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Golden Knights hallmark effort gets a win, but OT still needed


L.E. Baskow Marc-Andre Fleury of the Golden Knights looks for a few new hats during media accessibility for brand-new players in the main group shop, The Armory, at the T-Mobile Arena on Thursday, June 22, 2017.

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The war continues, however the Vegas Golden Knights won the most essential fight in their hallmark battle with the federal government.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last Friday reversed its initial denial of the team’s application to trademark the Vegas Golden Knights name for use in game action. An ultimate last approval clears the team’s name for use in the majority of daily functions.

“We’re excited about that,” Golden Knights President Kerry Bubolz stated Wednesday. “That was a very favorable ruling.”

The judgment can be deemed favorable because it avoids the type of promotion crisis that accompanies a professional sports franchise naming itself and not securing the rights to that name. While owner Costs Foley never faced serious risk of having to change his favored name, affirmation from the feds lessens the chance of legal battles down the road, inning accordance with trademark lawyer Patrick Jennings of Pillsbury Law’s Washington, D.C., office.

“I would state that’s the more vital of the 2 in the short-term,” Jennings stated. “Possibly long-term that’s a different story.”

The long-lasting question stays because the USPTO promoted its rejection of a 2nd application offering the group the right to the Golden Knights name and likeness for clothing and related usages. The feds issued a suspension of the procedure that could linger due to the fact that the rejection is based upon other suspended applications going back to at least 2000.

“They’re not going anywhere anytime quickly,” said Jennings, who owns extensive experience working on sports applications. “My guess is unless the league or the group does something about the earlier submitted applications, those things are going to be suspended for who understands for how long.”

The formerly suspended applications do not appear near a resolution, Jennings stated, giving the Golden Knights no clear path forward with the government.

“They’ve got an entire bunch of problems,” stated Jennings, a former USPTO examiner. “Here, you’ve got three or 4 steps. It’s sort of the worst worst-case circumstance if you’re itching to resolve these things in a brief amount of time.”

Do not anticipate Golden Knights Tee shirts to be pulled from shop racks though. The group does not require an approved trademark application to own some rights to its mark.

“You can enforce an unregistered mark, but it’s always a lot harder when a mark is not registered,” Jennings said. “That’s particularly the case when you’re aiming to take something down online.”

Jennings thinks the first authorized application of the Golden Knights mark may give the group enough legal cover to defend itself against any potential violation in the apparel area.

“As soon as those are released and permitted and registered, they might implement utilizing those more than likely,” Jennings stated.

The Golden Knights plan to review alternatives for resolving the suspended application, but nothing in that circumstance will alter their method as the head toward their October debut in the NHL. Bubolz kept in mind that league attorneys prepared the team’s June action to the initial denial and they continue to lead the procedure.

“There’s a couple of different parts,” Bubolz said. “We’re pleased with the development that’s taken place to this day. That procedure is going to continue.”

The Golden Knights play their very first preseason video game in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Sept. 17.

Social intelligence: How the Golden Knights are winning Twitter and Facebook


Glenn Pinkerton/Las Vegas News Bureau

Vegas Golden Knights players, from left, Jason Fort, Deryk Engelland, Brayden McNabb and Marc-Andre Fleury at the Thanks for visiting Fabulous Las Vegas sign. Thursday, June 22, 2017.

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Dan Marrazza learned through lots of trials that the golden hour begins at 4 p.m. Monday.

Outside Las Vegas, the magical time could occur on any weeknight after the family completes dinner and retreats to their cellular phones, or even on a Saturday early morning while moms and dads zone out as the kids dip into the park.

Marrazza, the 30-year-old New Jersey native behind the saucy social media existence of the Vegas Golden Knights, found over the past 8 months that what works somewhere else might not fit the continuously Las Vegas way of life. As he prepares the next amusing video or expert interview for the team’s Facebook audience of more than 112,000 pals, Marrazza understands from research the most ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ will coming in if he publishes right before giving up time on Monday.

While analytics drive his posting times, little else about Marrazza follows a script. Colorful concepts and one-liners circulation from him at an East Coast rate as he discusses his job, each pulling at the next like tissues from a box.

“Being here enables a lot creativity even if there’s no template to follow,” Marrazza said. “Not just exists no design template for a growth group in the digital era– there’s no design template for a team in Las Vegas at all on the major league level.”

Despite not having actually played an NHL video game, the Golden Knights attract attention from fans throughout the league for Marrazza’s nimble Twitter reactions to more than 155,000 fans.

The value of the tweets extends beyond goodwill as the team develops its nascent brand name, and starts leveraging its social channels to drive profits through sponsorships and ticket sales also.

“It’s difficult to directly link that income, however I understand that it works,” Golden Knights President Kerry Bubolz said.

Team executives seldom commit resources without comprehending the best ways to target their return on a spreadsheet, however social media lives in between the columns in its relative infancy. In a 2016 study sponsored by the American Marketing Association and Deloitte, 80 percent of chief marketing officers (CMO) stated they are unable to quantify the value of their social networks efforts. A different research study revealed 87 percent of Fortune 500 CMOs can not prove that social networks creates new consumers, per the Harvard Service Review.

Yet from 13 years with assisting assist the Cleveland Cavaliers from doormat to destiny, Bubolz comprehended the power to produce emotional connection with fans by means of social networks– specifically with the star wattage of LeBron James– and brought that focus to Las Vegas. Golden Knights executives provided owner Expense Foley with an aggressive and pricey strategy to develop a social networks existence in 2015. Foley purchased in, allowing the group to acquire top-shelf video and computer system equipment, along with authorizing the hires of Marrazza, video producer Tyler Pico and hockey reporter Gary Lawless.

“He made financial investments to do that at a very high level,” Bubolz said of Foley. “Not every organization views it that method.”

Bubolz directed his personnel to produce an “genuine and enjoyable” voice through its social channels, but not to feel constrained by how other NHL groups run their accounts. Eric Tosi concerned Las Vegas to develop that voice after running the communications shop of the Boston Bruins for the past Ten Years.

Tosi, the Golden Knights vice president of communications and content, supervises social networks, including Marrazza and Alyssa Girardi, a group representative who manages Instagram and Snapchat. Tosi recalls joining Facebook around 2006– “on the outside searching in when that really begun to remove”– however embraced Twitter early on as a 13-year sports PR pro.

Marrazza and Tosi sit beside each other in the tight confines of the Golden Knights’ short-lived cube farm in an office park across from TPC Summerlin. While they arrange particular material weeks in advance, much of what they publish sprouts from bouncing off each other the news of the day or the most recent meme enjoying a couple of seconds of web magnificence. Some concepts fail a basic test of getting a laugh or causing a cringe, however most wind up online.

“With the way social is, you never ever understand and that’s what makes it fun,” Tosi said. “Exactly what’s achieved success for us is to be able to adjust and be able to delve into the conversation in an enjoyable method. It’s not the wild West here and we have the ability to do whatever we desire. There is a strategy and method in place, but we aren’t married to it a lot that we cannot change and adapt.”

Fans can banter on Twitter about the Bruins video game on their phone while they track the Blackhawks game on their TELEVISION. Material ends up being both ubiquitous and amorphous at the same time, requiring sports franchises to focus on their finest exclusive asset: behind-the-scenes access to gamers and coaches in genuine time throughout the year.

“(It’s about) offering a personality to the franchise and showcasing the professional athletes in a various light,” said Matt Jacobs, a California PR firm president who has actually dealt with hockey equipment maker Easton and ESPN. “Use the social media platforms to produce chances for players to get in touch with the fans beyond what they see during the video game. Be truthful and open about efficiency, along with the total preparation that it requires to carry out at such a high level.”

The special difficulty for the Golden Knights staff originated from the team only being assembled in June and training school not beginning until September, indicating lots of gamers have not yet gotten here in Las Vegas or fulfilled the social networks crew.

“Once the season goes and you’re doing this for video games and not simply summer, if you do not have the trust of your players and the gamers aren’t comfortable with you, you don’t have the capability to get the terrific access to get them to do these fun things,” Marrazza said.

Those enjoyable pieces, like re-creating a scene from “The Hangover” with gamers in town after being picked in the expansion draft, get the most attention by means of Facebook, where the group posts once or twice every day.

Tosi views Facebook as the home of the best Golden Knights material, as its 2 billion monthly users outpace other platform. He approaches Twitter as both a news circulation and fan engagement outlet, with team aiming for seven to eight posts per day. Marrazza calls Snapchat “reality TV” for the group and both see Instagram as a place for images you can not discover in other places.

The Golden Knights strive to supply that gain access to while extending their brand name and Marrazza stands at the intersection of the two. He reacts to numerous tweets and roughly 50 private Facebook messages every day. Marrazza’s runs on a viewpoint that growing Golden Knights fans requires that every tweet ought to get a reply or a like unless it is indecent.

“It’s nearly like a modern-day autograph or a selfie because the team acknowledges me,” Marrazza stated.

He also attempts to avoid Twitter battles, eliminating trolls with generosity while sidestepping potential brawls with other teams.

“It’s such a great line,” Marrazza said. “It’s not about building ourselves up at the expenditure of someone else. If we see another group do something doubtful, we’re not simply going to throw a 98-mile-per-hour fastball at their head when we could, due to the fact that we’re the brand-new team. We have not even played a video game yet. We haven’t established ourselves on the ice.”

The team’s Twitter feed will offer content 365 days a year, while Facebook will offer something nearly every day. Despite the fact that the brand-new franchise ranks last in the league in Twitter fans, fans tweet at the team daily about the strength of their Twitter game– an outstanding show of their reach in the hockey neighborhood and beyond it.

“The best compliment that I received was from my 15-year-old daughter,” Bubolz said. “‘Hey daddy, your Twitter guy is impressive.’ From a 15-year-old voice who is not as linked to hockey yet, that just informs me that we’re making real progress.”

Genuine progress for the team president likely originates from stories like one Marrazza communicated from a few weeks back, when a sales staffer concerned his desk and used a fist bump. He had actually just left the phone with a customer who stated he saw a Golden Knights tweet and called 5 minutes later on to buy tickets.

Social intelligence: how the Golden Knights are winning Twitter and Facebook


Glenn Pinkerton/Las Vegas News Bureau

Vegas Golden Knights gamers (delegated right) Jason Garrison, Deryk Engelland, Brayden McNabb and Marc-Andre Fleury at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas indication. Thursday, June 22, 2017.

In Fleury’s shadow, goaltender Pickard could be Golden Knights’ future


Marcio Jose Sanchez/ AP FILE Colorado Avalanche goalie Calvin Pickard (31) during an NHL hockey video game against the San Jose Sharks Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016, in San Jose, Calif.

Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Calvin Pickard hasn’t got the very same promotion as counterpart Marc-Andre Fleury because being selected from the Colorado Avalanche in June’s expansion draft.

It’s easy to understand.

While Fleury was helping the Pittsburgh Penguins to their second-straight Stanley Cup, Pickard was training in the house in Winnipeg, fresh off the second-worst season in Avalanche history.

It was a horrible season as Colorado quit a league-high 276 goals. However it definitely wasn’t all (or even mostly) Pickard’s fault, and it could have been a blessing for the Golden Knights.

The 25-year-old enabled a career-high 2.98 objectives per game however did so behind one of the worst defenses in recent league history. When starting experienced goaltender Semyon Varlamov went down for the year with a hip injury, Pickard was propelled into the beginning function for the very first time in his profession.

“You can just get better by playing,” Pickard said. “There were definitely some ups and downs in Colorado, and I saw a variety of circumstances. I found out the best ways to prepare every day, particularly when you are playing 3 video games a week. You need to have a short-term memory as a goalie. You can’t dwell on anything that took place the other day. You have to move on and get ready for the next challenge.”

For Pickard the next challenge came June 21 when he was the very first player revealed for the Vegas Golden Knights growth group.

“At the time, it was quite stunning news. However after a couple days passed, my enjoyment was through the roofing system,” Pickard said. “It’s a brand-new team and both the arena and the practice rink are gorgeous. Based on social networks, I can see the fans are already excited about the team.”

Pickard has rapidly welcomed Las Vegas, even providing the fans an opportunity to develop his mask for the upcoming season. Las Vegas homeowners can send entries to vegasgoldenknights.com through Friday.

“I’m not too particular and I have actually always left the mask in the hands of the artist,” Pickard said. “I believed it would be cool to get the fans engaged. Undoubtedly, it’s going to be team-oriented and get the city involved too. I anticipate seeing exactly what we get.”

Despite his underwhelming stats from a year back, Pickard is still considered one of the very best young goaltenders in the league. He proved why this offseason when he claimed the beginning task and helped lead Team Canada to a silver medal on the planet Championships in Europe.

“I’m a realist and in some of those losses (in Colorado) I knew I played well, and vice versa,” Pickard stated. “To obtain that opportunity to have fun with Group Canada and be surrounded by that winning mentality and kind of skill was fantastic. The champion went right down to the wire with a shootout, so it was valuable experience for me.”

Pickard had an outstanding objectives versus average of just 1.49 in his 7 video games in the tournament, going 5-2. There, he unknowingly satisfied his future Vegas head coach in Gerard Gallant, who was serving as an assistant coach for Canada.

“He’s a remarkable person and everybody enjoyed him,” Pickard said. “He supervised of the power play over there and he did a hell of a task, however what I noticed most was he was actually simple to talk with.”

Team Canada scored 15 objectives on 38 power plays for a remarkable 39 percent during the competition.

However after beginning 48 video games in 2015 for the Avalanche (14 more than Fleury began for the Penguins), Pickard will be back to backup duty for the Golden Knights.

“I was left to discover I ‘d be playing with Fleury,” Pickard stated. “I’ve heard absolutely nothing however advantages about him as an individual and a player. Plus, in today’s NHL, you have to have 2 good goalies healthy to be a winning team.”

Pickard will play plenty this season. Fleury is 32 and will likely be taking lots of nights off. In the meantime, Pickard plans on learning everything he can from the three-time Stanley Cup champion.

“I’m going to be a sponge with him,” Pickard stated. “He’s had a terrific profession so far, and I believe he has a great deal of gas left in the tank. I wish to continue to improve and show everyone that I can play.”

The last young goalie that Fleury mentored was Pittsburgh’s Matt Murray. The 23-year-old now has two Stanley Cup titles in two seasons in the NHL and is great enough for the Penguins to permit Fleury to come to Las Vegas.

If Pickard can reproduce anything close to that, the Golden Knights will be in terrific hands a couple years down the roadway when they prepare to push for the playoffs.

“(Fleury) has played in big video games and has three Stanley Cups,” Pickard stated. “It’s going to be good to select his brain on how he gets ready for huge video games. He’s had a great deal of big-game experience, and I haven’t been surrounded by a great deal of people like that goalie-tandemwise.”

Fleury is clearly the guy in web this year for the Golden Knights, however past that, the future is cloudy. His $5.7 million a year agreement expires after the 2018-19 season. Pickard has one year left on his contract and will be a restricted complimentary agent the following season– making him a best prospect to receive a long-term offer and end up being Vegas’ franchise goalie.

That is, if he proves he deserves it this year.

“It’s extremely exciting,” Pickard said. “There’s going to be a lot of buzz for this very first season and we will be competitive right off the bat. The team is likewise prepared for the future too, with all the draft choices. I would like to develop myself as we develop the group.”

Golden Knights work with new chief marketing officer


L.E. Baskow The Golden Knights display a huge inflatable as they show off their new uniforms to the fans collected at the Welcome To Las Vegas indication on Tuesday, June 16, 2017.

Released Wednesday, July 26, 2017|10:25 a.m.

Upgraded 3 hours, 17 minutes ago

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To fill their vacant chief marketing officer position, the Golden Knights generated somebody with valuable experience in an entertainment-rich market.

The group this morning revealed it has actually hired Brian Killingsworth as vice president and chief marketing officer.

Killingsworth formerly worked with the St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL, and the Tampa Bay Rays of the MLB, and will change Nehme Abouzeid, who left the group earlier this month.

Killingsworth’s 15 years of experience building brand names for professional sports groups in Florida must be a solid foundation for assisting introduce the Golden Knights in Las Vegas.

“There are a lot of equivalent things in those markets,” Killingsworth said. “Tampa is a transplant town, much like Las Vegas, so no one is from there. There are a wealth of entertainment options in Tampa and here, so you need to produce worth by providing something no one else can. In this case, it’s the experience of the adrenaline-filled sport of hockey.”

The University of South Florida graduate began with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2002 as the senior director of marketing and promos. In five of his first six seasons with the Rays, the team ended up last in the American League East Department.

“I have actually had the chance to go through some excellent experiences,” Killingsworth stated. “There were some lean years with the teams I was with, particularly the Devil Rays when they started. You have to learn how to market the experience and things you can control.”

As an expansion group, the Golden Knights might struggle in the early years.

“You cannot control exactly what takes place on the ice, but you can make it a first-rate home entertainment experience for everyone in participation, and that’s what I’ll be concentrated on,” Killingsworth stated.

After a decade with the Rays, Killingsworth worked for the St. Louis Rams from 2012 to 2015 then returned to Tampa Bay to deal with the Buccaneers.

Several prospects were spoken with for the position in Las Vegas.

“We are thrilled to invite Brian to the Vegas Golden Knights family,” said team President Kerry Bubolz. “Brian has an excellent marketing background highlighted by successful tenures in both the National Football League and Big league Baseball. His imagination, strategic thinking and total vision will help drive our organisation forward and take our marketing efforts to new heights.”

Killingsworth stated he’s viewed the birth of the Golden Knights from afar and has actually been impressed with the season ticket sales and the team’s logo design and uniform style.

“It’s an excellent company with authentic individuals, particularly (Chairman and CEO) Bill Foley and Kerry Bubolz,” Killingsworth said. “For me as an online marketer, this is a dream circumstance– to produce a franchise’s tradition from scratch. Throughout my profession in NFL and MLB, I’ve concentrated on growing the sport through households and kids, which will be a lot of exactly what we do here.”

D.C.’s ‘golden couple’ losing their shimmer

Saturday, July 15, 2017|2 a.m.

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Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have actually tried their finest to skyrocket gracefully above the raging dumpster fire that is the Trump administration. Unhappily for the good-looking couple, gravity makes no allowances for beauty.

Kushner, currently reported to be a “individual of interest” in the Justice Department probe of the Trump project, is probably the individual with the most to lose from the discovery that the campaign did, after all, a minimum of effort to collude with the Russian government to boost Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election.

The president’s hapless oldest boy, Donald Trump Jr.– who convened the June 2016 conference with a Russian legal representative for the function of acquiring dirt on Hillary Clinton– had no functional function in the campaign. Paul Manafort, who also participated in, was the campaign’s chairman; but his lots of shady organisation negotiations with numerous Ukrainian and Russian characters were already under scrutiny, so the encounter with attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya could be seen as simply another item on the list.

Kushner was at the meeting too, however, and he had oversight of the campaign’s digital operations.

That might be an issue, offered the United States intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia hindered the election which the meddling happened mostly in cyberspace.

And unlike the other individuals, Kushner has a main position in the Trump administration. He serves in the White House as a senior consultant to the president with duty for numerous prominent efforts– and with a top-secret security clearance, which should instantly be withdrawed.

Trump Jr. states that Kushner didn’t remain long at the session with Veselnitskaya and that no damaging details about Clinton was imparted.

But since he kept the meeting secret for more than a year, scoffing indignantly at the very notion of collusion with the Russians, then twice lied about the nature of the conference prior to lastly coming clean, nobody ought to believe another word Trump Jr. states on the topic. At least, not up until unique counsel Robert Mueller puts him under oath, which I think is likely to take place.

At one point in his altering story, Trump Jr. claimed that Kushner and Manafort didn’t even understand exactly what the meeting had to do with. Yet he copied both of them on an e-mail chain that starts with an intermediary’s deal of campaign help from the “Russian government.”

The appropriate thing to do would have been to call the FBI, but this crowd understands absolutely nothing of propriety.

The Veselnitskaya encounter was among more than 100 conferences or telephone call with foreigners that in some way slipped Kushner’s mind when he got his security clearance. He revealed this one in one of his subsequent efforts to modify the kind.

It is difficult to picture exactly what connection Kushner may have needed to the Russian hacking of Democratic National Committee computer systems and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails. But there was another component of the clandestine effort to help Trump get elected: Investigators believe that as Election Day approached, Russian trolls and “bots” flooded the social media accounts of essential citizens in swing states with “fake news” disinformation about Clinton, according to a report Wednesday by McClatchy papers.

How would the Russians know which citizens to target, down to the precinct level, in states such as Wisconsin and Michigan? This is a concern that undoubtedly will be positioned to Kushner, since at the time he took place to be overseeing an advanced digital campaign operation that tracked citizens at a granular level.

Ivanka Trump’s name has actually not appeared in the Russia affair. But she, like her husband, is acting as a governmental advisor, and she received unwanted attention when she quickly took her father’s place at the head table throughout the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

We anticipate officials representing our country to have actually been elected by the citizens or appointed because of benefit, not set up by the caprices of genetics.

She likewise got undesirable analysis when three labor activists were detained in May for investigating supposed sweatshop practices at a factory in China where Ivanka Trump shoes have been manufactured.

Amongst Manhattan’s progressive upper crust, Jared and Ivanka– they actually are first-name-only celebrities at this moment– were expected to at least temper the hard-right policy positions being pushed by other presidential advisors. If this certainly is what they are attempting to do, they’ve had minimal impact to this day.

Composing in Time publication, Henry Kissinger wished Kushner well “in his difficult function flying close to the sun.” Jared and Ivanka have first-class educations. They know how the Icarus story ends.

Eugene Robinson is a columnist for the Washington Post.

Golden Knights sign Oscar Lindberg


Frank Franklin II/ AP Picture Oscar Lindberg

Tuesday, July 4, 2017|2:54 p.m.

. The Golden Knights have signed Oscar Lindberg, who they took in the expansion draft from the New York Rangers, to a 2-year contract.

Lidberg, a 25-year-old forward consented to the offer, worth $1.7 million each year, today inning accordance with the basic manager George McPhee.

The Swedish center had 21 objectives and 27 helps in his 134 NHL games. He was traded to the Rangers in 2011 from the Coyotes, who drafted Lindberg in the second round of the 2010 draft.

Last season Lindberg helped the Rangers fourth line with eight goals and 12 helps in 65 games.

Vegas Golden Knights: routine season schedule

The emblem for the Vegas Golden Knights. (File) The symbol for the Vegas Golden Knights.( File). LAS VEGAS( FOX5)-. The National Hockey League revealed the Vegas Golden Knights 2017-18 regular

season schedule Thursday afternoon. The Golden Knights will open their inaugural season on the roadway against the Dallas Stars at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 6 and play the Coyotes at 6 p.m. in Arizona the following night.

After the opening weekend trip, the Knights make their extremely anticipated Vegas debut at the T-Mobile Arena against those exact same Coyotes on Oct. 10.

Vegas will open the arena to hockey on a seven-game homestand, facing the similarity the Philadelphia Flyers, Chicago Blackhawks, Anaheim Ducks and the Vancouver Canucks.

The Golden Knights will have a season high six-game road trip at the end of October and at the end of January that will bring them through New york city and Canada.

The defending Stanley Cup champ Pittsburgh Penguins will make their journey to Las Vegas for a 7 p.m. game on Dec. 14.

Fans can check here for full list of the Golden Knights schedule and also call the Vegas workplace at 702-645-4259 if thinking about buying tickets.

Stay with FOX5 for ongoing Vegas Golden Knights protection.

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