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2 pilots report seeing UFO while flying over Arizona

(CNN/Meredith)– 2 commercial pilots flying over the Arizona desert claim they saw an unidentified flying object pass overhead, according to a radio broadcast launched by the Federal Aviation Administration.

A Learjet pilot and an American Airlines pilot saw the item on February 24 and radioed the regional air traffic controller in Albuquerque.

“Was any person, uh, above us that passed us like 30 seconds ago?” the Learjet pilot stated in the brief exchange.

“Negative,” the air traffic controller replied.

“Okay,” the pilot stated. “Something did.”

“A UFO!” somebody rapidly responded.

“Yeah,” the pilot responded again with a chuckle.A second sighting

Minutes later on, the FAA controller informed an American Airlines that was flying in the area, according to the recording launched by the FAA.

“American 1095, uh, let me understand if, uh, you anything pass over you here in the next, uh, 15 miles,” an air traffic controller stated.

“Let you understand if anything passes over?” the pilot reacted.

“American 1095, affirmative,” the controller said. “We had an airplane in front of you that reported something pass over him and, uh, we didn’t have any targets. So simply, uh, let me know if you see anything pass over you.”

“Alright,” the pilot said.

Shortly, the pilot radioed traffic control likewise reporting the mystical item.

“It’s American 1095. Yeah, something just passed over us,” the pilot said. “I have no idea what it was, but a minimum of two-three thousand feet above us. Yeah, it passed right over the top of us.”

American Airlines referred all questions to the FAA.

It’s uncertain whether the item found by the pilots was a UFO. A FAA spokesperson recommended the object wasn’t always something out of this world.

“We have a close working relationship with a number of other agencies and securely manage military airplane and civilian airplane of all enters that area every day, including high-altitude weather balloons,” the FAA spokesperson said.

The controller was unable to confirm that other airplane remained in the area at the time, the FAA said.Was it a weather balloon?

A pilot said he did not think the object could be a weather condition balloon.

When the air controller asked more about the things, the American Airlines pilot stated he wasn’t sure “whether it was a balloon or whatnot.”

He only explained it as having “a huge reflection,” and “taking a trip numerous thousand feet above us, going the opposite instructions.”

The weird encounter occurred not far from Roswell, New Mexico– a town that ended up being associated with extraterrestrial activity in 1947 after reports that a flying object crash-landed in a field.

Authorities said it was a weather condition balloon however that hasn’t stopped lots of Americans from coming up with their own out-of-this-world theories.

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Nellis Flying force Base cancels air program

Aircrafts are shown at Nellis Air Force Base in an undated image. (File)
 Aircrafts are revealed at Nellis Flying force Base in an undated image. (File) Airplanes are revealed at Nellis Flying force Base in an undated image.( File). LAS VEGAS( FOX5 )-. Nellis Air Force Base

stated it will not host the 2018 Air and Area Expo however will plan for it the list below year. Although the air force base did not expose particular details for the cancellation, it did offer the following statement.

” This year will be an incredibly hectic year for the guys and ladies of Nellis and Creech Flying Force Bases as we handle new and more intricate missions and systems while concurrently increasing the Flying force’s lethality and leading our preparedness healing,” U.S. Airforce Warfare Center Leader, Maj. Gen. Peter Gersten said.

The 2017 air program was off the routine schedule as an unique occasion to mark the Flying force’s 70th birthday which drew almost 160,000 spectators.

Nellis Flying force Base stated the schedule update will allow the chance to move the show to the weekend after Veteran’s Day so it doesn’t conflict with other city events held on Nov. 11.

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Trump provides his report card, passes with flying colors


Manuel Balce Ceneta/ AP President Donald Trump, in a tweet early Thanksgiving morning, Nov. 23, 2017, from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, is informing Americans that, “your Nation is beginning to do really well.” Jobs are “coming back, greatest Stock exchange EVER, Military getting actually strong, we will construct the WALL, V.A. taking care of our Vets, great Supreme Court Justice, RECORD CUT IN REGS, least expensive unemployment in 17 years …!”

Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017|5:45 a.m.

PALM BEACH, Fla.– President Donald Trump has a Thanksgiving Day message for the nation: Take a look at all I have actually done.

Trump is telling followers in an early-morning vacation tweet that, “your Nation is starting to do really well.”

He states: Jobs are “returning, greatest Stock Market EVER, Military getting really strong, we will build the WALL, V.A. looking after our Veterinarians, excellent Supreme Court Justice, RECORD CUT IN REGS, least expensive unemployment in 17 years …!”

Trump is celebrating the vacation from his personal club Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

He’s scheduled to thank members of the military by means of video conference later on Thursday early morning.

Interview: Kendra flying high as '' Sex Tips ' show gets great news

Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017|2 a.m.

. If your first time acting in a play live on stage led to that play getting an extension from a three-month go to an eight-month run, you ‘d be quite hyped up about it. And so is Kendra Wilkinson. The previous Playboy design and star of popular reality series “The Girls Next Door” and the current “Kendra on Top” co-stars with Jai Rodriguez (“Queer Eye for the Straight Person”) in “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Male” at Paris Las Vegas, a wild and funny production that made its Vegas debut in Might.

“It’s the first big change in my career and I’m loving every minute of it,” states Wilkinson. “This is my very first rodeo, my very first time on phase carrying out in front of a live audience, and there couldn’t be a better scenario than kicking it off in Las Vegas. It’s an amazing sensation.”

I consulted with Wilkinson about her new enthusiasm for acting, the future of the program, her family’s reaction and more as she gets ready to keep “Sex Tips” in peak kind through Jan. 2.

Is it possible that the show could be extended once again deeper into the new year? That would definitely need to be discussed. I have two kids and an other half and a life out in LA, and mother can just be chosen so long! But the very first three months of the program just wasn’t enough. It feels like we just began making a big splash and I don’t believe anyone was ready for it to end. And now there are some modifications pertaining to the program and we actually want to see the development and make those modifications occur and really get the feel of exactly what it implies to do this play in Las Vegas.

Is it tough to spend this much time in Vegas far from your household? It takes 2 incredibly dedicated moms and dads to really interact in order to do something like this, although the 45-minute flight makes it easier. We’re a team. However Vegas is my kids’ 2nd home. They come out on their breaks and they’re very thrilled for me and this huge change in my life. They’re rooting me on like everyone else.

When did you reach the point where you felt really comfy on stage? I believe I got that first program under my belt and the rest was gravy. We rehearsed for a lot of hours and that opening night was the one I needed. Now it’s fun and I’m not nervous. My goal for the first show was to be best, to not ruin one line, and I did it. Now I’m in fact becoming my character. I’m fine with making mistakes and the Vegas audience is really liking it when that happens.

It took a while for the audience to understand that this was a play and not some sort of Kendra show. Everyone states this format doesn’t work here. It’s a play but it moves. There are only three characters, it’s got a fantastic little story, and it’s more of a conservative play than people think. There were individuals who thought it was a Q&A with Kendra, however that’s One Hundred Percent incorrect. I play a character named Robyn who’s very shy and doesn’t quite know what she’s gotten herself into, but she opens up at the end.

Is this function opening new doors for you in the acting world? I am all set to take on the acting world. I didn’t understand if I might do it or not, due to the fact that I’ve just done little things in TELEVISION or films playing myself. I am so delighted playing someone else. I have actually spent 13 years playing Kendra on TELEVISION and I’m just having the very best time doing this, and being challenged is the enjoyable of it.

You just completed another season of “Kendra on Top.” Are you going to take a break from reality TELEVISION eventually? It’s so fascinating how much I have actually found out these last few months on stage. I’m beginning to realize your inner-most feelings and feelings, all your pain and all the important things you think are the funniest, everything you have actually ever experienced goes into your work as a star. So I’m having fun opening myself up and finding brand-new ways to play the character, and learning that the responses are inside of me. At the end of the day, it’s an escape. However I can’t put [truth TV] on hold since that’s my life. My show is not scripted, and it’s following my journey now into this acting world. My TELEVISION programs have actually followed me all around the nation for many years, having children and marrying and they belong of me, they’re my home movies. They’re just connected to me. It resembles composing a narrative however on a TELEVISION platform.

“Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Guy” performs Thursday-Tuesday at 7 p.m. (with extra 11 p.m. shows on Saturdays) in the Anthony Cools Showroom at Paris Las Vegas. Discover more details at caesars.com.

Report: U.S. Flying force Thunderbird crashes at air show

Scene of a Thunderbird crash at the Dayton Air Show. (Courtesy: WHIO)< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/06/14217653_G.jpg" alt= "Scene of a Thunderbird crash at the Dayton Air Program. (Courtesy: WHIO)"

title=" Scene of a Thunderbird crash at

the Dayton Air Program. (Courtesy: WHIO)” border=” 0″ width=” 180″/ > Scene of a Thunderbird crash at the Dayton Air Program.

( Courtesy: WHIO). VANDALIA, OH( FOX5 )- . A United States Air Force Thunderbird supposedly crashed at the Dayton Air Program in Ohio on Friday. According to FOX45 in Dayton, a representative for

the Thunderbirds confirmed the military F-16 jet was associated with an incident. Dispatchers stated the plane went off the runway, according to reports, and flipped on its top.

A City of Dayton spokesperson informed FOX45 that 2 individuals were inside the plane when the incident took place.

Dispatchers also reported that the pilot was liberated from the plane.

The conditions of both occupants were updated Friday evening, with a pilot and tactical airplane manager transferred to Miami Valley Healthcare facility in good condition.

The pilot and traveler are receiving care and presently in excellent condition.

— Thunderbirds (@AFThunderbirds) June 23, 2017 The Thunderbirds are based at Nellis Air Force Base and launched a statement on their social media account. Stay with FOX5 for updates on this occurrence when more

details is released. More details will be released following an aircraft and safety

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Upside-down balloon seen flying over Las Vegas

A picture sent to FOX5 shows the oddly shaped balloon that appears to be upside down. (MrsGolfOdds/Twitter)A photo sent to FOX5 shows the unusually shaped balloon that seems upside down. (MrsGolfOdds/Twitter).

A specifically developed hot-air balloon flying over Las Vegas on Friday morning kept shutterbugs busy.

Numerous hot-air balloons rose over the southwest Las Vegas Valley about 7:30 a.m., and among them seemed flying upside down. The perilous sight had individuals snapping pictures and sending them to FOX5. Many callers to the FOX5 Newsroom were also worried.

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However, the balloon, which is zipped the German-based Festo Corporation, is specially developed to just appear it is flying the wrong way.

Doug Campbell, of Las Vegas Balloons, stated he has actually likewise gotten several calls from people concerned about the sight.

According to Campbell, the distinctly developed balloon has a cabin tucked below the inflated part, which makes it hard for the pilot to see, so a twin balloon, which is flying the correct way, is utilized to assist the topsy-turvy balloon safely into the sky.

Campbell said he believes the balloons are visited a celebration in Albuquerque, NM.

Festo has been flying the pair of balloons for about 15 years, Campbell said.

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Owners of property near Location 51 prepared to make counteroffer to Flying force

The Sheahan family wants to make a counteroffer for their Groom Mine property and asserts near the classified Area 51 installation before the Flying force’s $5.2 million final offer expires at 3 p.m. Thursday.

Groom Mine co-owners Joe and Ben Sheahan sent out an e-mail Thursday to a Flying force real estate official stating they “agree to take a seat and negotiate” a counteroffer for sale of their 400 acres of home and mining claims, within sight of the remote Air Force location.

The center and airstrip called Location 51 are where innovative spy aircrafts and stealth jets have actually been tested for 6 years on limited federal government land along the remote Groom Dry Lake bed, 90 miles north of Las Vegas.

“The flying force had actually suggested in the media they have not received a counter offer,” checks out the email to David Walterscheid at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, where the Flying force is managing this property matter.

“If what the media is stating is right we the Groom Mine owners are willing to take a seat and work out,” the Sheahans’ e-mail states, describing Nellis Air Force Base’s responses to concerns reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Walterscheid didn’t return call to the newspaper Wednesday regarding the Groom Mine building. His name appears in the Aug. 11 “finest and last offer” letter to the Sheahans that set a deadline Thursday to continue with condemning the home and taking it through distinguished domain if the household rejected the $5.2 million offer.

Joe Sheahan stated Thursday the household interpreted that letter to be “a demand. It didn’t leave us much room for a counteroffer.”

He has stated the household feels the negotiations have been disingenuous considering that they found out recently that Air Force authorities had actually gotten permission to condemn their property before a conference to go over a possible sale of it in 2014.

“The entire thing has been deceptive,” he stated.

Nellis officials had no immediate response to an email demand for talk about Sheahan’s desire to work out a counteroffer.

The Flying force competes the household’s activities over the past a number of years have actually impeded its effort to utilize the variety for air travel tests.

This is a developing story. Examine back for updates.

Contact Keith Rogers at [email protected]!.?.! or 702-383-0308. Discover him on Twitter: @KeithRogers2.

Nazi flag flying over northwest Las Vegas home removed

A Nazi flag is flown at a home on Amethyst Avenue in Las Vegas on July 9, 2015, between the American flag and the United Nations flag. (Erik Ho/FOX5)A Nazi flag is flown at a home on Amethyst Opportunity in Las Vegas on July 9, 2015, between the American flag and the United Nations flag. (Erik Ho/FOX5).

A Nazi flag that was seen flying over a northwest Las Vegas rooms Thursday night had vanished by Friday early morning.

The flag, which includes a Swastika on the center of a red background, was being flown in a mobile rooms park on Amethyst Avenue, near the crossway of Craig Road and Rancho Drive. It was flying on a single pole, with the American flag above it and the flag of the United Nations listed below it.

The flag, which was created by Adolf Hitler, was used by the Nazi Celebration during World War II and served as the nationwide flag of Germany from 1933 to 1945.

Next-door neighbors told FOX5 they noticed the flag shortly after the debate about the Confederate flag started.

Angel Davis, who works across the street from the house, stated she could not think it.

“It’s insane [that] you even see that flag rise and be flown so high, without any regard to anybody around you,” Davis said. “It’s offensive and bold. Extremely bold.”

On Friday early morning, a FOX5 crew found that the flag was not flying.

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BLM: Stop flying your drone by wildfires


John Valenzuela/The Sun via AP

A wildfire burns south of Barton Flats in the San Bernardino, Calif., Mountains on Thursday, June 18, 2015. The wildfire required the evacuation of almost 200 campers, most of them children, from camping sites in the San Bernardino National Forest.

Friday, June 26, 2015|4:50 p.m.

“Be smart. Be safe. Stay away.”

And do not fly your drone near a wildfire.

That’s the core message of a 30-second civil service announcement posted by the Nevada Bureau of Land Management on YouTube yesterday.

Apart from being prohibited, flying a drone near a wildfire can likewise be a serious risk for firemens if the unmanned airplane gets caught in a helicopter rotor or hit an air-tanker. Lots of emergency situation airplane run at low levels during wildfires.

“No drone flight or photo or video deserves a life,” warns the video, which was produced by the National Interagency Fire Center on behalf of airborne firefighters.

In current days, the National Interagency Fire Center reported three near-misses with drones as authorities worked to contain two California fires near San Bernardino, stated Jessica Gardetto, a spokesperson for the organization. When a drone is reported, she stated, officials need to suspend all air traffic in the area. Three firefighting aircraft were diverted from the Lake Fire in the San Bernardino Mountains when a drone was spotted flying in the response location, the Los Angeles Times reported. The failed objective cost between $10,000 and $15,000.

“It really prevents fire operations when people are flying them close by,” Geradetto said. “Fire can grow quite a bit in an hour.”

Many wildfires prompt short-term air travel limitations, making the flight of unmanned airplane prohibited in designated airspace around them.