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Stolen guns are not victims’ fault

Wednesday, June 20, 2018|2 a.m.

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In the June 11 letter “Want a gun? Be responsible for it,” the writer relatively blames weapon owners for being victims of criminal activities– assuming he means robbery in which their residential or commercial property, specifically guns, are stolen.

But robberies are not the victims’ fault.

Weapons get stolen, however so do cars.

About 230,000 weapons are stolen every year. On the other hand, around 800,000 vehicles are stolen every year, numerous consequently utilized in criminal activities such as burglary.

Can I hold the cars and truck owner liable for losses if his vehicle is stolen and thieves then burglarize my house and take my home, including guns? It is the exact same principal.

No one wants their property taken, least of all weapons from legal weapon owners. They are expensive. But not all weapons should be locked away. If you have only seconds to arm and protect yourself, a safe can be suicide. Also, the National Rifle Association promotes weapon safes, so there’s no point in disparaging it.

Woman implicated of stabbing sweetheart to death: '' I did it. It’s all my fault''.

Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017|10 p.m.

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A male was fatally stabbed as he tried to stop his sweetheart, who had actually threatened suicide, from cutting herself during an argument and struggle outside an east valley house earlier this month, according to a City Police detain report.

Emmanuel Amar hurried back inside and shouted out to the property owner of your home who had actually leased the couple a space, “She stabbed me twice,” cops said.

He was describing Melissa Barnes, 30, who without being questioned, uttered to an officer, “I did it. It’s all my fault.”

Officers and medics responded about 3:45 a.m. Nov. 21 to the 3600 block of Diamond Head Drive, near Pecos and Treasure trove roadways, and found Amar with stab wounds to his chest and back, authorities stated.

About 45 minutes before the 911 call, the homeowner separated a battle where Barnes was on top of Amar, punching him in the chest, cops stated. A long time passed and Amar went to the front backyard, the homeowner stated, to obtain some air.

Barnes followed, and a few minutes later, the front door slammed, and Amar sobbed for assistance, cops stated. Another witness informed private investigators that Barnes had actually said “I’m going to kill myself” during the argument that preceded the stabbing.

She told cops that she was upset and fed up with “making everyone sad around her,” so she got a knife from the kitchen area, authorities said.

Barnes, according to the report, said she didn’t know what took place after Amar grabbed her as she ‘d tried cutting herself throughout the argument, cops stated. Officers observed shallow cuts to her wrist and neck.

She also claimed to have intoxicated heavily sometime before the incident, and besides the vodka and strawberry beers, she ‘d taken 35 pills, authorities said. A 2nd property owner told investigators that Barnes had actually just recently been consuming heavily, something the couple had arguments about.

“And when she consumes, she gets violent,” the woman stated of Barnes.

Amar, who inquired during the ambulance trip if the knife had permeated a lung, died at University Medical Center about 2 hours after the stabbing, authorities said.

Barnes, who also was hospitalized and was meaningful when she spoke to officers, was reserved at the Clark County Detention Center on one count of murder, authorities stated. She’s next arranged in court on Dec. 12.