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Visitor column: The best ways to prepare to end up being a franchisee

While there many methods to become a business owner, entrepreneurs can delight in special chances by acquiring a franchise.

Running regional franchises of a bigger business has numerous advantages, consisting of bring in clients with brand acknowledgment, taking advantage of the business’s marketing efforts, and utilizing the company’s proven, structured operating procedures. Depending on the business, running a franchise also can include getting in-depth training that can be beneficial for any sort of business enterprise.

Becoming a franchise owner, however, frequently is not an easy task, and there are lots of elements to think about when pursuing this course.

■ Pick a brand that interests you. Running a company can be life-consuming, so it is important you enjoy your company so you don’t end up being miserable or burned out.

■ Examine the threat of various franchises. Some smaller business might be less expensive to invest in, however they may not provide as lots of advantages as a larger corporation with national or global resources. Elements that can affect danger include your liability for the franchise home, how renowneded the business’s brand is in your area and just how much training and additional support the brand will provide when you become an owner.

■ Identify programs to quicken the process. Some business provide programs that can accelerate the process of ending up being a franchise owner, specifically if you already have a connection to the business. For example, McDonald’s offers training programs for team members to work their method up to owner-operator positions. It also provides a Next Generation program for the children or partners of McDonald’s franchise owners to end up being owner-operators.

■ Research the application procedure and financial requirements. Some companies have highly competitive application procedures for individuals outside of the business, which can consist of rigorous monetary requirements. McDonald’s application requirements usually consist of showing liquid assets of at least $750,000.

■ Full corporate training. It is hard to run a franchise without a comprehensive understanding of the brand’s operations. A lot of companies require future franchise owners to undergo training.

At McDonald’s, training consists of working for totally free at a restaurant and serving in every position to extensively comprehend every element of the company. I worked 39 hours a week for 15 months.

■ Join a relevant association. The McDonald’s Greater Las Vegas Operator Association includes 25 franchisees who possess almost 80 percent of McDonald’s 100-plus Southern Nevada restaurants.

Kellie Vander Veur is an owner-operator of a McDonald’s franchise.