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Boyz II Guys’s Shawn Stockman teams with local Grant A Gift Autism Structure


Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman performing at the Mirage. By

Boyz II Men’s electric residency show at the Mirage is now in its 4th year, so it’s safe to say singer Shawn Stockman feels at home in Las Vegas.

One year prior to he began that Las Vegas Strip production, Stockman founded Micah’s Voice, a not-for-profit organization committed to supplying hope and motivation to families dealing with autism through education, awareness, assistance and financial support. Stockman and his partner, Sharhonda, developed the organization soon after their kid, Micah, was identified with autism.

While in Las Vegas, the household gotten in touch with the local Grant A Present Autism Foundation– founded in 2009 by Lynda Tache and likewise motivated by her son, Grant– and the UNLV Medicine Ackerman Center for Autism. The Stockmans were so satisfied with the family-focused efforts and programs engineered by Grant A Present, they chose to collaborate.

The groups are signing up with forces for Grant A Voice, a two-month crowd funding campaign designed to raise awareness and loan for both structures. It started on Monday, Feb. 26, and more details about the cause and donations can be discovered at grantavoice.org.

“My other half and I know firsthand the challenges of having a child with a diagnosis of autism,” Stockman stated. “Sharhonda and I understood we wanted to do more than just work in Vegas. We sought to connect with a regional company and everyone we spoke with said that Grant A Present was the best. We are delighted to have Micah’s Voice join them in this fundraising effort.”

Grant a Gift Autism assists children, youth and their households fight autism by supplying diagnostic and treatment funding, support services, social abilities and employment training, shift planning, and education. Through this brand-new partnership, the regional nonprofit is wanting to get additional funding to make sure more kids on the 3,000-plus waitlist can get services, with extra financing going to help with the national awareness campaign underway at Micah’s Voice.

Boyz II Men, which likewise carried out at the Vegas Strong Benefit Concert at T-Mobile Arena on Dec. 1, simply wrapped a weekend set at the Mirage and go back to the program in April.

New Face: Grant Kurosu

A web communications expert for web & & digital technique in the workplace of university marketing & & interactions, Grant Kurosu enjoys dealing with websites, however laughingly laments that his parents unknowingly hampered his chances of becoming an expert internet user when they moved the family from Hawaii to Las Vegas


UNLV was constantly a leading choice for me, but I started my college education at CSN given that I didn’t have a concept on exactly what my significant would be. When I finally chose marketing as my significant, UNLV’s marketing program provided much more to me than the other choices. I finished in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration – marketing.

What made you decide to remain at UNLV as a worker?

When I first chose to major in marketing, I had visions of being a marketer like Don Draper (from Mad Men). After working in the workplace of university marketing & & communications as a trainee employee, I pertained to the awareness that web can have a huge effect for a business as a marketing tool.

Working here offers me the opportunity to read more about web, its fairly newly found value in company, and grow as a new professional. As a trainee employee I was able to see first-hand exactly what the team was providing for the university, and I wanted to have a larger function in achieving the long-term objectives of the system.

Exactly what are your main job responsibilities?

I team up with various school systems to create and preserve a website that deserves a Top Tier university. Web now serves as the main source for info, and having a good website can make essential decisions for trainees, faculty, and the neighborhood a lot easier.

Exactly what is the biggest challenge in your field?

That’s when clients don’t see the value of a good web presence. Although the perception of web has actually started to alter for the much better given that the time I was a trainee employee, I believe there is still a lot more that can and must be taken into the web.

Exists something individuals on campus can do to make your job easier?

I think the very best thing people can do is to have an open mind when it comes to the web and working with us. Although the web has actually been around for several years, it is in fact a reasonably new tool for companies and universities to use and correctly take advantage of. I’m fortunate to be dealing with great individuals who know a lot about web advancement and content technique that I understand that if we can team up with all of the systems we deal with, UNLV’s websites can end up being remarkable tools for trainees, professors, and the neighborhood.

What about UNLV strikes you as various from other locations you have worked?.

I’ve had numerous positions in retail. Working here is various because there seems to be no periods of sluggish times. There’s always work to be done and tasks can stretch over years.

Tell us about a product in your workplace that has special significance for you and why.

If I had to pick simply one it would be a hand-drawn picture of a plumeria. It was drawn and colored by my sibling when she operated in the workplace as a student worker.

There’s in fact a long history of Kurosus working here as trainees. My 2 older siblings (Eric Kurosu, ’05 BS Service Administration – Accounting, and Julie Kurosu, ’11 BA Art) worked in this office before me, however I was fortunate sufficient to obtain a full-time position. My little bro, Ian, doesn’t plan to participate in college, so, unfortunately, there’s no possibility he’ll work for us.

Where did you grow up and exactly what was that like?

I was born in Hawaii, however my household relocated to Las Vegas when I was 4. I think of maturing in Vegas is similar to a lot of locations. However, I prefer to think that if I had matured in Hawaii, I might have been an expert internet user by now!

Inform us about a time in your life when you have been bold.

I have actually constantly been open to trying new things, and “rebelling” versus what my conventional Japanese moms and dads thought. For me, the most daring time in my life was when I joined the lacrosse team at Spring Valley High School. I originally wished to play football, but my mommy didn’t let me since she knew it threatened. I signed up for lacrosse rather since I understood she had never ever become aware of it, and would not understand that it’s really a quite brutal sport.

Finish this sentence, “If I could not work in my present field, I want to …”.

be a content creator on YouTube. I’m captivated by how some channels today can produce material that rivals regular television. I’m uncertain what kind of channel I would have, but it is absolutely in the back of my mind all the time.

Exactly what is something people would be surprised to discover you?

I believe most people are amazed to discover that I like to prepare. I first became thinking about cooking while viewing Food Network with my father. He liked the initial Iron Chef program. I enjoy trying various foods and techniques, and I dream of having a huge kitchen with all the equipment I would ever require.

Tell us about someone you admire and why.

I admire my dad due to the fact that he was positive, wise, and innovative, and he always used his understanding and experiences to teach others. He was a Renaissance guy. Outside of his work as a professional, he made sculptures, painted, played piano, composed tunes, and cooked.

Any ideas for success?

My dad always taught me to put your best shot forward, and to be simple. I believe that whatever I have actually achieved can be attributed to those 2 guidelines.