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Hashtag UNLV: Rebels Unleashed

We couldn’t withstand the canine shenanigans of the Rebel swag-wearing Instagram account @sheepadoodleduo. It features 4-year-old Lucy and 1-year-old Benjamin Franklin.

Handled by

Mallory Miller, ’16 BS Social Work, and James Patrick Freeman, ’17 M.Ed. Unique Education

The start

” Everywhere we go we get stopped because our doodles are a rare breed [a cross in between an Old English sheepdog and a poodle],” Miller said. “Not only are these doodles unique in color, but their attitude is extremely calm and friendly.”

Preferred ‘gram.

” There’s one of Lucy and I on campus when I was taking my graduation images. It was such a fun day with her running around school and saying ‘Hi’ to trainees. She was such a wonderful assistance pet dog while I completed my undergrad work!”

The method.

” Volunteering and sharing my time for causes much larger than myself is incredibly important to me. Lucy is a therapy dog and bringing her along when offering makes the experience for both parties very enjoyable. Benjamin Franklin is currently in a training course with James and will be accredited by May.”

The impact.

” James and I went to the Path 91 Harvest Celebration on October 1st. There are no words to explain the discomfort and sorrow that night brings many individuals. I had the ability to take the feelings I felt and put them into action by bringing Lucy to different locations throughout the neighborhood. We went to blood banks and the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign, which had 58 crosses in remembrance of the ones who passed away. Lucy was the real super star during those times; she provided many some light when there was such darkness.”

Hashtag UNLV: Are you Rebel Ready?

Rebel Preview is best around the corner. Hundreds of high school trainees and families will check out school April 21 to see exactly what being a Rebel is all about. (Tip: It’s about doing things differently while still having access to quality academics and diverse experiences both in and out of the class.)

Rebel Sneak peek is the primary step to becoming #UNLVBound (and Rebel proud).

However do not take our word for it. Lyric Evans participated in a couple years ago prior to he enrolled as an architecture and Honors College student: “My recommendations to prospective or inbound trainees is to not hesitate to ask suggestions, experiences, and concerns from the current students you fulfill at Rebel evaluation and on the trip. When I went, they stated so numerous things that relieved a great deal of my fears and got me actually thrilled for college.”‘

Are you all set to sign up with the Rebel household? Register now to have a look at school April 21.

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