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Oprah keeps it unpresidential in address to California grads


Willy Sanjuan/Invision/ AP Oprah Winfrey speaks with graduates at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the Shrine Auditorium on Friday, May 11, 2018, in Los Angeles.

Friday, Might 11, 2018|3:28 p.m.

LOS ANGELES– Oprah Winfrey paused prior to talking politics Friday as she stood in front of a crowd of graduates at the University of Southern California.

Then she decided it was safe.

” The reports from my last big speech have lastly died down,” she said to laughter and applause.

That speech at the Golden World Awards in January, loaded with fiery rhetoric on the fight for justice and the #MeToo motion, brought weeks of chatter about a presidential run for the 64-year-old media mogul and movie star that she has actually because dismissed.

” The misogyny has to stop!” she screamed at one comparable minute throughout Friday’s start address to graduates of USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

She also discussed electoral advocacy, weapon control and climate change, however kept it much more casual and apolitical than at the Golden Globes, primarily sticking to more basic inspiring fare.

She emphasized the value of civil service and asked the future journalists and public communicators to be warriors for truth in a time of widespread false information.

” The truth exonerates, and it convicts,” she said. “It decontaminates, and it galvanizes. The fact has actually always been and will constantly be our shield versus corruption, our shield against greed and despair. The reality is our saving grace.”

Winfrey had an answer for those who wondered why she was speaking at this smaller sized, satellite commencement event at the Shrine Auditorium instead of the school’s main event, where stars of her quality usually speak.

” I was going to be here anyhow,” she said.

Thando Dlomo, among Winfrey’s “daughter-girls,” whom Winfrey has actually mentored and sponsored because meeting her on a trip to South Africa when she the woman was in seventh grade, was in the crowd getting a master’s degree in journalism.

” I was looking for smart, brilliant, offering, durable, kind, open-hearted, women who had ‘it,’ that factor that indicates you keep going no matter what,” Winfrey stated. “She can be found in and recited a poem about her teacher, when she left I said ‘she’s got it.'”

Winfrey unwinded with some normal life tips, consisting of:

— “Eat a great breakfast. It really pays off.”

— “Put your phone down at the dinner table.”

— “Know that exactly what you tweet, post and Instagram today may be asked about in a task interview tomorrow or Twenty Years from tomorrow.”

— “Buy a quality mattress.”

— “Don’t low-cost out on your shoes.”

Using black dress and brilliant red hood, Winfrey led the graduates into the auditorium together with the school’s dean, Willow Bay, as the USC marching band played its fight songs.

Those on the dais with her consisted of Bay’s partner, Disney CEO Robert Iger, who in Winfrey’s existence had an uncommon minute where he wasn’t the richest individual in the space.

Zuckerberg urges Harvard grads to build a world of '' purpose '.


Steven Senne/ AP Facebook CEO and Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg, center, welcomes finishing Harvard trainees as he walks in a procession though Harvard Backyard at the start of Harvard University start workouts, Thursday, May 25, 2017, in Cambridge, Mass. Zuckerberg is offering a start address at Harvard, where he left 12 years ago to concentrate on Facebook.

Thursday, Might 25, 2017|6 p.m.

New York City– Mark Zuckerberg returned Thursday to Harvard, where he introduced Facebook and then left, informing graduates it depends on them to bring purpose to the world, battle inequality and enhance the global community.

“Modification begins regional. Even international changes start little– with people like us,” the Facebook CEO said. He shared stories about graduates such as David Razu Aznar, a former city leader who led the effort to legislate gay marriage in Mexico City, and Agnes Igoye, who grew up in conflict zones in Uganda and now trains law enforcement officers.

“And this is my story too,” Zuckerberg included. “A trainee in a dormitory, linking one neighborhood at a time, and maintaineding at it up until one day we can link the whole world.”

Such lofty talk now comes naturally to Zuckerberg, a 33-year-old billionaire who has devoted to handing out almost all of his wealth. In February, he sketched out an enthusiastic, if unclear, vision for Facebook that dedicated the business to establishing “social infrastructure” that would assist build a “global neighborhood that works for all of us.”

But it also strikes a sharp contrast with the criticism Facebook has actually taken just recently– not a lot for linking the world (a huge portion of it, anyhow) as for cannot anticipate how susceptible that connectedness could be to those who abuse it.


Zuckerberg, who like the graduates is a millennial, began Facebook in his dorm room in 2004. What began as a closed networking site for Harvard trainees is now a global interactions force with almost 2 billion members. Facebook’s starting was the topic of a Hollywood film, “The Social Network,” in 2010.

Facebook’s impact has actually been profound. It has linked individuals who would have never ever satisfied otherwise, letting them form supportive networks online and offline. And it has actually allowed individuals to communicate in establishing countries even if they don’t have a contact number or a smart device.

But it has actually likewise served to spread out false information verging on propaganda, despiteful views and bullying, showing the worst parts of mankind back to us.

In his beginning speech, in interviews and in his February manifesto, Zuckerberg is decidedly optimistic about all that. He’s been stating he wishes to make the world more open and linked for more than a decade now, and he doesn’t relent.


He informed the graduates how, when Facebook’s financiers and executives desired him to offer the business early on, he resisted. “You see, my hope was never ever to build a business, however to make an impact,” he stated. However as a young CEO, he never ever explained this to his colleagues, and the subsequent fight “tore our company apart.”

“I questioned if I was just incorrect, an impostor, a 22 year-old kid who had no idea how the world worked,” Zuckerberg stated. “Now, years later on, I understand that is how things deal with no sense of higher purpose. It depends on us to produce it so we can all keep moving on together.”

Later in the speech, Zuckerberg’s voice broken with feeling as he talked about a high school student he coaches who is residing in the U.S. unlawfully. When Zuckerberg asked him exactly what he wants for his birthday, the student started speaking about others he wished to help, and requested for a book on social justice.

“Here is a young person who has every need to be cynical,” Zuckerberg said, his eyes welling with tears. “He wasn’t sure if the nation he calls house– the only one he’s known– was going to deny him his dream of going to college. However he wasn’t pitying himself. He wasn’t even thinking of himself.”

If he can do this, Zuckerberg said, “then we owe it to the world to do our part too.”

Zuckerberg isn’t all talk on this front. He signed the “Providing Promise” commitment to contribute most of his money in 2010; five years later on, he upped that to 99 percent. Together with his other half, pediatrician Priscilla Chan, he formed the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a humanitarian organization concentrated on advancing science and education.


Zuckerberg follows another popular Harvard dropout, Costs Gates, who spoke prior to its graduates a years back. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who dropped out of Reed College in Oregon, offered Stanford’s commencement speech in 2005, reminding students to “stay hungry, remain foolish.”

In addition to providing the speech, Zuckerberg got an honorary degree, 12 years after dropping out of Harvard, and was subsequently introduced to graduates as “Dr. Mark Zuckerberg.” Others getting honorary degrees included the starlet Judi Dench, the author John Williams (known for “Star Wars,”” Harry Potter “and many other scores) and Somali human rights activist and physician Hawa Abdi Dhiblawe.

“If I make it through this speech today it’ll be the first time I actually end up something here at Harvard,” Zuckerberg said. He did.

Strip club looks for recent high school grads for employment


There are numerous ways to spend for college, some more conventional than others.

For those living in Las Vegas, there’s no lack of opportunities for quick cash.

“It harmonizes Vegas. Vegas is constantly going to be Vegas,” said Little Darlings manager Rick Marzullo.

Marzullo was discussing ads recently posted outside his strip club, located near Interstate 15 and Charleston Boulevard. One sign checks out, “Now auditioning the class of 2015,” another, “Pay your way through college.”

“All of us understand the economy isn’t really that fantastic, [and] it’s difficult to find jobs in some cases. This is an open door for young women 18 years of ages and approximately come and make some great money,” Marzullo said.

Marzullo stated his club is constantly searching for performers, and with the expense of tuition continuing to rise, more and more ladies are turning to stripping to foot the bill. Women can make up to $1,000 per night, according to Marzullo.

“Hundreds that are either in college or that have worked their method through college [strip or have actually stripped], and like I said, without one penny of debt, not needing to secure student loans, not needing to borrow money from family or friends or taking loans from banks,” Marzullo said.

The indicator has actually gotten a lot of attention as hundreds of countless people pass by it daily.

“It’s not a shock to me that people simply kind of accompany the idea,” Las Vegan Kayla Garninger.

Garninger said the ads are offensive and send a bad message to girls.

“You might completely alter the path of a woman’s life, of a woman who’s attempting to progress and go to college and make something of herself. I do not concur with it at all,” said Garninger.

Others said that for some, it’s the only choice.

“They are consenting adults. I feel if that’s what they wish to do, then they have a right to,” Las Vegan Julian Loiza stated.

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More than 2,700 New Grads Expected at UNLV Beginning May 16

Students from 38 states and 54 nations to take part in 9 a.m., 2 p.m. ceremonies at Thomas & & Mack Center; anticipated graduates up 15 percent from 2014.

School News| May 12, 2015|By Tony Allen

Media Contact: Workplace of Media Relations -LRB-702-RRB- 895-3102 More than 2,700 students are anticipated to graduate

at UNLV’s spring beginning May 16.(UNLV Picture Solutions) What. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas will celebrate Spring

2015 Beginning Saturday, May 16 at the Thomas & Mack Center. 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. — colleges and schools of law, arts, allied health sciences, community health sciences, nursing, liberal arts, sciences and urban affairs 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.– colleges and schools of place of business, dental medication, education, engineering and hotel administration Information. More than 2,700 UNLV undergraduate, graduate and expert students are eligible to participate in this spring’s beginning ceremonies. Graduates vary in age from 19 to 68 and hail from 38 states and 54 nations. Roughly 85 percent of graduates are Nevada residents. Since 1964, UNLV has actually granted more than 115,000 degrees. Len Jessup will certainly preside over his first beginning as UNLV president. He will certainly honor selected graduating students throughout each ceremony for their impressive scholastic and

neighborhood accomplishments. Jessup will certainly likewise provide longtime UNLV supporter Diana Bennett with an Honorary Doctorate. Differentiated Nevadans recognized at commencement for their contributions to the community and support of college include Anthony and Diane Pollard and James Bilbray throughout the early morning event,

and Robert and Sandra Ellis and Gus”Billy” Flangas throughout the afternoon event. For complete ceremony information, visit unlv.edu/commencement¬† Social. Make use of the hashtag #UNLVGrad to share on social media. Commencement will certainly stream live at vegasgraduations.com/unlv_stream.php Media. Media desiring access to the Thomas & Mack floor

need to obtain event-specific credentials before commencement. Please call the Workplace of Media Relations

at -LRB-702-RRB-¬†561-1094 or [email protected]!.?.!