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Baby dies after being left in hot cars and truck; daddy says he forgot infant existed

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Submit Image File Image NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP)– An infant in South Carolina has died after being left for hours in a hot vehicle.

North Charleston authorities spokesperson Spencer Pryor told reports the baby’s daddy forgot to drop the child off at a day care center and headed straight to work on Tuesday. The baby was left inside the automobile on a day where the National Weather condition Service says temperature levels reached 85 degrees.

Pryor states the man’s partner called him that evening when the kid wasn’t at the day care center. He found the infant non-responsive in the backseat. He drove to the medical facility where the infant was noticable dead.

Police are considering whether charges will be filed.

The household’s name hasn’t been launched.

The coroner’s office will determine the cause of death.

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Man who conserved toddler locked in vehicle: '' I ' m so pleased I existed '.


Surprise police have jailed a mom for apparently leaving her youngster locked in a hot automobile while she was going shopping.

Mikayla Lynn Peer, 20, has actually been booked into Maricopa County 4th Opportunity Jail on charges of child overlook and endangerment.

Soon after 4 p.m. on Saturday, July 4, Surprise authorities reacted to a report of a child left ignored inside a locked vehicle.

Tony Smith was walking through the parking lot of the WalMart in the area of 13700 W. Bell Roadway when he spotted the kid and called cops.

Surprise police arrived on scene within minutes of receiving the call and saw the 2-year-old child inside the locked automobile. Police say the youngster was sweating a lot.

Officers broke one of the automobile’s windows and removed the kid, who was treated by paramedics from the Surprise Fire-Medical Department.

Approximately 5 minutes after the child had been saved, readings of the temperature level inside the automobile were taken and indicated an average temperature of 108 degrees.

Surprise police later on found out that the youngster had actually been inside the vehicle for a minimum of 8 minutes before cops showed up on scene.

The little girl was transported to a local healthcare facility for additional evaluation, however did not appear to have actually sustained any deadly injuries.

Officers were not right away able to find the child’s mom, who was later discovered to be inside the shop shopping, according to police.

Private investigators later identified that a duration of a minimum of 20 minutes had passed from the time the youngster was left inside the locked vehicle until the youngster’s mom returned to the car park.

“I’m so grateful I was there when I was,” Smith stated Sunday afternoon. “When I left, that’s all I might consider yesterday. … And then today, it was all I could consider. … I still visualize her face, all sweaty and everything. …”

Mom of 2-year-old kid left in vehicle arrested Surprise, AZ (July 4, 2015) Shortly after 4 p.m., Surprise … http://t.co/AU4xicMgFD

— Surprise Police Dept (@Surprise_PD) July 5, 2015

The positive result of this event can mainly be credited to the actions of the concerned community member who saw the kid and instantly called authorities. The Surprise Police Department encourages all members of the general public to expect children left unattended within a vehicle and to report these occurrences to police.