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Some sins are untenable, even in Sin City. UNLV criminal justice scientist Alexis Kennedy and Ph.D. prospect Kelly Stout study one in particular: underage sex trafficking.

The issue afflicts Nevada, which ranks as one of the leading 10 worst states for human trafficking, inning accordance with National Human Trafficking Hotline statistics. Given that 2011, Kennedy and Stout have actually been working to understand how minor sex trafficking happens, why it takes place, and most notably, how to stop it.

In between 1994 and 2016, 2,794 minors were gotten rid of from sex trafficking scenarios by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Authorities Department, inning accordance with the 2017 State of Youth Homelessness in Southern Nevada research study quick by the UNLV Greenspun College of Urban Affairs.

“Many law enforcement officer are helping, but we do have officers who don’t acknowledge that these 13- and 14-year-olds are victims,” Stout stated. “We do not have safe homes or other alternatives, so we put them in prison, but apprehending kids for things they’re required to do is exceptionally wrong.”

In 2013, Kennedy and Stout spoke with 52 sex trafficking victims in detention centers to learn more about their childhood, how they became made use of, how they were treated when they were detained, and more.

“Everybody thinks sex trafficking victims originate from broken homes, but there are circumstances where mother’s a nurse, papa’s a lender, brother or sisters are in college, and you have a kid who’s just been seduced,” Stout said. “This can occur in any family, broken or not. And these victims are afraid for their lives and for their households.”

In late 2015, Kennedy got more than $623,000 in U.S. Department of Justice grant financing to continue fighting human trafficking and supporting survivors. The grant has actually enabled Kennedy and Stout to interview 40 more survivors of human trafficking so far. These survivors are in between the ages of 18 and 24. They gotten in touch with Kennedy and Stout through the Center 4 Peace, Las Vegas’ only drop-in center for sexually exploited youth, and Awaken, a drop-in center for made use of youth in Reno.

“For twenty years, I have actually been a researcher trying to narrate no one wants to hear,” stated Kennedy, who recently received UNLV’s Community-Based Research Award for this work. “This grant permits me to provide a voice to youth who are enduring inconceivable levels of violence, social seclusion, and stigma. These young survivors simply wish to be heard, without judgment, while highlighting their durability.”

And in listening, Kennedy and Stout are collecting the information that offer an undeniable picture of the consequences of minor sex trafficking and directing policy reform to affect modification. The interviews usually last 60 to 90 minutes. Questions consist of whatever from “Inform me about your childhood,” “Did you ever escape as a kid?” and “How do you feel about yourself?” to “How did you get associated with sex trading?” and “Exactly what was your scariest experience?”

“Some of them will inform us about the violence they experienced– guns, knives, beatings. Some stories are definitely horrendous,” Stout said. “However a lot of them have substantial dreams. A number of want to be in the armed force. A huge piece of them want to be psychologists and assist other ladies.”

Kennedy and Stout are working 2 scientists from Johns Hopkins University– Michele Decker, associate teacher of population, family, and reproductive health and Andrea Cimino, faculty research fellow at Johns Hopkins’ School of Nursing– on the current part of the research study. They’ve likewise utilized several human trafficking survivors as research assistants on the job. The next stage, an online survey of additional victims, is currently under way. When the group receives the finished surveys, transcribes the interviews, and evaluates the information, they’ll send their report to the Department of Justice.

“Part of what we’re doing is trying to find common themes among the survivors,” Stout said. “Up until now, 70 percent have actually said they were involved in Kid Protective Services. So we question, could CPS have been in contact with them and done something faster? We’re also looking at how survivors got out and what resources assisted them so we know how to assist other victims in the future.”

The grant will conclude in September, however the work will be far from over for Kennedy and Stout.

Stout’s dissertation will examine the very first court for commercially sexually exploited in the country, which is in Las Vegas. She’s examining and coding 10 years of court data on 1,200 children to discover essential trends and indications of future involvement with the court, such as age, kind of offense, previous involvement with Kid Protective Solutions, and more. Her hope is that her data will inspire those in the position to intervene to assist these kids before they end up being victims.

Kennedy will also continue promoting for victims through her research study and hopes that others will start looking more deeply at another essential aspect of minor sex trafficking.

“Much unspoken predatory habits is coming to light now through #metoo and the unwanted sexual advances reaction,” Kennedy stated. “I hope the spotlight turns beside the person next door who stops to purchase sex from children on his way house. These predators represent the economic engine driving this exploitation.”

Playwright Tylar Pendgraft and director Troy Heard chat about ‘Sentience’.

Married couple Deborah and Josh are much like us– with a couple of genetic upgrades. However can science assist them when tragedy strikes? In Life, San Diego-based playwright Tylar Pendgraft develops a near-future world where humanity and technology clash.

In advance of Sentience’s world premiere at Majestic Repertory Theater, the Weekly helped with a discussion in between Pendgraft and director Troy Heard. The playwright and director wrote questions for one another then addressed separately for maximum sincerity. Their actions have actually been edited together into a virtual discussion.

Pendgraft: What is your hope for the plays you direct?

Heard: I want to move an audience in some method or another. For me, the worst criticism you can ever get is, “Ehh, the program was okay.” Whether you like it passionately or are mortally angered by it, I want to provoke strong reaction. … How did you handle to find drama in such a dry subject as science?

Pendgraft: For me, science has actually constantly been a pastime. I check out scientific journals [for fun] This play burst from another concept about ladies and their right to manage their bodies. I have actually lived with these characters for such a long period of time that I pertained to love them. I put enthusiasm and drama of daily life into a clinical setting. … How do you think of the Majestic making a cultural influence on Las Vegas?

Heard: We’re taking threats and putting brand-new voices out, producing brand-new works. An opening night should not simply be a [distinct] event, it ought to be something we do on the regular. … When did you first see that we required more strong female lead characters in popular culture?

Pendgraft: It’s constantly been in the back of my mind in some way. All of my protagonists have actually been females, specifically women of color. Even if a story does not particularly call for females of color, that’s what I advocate for. I’ve been navigating from my experience as a female of color, and those are stories I wanted to inform. Composing female lead characters is not an obvious act of political intention. It’s constantly the story inside of me that I’ve been wanting to inform in some method or another. Do you ever privately hope I will alter a challenging stage instructions?

Heard: (Chuckles.) I do not. The obstacle of directing remains in finding an imaginative option to analyze the stage instructions. There’s a scene in Sentience where a character attempts to drown himself in the ocean. How do you do that in black box theater-in-the-round? Not only did she present a challenge in the script, I’ve given myself another challenge in staging it with audience on all 4 sides.

Life Through March 11, Thursday-Sunday, times vary, $15-$25. Majestic Repertory Theatre, majesticrepertory.com.

Jennifer Lopez: ‘It’s going to be the very best J.Lo reveal you have actually ever seen and heard’.


Erik Kabik/ ErikKabik.com

Jennifer Lopez performs at the Colosseum on Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2014, in Caesars Palace.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015|11 p.m.

2014 NYE: Jennifer Lopez at Caesars Palace
Jennifer Lopez performs at the Colosseum on Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2014, in Caesars Palace.Launch slideshow “

Jennifer Lopez Celebrations Post-Concert at Pure
Jennifer Lopez at Pure in Caesars Palace on Saturday, Aug. 18, 2012.Launch slideshow “

Jennifer Lopez at Mandalay Bay Occasions Center
Jennifer Lopez performs at Mandalay Bay Events Center on Saturday, Aug. 18, 2012.Introduce slideshow “

Global super star vocalist, starlet and dancer Jennifer Lopez states “the sky’s the restriction” when it concerns producing her new residency at Axis at World Hollywood that starts Jan. 20. In an exclusive one-on-one interview, J.Lo informed me that she’ll do 40 shows a year for the next two years on the Strip.

“Everything I have actually ever done has resulted in this. I’ve invested my whole life awaiting this moment to develop my own show,” she stated excitedly.

J.Lo says deal with the setlist and music is only days away. She said that she’ll formally start the project June 1:

“By July, we will certainly have started to conceptualize the program. By August, we’ll start deal with the outfits, and rehearsals will begin late September or early October. It’s going to go extremely quick, although it may seem a long period of time out.

“By late October or early November, I will move to Las Vegas so we can start working in the Axis theater. In the meantime, I’m going to play it by ear about finding a house there or staying in a hotel.

“I recognize that I have parental obligations with the twins, and they are the most important in my life, so the choice will actually circle around them. It’s been hard when you’re out on tour, so this is a nice method to cut back and still do lots of programs for the fans.

“It’s going to be the very best J.Lo show you’ve ever seen and heard. It will certainly be with all my hits. We have a great deal of various things to attempt to do on that phase. There’s a lot there in Las Vegas.

“I have actually joked that possibly I’ll do some magic and vanish or perhaps swim much better than the Cirque performers. Consider it as one very celebration you’ve wished to go to your entire life.”

It’s her first-ever headline residency, and she promises a mix of pop, R&B and fan favorites matched with her fierce skills and megawatt star power. It is an amalgam of Hollywood beauty, rock star persona and Puerto Rican heritage coming to life onstage nightly.

J.Lo promises ballads, Latin music, funk with a live band, dancers and lavish costumes with state-of-the-art sets, lighting and impacts. If her see-through shimmering gown at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday is any indicator, it also is going to be a fashion extravaganza.

“I’m simply going to heighten the experience so that everybody havings fun. There’s a great deal of brand-new technology that we’ll look at to fit the personality and concept of the program. I’m going to sit with the imaginative team and keep asking what new thing can we bring to the phase.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am about this Las Vegas residency. The only thing that worries me is that I love all the great dining establishments and shopping on the Strip. So I’m going to need to be very careful not to consume too much or to go shopping too much. That’s the only issue I think I’ll have!”

J.Lo described that she will certainly have wrapped episodes of her new TELEVISION series “Tones of Blue” in time to begin the onslaught of her brand-new entertainment program. “Then we have the brand-new, last 15th season of ‘American Idol.’ That will involve commuting backward and forward between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. However I do not think of what that involves. I’ll simply do it, and we’ll get both done completely.”

Tickets for the Jennifer Lopez live performance experience with an attractive style at Axis at Planet Hollywood, home to Britney Spears’ “Britney: Piece of Me,” are now on sale for her first set of shows beginning Jan. 20 through Feb. 9 and May 22 through June 12, 2016.

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World Hollywood A theme-park dining establishment in a theme-park town, and the joke is that there is actually a lot to eat here. The pizza is crisp, therefore is the calamari, gone along with by a great marinara. For purists, there is a big timeless cheeseburger, and for the adventurous, Thai shrimp pasta and other developments.
3570 S. Las Vegas Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89109

Planet Hollywood Resort and Gambling establishment

Catering to the young and contemporary crowd, Planet Hollywood is a one-stop buy entertainment with its huge mall, multitude of dining establishments, roomy gambling establishment and clubs.

The ambiance of the casino is retro-chic meets modern with black granite floors throughout and vibrant LED lights throughout the area. The theme carries into the 100,000 square-foot casino with 250 flat screens complementing fruit machine. The casino is also home to 87 tables, a sports book and a poker room.

There’s also the Miracle Mile Shops, one Vegas’ largest shopping centers, with 140 stores including BCBG Max Azaria, bebe, Urban Outfitters and The Discovery Channel Shop.

Following an afternoon of shopping, guests can satisfy their appetites at one of the gourmet dining establishments in World Hollywood, like the non-traditional strategy to steakhouses at Strip Home or have a look at the exotic Far East theme at KOI restaurant and lounge. And if visitors are still looking for more, they can spend the after hours at Privé, Triq or Krave bars.

Possibly one of the resorts greatest destinations was available in March with the addition of “Peepshow.” The naughty twist on the story of Little Bo Peep is modern-day spin on the ordinary Vegas topless testimonial. The “Peepshow” stage has seen visiting celebrities like Terrifying Spice Mel B, “Dancing with the Stars” Kelly Monaco and Playboy’s Holly Madison.

3667 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109