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Guy accused of shooting in Strip garage prepared to leave to Mexico

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Metro Police Jonathan Ozuna A three-time convicted felon accused of shooting 2 security guards last week in a Las Vegas Strip parking garage following a retail store robbery told a tipster he “had no plans to return to jail” and was trying to get away to Mexico, according to a City Cops arrest report.

Jonathan Ozuna, 34, was detained last Friday for the shooting at the Miracle Mile Shops that sent the guards to the medical facility with survivable injuries. Ozuna was determined through monitoring images and the anonymous tipster.

Jaime Gonzalez-Ortiz, 25, who was detained last week, had shoplifted with Ozuna at the Sunglass Hut to trigger the foot chase and shooting, authorities stated.

First responders were dispatched about 7:45 p.m. last Thursday to the third flooring of the parking lot, 3663 Las Vegas Blvd. S., where first responders discovered 2 guards with survivable gunshot injuries, one to the hand and the other to the side of his neck, cops said.

The guards were closing in on Ozuna when he fired 2 to four rounds, authorities said.

Gonzalez-Ortiz, who was apparently not with Ozuna when gunfire erupted, got away to his pickup after he thought they ‘d been caught taking, police stated. He got Ozuna near the shooting scene, owned him to his apartment, and the next day hired a lawyer to turn himself in after he understood Ozuna had shot someone.

Not long after the shooting, detectives began getting call recognizing Ozuna as a suspect, authorities stated.

Ozuna was tracked down and jailed when he and a male he was offering glasses and clothing to were visiting a bank to get money, cops stated.

During a search of the buyer’s automobile, investigators found a gun matching the one utilized during the shooting, authorities said. In his home, they found stolen products with security devices still attached to them.

Detectives discovered Ozuna was linked to shoplifting incidents in valley companies, which merchandise was later on sold at discounted rates through social media, cops stated.

Officers recuperated taken items from 3 Miracle Mile Shops stores Ozuna dropped while he was being gone after by the guards, cops said.

Gonzalez-Ortiz was scheduled on robbery-related charges and later on bailed out, while Ozuna stays imprisoned without the possibility of bail on counts of attempted murder, battery with a lethal weapon, possession of a weapon by a restricted person and robbery, records show.

2 questioned in shooting at downtown Las Vegas parking garage

Friday, May 26, 2017|9:01 a.m.

Authorities in Las Vegas are questioning two people after a security guard reported that an individual fired a gunshot at him in a parking lot at the downtown Fremont Street gambling establishment pedestrian shopping center.

Officer Michael Rodriguez says no one was injured and cops took two guns after the shooting, which was reported a little after 5 a.m. Friday at the Neonopolis parking lot.

The underground garage has about 570 parking areas. City authorities posted a notification saying that it would remain closed while authorities investigate.

Pet saved from morning garage fire in Spring Valley

Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015|10:19 a.m.

. A pet dog was saved from a garage fire early Saturday in Spring Valley, the Clark County Fire Department said.

Fire crews responded about 3:51 a.m. to a house at 7448 Palermo Ave., near West Tropicana Avenue and Tenaya Method.

The blaze began in the garage of the single-story home and spread into the attic, the department said.

Five adults, one juvenile and a feline left the home safely. No injuries were reported; nevertheless, crews saved a pet.

The reason for the fire is under examination. Fire investigators will certainly figure out a damage price quote.

Male dies after being shot in southwest Las Vegas house garage

A guy was shot to death Thursday night in a southwest valley garage, Las Vegas cops stated

Officers were phoned call to the 7800 block of Limestone Arch Opportunity, near Buffalo Drive and Blue Diamond Road, where evident gunshots heard in the area were reported about 10:30 p.m.

. When officers showed up, another person hired and said their partner had actually been shot, City Lt. Tom Melton stated. Authorities then found a guy with gunshot injuries in a house’s garage.

The man was required to University Medical Center where he passed away.

The Clark County coroner’s office will launch his identity.

Melton stated any info on the shooter was unidentified, but police think this was not a random act of violence.

This is an establishing story. Check back for updates.

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‘Treasure hunter’ discovers Dali print at Henderson garage sale

Dave Shaw held the thick white paper to his bed room’s sliding-glass door. As the sunshine streamed through it, the word “ARCHES” lit up on the outdoors margin, like a hidden idea in a Dan Brown novel.

“Resembles that’s it,” the Henderson local stated.

The sign, called a watermark, verified exactly what Shaw had actually expected for more than a week: The Salvador Dali print he acquired for $5 at a late May yard sale in his community, near the intersection of Sundown Roadway and Eco-friendly Valley Parkway, was authentic.

A 49-year-old British expatriate who purchases and offers antiques for a living, Shaw stated he noticed the print immediately, sitting in the driveway in the sun.

“I knew but I had not been sure, you know what I suggest?” he said. “You’re looking for treasure, you can be wrong 10 times, and on the 10th time …

“I called my friend, and he said, ‘Ah, do not get excited. There’s so many phonies of Dali. No one will buy it.’ “

But his pal likewise put him in touch with Emily Sharbani Hamilton, an art dealer in Olympia, Wash. When Hamilton searched for the piece, entitled “Reflection,” in the main brochure of the Spanish surrealist, she found there were no recognized forgeries of it.

That was great news, although unlike an original painting, the marketplace for prints is not as financially rewarding. Beginning in the late 1800s, artists started making use of print such as lithography to develop an original masterpiece, then reproduce it by the hundreds or more, signing the copies in pencil. The practice allowed artists to bring in money and gain exposure.

Before Dali passed away, said Joan Kropf, director of the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Fla., he frequently worked in prints.

“Dali didn’t want to be bad,” Kropf said. “Every print represents a piece of art. He would do a watercolor or something to represent that print, then there would be a lithographic approach to print it. So it would be offered for the typical individual to buy.”

Known for “The Determination of Memory,” his most popular painting, showcasing melting clocks, Dali was one of the most prominent surrealists in history. Flamboyant and highly creative, the Spanish artist grew a wiry mustache that became his trademark. He also worked in sculpture, photography, literature and film. He passed away in 1989 at age 84.

“Reflection” is the 3rd work in a three-piece set, called the “Cycles of Life” suite. It depicts that familiar Dali image– a melting clock– on a wrist whose hand indicate a landscape in the top right corner. Two sketches of heads, one young, one old, inhabit the top left and bottom right corners, respectively.

Frank Hunter, commonly considereded as the foremost authenticator of Dali works, said that Dali probably repainted the clock onto the arm, which was puttinged by someone else, and that the sketches were what made the piece distinct. He hypothesized in a telephone interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal that they might represent the passage of time.

He advised there are numerous clues that would verify whether Shaw’s print was real. One was the “ARCHES” watermark, which means a kind of uncommon paper produced in France for printers. Shaw’s print matched each of the tests.

In 2012, one copy of “Reflection” that appeared in a Goodwill shop in Washington state eventually cost more than $10,000 after a crush of promotion, though the print’s market price is approximated to be far less. Hamilton appraised the value of the print at $9,500, with its market value at under $1,000.

“To find it at a garage sale is quite darn cool,” Hamilton stated. “However like I said, it’s not that this is an incredibly uncommon piece.”

For Shaw, who lives off of his incomes from the sale of antiques and, occasionally, used vehicles, the find is an adventure. The Henderson house he leases with his girlfriend and child is decorated with their finds. A $600 Pottery Barn table set acquired for $40 lines the kitchen wall, a 100-year-old teddy bear sits framed in glass in his bedroom. He owns a first edition hardbound book of “Willy Wonka,” with what appears to be author Roald Dahl’s autograph inside.

“One of his quotes is something like, ‘If you do not care about magic, you’ll never find it,'” Shaw mused, looking at the book. “That is among me prizes, right there.”

But the Dali print is for sale once again. Shaw has put it up for auction on Ebay for $1,000 under his screen name, “octreasurehunters.”

The first thing that popped into his mind at the thought it will sell? The price might cover this month’s room and board.

Shaw described the experience of finding treasure out of perceived junk as “gratifying.”

“It’s not like I haven’t been praying for it,” he stated. “I need a miracle each month simply to pay the lease. If you do not ask for it, it doesn’t come.

“I wish I could keep it also. Part of me is sad. Money simply goes, however this is a piece of history.”

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1 resident displaced after garage fire in southwest valley

Friday, May 29, 2015|10:07 p.m.

. One person was displaced after a fire in the garage of a southwest valley domestic building Friday afternoon, according to the Clark County Fire Department.

Crews responded about 12:40 p.m. to the two-story, multifamily building in the 6200 block of Arby Avenue, near Jones Boulevard and Warm Springs Road, the fire department said.

Firefighters who showed up on scene saw smoke and flames in the garage of the structure, and individuals in adjacent units were left, the department said.

No injuries were reported.

Crews had the ability to extinguish the fire, and one grownup was being helped by the American Red Cross of Southern Nevada after being displaced, fire officials stated.

A damage estimate and the cause of the fire were not right away readily available.