course, sustainable-seafood dinner at the James Beard American Dining establishment. Through clean, healthy and delicious food, the continuing discussion was exemplified in a celebratory way.

Alaskan Seafood, a sustainable and well-managed fishery, supplied a great part of my menu, and guests, who consisted of a diverse group consisting of U.S. Secret Service along with U.S. Commissioner General in Milan Ambassador Douglas Hickey, loved every bite.

The menu included regional oysters with caviar, brandade of merluzo on a truffle foam and shaved fennel, Alaskan king crab chowder, everything crusted tuna and gently cured sockeye salmon.

I also was invited to extend my trip to prepare the food throughout a private function with Secretary of State John Kerry, but a biking accident avoided that from occurring. Ideally we have the ability to get in touch with Secretary Kerry at another event, perhaps in Las Vegas.

This event was a remarkable experience and is helping clarify this global circumstance, however we still have a lot of work to do. Not just by realizing a sensible option, but also by accomplishing a thoughtful understanding of ways to better maintain our vulnerable ecosystem so we can continue to celebrate the benefit of high-quality food sourcing that’s considered given.

Only with a healthy world can we expect to achieve our goal of supplying the world with healthy and delicious food security as we grow from 7 billion to 9 billion over the next few years.

I consider myself fortunate. I get to help spread this message through creative locations and with advocates of the mission such as the James Beard Foundation by doing exactly what I like to do: prepare food. While we still have work to do, we continue to make excellent strides, and I really hope soon we won’t need to stress over responding to the question, “What’s for dinner?”

Have a look at our other visitor columns today from Dream Sports Incorporate creator Bob Brownstein and Wendy Albert, who keeps the sales register ringing at Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood as senior director of marketing. On Friday, our weekly Royal Robin Rundown is here in the Weekend Celebrity Preview, and, on Sunday, our guest columnists are the one and only Italian star chef Steve Martorano at Paris Las Vegas and the Rio and “For the Record: Baz” at Light in Mandalay Bay experience Ruby Lewis.

Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich & & Famous” popularity has actually been a reporter for more than 50 years and has actually spent the previous 15 years offering readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

Follow Robin Leach on Twitter at Twitter.com/ Robin_Leach.

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Mandalay Bay Resort & & Casino Mandalay Bay Resort & & Casino is an unique location resort set on 120 lavish acres on the Las Vegas Strip. The resort offers 3 distinct hotel experiences: Mandalay Bay, a AAA Four Diamond award-winning hotel, with 3,211 elegant spaces and suites reflecting a contemporary tropical atmosphere; 4 Seasons Hotel, a AAA 5 Diamond hotel-within-a-hotel, providing 424 rooms and suites; and the stand-alone all-suite THEhotel which will be revamped and rebranded Delano Las Vegas in late 2013. Mandalay Bay boasts an 11-acre tropical pool paradise, featuring genuine sand, a wave swimming pool and the only climate-controlled, poolside video gaming in the city. Other property highlights consist of world-class home entertainment at the 12,000-seat Mandalay Bay Events Center, acclaimed dining by celebrity chefs and restaurateurs, Shark Reef Fish tank and the 1.7-million-square-foot Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Mandalay Bay’s offerings also include BATHHOUSE Medspa, Residence of Blues Auditorium and restaurant, and The Shoppes at Mandalay Location, a collection of unique shops and dining establishments. In 2013, Mandalay Bay will certainly become the home of a resident Cirque du Soleil production based on the music and choreography of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89119

Rick Moonen’s RM Seafood (Note: Las Vegas Weekly reporter Robin Leach reports Rick Moonen’s high-concept cuisine dining location on the second floor of his RM Seafood dining establishment has actually ended its run at Mandalay Bay. The downstairs RM Seafood will remain open throughout the change of the upstairs space, which will be geared towards home cooking at lower costs. The new upstairs location will certainly be called Rx Boiler Room and it’s anticipated to be open at some point in July 2013.) RM is short for Rick Moonen, a transplanted New Yorker who has quickly become the master of all creatures from the sea, promoting sustainable seafood. Try barramundi from Australia or herb-crusted Dover sole done on a Dungeness crab brandade. The restaurant provides 2 dining alternatives. Downstairs is a full casual dining menu including sushi and a pristine raw bar. Upstairs showcases a more intimate dining experience featuring a multi-course Chef’s Tasting Menu that is taking fine dining in a new instructions. RM Seafood was noted in the book “Consuming Las Vegas 2013: The 50 Essential Restaurants.”.
3950 S. Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89119.