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Tillerson, Mattis inform senators brand-new war authority not required


Mark Metcalfe/Pool Photo/ AP In this June 5, 2017, file photo, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, right, and U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis participate in talks at Federal government Home in Sydney.

Monday, Oct. 30, 2017|2:52 p.m.

WASHINGTON– Senior U.S. nationwide security authorities informed Congress on Monday a new war authorization is “not lawfully needed” to carry out combat operations versus terrorist groups and alerted lawmakers that too soon rescinding existing law might indicate the United States is “backing away from this battle.”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis affirmed prior to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee three months after they notified the panel a post-Sept. 11, 2001 law gave the military sufficient authority to fight terrorist groups and a new one was unneeded. A different authorization for the war in Iraq approved by Congress in 2002 also stays in force.

In statement, they said if Congress does pursue a new authorization for enemies such as the Islamic State, it’s important that the existing law not be rescinded till the brand-new one is totally in location. Tillerson and Mattis also said that any brand-new war permission, like the existing one, ought to not have any geographical or time limitations placed on using force.

“Though a declaration of ongoing congressional assistance would be welcome, a new (war permission) is not legally required to attend to the continuing threat postured by al-Qaida, the Taliban and ISIS,” Mattis stated. However doing away from the existing laws prematurely “could just signify to our opponents and our pals that we are pulling back from this fight,” according to Mattis.

Their look prior to the committee comes as the lethal ambush in Niger is firing up a push among numerous lawmakers to update the legal criteria for combat operations overseas.

A growing number of congressional Republicans and Democrats, a number of whom were stunned by the depth of the U.S. dedication in Niger and other parts of Africa, have actually been requiring a brand-new permission for using military force. They have actually argued that the dynamics of the battleground have moved over the previous 16 years and it’s previous time to replace the post-Sept. 11 authorization to fight al-Qaida with a law that shows existing hazards.

Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., said recently he believed most Americans would be shocked by the level of the operations in Africa that U.S. forces are involved. Kaine and Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., are sponsoring legislation to set up a brand-new war authority for operations versus the Islamic State group, al-Qaida and the Taliban.

“I don’t think Congress has actually always been completely kept up to this day and the American public, I believe, certainly has not,” Kaine stated after leaving a categorized rundown performed by senior Pentagon authorities on the assault in Niger.

Approximately 800 U.S. service members are in Niger as part of a French-led mission to beat the extremists in West Africa. There are hundreds more American forces in other African nations.

U.S. troops likewise are battling an opponent– Islamic State militants– that didn’t exist 16 years earlier in a nation– Syria– that the United States didn’t expect to be combating in. Nor did the 2001 authorization anticipate military fights with the Syrian federal government. Trump in April bought the shooting of lots of Tomahawk missiles at an air base in main Syria and American forces in June shot down a Syrian Flying force fighter jet.

Beyond that, Trump approved a troop increase in Afghanistan, the website of America’s longest war, and the United States backs a Saudi Arabia-led coalition carrying out airstrikes in Yemen.

But previous efforts to ditch the old authorization and force Congress to craft a new one have actually failed. Democrats in your home complained that Speaker Paul Ryan used deceptive strategies after a modification was removed from a military costs bill that would have repealed the 2001 war permission 240 days after the bill was enacted. Supporters of the step stated 8 months sufficed time to approve brand-new war authority.

GOP leaders said voting to rescind existing war authority without a replacement in hand risks leaving U.S. troops and leaders in battle zone without the required legal authority they need to carry out military operations.

A comparable effort in the Senate led by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., likewise came up well short. Paul, a member of the committee and a leader of the GOP’s noninterventionist wing, has accused his coworkers of surrendering their war-making power to the White House.

Associated Press authors Andrew Taylor and Josh Lederman added to this report.

Selma Blair, Rachel McAdams inform Toback harassment stories


AP This mix image reveals starlet Selma Blair at the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York on June 6, 2016, left, and actress Rachel McAdams at the Los Angeles best of “Physician Strange” on Oct. 20, 2016. In a Vanity Fair interview published Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017, Blair and McAdams have alleged that writer and director James Toback sexually bugged them.

Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017|6:04 p.m.

LOS ANGELES– Actresses Selma Blair and Rachel McAdams have added their names to the growing list of females who have actually stepped forward to declare that writer and director James Toback sexually pestered or attacked them following a report Sunday in The Los Angeles Times detailing the accounts of 38 accusers.

Considering that Sunday, the number of accusers has swollen to over 200 declaring unsuitable encounters with Toback, an Oscar-nominee for his “Bugsy” movie script. Talking To Vanity Fair in a short article published Thursday, Blair and McAdams describe encounters similar to those detailed in the L.A. Times report– much of which assert that Toback, now 72, would talk up his accomplishments and guarantee stardom, typically referencing his relationship with Robert Downey Jr., prior to masturbating or imitating sex acts on the females.

Blair had actually currently filmed “Cruel Intentions” when her agent scheduled her to meet Toback for a possible role in his movie “Harvard Male.” The conference was set at a hotel restaurant, however Blair said when she arrived the person hosting stated that Toback desired her to meet him in his room.

There, she described a long meeting in which Toback asked her to perform a monologue naked, propositioned her for sex, and stated he would not let her leave till he “had release.” Blair said he then simulated sexual intercourse on her leg.

“I felt disgust and pity, and like nobody would ever think of me as being clean once again after being this close to the devil,” Blair said. “His energy was so sinister.”

Later, Toback suggested that if she told anyone, he could have her killed.

“I didn’t wish to speak up because, it sounds insane but, even until now, I have actually been terrified for my life,” Blair stated.

McAdams, an Oscar candidate for her supporting role in “Spotlight,” likewise met Toback to audition for “Harvard Man.” She was 21 and just starting out in business. After her audition he informed her he wanted to workshop with her. They satisfied that night in his hotel space where, she stated, the conversation rapidly turned sexual.

“He said, ‘You know, I simply need to inform you. I have actually masturbated countless times today thinking about you given that we satisfied at your audition,'” McAdams stated.

He later on asked if she would reveal him her pubic hair. McAdams said she ultimately excused herself and left.

“I was very lucky that I left and he didn’t in fact physically assault me in any method,” she said, including that she has actually felt embarassment since that she didn’t leave earlier. When she told her agent about the encounter the next day, she stated the representative said Toback had done this to another one of her starlet clients.

The accounts come as unwanted sexual advances in the office, and, specifically Hollywood, has been under increased analysis after lots of females implicated film mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and attack returning decades.

Blair stated in the case of Toback she was emboldened by the “brave ladies” who spoke up in the Times and the rage she felt when Toback dismissed the accounts. Toback denied the claims to the paper, and decreased to discuss the brand-new allegations to Vanity Fair. He has actually not responded to requests for remark from The Associated Press.

She also said she hoped that “somebody bigger” than her would “call him out.”

Weinstein accusers, who now total over 50, have varied from assistants to aspiring starlets to some of the industry’s most famous, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie. Filmmaker Ava DuVernay tweeted that Blair and the others are “huge enough.”

“You have actually helped someone out there. You have,” DuVernay wrote to Blair.

Like Weinstein, reports of Toback’s supposed habits toward females have actually been around for years. Spy magazine blogged about him in 1989, and the now-defunct site Gawker also released accounts from women in New York who had actually had encounters with Toback on the street. Julianne Moore said on Twitter Tuesday that Toback approached her on the street in New York in the 80s, asking her to come to his apartment or condo to audition.

But exactly what may occur to Toback is still a concern. As Blair explained, unlike Weinstein and Amazon executive Roy Rate, Toback is not a staff member of a company from which he can be fired. He is also not presently a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

“Toback was an Academy member but stopped renewing his annual subscription nearly a decade back. He is not a member of the Academy,” a movie academy representative said Thursday.

He does, nevertheless, presently has actually a finished film, “The Personal Life of a Modern Woman,” starring Sienna Miller and Alec Baldwin that debuted at the Venice Movie Festival earlier this year. It does not yet have a supplier.

Some see a silver lining in the dominoes falling like this.

“For many years, lots of in power tried to divide & & conquer ladies in order to control, control, & & victimize them,” said actress Jessica Chastain on Twitter on Thursday with a link to the Vanity Fair post. “The untenable behavior stops now.”

Was that a burglar or a family pet? The security cameras that can inform


Eric Risberg/ AP The current Nest Webcam security video camera is on display screen following a press conference Wednesday, June 17, 2015, in San Francisco.

Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017|2 a.m.

I have a Nest video camera for within my home– generally to see my pet dog sleep on the couch while I’m at work. I’m thinking about an electronic camera for outdoors, so I turned for guidance to Rachel Cericola, who checks internet-connected gadgets for The Wirecutter, the New york city Times website for product evaluations.

How practical and necessary is it to put an internet-connected security video camera outside a home?/ p>

> I believe having an outdoor cam is more useful than an indoor one. I do enjoy viewing my pet move from the couch to the floor 20 times a day, but having one exterior will let you understand if someone is hiding about or aiming to break in. In general, I believe the decision to purchase an outside video camera might depend a lot on where you live, if you’re away a lot and how paranoid you have to do with prowlers and packages left on the doorstep.

When I state “paranoid,” it doesn’t always suggest you resemble Jimmy Stewart in “Back Window.” If you have a lot of outside critters entering wastebasket, sheds or other locations, it can supply answers and comfort. I also have a milkman, so it’s good to understand when things remain in the box.

A milkman!

Yes. He’s remarkable, too.

Exactly what do you advise camera-wise, not milk-wise?

The very best one I have actually seen so far is the Nest Cam Outdoor. It has killer picture quality and 24/7 recording. Lots of video cameras record simply when there’s movement. This one records all the time, so you don’t have to stress over missing out on something. Then, when something does take place, you get a little alert on your phone or you can see a timeline of videos in the cellphone app. That kind of service does need a membership, which may terrify some individuals off, however it’s not as scary as someone strolling right in front of the video camera and having your camera miss it.

How did you test the cameras?

I install them to a board that’s connected to my front patio. I think the most I had mounted there at the same time was 7.

This area gets a great deal of action. Often it’s too much action, and some electronic cameras will capture every cars and truck that owns by. I have actually evaluated cameras that have sent me over 100 notifications a day. That’s why it is very important to try to find an electronic camera that has a way to adjust the video camera’s sensitivity.

I’ve likewise put them in the back of my house and have found that my yard is rather the late-night hotbed for stray cats and rabbits.

Did the neighbors get stressed when they saw all those cameras going up?

I have them in a spot where you cannot actually notice up until you get up close. However I’m quite sure a few of the area kids believed I was a drug dealer or something.

The regular alerts can be irritating. Are any of the cameras good at acknowledging what are individuals and what are raccoons?

This is among the reasons I love the $170 Nest Camera Outdoor. The Nest Aware function can tell the difference in between individuals and family pets. Likewise, like whatever else in the Nest family, this cam is always learning. It will actually start to acknowledge individuals in your household. Once again, that kind of service begins at $10 a month for one cam, which includes 10 days of video history. If you do not wish to spend for that, the Netatmo Presence has a function that will signal you to people or animals. That a person readies however not as versatile or easy as the Nest.

Any ideas on where to put them and where to point them?

Seeing angle, Wi-Fi strength and whether the camera is wired or wireless might determine how close or far away you can get. If the camera has a broad viewing angle and a clear image, you may be able to cover the whole front of a house with one or two cams. Entry points are the No. 1 thing to think about, such as the front and back entrance. The SkyBellHD can integrate a video camera and a doorbell to see who’s approaching. But some individuals might wish to cover a shed, a boat or the driveway.

I prefer to have the front door covered so I can see who’s reoccuring. I keep the cam close so I can get a good clear image. I choose to point it at the front door, however that usually covers my front porch too.

The milkman does not mind?

He doesn’t seem to. I make certain barking pet dogs are way more stunning than the cameras. He’s quite fast, though.

Aaron Hernandez suicide note to bride-to-be: '' Inform my story fully …''.

In a note to his fiancee that was discovered in his jail cell after he hanged himself, Aaron Hernandez had one final message: “I told you exactly what was coming indirectly!”

In another part of the letter, he wrote in a parenthetical aside “( YOURE RICH).”

Those lines become part of a handwritten suicide note that prosecutors included in a legal filing in Bristol County Superior Court in Massachusetts on Friday. Detectives have actually stated three handwritten notes were found in his cell when he

was discovered hanged. State district attorneys are wishing to use the letter to argue that Hernandez’s murder conviction ought to not be abandoned in the wake of his suicide, as it would “reward the defendant’s conscious, deliberate and voluntary act,” according to a court filing.

The handwritten note is largely a personal letter of love to his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, as well as referrals the Savage Garden tune “I Understood I Liked You.”

” Tell my story fully however never think anything besides what does it cost? I love you,” Hernandez composed in the note. “This was the Supremes, the Almightys plan, not mine!”

The lawyer for the Hernandez family issued a declaration Friday calling the release of the note “unnecessary.”

The declaration from Jose Baez stated, “Instead of protecting victims, they are penalizing and abusing the Hernandez household who have to grieve.”

The filing likewise consisted of information of interviews with fellow inmates, including one source who said Hernandez had actually recently pointed out a “rumor” to the inmate.

” This report was that if an inmate has an open appeal on his case and passes away in prison, he is acquitted of his charge and will be considered not guilty,” the interview report states.


Massachusetts is among a number of states that has actually recognized a legal guideline called “reduction,” where courts throw away convictions for offenders who diebefore their appeal is heard.

Hernandez was serving a sentence of life in prison for the June 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd when he hanged himself on April 19. A trial date for his appeal in that case had not been set when he died.

Leaving the conviction might make complex legal procedures for Lloyd’s family, who has took legal action against Hernandez for damages in civil court.

Hernandez’s lawyers have actually asked Bristol County Superior Court to leave the conviction, which is generally instantly granted, legal professionals have told CNN.

Nevertheless, prosecutors submitted a movement opposing the abatement. They argued that abatement lacks any solid historical or legal basis, and added that Hernandez’s death technically finished his life sentence.

” An offender, who can cut off his own criminal appeal by suicide and stall civil lawsuits by a stay of procedures and then avoid application of collateral estoppel, has the reins of the whole justice system in his own hands,” prosecutors wrote.

Hernandez’s conversations with inmates

The filing consists of interviews with fellow prisoners who mentioned their response to his suicide.

Prisoners who stated they were “close” with Hernandez said that in the days after his acquittal of double murder charges he was “positive and even happily emotional, which was not usual,” inning accordance with the report.

Those who said they were “tight” or “genuine close” with Hernandez stated he had ended up being more spiritual during his time in jail, and felt his suicide was some sort of spiritual message, the report states.

The report likewise specifies that one inmate stated Hernandez had actually visited his door prior to lock in and specified, “remember when you die your soul gets reincarnated.”

“He was a very spiritual man who was constantly quoting the Bible,” one source who claimed to be among Hernandez’s closest good friends stated. “Considering that Friday’s verdict he had actually been speaking about the NFL and going back to play even if it wasn’t with the Pats.”

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