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2 senior men get away nursing the home of participate in substantial heavy metal celebration

(Alexander Koerner / Stringer via Getty Images)
< img alt="( Alexander Koerner/ Stringer via Getty Images)"

title=” (Alexander Koerner/ Stringer via Getty Images) “border= “0” src =” http://MEREDITH.images.worldnow.com/images/17352838_G.jpg?auto=webp&disable=upscale&width=800&lastEditedDate=20180806090025″ width=” 180″/ > (Alexander Koerner/ Stringer by means of Getty Images). (Meredith)– Two senior guys snuck out of their assisted living home to attend Wacken Outdoors, the world’s biggest heavy metal music celebration.

Deutsche Welle reports the men were reported missing out on by the nursing home and later found by authorities at the celebration– at 3 a.m. They were stated to be, “disoriented and dazed.” A police spokeswoman stated the pair was reluctant to leave and noted, “They clearly liked the metal celebration.”

The nursing home then arranged for a car to obtain the males back to the retirement home securely after authorities accompanied them from the celebration.

An approximated 75,000 individuals attended this year’s four-day celebration, that included efficiencies by the similarity Judas Priest, Danzig, In Flames, and Hatebreed. The festival, often called the “the Metal Capital”, takes place each year in the village of Wacken in Germany.

False active shooting report leads to heavy police existence at Town Square

Metro police responded to a false claim of an active shooter at Town Square. (Kurt Rempe / FOX5)
< img alt=" Metro authorities responded to a false claim of an active shooter at Town Square. (Kurt Rempe/ FOX5)Police arrested several people after a fight at Town Square was falsely reported as an active shooting. (Kurt Rempe / FOX5)
” title =” City authorities responded to a false claim of an active shooter at Town Square.( Kurt Rempe/ FOX5) “border=” 0″ src =” http://kvvu.images.worldnow.com/images/17141725_G.jpg?auto=webp&disable=upscale&width=800&lastEditedDate=20180707021924″ width=” 180″/ > Metro authorities reacted to a false claim of an active shooter at Town Square.( Kurt Rempe/ FOX5) Cops&detained numerous people after a battle at Town Square was falsely reported as an active shooting.( Kurt Rempe/ FOX5) Cops apprehended a number of people after a battle at Town Square was wrongly reported as an

active shooting.

( Kurt Rempe/ FOX5 ) LAS VEGAS( FOX5) – City Cops stated false claims of an active shooter cause a heavy reaction by officers in the area Friday night. According to City Cops, there was a battle there between teens. Authorities stated one weapon was discovered, which was formerly seen by many individuals. No one was injured and no shots were fired. LVMPD stated the main individual included was put into custody, as were several others.

Witnesses had said they heard gunshots however at the AMC at Town Square, however cops stated those reports were never ever verified.

A number of people at Town Square stated they were put on lockdown, informed to move away from store entryways for safety. Others said they were informed to leave the area.

” We do everything we can to contain the location, which is exactly what we did,” the watch leader with City Cops said.

“( Our reaction) was based on the info we had at the time.”

Inning Accordance With Metro Police, another suspect was nabbed and spoken with by investigators. The suspect’s charges are being determined.

Witnesses were later on released theater by theater and the AMC closed for the rest of the day.

FOX5 producer Kristen Kidman was on the scene when lockdowns started.

” I was at Pinot’s Palette. We protected in location, a lot people hid in the back and they turned the lights off. Some individuals were very upset, particularly when somebody began banging on the back entrance and another person attempted to open it. We actually believed there was a shooter, that’s all we kept hearing. It was all very alarming. Relieved it wasn’t almost as bad as we believed,” she said.

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Heavy snow in Sierra Nevada closes roadways, prompts cautions

Friday, March 16, 2018|3:18 p.m.

RENO– It’s a snow day in northern Nevada, where heavy build-up from a late-winter storm closed schools and public buildings in the Reno location, postponed opening a ski resort in the Sierra Nevada and triggered the closure of Interstate 80 to California.

Nevada Highway Patrol Cannon Fodder Matthew McLaughlin the interstate was closed Friday in between the Nevada state line and Colfax, California.

Mount Rose Highway also was closed during the morning, and Mount Rose Ski Area opened late.

The National Weather Service provided winter season storm and avalanche cautions for backcountry mountains, and meteorologist Evan LaGuardia said the 10 inches tape-recorded at Reno-Tahoe International Airport pushed the monthly accumulation to the fourth-most in last 100 years.

LaGuardia says another storm is due next week.

McLaughlin reported multiple reports of vehicles skidding off roadways in the Reno area, but stated no major injuries were reported.

Path to totality: The heavy Psycho Las Vegas festival makes year 2 simply as unforgettable

The moon blacked out the sun on Monday, however a deeper type of darkness descended upon Las Vegas some Two Days earlier, as Virginia doom-metal band Cough chanted about “ritual suicide” inside on a bright Saturday afternoon. Invite to Psycho Las Vegas.

2017 Psycho Festival

: Friday For the 2nd August weekend in as several years, the celebration took devoted fans of metal, psychedelia and other heavy music on a regularly interesting journey inside the Hard Rock Hotel. As in 2016, Psycho disappointed selling out tickets but drew a substantial crowd– and extremely prospered as a destination occasion, logistically and sonically speaking.

This year’s Psycho played a bit like 2 festivals, one tucked carefully inside the other. Metal remains the piece de resistance– Virginia doom leader Pentagram headlined Thursday’s VIP swimming pool celebration; stoner mainstay Sleep provided an expectedly beast set on Friday; falsetto-voiced Danish veteran King Diamond re-created 1987 concept-album Abigail (complete with haunted-house staging) on Saturday; and Southern prog-metal favorites Mastodon liquidated the vacation on Sunday– and most of the crowd ended up for that, judging from turnout and the abundance of Motörhead spots.

However Psycho creator Evan Hagen’s tastes clearly run in varied directions, and he programmed the fest for others with roaming spirits. On Friday alone: Sludge champs the Melvins fuzzed-out The Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” in the middle of their loud assault; French prog-rock outfit Lava wowed with an arty efficiency verging on musical comedy; Ethio-jazz legend Mulatu Astatke got the room grooving (even if the sound team blended the bandleader too low in the mix); and psych-rock warriors The Brian Jonestown Massacre droned indefatigably previous 3 a.m.

2017 Psycho Festival: Saturday

Psycho’s exploratory vision peaked with a two-hour Swans performance Sunday night. Progressive icon Michael Gira steered his five bandmates through a series of long structures– rather literally, the 63-year-old conducted them with his body as he played guitar and sang in his moaning baritone. Gira modulated dynamics so deliberately, at points it felt as if he were lobbing balls of sound onto the audience. It was less rock program than classical concerto, with electric guitars in place of strings.

Oakland quintet Neurosis likewise produced an enormous efficiency. Standing near the metal/experimental nexus at the heart of Psycho, the band merges standard metal sounds with less conventional tune structures– and put those weapons to effective usage during a Saturday-night set that never ever let up.

The celebration when again produced some cool discoveries, mostly inside intimate Vinyl. Ohio’s Mouth of the Designer dusted electronic weirdness onto its metal foundation on Friday; Brazilian trio Saturndust jammed out on tribal psych late Saturday; and Kansas City act Merlin– whose frontman used a cape and sunglasses– left an endearingly semi-pro impression on Sunday.

2017 Psycho Festival: Sunday

The host residential or commercial property stayed a strength for Psycho, offering– in addition to its 3 places– hotel spaces for much of the crowd, an array of solid dining alternatives (Pizza Specialty, Pink Taco, Culinary Dropout) and toilets that put any celebration equivalent to shame. On the drawback: beefed-up security, which appeared overly concerned with potential moshers, and the disappearance of free water inside the Joint on day two, with bartenders offering $8 bottles instead. The fest was once again boosted by outstanding noise, its phase lighting was greatly improved and, though it hardly seemed possible after 2016, the merch area’s stockpile of Tee shirts felt a lot more enormous, with the room acting as de-facto celebration HQ.

In 2015, Psycho developed itself as a winner, standing out in a market jumbled with celebration choices. Last weekend, it proved it was no 1 year marvel, laying the groundwork for another successfully heavy edition in 2018.

Five Vegas bars with a notoriously heavy pour

1. Huntridge Tavern If you live in the area, you understand this Downtown dive for its stiff beverages and that time-travel feel when you realize the sun is up … and you’re still there. 1116 E. Charleston Blvd., 702-384-7377.

2. Bunkhouse Saloon Catch a show (like the Rap Is Enjoyable anniversary gig on August 5), mingle on the patio area and get some additional bang for your buck with Bunkhouse’s famously strong wells. 124 S. 11th St., 702-982-1764.

3. Badlands Saloon There are beverage specials every day at this Western-themed gay bar ($2 wells on Saturdays), and the cocktails come in pint glasses. ‘Nuff stated. 953 E. Sahara Ave. # 22B, 702-792-9262.

4. Frankie’s Tiki Room The useful skull key helps clients decide just how blitzed they want to get. Will it be a three-skull Sea Hag or a five-skull Fink Bomb? The choice is yours. 1712 W. Charleston Blvd., 702-386-3110.

5. Champagne’s Cafe An OG karaoke area, with inexpensive drinks to assist you channel your inner Mariah all night long. Call a Lyft when you’re done, please. 3557 S. Maryland Parkway, 702-737-1699.

Heavy rain possible in Las Vegas throughout weekend

In this undated image, a sign and caution tape blocks a flooded Las Vegas-area road. (File/FOX5)In this undated image, an indicator and caution tape blocks a flooded Las Vegas-area road. (File/FOX5).

Forecasters alerted of the possibility of heavy rain in Southern Nevada during the weekend, thanks to Typhoon Delores.

The National Weather condition Service released a flash flood watch from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday for the majority of Clark County, the Spring Mountains and the Sheep Range.

FOX5 Meteorologist Les Krifaton stated moisture is being thrown northward from Cyclone Delores, which is spinning off the Baja Peninsula coast. That moisture will remain to be pulled north and into Southern Nevada by late Friday.

Krifaton said the bulk of the rain on Friday will be in Arizona, but extensive showers and storms are anticipated throughout Southern Nevada by Saturday afternoon.

Rain chances stay in the Las Vegas forecast through Tuesday, Krifaton said.

As the wetness increases, temperature levels will reduce, Krifaton said. High temperatures from Saturday to Monday will certainly peak in the middle 90s for Las Vegas.

Bright and seasonably warm weather condition returns to the area by Wednesday.

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