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8 dead, dozens injured as fierce storm strikes western Romania


Cornel Putan/ AP FILE Emergency situation employees stand beside a fallen tree in Timisoara, Romania, Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017, following a lethal storm that affects the west part of the country. Authorities state 6 people have passed away and at least 30 were hurt during a storm in western Romania that produced winds of approximately 100 kilometers (60 miles) an hour.

Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017|12:56 p.m.

BUCHAREST, Romania– A violent storm in Romania that produced winds of as much as 100 kilometers (60 miles) an hour left a minimum of eight individuals dead and dozens more injured Sunday, authorities stated.

Among the earliest reported deaths was a male who passed away in the city of Timisoara after he was struck by a signboard, while a woman was eliminated by a falling tree, Elena Megherea, a General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations spokesperson in Timis County, said.

Two more individuals, one of whom was hit by a tree, passed away in the western town of Buzias. After the storm moved north, a 50-year-old male died in the northwest city of Bistrita after he was struck by a branch during a walk in the park, emergency circumstance officials stated.

The country’s Inspectorate for Emergency Situations more than doubled the number of individuals hurt to 67 on Sunday night. It stated the storm tore roofs off schools, health centers and homes, rooted out trees and harmed automobiles.

Elena Tarla, an Emergency situation Situations spokesperson for Caras-Severin County, says the storm removed trees and downed power lines. She states numerous homes lacked electrical energy.

Mihai Grecu, head of the emergency department at Timis County Healthcare facility, informed national news agency Agerpres that 30 individuals were getting treatment for injuries from flying objects.

Authorities warned citizens to remain at house or take shelter, to eliminate appliances from sockets, and to keep away from power transmission towers.

Sunday’s storm followed days of high temperatures.

Fierce gunbattle kills 43 in west Mexico cartel territory


AP Photo/Oscar Pantoja Segundo

Federal authorities stand near the bodies of guys who authorities say were believed cartel gunmen at the Rancho del Sol, near Ecuanduero, in western Mexico, Friday, May 22, 2015. A minimum of 43 people passed away Friday in what authorities called a fierce, three-hour gunbattle between federal forces and presumed drug gang gunmen at the cattle ranch.

Friday, May 22, 2015|10 p.m.

ECUANDUREO, Mexico– The most recent in a series of clashes in between Mexican authorities and a powerful, fast-growing drug cartel developed into the deadliest fight in recent memory, with 42 thought gang gunmen and one Federal Police officer eliminated during a three-hour firefight at a remote western cattle ranch.

The battle on Friday followed two other current unprecedented attacks by the cartel, one that eliminated 15 state authorities officers and another that shot down a military helicopter with a rocket launcher for the very first time in Mexico’s history. The death toll from all 3 is at least 76 individuals at a time when the Mexican government declares crime is falling significantly and the indoor minister recently firmly insisted the country “is not in flames.”

Black smoke rippling up from cars set on fire during Friday’s fighting in the town of Tanhauto on the border between Jalisco and Michoacan states might be seen for miles.

Pictures from the scene revealed bodies, some with semi-automatic rifles and others without weapons, depending on fields, beside farm equipment and on a blood-stained outdoor patio strewn with clothes, mattresses and sleeping bags. Video obtained by The Associated Press revealed federal law enforcement agents coming under fire and bodies scattered throughout the cattle ranch.

The suspects were members of “a criminal company whose primary operating zone is Jalisco state,” National Security Commissioner Monte Alejandro Rubido said. He did not specifically the Jalisco New Generation cartel, but the drug gang dominates the area where the fight emerged and has grown rapidly in recent times to become one of Mexico’s biggest arranged criminal offense groups.

The gunbattle started when soldiers, federal police and investigators were checking out a report that armed guys had actually suddenly appeared on a ranch, Rubido stated. Federal forces on the way to the cattle ranch met a truck full of armed guys who opened fire, and when the government force chased the gunmen onto the cattle ranch, they came under heavy fire from others, the security chief said.

“The remainder of the presumed crooks on the home began to assault with intensity,” Rubido said.

A federal law enforcement agent passed away attempting to help a coworker wounded in the shootout.

The federal force called for air and ground support, which included a Federal Cops helicopter. The size of the ranch, 112 hectares (277 acres), complexed the fight, which lasted intermittently for three hours in 3 different locations, Rubido stated.

The lop-sided casualty count resembled a questionable case last June 30 in Mexico state, where the military stated 22 alleged bad guys died in a shootout with troops, while just one soldier was hurt. An examination by The Associated Press disclosed that many of suspects had actually been eliminated after they gave up.

Rubido highlighted that both state and national human rights groups were dispatched immediately to investigate Friday’s bloodshed at the cattle ranch, which homeowners of the area stated is called Rancho del Sol.

An authorities authorities in the close-by town of Ecuandureo said he didn’t know who possessed the cattle ranch, which aerial images reveal includes a big residence and a tennis court. The official did not wish to offer his name for security reasons. Two other location individuals, who also didn’t want to offer their names from issue for their security, said the cattle ranch had actually operated for at least 15 years growing alfalfa and other turfs for cattle feed.

Rubido stated the examination continued however that up until now authorities had actually detained three people and seized 36 semi-automatic weapons, 2 smaller arms, a grenade launcher that had been fired and a.50-caliber rifle. He stated 8 automobiles likewise were confiscated, six of them set ablaze by a fire inside a warehouse that created the black plume of smoke.

The border of Michoacan and Jalisco states is a location controlled by Jalisco New Generation and it has been the scene of numerous incidents of cartel violence in recent years. In the nearby town of La Barca, authorities in 2013 discovered more than five dozen bodies in mass graves connected to the Jalisco cartel. In 2014, gunmen eliminated the mayor of Tanhuato.

Jalisco New Generation has actually installed a number of massive attacks on federal and state forces in recent weeks.

In April, gunmen thought linked to the cartel assailed a police convoy in Jalisco, killing 15 state officers and injuring 5. Previously this month, New Generation gunmen shot down a military helicopter with a rocket launcher in Jalisco in a confrontation that eliminated 18.

In simply a couple of years, New Generation has actually grown from a small faction of the powerful Sinaloa cartel to one of Mexico’s strongest criminal groups in its own right, according to the U.S. Treasury Department, whose Office of Foreign Assets Control preserves a “black list” of drug trafficking organizations.

New Generation’s fast increase reflects a quickly altering organized-crime landscape in Mexico as the government targets top leaders of recognized cartels. More than other criminal group, New Generation has actually taken advantage of the government approach, enhancing and getting area as its competitors are deteriorated.

Associated Press writer E. Eduardo Castillo reported this story in Ecuandureo and Katherine Corcoran reported from Mexico City. AP writers Maria Verza, Christopher Sherman and Mark Stevenson in Mexico City contributed to this report.