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Death row interview: Denied two executions, Dozier states awaiting death is '' torture '.

Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018|9:35 a.m.

Scott Dozier was ready to pass away. He spent the past a number of months questioning: Is this the night? Rather, he’s back to doing to the very same thing he’s been doing for the previous years.

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Giuliani: Don'' t anticipate Trump-Russia interview choice quickly


Andrew Harnik/ AP Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for President Donald Trump, praises at the Iran Liberty Convention for Person Rights and democracy at the Grand Hyatt, Saturday, May 5, 2018, in Washington.

Friday, Might 11, 2018|3:33 p.m.

New York City– President Donald Trump and his lawyers most likely will not decide whether he will address questions from Russia probe investigators up until after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un next month, inning accordance with the president’s legal team.

Rudy Giuliani, the president’s new lawyer, stated in an interview with The Associated Press on Friday that any preparation with Trump for a possible interview with federal detectives would likely be delayed till after the June 12 summit in Singapore due to the fact that “I would not want to take his concentration off something far, far more essential.”

Giuliani, who likewise recommended that special counsel Robert Mueller’s group had suggested it would not attempt to indict Trump, stated he had actually hoped to solve the concern of a possible interview by May 17, the one-year anniversary of Mueller’s visit, but that was not practical.

” A number of things postponed us, with the main one being the whole scenario with North Korea,” Giuliani stated. “The president has been extremely busy. It actually would be quite near impossible to invest the quantity of time on it we would require.”

The president’s lawyers have not decided whether it would be in Trump’s benefit to sit for an interview. Giuliani warned that it could be a “perjury trap” and recommended that “lies told by others” could land the president in legal problem, though he said that Trump himself would not close the door totally on an interview.

” The president would most likely like the resolution,” the former New York City mayor said. “If we were encouraged it would accelerate the process, we may do it. If our companied believe they would enter into it truthfully and with an open mind, we would be inclined to do it. However right now, we’re not there.”

Mueller’s investigation has actually run mostly in secrecy, with the general public getting only looks into its operation through witnesses who are questioned or when indictments and guilty pleas are unsealed. But Giuliani suggested that a current conversation with Mueller’s team led him to think that the special counsel, pointing out a Justice Department opinion, had actually eliminated the possibility of trying to arraign a sitting president.

Mueller has actually floated the idea of providing a grand jury subpoena for Trump to answer concerns, former Trump lawyer John Dowd has stated, though it is unclear how severe district attorneys were about such a move. Even if Mueller’s group decided to subpoena Trump as part of the examination, the president might still combat it in court or choose not to address concerns by invoking his Fifth Amendment protection from self-incrimination.

Giuliani stated Friday that if a subpoena were provided to obtain Trump to appear, the president’s legal team would oppose it unless they could “reach contract on the ground rules.” He argued that Trump might invoke executive opportunity, and the team would indicate Justice Department viewpoints in battling a subpoena and “on both law and the facts, we would have the greatest case you might envision.” He kept in mind the handover of 1.2 million files as proof of cooperation.

He also indicated that the president’s legal representatives may be “most likely” to agree to an interview if Mueller’s team narrowed the scope of exactly what it was investigating. Though Giuliani would not provide a precise date for when a decision would be made about the interview, he said it most likely “would be silly to make a choice” much before the highly prepared for top. He said that the needs on Trump’s time indicated that his legal group had actually “refrained from doing a lot” in regards to preparing the president for a possible in-person interview.

” It would take a while and he’s focused on North Korea,” said Giuliani.

A variety of Trump allies, including Vice President Mike Pence today, have actually stepped up calls for Mueller’s examination to conclude, suggesting it was interfering in the president’s capability to do the country’s service. Mueller’s team is examining Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible coordination with Trump associates as well as whether the president blocked justice. Up until now, the special counsel’s workplace has actually charged 19 individuals– including 4 Trump campaign advisers– and 3 Russian companies.

Both Trump’s previous national security advisor, Michael Flynn, and his deputy project chairman, Rick Gates, have pleaded guilty and are now complying with the probe. A variety of other previous White House and project staffers, consisting of Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon, as well as Inauguration Day committee chairman Tom Barrack, have been talked to.

Trump’s long time individual lawyer, Michael Cohen, had his office and house raided by federal representatives and, today, was revealed to have been offering his insight into Trump to corporations. Giuliani said the arrangement “looks bad” but insisted there was no criminal activity.

Giuliani demurred when asked if Trump would consider it a “red line” for his children to be interviewed. Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared, Kushner, both dealt with the project and are senior advisers at the White Home, while Trump’s adult kids, Don Jr. and Eric, were also leading figures on the project. Giuliani said he did not anticipate those interviews with Mueller to take place.

” Our understanding is that he’s basically ended up,” Giuliani said. “As far we know, we’re essentially the last witness.”

The special counsel’s office has actually not outlined the duration of the probe.

A few of Trump’s recent tweets revealed the president’s anxiety about how the examination could sway citizens as they decide whether to keep congressional Republican politicians in power or require him to face an aggressive Democratic bulk. Giuliani duplicated his call for the probe to end soon however recommended that if it lasted up until November’s midterms, “it would be assisting Republicans.”

” It makes the project feel it has to do with impeachment,” the former mayor stated. “I think the Democrats would be making the exact same error we did back during Clinton.”

In 1998, months after Clinton was impeached, voter reaction cost the Republicans’ possibility to pick up seats in both Houses of Congress.

Associated Press authors Chad Day and Eric Tucker contributed reporting from Washington.

The Weekly interview: Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie returns to his All the Hits residency at the Axis at World Hollywood tonight, November 29, and continues with 6 shows in December. Las Vegas Weekly overtook the music legend as quickly as he touched down on the Strip today to discuss exactly what sets his Vegas show apart– the songs.

The other headliners at the Axis have built these big, magnificent productions around a smaller quantity of material. Your show is different since you have all the material. My biggest problem is it’s ensured somebody is going to leave saying, “I can’t believe they didn’t play …” You understand, there’s the best Hits tour, then there’s the All the Songs I Ever Played in My Life tour (laughs), We are actually blessed. There was a point in my life when all we had to do was worry if we had sufficient music to play one hour of our tunes only. If you’ve got that, you have actually obtained an opportunity to have a career. Then you enter into two hours, or two and a half, and you’ve got a problem. They offer you a time slot so you have to suffice down, and exactly what do you want to exclude? I’m in that blessed category since I don’t require the dancers and all the stuff between, I just need the next tune.

But having many hits should make it difficult to construct your program and make those choices. Absolutely. It’s always an issue. When we’re in England, we have three more albums that they have actually never ever heard in America. And individuals from England are coming here, and individuals from China and Germany. Every night we try to make the perfect set. I like Vegas since that’s a great issue to have here. Even if we’re aiming to experiment, it still comes out to a fantastic show. You know you’re doing “Easy” and “Brick House” and “Hello” and “Really” and “Dancing on the Ceiling,” since it resembles Springsteen and “Born in the U.S.A.”– you can’t stroll off without doing those songs. However then you get to fill in the blanks. I also like it here since I get to hear what they’re stating. When you plan an arena, all you hear is [the holler of a crowd] then it’s the next tune, then [the holler] Here, I put the mic down and they’re singing every word with me, which’s so essential to me.

I was an ’80s kid, and the three records I remember repeating then until they were broken were Thriller, Purple Rain and Cannot Decrease. Yep. Oh yeah.

I didn’t understand at the time, but Cannot Slow Down seemed to have numerous various sort of tunes, yet there were just 8 tracks on that album. Isn’t really that insane? When I turned the album in, the record business stated, “Are you kidding me?” Here’s the joke: Seven of the 8 were hits. The entire album was a greatest hits bundle.

But the principle at that time– which I like, to go a little traditional– was that there was a record store. You wish to come out with your album at the same time as Michael and Prince and Springsteen and Madonna. Why? Since when you walk to the front of the store, there was always the most recent releases, so you go to pick up Thriller and there’s Can’t Slow Down. You’re not going to walk out with simply one. So I wanted to make sure I was with that group due to the fact that as much as we were competition, we were good friends with a healthy regard for each other. We all had our lane, but it was all called pop and R&B music, and each of those records had their own identity.

You’ve constantly played with your musical identity. From that record, you had “Stuck on You,” which was actually a nation song. Were you aiming to dabble in various genres or just doing what came naturally? I was doing what I was doing. I was not at Sony, or Columbia, or Atlantic Records. I was at Motown. It’s a black business. So we didn’t have an R&B department; we just had the records. I didn’t understand to break with R&B and cross over, I felt in one’s bones to put the record out.

I had [former Motown president] Skip Miller, a dear friend and the gentleman I give all the credit to for providing me that consent, who saw me wrestling with this thing and said, “Don’t attempt to figure out all that; simply compose what you want to write and I’ll get it to the right people.” So when I wrote “Cruise On,” I wasn’t considering all that. I was going after Billy Joel and Elton John and James Taylor. I didn’t get that we had classifications. The sparkle of Motown was they never pigeonholed us. I didn’t really get scared up until most likely “Three Times a Lady,” when I understood I dropped a waltz in the middle of disco and funk (llaughs). That’s when I recognized I might want to call it back a bit.

Are there any new artists out there you see doing that today, pushing through those various genres? An excellent song is a terrific tune– let’s begin there. What has actually always maimed the artist is record companies and radio and now the streaming world having actually these things called categories. It’s like saying to an actor you can just play this character for the rest of your career. If you begin a funkster, you’re always gon na be a funkster. So I guess I defied the laws of gravity.

Today, I would say Bruno Mars has that left and right thing going on. He gets it. Chris Stapleton– ignore it. He’s a writer, male. But on top of that he gets onstage and he’s simply a badass.

That’s what it has to do with. You do not go to see Dylan with dancers; he’s gon na inform you a story. You’re trying to find the character and the flavor. Everything doesn’t have to be boom-bam-boom. Why are you weeping in the middle of that tune? Since that’s a badass tune. Melody is king. I’m a writer first and a performer second.

Lionel Richie November 29 & & December 6, 8, 9, 13 & & 15, 8 p.m., $44-$300. The Axis, 702-777-2782.

Interview: Kendra flying high as '' Sex Tips ' show gets great news

Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017|2 a.m.

. If your first time acting in a play live on stage led to that play getting an extension from a three-month go to an eight-month run, you ‘d be quite hyped up about it. And so is Kendra Wilkinson. The previous Playboy design and star of popular reality series “The Girls Next Door” and the current “Kendra on Top” co-stars with Jai Rodriguez (“Queer Eye for the Straight Person”) in “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Male” at Paris Las Vegas, a wild and funny production that made its Vegas debut in Might.

“It’s the first big change in my career and I’m loving every minute of it,” states Wilkinson. “This is my very first rodeo, my very first time on phase carrying out in front of a live audience, and there couldn’t be a better scenario than kicking it off in Las Vegas. It’s an amazing sensation.”

I consulted with Wilkinson about her new enthusiasm for acting, the future of the program, her family’s reaction and more as she gets ready to keep “Sex Tips” in peak kind through Jan. 2.

Is it possible that the show could be extended once again deeper into the new year? That would definitely need to be discussed. I have two kids and an other half and a life out in LA, and mother can just be chosen so long! But the very first three months of the program just wasn’t enough. It feels like we just began making a big splash and I don’t believe anyone was ready for it to end. And now there are some modifications pertaining to the program and we actually want to see the development and make those modifications occur and really get the feel of exactly what it implies to do this play in Las Vegas.

Is it tough to spend this much time in Vegas far from your household? It takes 2 incredibly dedicated moms and dads to really interact in order to do something like this, although the 45-minute flight makes it easier. We’re a team. However Vegas is my kids’ 2nd home. They come out on their breaks and they’re very thrilled for me and this huge change in my life. They’re rooting me on like everyone else.

When did you reach the point where you felt really comfy on stage? I believe I got that first program under my belt and the rest was gravy. We rehearsed for a lot of hours and that opening night was the one I needed. Now it’s fun and I’m not nervous. My goal for the first show was to be best, to not ruin one line, and I did it. Now I’m in fact becoming my character. I’m fine with making mistakes and the Vegas audience is really liking it when that happens.

It took a while for the audience to understand that this was a play and not some sort of Kendra show. Everyone states this format doesn’t work here. It’s a play but it moves. There are only three characters, it’s got a fantastic little story, and it’s more of a conservative play than people think. There were individuals who thought it was a Q&A with Kendra, however that’s One Hundred Percent incorrect. I play a character named Robyn who’s very shy and doesn’t quite know what she’s gotten herself into, but she opens up at the end.

Is this function opening new doors for you in the acting world? I am all set to take on the acting world. I didn’t understand if I might do it or not, due to the fact that I’ve just done little things in TELEVISION or films playing myself. I am so delighted playing someone else. I have actually spent 13 years playing Kendra on TELEVISION and I’m just having the very best time doing this, and being challenged is the enjoyable of it.

You just completed another season of “Kendra on Top.” Are you going to take a break from reality TELEVISION eventually? It’s so fascinating how much I have actually found out these last few months on stage. I’m beginning to realize your inner-most feelings and feelings, all your pain and all the important things you think are the funniest, everything you have actually ever experienced goes into your work as a star. So I’m having fun opening myself up and finding brand-new ways to play the character, and learning that the responses are inside of me. At the end of the day, it’s an escape. However I can’t put [truth TV] on hold since that’s my life. My show is not scripted, and it’s following my journey now into this acting world. My TELEVISION programs have actually followed me all around the nation for many years, having children and marrying and they belong of me, they’re my home movies. They’re just connected to me. It resembles composing a narrative however on a TELEVISION platform.

“Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Guy” performs Thursday-Tuesday at 7 p.m. (with extra 11 p.m. shows on Saturdays) in the Anthony Cools Showroom at Paris Las Vegas. Discover more details at caesars.com.

The Weekly interview: Shooter Jennings talks Nine Inch Nails, Giorgio Moroder and Bob Dylan

It’s impossible to pigeonhole Shooter Jennings. Because releasing 2005’s Put the “O” Back in Country, he has actually has meddled country, rock roll, electronic music as well as video-game scores– and that’s just for beginners. The multi-talented musician signed in before a recent show.

You just recently opened up for the Old 97’s on a few Texas dates. I think they opened for my father [Waylon Jennings] back in the ’90s at one point. He really fell in love with Rhett [Miller] and the band. He wound up taping a couple songs in the studio with them, that didn’t come out for a long time until me and the Old ’97s put them online. [The band has] remained in my life because I was quite a bit more youthful, like, 18. To lastly do some shows with them after all this time is remarkable.

You’ve been on the road for a few months now. Exactly what’s been the most rewarding feature of your latest run of programs? I did a couple years exploring with my father’s old band, Waymore’s Outlaws, and that was a lot of fun. However I’m going back to my band, my LA band. We have actually done a lot of records together, but not a great deal of substantial touring. It’s actually amazing to obtain out and play these tunes on the road with these guys. It’s such a fantastic band.

What is visiting with this band permitting you to do that you haven’t ben able to do the past couple of years? We’re revisiting a great deal of old product, which is truly nice. A great deal of the Black Ribbons product, which is harder but fun and daring. We can play the nation stuff, the heavy stuff, whatever we desire, to try to craft the best show.

Has doing these shows kick-started any song ideas? We’ve already tape-recorded a record. We’re just resting on the material, because we’re creating a strategy– when to release and how to launch. And we’re doing a lot of various things on the side at the very same time, other records with other people. We keep new things pretty near to our vest, since YouTube and things like that make that not a lot enjoyable. I have actually always been someone who liked to spring the brand-new things on people on a record initially.

There’s something about entering into a shop, buying a record, unwrapping it and putting it in a stereo– it’s kind of a lost art. For sure, physically or digitally. When I say record, I indicate both. Physically, our label [Black Country Rock] presses a great deal of vinyl, and we have a product that we have the ability to make and sell. We put a great deal of heart and soul into the art and the design of it and whatever.

I gather vinyl. It’s like having an artifact, something physical that marks a period of time. That is something that is lost in the digital age.

What have you bought recently that you’re most stired about? 9 Inch Nails has this new vinyl store, and they have actually rereleased a lot of their old records. I was a very big 9 Inch Nails fan when I was younger. Trent Reznor’s kind of the reason I began to do music. They have actually reprinted a bunch of old things on vinyl. There’s an album by a band called Prick that he produced that I loved [1995’s Prick, and they’ve rereleased that on vinyl, and they have actually rereleased the Lost Highway soundtrack on vinyl. And they rereleased the Quake soundtrack, the computer game that Reznor did back then, on vinyl. I simply bought all 3 of those.

I purchased The Fragile: Discrepancies 1 on vinyl, the four-LP set. Me too. I bought that, I bought The Down Spiral and I purchased Broken, which I was extremely excited about to have on vinyl. I’m waiting on those to show up. My better half’s preferred record is The Fragile; my own’s The Downward Spiral. The Downward Spiral was the record that influenced me to play music. I could not believe that record when I heard it. I was like, “This is the most aggressive, layered, cool, original record.” I was 15 when it came out, and it simply spoke to me.

On the Giorgio Moroder tribute you released in 2015, Countach (For Giorgio), you got Marilyn Manson to cover David Bowie’s “Feline Individuals.” I was a big fan of Marilyn Manson maturing, and then we end up being friends about two-and-a-half years earlier– we just clicked. He was whatever I hoped he would be by the time I satisfied him. It blew my mind having the ability to have a hero of mine like that on a record. I was a fan of Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals and all that.

Exactly what was the motivation for doing the Giorgio Moroder record? In 2012 I began digging into Giorgio and truly falling in love with his tunes. They were just excellent songs and plans, and I was becoming obsessed with him. I had put together a George Jones tribute record called Don’t Wait Up (For George), but at the same time I wanted to do something various. It hit me to do, like, a George/Giorgio thing. Initially it was going to be two songs, like two 7-inches or something. The George one developed into an EP, and then I resembled, “Well, we got ta do a Giorgio one to go with it.”

The concept was to utilize drum makers and synthesizers on the George record more and use more live drums and fiddle and steel and things on the Giorgio record. They were type of like a pair. The Giorgio record, because the tunes are so long, became a full record. I was really happy. To be able to get through that was like an experience. When I did Black Ribbon, the idea record we had, that was handling something big and persevering. This was another experience, in a way. Survival. Like, “I’m doing a Giorgio record. I’m going to complete it, and it’s going to ready.”

In a way, it likewise teaches you things. I constantly heard that Hunter S. Thompson would retype Ernest Hemingway books to get his composing design down, and learn from the within out. Doing a record like that on Giorgio taught me a lot, since I was trying to follow his arrangements pretty carefully and adapt them and learn how he thought from the inside out.

You recently played the Bob Dylan tribute, Dylan Fest 2017, and you did his tune “Man Provided Names to All the Animals.” What drew you to that a person? I was visiting my mama in Arizona with my spouse and kids. We remained in the automobile with her, and she was playing the Slow Train Coming record. That song was on at the minute when they asked me to do Dylan Fest. And I was like, “I wish to do this tune!” I mean, I simply love the song. It’s so easy, and it’s stage-y and vibe-y. I also understood that everyone there was going to be dealing with the success and aiming to sing like Dylan and stuff. It was like, “I’m going to do something weird, and have fun with it.”

I’ve done “Isis” a bunch on trip, and I sent a lot of songs [over for factor to consider], but my very first choice was constantly “Guy Gave Names to All the Animals.” The man who was the bandleader was like, “We’ve constantly wanted to do that one! Let’s do that!” I was type of stuck, and I needed to do it, however it was a lot of enjoyable.

Do you have any memorable Las Vegas moments that stand apart? I live in LA; I went to Vegas, like, every weekend for the very first 4 years of my time there. I have actually been there 17 years. Vegas was a location you go to party for the weekend, or I’ll take my partner for her birthday. I have lots of Vegas stories.

I saw 9 Inch Nails with A Perfect Circle there when Twiggy was playing bass in Nine Inch Nails. I believe that was during the With Teeth record. I remained in a hotel space with Maynard [James Keenan], and he had a roadway case loaded with wine and wine glasses. I remember being like, “Wine and wine glasses in a road case– that’s the very first time I’ve ever seen that.”

Shooter Jennings with Jamie Wyatt. July 14, 8 p.m., $25-$39. Vinyl, 702-693-5000.