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Back at it: Teachers air discontent over possible pay freezes

Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015|7:15 p.m.

Educators once again packed a Clark County School Board conference Thursday in demonstration of an ongoing conflict over pay freezes.

It’s the 2nd time in 2 months that instructors, with union aid, have actually made impassioned pleas to board members of the Clark County School District to assist fix the problem.

Following the example of their very first protest in mid-July, teachers collected with signs in the rain outside the district’s Flaming Road office before submitting into the conference to voice their displeasure in a public remark duration.

“We are asking CCSD and this board to do the right thing,” stated Autumn Tampa, a district support staffer. “Offer us the raises we have earned, that we are worthy of and that we have actually been assured over and over.”

The school district and the Clark County Education Association have been tied up in settlements given that the district announced in June that set up worker pay raises would be sacrificed to fill a $67 million spending plan hole.

John Vellardita, the union’s executive director, stated earlier today that arrangements were still continuous but that they hope to reach a conclusion before school starts Aug 24.

District officials have stated little aside from that settlements are continuous, however teachers really hope the protests will certainly stimulate School Board members to step in and demand the district reverse course.

“Educators keep leaving and they will continue to leave because your actions don’t match your words,” stated CCEA President Vikki Courtney. “As the board of trustees, you need to use your authority to repair it.”

The union, which is likewise currently trying to negotiate a brand-new salary schedule, has had no difficulty marshaling instructors to the cause.

The school district is in the middle of among the worst instructor shortages in the nation, trucking in hundreds of long-lasting replacements to fill vacant class positions left by veteran educators who are either retiring or resigning to look for work in other places.

“Sadly, numerous staff members do not even last 5 years prior to they transfer to another city or another state,” stated Tom Wellman, a retired teacher who spent 37 years in Clark County. “There is a competitive market for instructors. You wish to deal with the lack in this district, then address these problems.”

“We are constantly asked to do more with less … Class sizes remain to rupture at the seams,” said Clark County teacher Karlana Kulseth. “This district knows what all this leads to: a huge increase of instructors leaving our district.”

With the danger of losing guaranteed raise, spirits is low, and some have revealed worry that instructors will leave the district for more financially rewarding tasks in the county’s charter and independent schools.

All this against the backdrop of this year’s historical legislative session, where numerous countless state dollars were set aside for education programs.

On Wednesday, more than a thousand new teachers loaded into the South Point for a district positioning occasion. Inspirational speakers and district officials there talked passionately about the role of teachers in the lives of kids, but that message has rubbed lots of district employees the incorrect method.

“We seem like we do not matter,” said second-year teacher Andy Lott. “Unfreezing our incomes will begin to repair the divide.”