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Citizen guarding hiring center says he was informed to leave


Considering that the shooting deaths of 5 military members during a rampage in Chattanooga, TN, last month, armed veterans and citizens have been standing guard at recruiting centers all over the United States.

“If they can’t protect themselves, then we’re going to safeguard them much like they secure us,” O’Brien said. “They lay their lives on the line for us.”

However, Ron O’Brien, one of these resident guards in Las Vegas, stated he was informed to leave the property recently by a female who claimed to be representing the Department of Defense.

“That’s exactly what’s been happening all over town,” O’Brien said.

Jeff Ross, a spokesman for the U.S. Army, said in a statement that the branch is worried that armed people outside a center might frighten possible recruits.

“We significantly appreciate the amazing profusion of patriotism and support for our recruiting centers throughout the country,” Ross stated in the statement. “However, we are worried that having armed civilians outside our recruiting centers could cause young Americans potentially thinking about exploring their lots of chances with the Army to choose not to visit our centers.”

Among those employees, though, said the additional security did not trouble him.

“It’s sort of assurance,” stated Anthony Morales.” [It is] type of soothing, understanding there is a big line of defense between prospective threatening people or damage and myself and my other half while we’re trying to get and assist our nation.”

According to Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook, the Defense Department is evaluating recommendations from all branches of the military making installations and centers more secure, including recruiting stations.

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