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Spouse shoots would-be burglar holding wife at gunpoint, police say

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title=” (Meredith File Image) “border=” 0″ src=” http://MEREDITH.images.worldnow.com/images/16183392_G.png?auto=webp&disable=upscale&width=800&lastEditedDate=20180719055333″ width= “180”/ > (Meredith File Image). (Meredith)– Authorities stated a Texas man shot an alleged house burglar in the head after the suspect got his partner and held her at gunpoint.

The woman had just pulled up to their home in Houston Tuesday at around 10 p.m. when 2 gunmen approached her in the driveway, < a href=" http://abc13.com/man-shoots-gunmen-to-save-wife-during-attempted-break-in/3780861/" target="

_ blank “> KTRK reported. One of the suspects opted for her handbag, and the other tried to require the woman inside the house while holding a weapon to her head, inning accordance with KPRC. Her spouse was inside your home when he heard her yelling. Police stated he looked from a window and saw the two suspects trying to drag his other half into the house. The spouse then got his handgun and went outside to challenge the males.

Police said they exchanged gunfire and the homeowner shot among the suspects in the head, leaving him with crucial injuries. Responding officers found the wounded suspect depending on the couple’s driveway.

He stayed in a hospital Thursday early morning after having emergency surgical treatment late Tuesday night, KHOU reported.

The other suspect ran away the scene and cops are still searching for him. Neither suspect has been recognized by police. The victims have also not been called, as authorities continue to investigate.

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Cops shoot, kill unarmed male holding mobile phone in yard

(CNN)– Protesters marched into City Hall in Sacramento, California, and onto an interstate highway Thursday as the mayor called for calm after police killed an unarmed black male they thought had a weapon.

Sacramento police said the two officers fired at Stephon Clark, killing the 22-year-old, who remained in his grandma’s yard after a chase. Detectives stated they did not discover a weapon, only a mobile phone.

Protesters called for the arrest of the 2 officers and required to see police Chief Daniel Hahn as they marched into Municipal government. The protest, which was organized by Black Lives Matter Sacramento, briefly spilled onto Interstate 5 after the group left Town hall.

“A phone is not a weapon,” protesters shouted.

Less than an hour prior to the protest, Mayor Darrell Steinberg said Clark’s death warrants a thorough evaluation of the shooting, and of police policies and treatments.

“It is important that we offer voice to the discomfort in our neighborhood, particularly the African-American community,” the mayor said.

Steinberg stated, “I feel the neighborhood’s suffering.” He called for the public not to rush to judgment till an examination is finished.

“Emotions are understandably high. Individuals are anguished,” he stated. “I comprehend it and we understand it. I advise our community to stay serene.”

The event began on Sunday after 9 p.m., when Sacramento officers responded to a report that a male had actually broken cars and truck windows and was concealing in a yard. They pursued a guy who hopped a fence into the grandmother’s home.

The shooting was recorded by the two officers’ body cams and an authorities helicopter; that video footage was launched on Wednesday.

Steinberg stated officials launch cops body electronic camera video earlier to the public given that the deadly shooting in 2016 of Joseph Mann, a psychologically ill man.

Officers fatally shot Mann after they aimed to run him down in their cruiser. Authorities were responding to 911 calls of a guy equipped with a weapon and knife, according to recordings released by authorities. Mann did not have a gun but held a knife.

He had psychological health and drug problems, his household stated. On the day of his death, he could be seen on the police videos acting bizarrely and making unusual gestures as he strolled in the street.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office said the officers were justified in shooting Mann to safeguard themselves and safeguard the general public, according to a memorandum. Mann and his family reached a $719,000 settlement with the city last February, CNN affiliate KTXL reported.

The two officers fired 18 times at Mann, inning accordance with the memorandum.

On Sunday, officers fired 20 times at Clark, hitting him several times, authorities informed CNN affiliate KOVR.

The body electronic camera videos reveal the brief encounter between police and Clark, lasting less than a minute, from the minute one of the officers shouted: “Hey, reveal me your hands. Stop. Stop.”

Authorities said the officers entered the front backyard and saw the suspect along the side of the home. Authorities stated the guy “turned and advanced towards the officers while holding an object” extended in front of him.

“Program me your hands!” among the officers shouted. “Weapon, weapon, weapon.”

Seconds later, officers opened fire as they hid near a wall.

As more cops came to the scene, someone is heard asking “Exactly what did he have on him?”

An officer responded “… something in his hands. It looked like a weapon from our point of view.”

Clark’s relative have challenged the cops account.

Clark’s grandmother said she was inside your house when the shots were fired, and saw her grandson with an iPhone. Stevante Clark, Stephon’s brother, said the two typically remained at their granny’s home.

“They stated he had a weapon. Then they said he had a crowbar. Then they said he had a toolbar,” Stevante Clark stated on HLN. “Exactly what is a toolbar?”

“If you lie to me when, I know you’ll lie to me once again.”

He stated his sibling was a dad of two. He was trendy and got regular manicures and pedicures.

“He was like Ric Flair,” his bro stated, describing the elegant wrestler. “He was an entrepreneur. He would generate income selling shoes … playing online for video games.”

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Hiker finds body of male holding gun at Red Rock Canyon path

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title=" (FOX5 File) "border=

” 0″ src =” /wp-content/uploads/2018/03/16236929_G.jpg” width=” 180 “/ >( FOX5 File). LAS VEGAS( FOX5)-. Las Vegas Metro cops are investigating reports of a body discovered at a Red Rock Canyon path Saturday morning.

A hiker reported the discovery to authorities at 11:39 a.m. The deceased man was found within Oak Creek Canyon, a 1.1-mile long hiking path that sits between Red Rock’s Wilson Cliffs, confirmed Lt. Isaac Auten.

Cops said the guy had a weapon in his hand. LVMPD systems and Red Rock Search and Rescue are responding to the scene.

This is an establishing story.

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How are Las Vegas merchants holding their own in the age of Amazon?

contact)Thursday, March 1, 2018|2 a.m. Barnes & Noble is in difficulty. The national book shop chain– 632 stores throughout the United States, at last count– is the last gamer in what utilized to be a congested field. Recently, America’s shopping malls and shopping centers were liberally dotted with chain booksellers like Borders, Waldenbooks and Crown, all them defunct today. (For that matter, America utilized to boast countless dynamic shopping centers, a lot of which– even here in Vegas– now stand primarily uninhabited, if not abandoned completely.) On February 13, B&N laid off a large number of full-time workers– supposedly some 1,800 workers– in the middle of plunging sales. Investors are advising business management to sell the business while they still can.

Shopping regional

The factors for B&N’s death are several: the popularity of e-books and readers, one of which B&N itself offers (the Nook); the expansion of Walmart into book sales; and the ongoing dominance of Amazon, which began life as an online bookseller in 1994 and ended up being a purveyor of almost whatever: electronics, clothes, food, even Oscar-nominated status films. Recently, the company started opening brick-and-mortar book shops of its own; it depends on 13 areas.

Those 13 Amazon stores are a curiosity. Even before Amazon presented its first e-reader in 2007– the best-selling Kindle– it was assumed that the Seattle-based company would eliminate practically all book shops through attrition. The lumbering, zombie-like remains of Borders and Waldenbooks seemed to verify it. But in opening physical shops, the leviathan online retailer– responsible for 44 percent of all nationwide e-commerce sales in 2017, or about 4 percent of America’s overall retail– seemed to admit that there are some things you simply can’t buy online with overall self-confidence. Books, for example.

Personally speaking, I do not believe Amazon is the devil. I have an Amazon Prime subscription and use it typically (though not for books, or for many other things I can purchase locally). I wasn’t wild about its recent “Host our Second Headquarters” project– asking cities to offer up competitive stacks of taxpayer subsidies to attract your private service just isn’t cool– however I enjoy the company just recently built a huge (800,000-square-foot) fulfillment warehouse in North Las Vegas and that it employs more than 1,500 individuals in your area.

However even in an age of online and big-box retail, there are things that Amazon, or even the similarity Barnes & & Noble, can’t do along with regional merchants can. Here are a couple of key methods Las Vegas’ separately owned shops are earning your service back from online sellers.


Click to enlarge photo

Author’s Block co-owner Drew Cohen(left)and worker Nicholas Russell.”Either I have actually improved at determining exactly what individuals want to read, or to some extent I have actually affected it,” states Drew Cohen, co-owner of Downtown’s Writer’s Block Book Store. “And I do not know which is which.”

He grins as he says this, as if to say, I’m kidding, sort of. However he does add that, at times, he’s talked consumers from some best-sellers that he understands aren’t very good (Cohen knows his stock; he’s the very definition of a starved reader), and into lesser-known books that are merely much better. Amazon might be able to suggest titles based on what you’ve checked out previously, but its algorithms can only make educated guesses at how you’re feeling. For a wise, instinctive option– one that may run counter to your previous reading– you need Drew Cohen.

“I believe that kind of transparency, as well as the social joy of interacting with someone who likes the same things you do, is something you’re not going to get if you buy a book online,” Cohen states. “I definitely have a much better sense of what people in Vegas want to read, and what they’re coming back for once again and once again. That’s something that simply takes time, which only an independent shop can do.”

If Amazon worries Cohen, he does not show it. “They do cut into our bottom line, naturally,” he says. “The discounts that they offer on books are truly hard to compete with, because often, they’re losing cash on the books they sell or making up for what would otherwise be a miserable margin with lots of volume. However I believe that it’s more of a problem for the huge box stores.”

And the mindful attention independent shops like Writer’s Block show to specific books hasn’t gone unnoticed by significant publishers. Cohen points out a current example of this, Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury. “Macmillan Publishing Services headed out of their way to get independent book shops copies of that book prior to Amazon even had them,” he says. “In situations like that, I believe independent bookstores can still have the edge. When you have a big, Harry Potter-type book coming out, there’s always some type of promotion that the independent book shops can benefit from, whether it’s signed copies that other merchants aren’t going to get, or other type of promotional wrinkles that make it easier to offer the book.”

Author’s Block’s self-reliance and Cohen’s instinct have assisted the Downtown shop, which opened in 2015, stay successful in a period when new bookshops are rare– but it’s not the spot’s only point of entry. There’s something about the place that inspires customer loyalty and city pride. The look of the place is an aspect, for sure– co-owner Scott Seeley has actually created a warm, visually sumptuous environment that’s part museum, part speakeasy, part bird sanctuary. And the shop’s back space, a classroom/performance area called the Codex, hosts a limitless chain of neighborhood occasions, from author readings to book clubs to school sightseeing tour.

More than any one thing (or maybe more precisely, the sum of all these things) is the sensation of neighborhood at Writer’s Block. To be a consumer here is to contribute to something good.

“When you go shopping here, you’re purchasing your regional economy in a way that you can value in the moment,” Cohen says. “You’re putting your dollars into a store that pays local taxes and adds to the whole facilities of your neighborhood. That’s a favorable to going shopping locally, no matter exactly what the product is.”


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< img src= "/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/BC-Camera_Photo-by-Wade-Vandervort_t198.jpg"alt="Click to increase the size of photo"/

> B&C Video camera employee Darrian Gehner (left)and routine customer Marco Traniello. Las Vegans have patronized B&C Cam considering that 1971– some 23 years prior to Amazon was founded and 20 years prior to the very first mass-market digital video camera was released. When B&C opened its doors, amateur photography was still a relatively unusual craft– something you saved for household getaways or special events, instead of something nearly every person on earth does numerous times a day. That has actually offered the team at B&C a little time to think of customer support.

“We understand we cannot take on Amazon, however we do attempt,” B&C general supervisor Prince Beverly says. “We know that we need to be somehow different, so the No. 1 thing is our customer support.”

Having actually been on both sides of a retail counter, I know exactly what that means at a fundamental level: acknowledge every client who walks through the door, address every concern with a smile, do not push somebody toward something they do not want, and so on. B&C satisfies these requirements and after that some. In my experience, its staffers have actually gone the distance repeatedly. (If you have old video cameras and lenses, you ought to bring them to among B&C’s “Cash 4 Cameras” swap occasions. The trade-in rates are more than fair, and its rates are affordable enough that you could walk out with an armful of new swag, like I did last November. Keep an eye out for the next one.)

To the B&C crew, a sale is an involved process with a long ramp-up and a longer tail. If you have actually ever purchased a new cam, you know it’s not something you can purchase online; you need to get hands-on with it, in addition to several other video cameras in the exact same family. The very same goes for lenses, lighting setups and tripods. B&C enables you to manage the merchandise, and if a walk around the shop isn’t really adequate to please your interest, practically everything for sale is also readily available as a leasing– a “try prior to you purchase” program.

“Clients can provide us a small cost for a weekend or so. If they enjoy the electronic camera, or lens, or device that they leased, we apply that fee towards the purchase,” Beverly says. “We lease a lot, so even if you’re not thinking about ‘attempt prior to you buy,’ you can just borrow stuff from us, and do an image shoot. You’re not devoted to purchasing if you don’t wish to.”

And Beverly’s admission about Amazon doesn’t suggest that the shop doesn’t strive to fulfill the online merchant’s pricing. “It’s called the MAP: Minimum Marketing [Rates] policy,” he states. “Every significant electronic camera that we sell has a MAP policy that every licensed dealership has to follow; we have to offer it at the MAP price that the producer desires. The advantage is, a great deal of times, we do not have to match [Amazon’s] cost, due to the fact that it’s identical. Every once in a while, some business consist of a totally free memory card, and we just say yes, we’ll do that. As long as it’s reasonable.”

(Beverly warns that you should watch out for cams offered online for significantly less than the MAP cost. “It’s a red flag,” he states, one which might lead to an inexpensive knockoff or a “gray market” item B&C staff members won’t be allowed to deal with, even to fix. Amazon itself does not sell those dubious products, Beverly states, though some may possibly slip through among the retailer’s unaffiliated “market” stores.)

What truly makes B&C worth shopping, however, is the shop’s passionate, unalloyed dedication to what it sells. “Each of our employee is a photographer of some kind,” Beverly says. “We in fact do not work with anyone who’s not into photography. Even our workplace individuals are great photographers.” What that indicates is that when you have some questions about a cam’s settings, they’ll jump to answer them– even if you did buy it on Amazon.

“Some clients are a little ashamed to state that they didn’t purchase from us, and they inform us, ‘Oh, I think that I got it from you people.’ Our personnel is trained not to take that into factor to consider at all. We don’t care if you purchased it on Amazon or from us.”

There are lots of other facets to B&C’s customer support– its classes (in both still and video photography), its special occasions that generate professional photographers simply for “a chat and coffee,” and– hey, why not?– its considerable online marketplace, where you can scope out presently marked down products. But in the end, absolutely nothing else comes close to the salesmanship– they’re as excited to sell you something as you are to buy it. Perhaps that’s why B&C sees a lot less window-shoppers now than it did when Amazon was still brand-new.

“Customers would be available in, test out the cams and leave, and probably go buy online,” Beverly states. “That doesn’t occur as much as it used to, and I actually believe that it’s due to the fact that of our customer service. People see that we’re well-informed, and that we actually care.”


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Kappa’s selection keeps clients smiling. Customer support at Kappa Toys is every bit as friendly and mindful as you’ll discover it at B&C and Writer’s Block. Its employees are always happy to speak with you, and they know the stock inside-out. But I have actually seldom felt the have to seek advice from them, due to the fact that Kappa’s dramatically curated toy choice practically offers itself. I defy you to stroll into this Downtown Container Park shop (or its pop-up area at the Linq Boardwalk) and not go out with something– a fidget spinner, an anime figurine, a classic Gumby. Kappa sets out a feast for the eyes, and it’s all you can do not to buy every toy in the joint.

“There’s 2 parts to the Kappa Toys experience,” says Lizzy Newsome Yopp, who runs Kappa with her spouse, Trevor. “One is curation; I mean, if you browse the web and you start looking for something, it’s a bunny hole, especially if you don’t know exactly what you desire.

“So, at a store like Kappa Toys, there’s a selection. We break the store up into styles, instead of into the same classifications you ‘d find online. So instead of finding, like, all of the action figures in one section, the DC folks are different from Gumby and Pokey, so you can kind of go to the category you understand you require.”

The other part of the experience, Yopp says, is authenticity. That may not sound extremely important while looking for toys, however Yopp has actually become aware of lots of online buying experiences, “specifically in the anime classification,” in which “individuals are finding the seller puts up the image of the main item, then sends you the Chinese knockoff. And there’s very little option for you as a buyer. In some cases the seller will simply disappear over night, and you just got some plastic crap.”

Yopp does not fret much about competition from Amazon, nor is she intimidated by the plight of toy merchants like K-B Toys, defunct because 2009, and Toys “R” United States, whose monetary woes also affected its subsidiary FAO Schwarz (the company went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy last September). Yopp, who discusses the industry with both the enthusiasm of a fan and the shrewdness of a financier, will not duplicate their errors– overextension, bad presentation.

When Kappa expands– and broaden it will, Yopp states– it’ll be with a tight hand on what makes the store work for clients: the inviting visual banquet that welcomes you when you walk in the door. Sections seem to flow into each other– wooden blocks into Lego, kazoos into music boxes. This is retailing as storytelling.

“There’s a great deal of stores that wish they had as much magic as Kappa Toys,” Yopp says. “I have actually constantly got a long list of, ‘If I had more area, I ‘d put this company in,’ due to the fact that it’s crucial to keep the shop sensation cool, and for all that we’re truly well-stocked, not so frustrating. It’s absolutely part of our service design to have that sort of Japanese cleanness to the shop.”

However not too cool, I state. There’s something cool about a “Chocolate Factory”-like level of creative mayhem.

Yopp smiles at this. “Willy Wonka is certainly part of my soul.”

I ‘d want to wager that it remains in Drew Cohen and Prince Beverly, too. The thing that joins Author’s Block, B&C Cam and Kappa Toys is that I don’t think twice about going to these places simply to be there– just to absorb their great vibes. These Vegas shops have individuality, soul. Knowing that they’re nearby provides hometown pride. Even with their massive web store, stretching storage facility and global reach, Amazon could never ever deliver something rather so important as that.

Nevada Supreme Court Holding Marijuana Circulation Hearing at UNLV

On Tuesday, UNLV’s William S. Boyd School of Law will play host to a critical hearing of the Nevada State Supreme Court that is expected to clarify a few of the policies around Nevada’s growing leisure marijuana industry.

Last November citizens approved Question 2, which legalized recreational marijuana in Nevada. The law officially took effect in January. Oversight of recreational pot was offered to the Nevada Department of Taxation, which has been working on developing the structure to manage the brand-new industry. The expense approved preliminary distribution rights to carry leisure pot solely to certified liquor suppliers. After 18 months, other companies would be enabled to get their own licenses. The state’s tax department has coped liquor suppliers over whether those distributors alone are capable of dealing with distribution for the brand-new market.

How did we get here?

Half a year after citizens approved Question 2, the Department of Taxation embraced a regulation in Might that laid out specific requirements for alcohol distributors to request distribution licensure. The Independent Alcohol Distributors of Nevada, or IADON, challenged this new policy in court, implicating the department of making up “ad hoc” guidelines that might weaken their 18-month “monopoly” on licensed cannabis circulation.

In June the First Judicial District Court disallowed the Department of Tax from issuing licenses to non-liquor suppliers, up until it had actually clarified its meaning for sufficiency.

In July, the department, seeking to adhere to the court’s ruling, embraced an emergency situation regulation that stated criteria to identify if alcohol suppliers on their own sufficed to serve the marketplace, inning accordance with court filings. Meanwhile, retail sales of leisure cannabis began. In July, the state saw sales of more than $27.1 million– producing $3.68 million in tax revenue that will be split in between the state’s Rainy Day Fund and its schools.

On Aug. 10, the state held a public hearing on its emergency regulation, but IADON claims that its members were not paid for due process throughout that meeting. Last month, IADON and another entity, PALIDIN LLC, attracted the Nevada Supreme Court, challenging whether administrative agencies have the power to produce emergency situation policies without evidence that “an emergency situation really exists.” The alcohol distributors hope the court will declare the emergency guideline itself invalid.

Inning accordance with the Department of Taxation, on the other hand, the district court did state that interested parties at the August hearing “were paid for the chance to present evidence and testament” which statement at the hearing “supported a need to expand the marijuana distributor certified to more than alcohol distributors.” What is UNLV’s function?

UNLV Law will host the Nevada Supreme Court on Tuesday for a hearing that will attempt to solve the claim produced by IADON. The hearing is an opportunity for law students to have a front row seat in the disputation of an important legal issue.”As far as the law school and to us at the law journal it’s absolutely exciting to have them come do this here,” says Stephanie Glantz, a third-year law student and editor in chief of the Nevada Law Journal.

As it ends up, students at the law journal are also working on a white paper to examine the legal ramifications of Nevada’s new recreational cannabis market Authored by Alysa Grimes, Beatrice Aguirre, and Brent Resh, this report, focused on deepening the courts’ and legal bodies’ understanding of key issues, ought to be released in March.

How common is it for alcohol suppliers to have any function in marijuana distribution in other states?

It’s not typical at all, and for good reason. Heather Azzi, Elder Project Counsel with the Washington, D.C.-based Cannabis Policy Project– and the author of Nevada’s initiative– states the state’s alcohol suppliers are a diverse group. Nevertheless, all have federal licenses for wholesale alcohol circulation– those licenses could be in jeopardy to liquor suppliers who aim to participate the marijuana service; a reality that the suppliers understand.

“I think a lot of the larger alcohol suppliers and maybe even a few of the smaller sized ones have believed really seriously about getting included with this,” says Azzi. “Those that currently have a very rewarding service model going probably weren’t going to take the danger.

So why did liquor companies get involved in the first place?

Azzi says more states working to legalize leisure cannabis are looking at producing self-reliance in the distribution system, to prevent tax evasion, which is much easier if one entity controls production, distribution and retail, as well as diversion– the siphoning away of items either across state lines or to target populations such as children.

The concept in turning to alcohol suppliers was that they had experience and understanding in transferring regulated items. “In the short term,” says Azzi, “it would have permitted the procedure to obtain operating very quickly with very little difficulty.”

Still, considered that medical cannabis dispensaries in Nevada do have experience transferring marijuana for medical functions, why bring liquor in at all?

“I think it’s simply a matter of timing,” says lawyer Amanda Connor, partner with Connor & & Connor, a company that represents licenses holders on the medical cannabis side, consisting of dispensaries, growing and production facilities. “When the initiative petition was prepared and getting signatures there wasn’t a robust or open medical marijuana market. They wished to integrate in some trust and make individuals feel great it would be carried safely.”

Connor and Julie Monteiro, editor of Marijuana Nurses publication, likewise suggest alcohol suppliers were composed into the initiative into assist protect funding had to actually get it on last November’s tally.

Exactly what are the crucial problems here?

The crucial problems are truly procedural ones: How does the state define “sufficiency” in determining whether liquor suppliers have the capability to supply sufficient circulation?

“If it boils down to that question it’s going to be tough for them to win on that. The tax department made its evaluation,” states David Orentlicher, Cobeaga Law practice professor of law and co-director of the UNLV Health Law Program. “The courts on these kinds of issues tend to accept the specialist agency. Is the court in a much better position to sort the facts and judge whether they’re sufficient or not? They’re going to be inclined to accept the tax department.”

He adds that IADON might have more luck on the procedural concerns concerning whether they received a fair hearing on Aug. 10 and whether the state’s stated “emergency situation” actually makes up one.

Still, even that is no assurance that their privileged 18-month window will hold. “If they win all they may get is for the tax department to redo the process in a more purposeful way,” states Orentlicher. “If they lose, they lose. If they win, it doesn’t preclude the tax department from revisiting it and say we’ll do a more fancy procedure. It may just postpone things.”

And Azzi notes that, since the ballot effort provides the Department of Taxation discretion, “at some time their decision will be deemed not an approximate choice or a capricious choice. And as soon as we get to that point the court will support that decision. And that will be completion of it.”

Exactly what occurs to the liquor suppliers?

Even if the supreme court enables the Department of Taxation to open up the application to a larger survey of interested parties, liquor suppliers will still have the ability to apply for a license. “They’re not being put out of organisation,” says Orentlicher. “They’re just losing another financially rewarding chance to expand their service.”

Nevertheless, as soon as distribution business get developed, he says, “it’s harder for a brand-new company to come in.”

Monteiro thinks about the matter in blunter terms.

“Any entity that has any federal ties need to not even be near marijuana, period,” she states. “Why is alcohol being so challenging? They have actually currently made their millions. Let the flood gates come for other individuals.”

'' Mirena stop working! ' Newborn holding IUD becomes web star

(Source: Lucy Hellein / Facebook)( Source: Lucy Hellein/ Facebook) (Source: Lucy Hellein/ Facebook). Fort Mitchell, AL (Tucson News Now)-.

” Mirena stop working!” That is how newborn Dexter Tyler was presented to the world. His first photo shows him holding his mommy’s IUD contraception in his little hand, and the web fell for it.

Lucy Hellein, of Alabama, posted the image to Facebook on April 28, one day after Dexter was born.

Hellein said Dexter was delivered by cesarean section. After his birth, medical staff discovered Hellein’s Mirena IUD behind her placenta.

That’s when they positioned the IUD in Dexter’s hand for a little photo-op, inning accordance with Hellein.

The image was shared tens of countless times before Hellein either removed the image or altered the privacy settings on her Facebook page.

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Westgate still holding Elvis Presley products looked for by estate


John Locher/ AP In this April 23, 2015, photo, a female trips an Elvis exhibit on the very first day of “Graceland Presents Elvis: The Exhibition, The Program, The Experience” at Westgate Las Vegas. Hundreds of Elvis Presley artifacts and memorabilia are still being held by the casino, a year after the King’s estate submitted a suit to get those prized possessions back.

Thursday, April 20, 2017|2 a.m.

Hundreds of Elvis Presley artifacts and souvenirs are still being held by Westgate Las Vegas, a year after the King’s estate submitted a claim to obtain those belongings back from a brief exhibition.

Westgate Chief Operating Officer Mark Waltrip stated Wednesday that the products– consisting of stage outfits, precious jewelry and letters, among other artifacts from the career, house and wedding of Elvis– stay secured at the gambling establishment site where the now-shuttered “Graceland Provides Elvis” destination as soon as stood.

The dispute stems from the 10-year leasing arrangement that Westgate declares the exhibit defaulted on when it left the off-Strip casino space.

A judge ruled in May 2016 that Elvis Presley Enterprises, which runs the Graceland destination in Memphis, Tennessee, might get them back by posting a $9 million bond while the leasing problem was pending.

All celebrations instead consented to take the case into arbitration. Waltrip said a judge’s decision is anticipated in the next month.

The Presley estate didn’t return calls and emails looking for remark.

Westgate took control of the items in February 2016 when the attraction, which included a museum display, wedding event chapel and theater, closed down. The operator quickly revealed it was stopping, a relocation the gambling establishment suggested was triggered by poor attendance and bad marketing and marketing efforts.

Westgate at the time also said that the exhibition was defaulting on its lease. The casino said it invested countless dollars equipping the space and was holding the products to recoup money owed as part of the leasing contract.

The estate reacted by filing the suit to retrieve the items that it stated Westgate strongly took without a legitimate legal basis.

The tourist attraction was open less than a year however had debuted with great fanfare in the exact same casino where Elvis carried out several hundred shows, back when it was referred to as the Las Vegas Hilton and The International. It was billed as the largest display screen of Elvis memorabilia outside of his well known Graceland.

The Las Vegas destination consisted of a 28,000-square-foot exhibit that featured a turning display screen of Elvis products, including the $1 million-a-year tablecloth agreement that Elvis inked to perform at exactly what is now the Westgate and the two-piece black tunic and single-button black suit that he wore for his first performances there. There was also an Elvis Presley wedding event chapel on site, which was featured on NBC’s “Today Show” when it hosted its first ceremony with the King’s ex-wife, Priscilla Presley, as the bride’s surprise matron-of-honor.

Alaska lady accused of stealing patrol car holding spouse

Friday, Sept. 4, 2015|11:34 a.m.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP)– A lady suspected of taking an Alaska State Troopers patrol car that held her handcuffed other half in the back seat was jailed on suspicion of theft and other charges.

Troopers acting on an idea found Amber Watford, 28, of Big Lake, and Joshua Watford, 38, at a house in Wasilla on Thursday.

An officer had arrested Joshua Watford on Wednesday after receiving a pointer that he remained in a Big Lake pawn store. He had been convicted of driving under the influence but had actually failed to participate in court-ordered classes, stated troopers spokesperson Megan Peters.

After Watford had been positioned in the back of a patrol car, a passing motorist stopped and began speaking with the detaining officer. While the officer was sidetracked, cannon fodders stated, Amber Watford got behind the wheel of the police car and took off.

Cannon fodders recuperated the police car an hour later on. It had not been damaged. Absolutely nothing was missing out on from the car, including the handcuffs that had actually been on Joshua Watford’s wrists, Peters stated.

Troopers introduced a look for the Watfords that consisted of a helicopter and an Anchorage Police Department K-9, however the effort to discover them was stopped after numerous hours.

After the idea can be found in Thursday, the Watfords were arrested on suspicion of car theft and other charges, including preventing prosecution and criminal mischief.

Joshua Watford remained jailed Friday early morning. Amber Watford’s bail was set at $20,000, and she was not in custody.

Directory help did not note a telephone number where the Watfords might be grabbed remark.