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Texas lady passes away from flesh-eating germs after eating raw oysters

(Pxhere) (Pxhere). (Meredith)– A Texas woman spent 21 days in the health center fighting for her life after she ate raw oysters and contracted a fatal infection.

Jeannette LeBlanc went crabbing with her loved ones on the Louisiana coast in September, according to < a href="

http://www.myarklamiss.com/news/local-news/texas-resident-contracts-flesh-eating-bacteria-from-oysters-in-louisiana/902232489″ target =” _ blank “> KLFY.

She got some raw oysters at a nearby market and fell ill shortly after eating them.

Within 36 hours, LeBlanc developed a rash and could hardly breathe. Doctors identified her with vibriosis.” It’s a flesh-eating bacteria … She had serious injuries on her legs from that bacteria, “her partner, Vicki Bergquist, told KLFY. According to the CDC, vibriosis can happen after somebody consumes raw or undercooked seafood, particularly oysters. The Vibrio bacteria can likewise trigger a skin infection when an open injury is exposed to salt water.

LeBlanc never ever recovered from the infection and passed away on Oct. 15.

” She was bigger than life,” Bergquist stated. “She was a terrific individual, chuckled a lot, enjoyed her household, enjoyed her dad.”

Bergquist told the news station she now wants to raise awareness in her partner’s honor.

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