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South Korean leader will be checked by Kim top

Friday, Aug. 24, 2018|2 a.m.

Seoul, South Korea– View more of the Sun’s viewpoint section

Top fever nowadays is as hot as the weather. We face weeks of heated dispute in the run-up to a 3rd summit in between South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, and possibly a second top in between President Donald Trump and Kim. The Moon-Kim summit is going to check Moon’s willingness to stand up to Kim.The overriding North Korean demands are for the South to get the United States and the United Nations to do away with sanctions, and for the United States to fall for a “peace statement” before the North does an aspect of “denuclearization,” nevertheless that word is specified. Moon has actually agreed to see Kim in Pyongyang in September, however he has actually prevented setting a date. His hesitation about when to go to Pyongyang contributes to unpredictability about how to respond to the North’s demands.Contrary to what his critics might say, Moon may not be a piece of cake for Kim. Yes, he would like absolutely nothing much better than to decrease in Korean history as the South Korean leader who caused reconciliation with the North. No, he does not wish to achieve that objective by betraying the U.S.-South Korean alliance, by coming up with a deal with the North that would jeopardize South Korea’s defenses and by quiting all bargaining power on denuclearization.Moon would enjoy to have it
both methods, to sign a statement in Pyongyang on basic principles for peace that still does not yield completely to all that Kim wants. Above all, he has got to make it clear that North Korea has to take considerable steps towards quiting its nuclear program. In deference to the North’s sensitivities, the United States seems to have dropped the term “total, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization,” but bad allusions to plain old denuclearization in the North’s state media suggest they don’t care much for that concept either.That’s since the North stays deeply committed to its status as the world’s ninth nuclear weapons state and is not going to climb up down no matter whatever deal is reached. If the United States were to accompany a”peace statement,” accepting some unclear ambivalent guarantees about denuclearization, there would be no way to bring the North to terms. For the United States and South Korea, their bargaining power rests on the sanctions embraced by the United States and the United Nations after the North’s missile and nuclear tests, most recently last September.There is, however, a counter-argument. So what if the North has a couple of dozen nuclear warheads in storage? What does it matter if they’re still establishing the long-range rockets to”deliver “them to distant targets, and who cares if they’ve got biological and chemical weapons too? You don’t hear too many people in South Korea or the United States, fretting about imminent nuclear attack. The factor for the lack of seriousness is that no one rather thinks Kim is going to fire away genuine understanding the holy hell that would come down on him if he did.North Korea, however, has other ways of weakening South Korean and American willpower, notably by unending emphasis on a” peace statement”that would wind up endangering the peace that has actually dominated the Korean Peninsula considering that the armistice was signed at Panmunjom more than 65 years ago.The reason the North wants this otherwise useless statement is that it would result in a” peace treaty”under which the United States would have to withdraw most of the 28,500 troops it still has in South Korea. No, North Korea would definitely not begin to draw back the thousands of artillery pieces or hundreds of countless troops poised within striking distance of the South. In reality, their capability to attack the South, as they performed in 1950, would be improved as the South follows through on the idea of deserting its 60 approximately guard posts south of the DMZ. That done, does anyone think the North would give up its 160 guard posts on the other side of the line?These are a few of concerns and concerns Moon and his consultants might be asking as Moon considers going to Pyongyang, paying obeisance to the ruler from the North who believes he can force his hand with smooth talk and alarming cautions. For Moon, the obstacle will be to stroll through this minefield without stepping on any mines, as Trump performed in Singapore when he was led to think he and Kim had solved the entire nuclear concern. Donald Kirk has actually been a writer for the Korea Times and South China Morning Post, among other newspaper and publications. He composed this for InsideSources.com.

Leader of the old school: Las Vegas rap artist Mike Xavier is all enthusiasm, no tricks

The very first time Mike Xavier performed in Las Vegas was at an open mic in April 2016. His newest gig was headlining Home of Blues’ packed Local Brews Local Grooves festival on July 14. His next will be at September’s Life Is Lovely celebration, where he’ll share an expense with world-renowned performers like The Weeknd, Florence + The Device and Arcade Fire.

That’s a rapid ascent for someone who, prior to moving here in 2015, was living in an automobile with his kid in LA and had no connection to the Las Vegas music scene. It’s evidence that relentless hustle, unbending focus and genuine optimism don’t go undetected. Just last month, the affable, 34-year-old host was named Best Fast-Rising Rap artist in Las Vegas Weekly’s 2018 Best of Vegas concern. In simply over two years of Vegas residency, Xavier has actually ended up being an older statesman in the community, hosting workshops and showcases so that other artists can come up with him.

“I’m trying to do more than music,” Xavier says. “How can I assist everybody else rise up, too?”

Xavier’s energy is unquestionably infectious. However more than the guy, it’s the music that galvanizes listeners. It’s honest and uplifting, an everyman’s journal of daily battles and ways to push through them. His recently launched Old School Vibes LP has plenty of enthusiastic anthems informed over ’90s-age boom-bap beats. The tracklisting alone lets you know what you’re in for with tune titles such as “Modification the World,” “Smile,” “Let It Go” and “Stay Strong.”

Old School Vibes is loaded with relatable anecdotes. Take this too-real excerpt from “Attempt”: “I’m out of gas, a couple dollars in the tank/Slide my debit card as credit without any money in the bank/So damn, all these overdraft fees is including up/We out here starving while celebs is gettin’ abdominoplasty.” It’s lyrics like those that help him win over brand-new fans, a base that reaches beyond the conventional hip-hop circle.

At Resident Brews Local Grooves, Xavier was the only rap act upon the expense, yet his name was set down at the very leading. Soulful rockers The Revival and alt-pop attire Silversage sustained the crowd with guttural wails, heavy riffs and Killers covers– tough acts to follow, for sure. But then Xavier came to the delicate secrets, groovy bass, silky horns and laidback drumbeat of backing band The Noir Motion. The crowd didn’t thin out– instead, audience members were gratified, throwing their hands up, bobbing their heads, fighting for Tee shirts Xavier tossed into the audience and later posing for images with the regional rap star.

“I have a track record of great times,” Xavier says. “You come to my show, you’re going to have a good time. People are recognizing that. If my name is on it, I take it really seriously.”

That earnestness extends to all aspects of his life. “You lead by example,” he states, “so if my kid sees me doing this and exactly what I’m achieving, he’ll follow in those steps.”

Xavier works relentlessly to grow his platform so he can make a higher impact. He wants to arrange charity drive to assist those in requirement and hold more occasions to support his Las Vegas music peers. He’s even thought about becoming an inspirational speaker.

“There’s endless possibilities if you think in yourself,” he says. “You can be unstoppable.”

Hear Mike Xavier at mikexavermusic.com.

UNLV, GOED, and Fraunhofer Team Up to Position Nevada as Autonomous Mobility Leader

The world may understand Las Vegas for its gambling establishments, but the city is progressively making its mark as an international leader in autonomous transport. And a new partnership amongst UNLV, the Nevada Guv’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), and Fraunhofer Institute for Transport and Infrastructure Systems IVI will be advancing these efforts even further.

Since a 2015 trade mission to Germany, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and GOED have been working to establish a worldwide partnership between Nevada’s research-focused universities and Fraunhofer IVI, one of 72 Fraunhofer institutes located throughout Germany. Fraunhofer IVI’s focus is transportation research study, including whatever from traffic preparation to self-governing automobile sensing unit technology. The partnership was recently made official through a declaration of work contract.

” Partnering with Fraunhofer IVI, a member institute of the world’s leading applied research network, will bring in market in the field of self-governing vehicle innovations to choose Las Vegas and the Fraunhofer IVI-UNLV group as the applied research study partner of choice while constantly reinforcing the transatlantic cooperation in between the two institutions for many years to come,” said Karsten Heise, director of innovation commercialization at GOED.

As part of the newly formed research collaboration, Fraunhofer IVI will send out one of its engineers to Las Vegas for 15-18 months to develop and expand movement research jobs in Southern Nevada, in cooperation with researchers in UNLV’s Transport Research Center. Together, they will deal with Fraunhofer IVI’s AutoTruck job, which seeks to gear up distribution center trucks with sensors and other technologies that enable shipment automation. In turn, UNLV will send one of its engineers to Fraunhofer IVI in Dresden, Germany, during the same time period to assist with computer vision– the procedure by which computers are able to detect or “see” objects in a comparable style to a human eye– and discover the “Fraunhofer design” of research study.

” We wish to develop the transatlantic exchange of personnel and know-how as a lever for the developments at both institutions,” said Frank Steinert, group manager for lorry and propulsion technologies at Fraunhofer IVI. “With our program, the institutions are able to take advantage of brand-new methods and options of their foreign partners. The research results can be lined up to the marketplace needs in the U.S. and Europe and for this reason be developed far more effectively. The bundling of development capabilities increases the performance of the teams in addition to the dissemination of the advancements and, finally, the derived items.”

With self-governing car facilities currently in location and a desire to act as screening grounds for self-driving lorry pilot programs, Las Vegas is currently placing itself as a worldwide leader in autonomous automobile systems. The city is the home of the nation’s first totally self-governing electrical shuttle, which is presently functional almost daily in a 0.6-mile fixed route around downtown and represents the biggest self-driving car trial in the United States, inning accordance with The Brink. The new partnership among UNLV, GOED, and Fraunhofer IVI permits the city to take the important next step toward being a market leader in autonomous movement research study and operation.

” Previous cooperations I have actually taken part in with Fraunhofer have actually resulted in the advancement of services and products that would not have actually been possible otherwise, and I see the same possibilities for transformative developments to come from this brand-new partnership between UNLV, Fraunhofer IVI, and the Nevada Guv’s Workplace of Economic Advancement” said Zachary Miles, UNLV’s associate vice president of financial development. “Together, we could develop a brand-new breed of research and financial development opportunities in Southern Nevada.”

About UNLV’s Workplace of Economic Development

The Workplace of Economic Advancement works with public and private partners to deal with real-world needs and bring life-altering products and services to market making use of university resources and talent. By bring in industry-sponsored research study, establishing intellectual property, and partnering with business and organizations that share our vision, we have the ability to support financial advancement at all stages, from ideas to dollars.

About Fraunhofer Institute for Transport and Infrastructure Systems IVI

The Fraunhofer Institute for Transport and Infrastructure Systems IVI utilizes over 100 scientists in 3 departments. The institute is running in a broad range of transport-related research and development topics, varying from the fields of electromobility, traffic preparation and traffic ecology, traffic info, automobile propulsion and sensing unit technologies, while likewise including traffic telematics, the information and communication sectors, along with disposition and logistics.

About the Nevada Guv’s Workplace of Economic Advancement (GOED).

Produced during the 2011 session of the Nevada Legislature, the Guv’s Office of Economic Development is the outcome of a collective effort in between the Nevada Legislature and Governor Brian Sandoval to reorganize economic advancement in the state. GOED’s function is to promote a robust, varied and prosperous economy in Nevada, to stimulate company expansion and retention, motivate entrepreneurial business, attract new services and assist in community advancement. More info on the Governor’s Workplace of Economic Development can be viewed at www.diversifynevada.com

In Las Vegas, industry leader states theaters will endure rise of streaming websites

Wednesday, April 25, 2018|2 a.m.

Two film market leaders told theater owners Tuesday that are optimistic about the motion picture and theatrical exhibition business in spite of concerns about declining participation and competition from streaming services.

New Motion Picture Association of America chief Charles Rivkin and John Fithian, the president and CEO of the National Association of Theater Owners, provided a state of the industry speech at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, saying the strength of the movies being released will determine box-office sales.

“Our business increases or falls on the motion pictures in our cinemas,” Fithian stated.

CinemaCon is a yearly event of theater owners and exhibitors, throughout which they get an appearance upcoming movies from major Hollywood studios and a preview of some of the latest and biggest in theatrical technologies as well as concession alternatives.

Rivkin, who just recently took over the position at the MPAA from Christopher Dodd, stated that 263 million individuals went to the films a minimum of when in North America in 2017– more than three quarters of the North American population. He kept in mind that while package office was a little below the record in 2016, it was on par with the 2015 record. He says he believes the marketplace will always move between record-high or near record years.

He also stressed that he would continue to fight to protect intellectual property with anti-piracy efforts. Film and television account for $16.5 billion in exports, he stated, which the industry supports 2.1 million tasks and $139 billion in salaries every year.

Rivkin was previously the president and CEO of The Jim Henson Company and also acted as the U.S. Ambassador to France and as Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Organisation Affairs.

“Let’s always provide on the pledge of our imaginative industry: high quality stories that talk to the hopes and dreams of our audience, and will continue to do so for generations to come,” Rivkin stated.

Fithian likewise applauded filmmakers and suppliers for “taking significant actions to attain more diversity and favorable representation on the big screen,” which he says their consumers are “requiring.”

“We are optimistic that 2017 and 2018 will one day be considered as a turning point on this front,” Fithian stated.

Fithian likewise talked to some of the major worries of the motion picture organisation and stated that younger audiences are still enthusiastic spectators. Inning accordance with comScore, moviegoers ages 18-44 constituted 63% of the total ticket office in 2017_up from 61% in 2016. Fithian said that interruption, whether it’s streaming or shortened periods where films are program exclusively in theaters, will not eliminate the theatrical business.

He questioned if “Black Panther,”” Go out “or” Wonder Female “would have been cultural landmarks had they gone straight to streaming.

“I have actually worked with (theater owners) for 26 years. I can’t begin to tell you how frequently reporters have asked me if the movie theater industry is dying. Every decline in admissions suggests secular decrease, every development or enhancement is meant to ‘conserve’ the theater service,” he said. “There has been a great deal of hype about the next ‘disturbance,'” he stated, listing off improvements varying from VHS to the advent of movies launching in theaters and home services the same day. “Yet we never pass away but stay a strong organisation in the face of interruption everywhere else in the home entertainment landscape.”

Web leader, songwriter John Perry Barlow passes away at 70

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018|4:15 p.m.

John Perry Barlow, a web activist and lyricist for the Grateful Dead, has actually died.

The digital-rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation said Barlow passed away early Wednesday in his sleep in the house in San Francisco. He was 70.

The cause of death was not right away understood. Barlow had been battling a range of debilitating health problems because 2015, according to fans who arranged a benefit performance for him in October 2016.

Barlow co-founded the EFF in 1990 to promote totally free expression and privacy online. In a 1996 manifesto, the “Declaration of the Independence of The online world,” he argued that the U.S. and other federal governments shouldn’t impose their sovereignty on the “international social space we are building.”

“He is among the first people who recognized the internet was going to be necessary because it would assist people connect in such a way they couldn’t in the physical world,” stated Cindy Cohn, the EFF’s executive director.

Some of his policy views evolved with time, however he remained optimistic about the power of the internet to enhance human connections as long as people weren’t silenced by meddling federal governments or monopolistic services.

“He stayed consistent to this core idea that we might make something gorgeous, or something awful, and it depended on us,” Cohn stated.

Barlow was born in rural Sublette County, Wyoming, in 1947 and raised near Pinedale, where his parents were ranchers and his father a state senator.

Barlow has stated he grew up as a devout Mormon prior to leaping into the counterculture of the 1960s. He befriended Bob Weir, among the Grateful Dead’s founding members, when they were boarding school schoolmates at the Fountain Valley School in Colorado. Barlow graduated from Wesleyan University in 1969.

He later returned to Wyoming, where he ran the family cattle ranch for almost twenty years and meddled Republican politics. It was as a rancher in the 1980s that he initially began exploring the web’s early social networks.

“He saw extremely clearly that it was a method for those who had actually previously been disempowered to have a voice and to have company, have the ability to express themselves and get in touch with kindred spirits,” stated software business owner and EFF co-founder Mitch Kapor.

Kapor and Barlow started working together after both were sought out by FBI agents aiming to investigate computer system crimes.

“They didn’t know exactly what they were doing,” Kapor stated of the representatives. “Guy with weapons, who aren’t skilled, is very scary.”

The duo partnered with another software application entrepreneur, John Gilmore, to produce the EFF, which hired lawyers and sought to raise awareness about the significance of securing civil liberties online. Although Barlow wasn’t trained in computer science, his beauty, oratory skills and huge philosophical visions helped move the cause forward, Kapor said.

Already, Barlow was already well-known among fans of the Grateful Dead. He co-wrote a number of songs with Dam, consisting of “Mexicali Blues,” “Black Throated Wind” and “Cassidy.” With keyboardist Brent Mydland, Barlow wrote “Blow Away” and “We Can Run.” He also composed tunes for String Cheese Occurrence and Burning Spear.

“John had a method of taking life’s most challenging things and framing them as difficulties, therefore adventures,” Dam said in an online post Wednesday. “He was to be admired for that, even emulated. He’ll live on in the tunes we composed.”

His survivors include three children and a granddaughter. His memoir, “Mom American Night: My Life in Crazy Times,” is due to be released later this year.

AP Home Entertainment Writer Mark Kennedy in New york city added to this report.

Cushman & & Wakefield, Commercial Realty Lose Industry Leader

The business realty market is responding with shock to the abrupt passing of Joe Stettinius, a significant force behind the mergers that created the most recent iteration of Cushman & & Wakefield

. A stalwart of business real estate in the Washington, D.C., area for years, Stettinius acquired nationwide honor when he oversaw, with Mark Burkhart, the nationwide growth of Cassidy Turley.

Stettinius, a dedicated married man who was favored in the industry, went on to play a critical function in the mergers of Cassidy Turley and DTZ, and after that the mix of Cushman & & Wakefield and DTZ. Stettinius functioned as the very first CEO of the Americas of Cushman after the mergers. He most just recently served as executive vice chairman, Strategic Investments, Americas.

Deal-making was in Stettinius’ blood, stated CoStar creator and CEO Andy Florance. He was the grandson of Secretary of State Edward Stettinius, who served in that function for Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman in 1944 and 1945. In the well-known picture of the 1945 Yalta Conference, Edward Stettinius is backing up Roosevelt.

“Joe inherited that remarkable statesman capability,” Florance said. “He was simply fantastic at bringing individuals together. He empathized with each person he satisfied and with that capability he was the very best dealmaker I ever met.”

Stettinius’ death was announced Friday in an email from Shawn Mobley, Cushman & & Wakefield CEO, Americas, to Cushman workers. He was 55.

“It goes without stating that Joe was a significant force in the CRE industry for more than Thirty Years, starting with his days as an accomplished leasing agent, where he closed approximately 4.5 million square feet of leases for property owners of Washington, DC landmarks such as 1111 Pennsylvania Avenue, the Evening Star Building, and Hall of the States,” Mobley composed in the message.

“A significant motorist and orchestrator of the company’s success to this day, Joe played a pivotal function in the planning, preparation and execution of the merger of Cassidy Turley and DTZ, where he served as CEO of Cassidy Turley, and the merger of Cushman & & Wakefield and DTZ, where he served as Chief Executive, Americas,” his statement added.

Stettinius earned the respect and appreciation of his associates and rivals across the country. His settlement skills, developed during his time as a leasing representative, were vital as he merged Cassidy Turley and DTZ and then DTZ and Cushman & & Wakefield. Stettinius likewise was applauded for his handling of officially moving the headquarters of Cassidy Turley from St. Louis when he became CEO of the company.

His knowledge and executive skill resulted in Stettinius winning numerous awards and honors from the industrial realty press and his peers. Industrial Home Executive called him its 2015 Executive of the Year, and Washington Organisation Journal named him A lot of Admired CEO in 2013.

Stettinius’ deep network of associates, peers and good friends were still processing the news Friday afternoon.

“I am exceptionally sad, at the moment. Joe is, has, and will constantly be an impactful person in my life and profession,” stated John J. Fleury, president of Madison Marquette of Washington. Fleury acted as COO and CFO of Cassidy Turley and as president of the old Cassidy & & Pinkard Colliers.

“I took pleasure in the benefit of dealing with Joe for more than a decade and called lots of industry veterinarians, yesterday we lost among the truly terrific ones. His excitement, interest and entrepreneurialism gave rise to success of the business he dealt with,” Fleury said. “I can just wish to deal with such a pro in our industry again.”

“We will remember Joe for numerous things. Most of all we’ll remember that he loved a good deal, and he was enthusiastic about bringing 2 disparate groups together to develop something much better than they were before – he was a genius at linking people,” Mobley stated in his note to workers. “Thank you Joe for exactly what you provided for our market, for our company, and for our neighborhood. We’ll miss you.”

Stettinius is made it through by his other half Regina, child Isabel and child Alexander.

Moapa tribal leader who led charge versus Reid Gardner coal plant dies at 44


Leila Navidi William Anderson, Chairman of the Moapa Band of the Paiutes, takes part throughout a Carbon to Clean Energy Roundtable at the Clark County Commission Chambers in Las Vegas on Wednesday, June 13, 2012.

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018|9:30 p.m.

. A long time environmental supporter who played an essential role in closing down among the last remaining coal power plants in Nevada passed away recently.

William Milton Anderson, a previous Moapa Band of Paiutes tribal chairman, died at his home Sunday at age 44.

Anderson turned into one of the youngest chairmen ever when he took control of at age 26. Throughout his second term as chairman he assisted change the energy and ecological landscape of the Southwest.

His environmental lobbying helped cause the closing of the Reid Gardner coal-fired power plant, owned by NV Energy. It was located simply a few hundred backyards from Moapa tribal real estate.

Ever the enthusiastic activist, Anderson led a three-day, 50-mile march from the Reid Gardner coal plant to downtown Las Vegas in 2012, calling for the plant to close.

The Moapa Band of Paiutes signed up with a coalition of ecological companies and tidy energy organisations successfully lobbying for the passage of Senate Costs 123, NV Energy’s plan to divest from the coal organisation and minimize carbon emissions, throughout the 2013 Nevada Legislature. After the legislation was signed into law by Gov. Brian Sandoval, the Moapa Band of Paiutes was awarded $5 Million in a settlement with NV Energy.

Anderson assisted secure a power purchase agreement with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to build a 250-megawatt solar power plant on the reservation. The solar plant, that went live in March, is the first large-scale solar energy plant built on tribal land in the country. The contract between LADWP, First Solar and the tribe was for $1.6 billion over 20 years.

Anderson likewise led efforts to secure Gold Butte, resulting in then-President Barack Obama designating the location a nationwide monolith in 2016.

Aside from his governmental and ecological work, Anderson was a graphic artist who offered his styles on clothes at events across the West.

Anderson is made it through by his mother, Shirley Anderson; his sis Launa Lane, Monica Surrett, Docian Molden and Betty Henry; and his boy Logan Anderson, 8, of Moapa.

Funeral services will be held Friday, with a viewing at 1 p.m. and service at 2 p.m. at the Moapa Tribal Administrative Building at 1 Lincoln Street in Moapa.

Culinary leader Johnny Church charts a new course

“Prepare Quick.” Those words, tattooed across a synthetic Reverse logo, are the sign of a little group of culinary professionals who have actually greatly affected Las Vegas dining. Among their members is Johnny Church, who passionately refers to them as a “street gang.” And he laughs at the impression some individuals obtain from it.

“It’s not about cooking quickly,” Aureole’s executive chef says. “It’s like the whole sailor thing, like ‘hang on.’ We all showed up in kitchens together, all of us worked on the line together and we had a friendship, a brotherhood-sisterhood sort of thing.”

Church says the phrase dates back to the kitchen areas of both the Stirling Club– previously at Turnberry Place– and Andre’s, where the group initially labored together. And, as a number of these stories go, the first Cook Fast tattoo involved a night of drinking, during which Church’s ex-wife inked a group of inebriated chefs consisting of Las Vegas Country Club’s Mike Van Staden and Momofuku’s Shaun King (and later on, Gastromix’s Chris Bulen, Scott Green of Robert Irvine’s Pub and Charlie Palmer Steak’s Lalo Saavedra). This crew is all over the location, and you didn’t even understand it.

When Church took the reins of what he passionately describes as Aureole 2.0 late last year, he implemented menu modifications at the iconic Mandalay Bay dining establishment in an effort to source as many regional and sustainable active ingredients as possible, a challenging job for such a big location.

“My job here is to find out how we can feed your soul by carrying out cool and enjoyable methods but still carrying out at a high level while serving 350 covers a night,” he states. However the energetic chef doesn’t rest on his laurels, showing that “when a dish is right, it’s time to change it.” Cook quickly certainly.

Fats Domino, rock '' n ' roll leader has passed away at age 89


Doug Parker/ Assocaited Press file image

In this Dec. 20, 2013 file photo, famous musician Fats Domino is called “Honorary Grand Marshall” of the Krewe of Orpheus, the star-studded Carnival club that traditionally parades the night prior to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Domino, the amiable rock ‘n’ roll leader whose consistent, pounding piano and simple baritone assisted alter music even as it honored the grand, good-humored custom of the Crescent City, has died. He was 89.

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017|7:58 a.m.

BRAND-NEW ORLEANS (AP)– Fats Domino, the pleasant rock ‘n’ roll leader whose constant, pounding piano and easy baritone assisted change music while honoring the customs of the Crescent City, passed away Tuesday. He was 89.

Mark Bone, primary private investigator with the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, coroner’s workplace, stated Domino passed away of natural causes at 3:30 a.m. Tuesday.

In appearance, he was no Elvis Presley. He stood 5-feet-5 and weighed more than 200 pounds, with a wide, boyish smile and a hairstyle as flat as an album cover. But Domino offered more than 110 million records, with hits including “Blueberry Hill,” “Ain’t It a Shame” and other standards of rock ‘n’ roll.

He was among the very first 10 honorees named to the Rock-and-roll Hall of Popularity, and the Wanderer Record Guide compared him to Benjamin Franklin, the beloved old man of an innovative movement.

His vibrant performance style and warm vocals drew crowds for 5 decades. One of his show-stopping stunts was playing the piano while standing, throwing his body against it with the beat of the music and bumping the grand piano throughout the phase.

Domino’s 1956 variation of “Blueberry Hill” was picked for the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry of historical sound recordings deserving of preservation. The preservation board kept in mind that Domino insisted on carrying out the tune in spite of his producer’s doubts, adding that Domino’s “New Orleans roots appear in the Creole inflected cadences that include richness and depth to the performance.”

Domino became a global star but stayed real to his hometown, where his fate was initially unknown after Typhoon Katrina struck in August 2005. It ended up that he and his family were rescued by boat from his home, where he lost 3 pianos and dozens of gold and platinum records, together with other memorabilia.

Lots of wondered if he would ever return to the stage. Set up to carry out at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Celebration in 2006, he just tipped his hat to thousands of cheering fans.

But in Might 2007, he was back, performing at Tipitina’s music club in New Orleans. Fans cheered– and some sobbed– as Domino played “I’m Walkin’,” “Ain’t It a Shame,” “Shake, Rattle and Roll,” “Blueberry Hill” and a host of other hits.

That performance was an emphasize during a number of rough years. After losing their house and practically all their valuables to the floods, his other half of more than 50 years, Rosemary, died in April 2008.

Domino moved to the New Orleans residential area of Harvey after the storm however would typically visit his publishing home, an extension of his old house in the Lower 9th Ward, inspiring lots of with his determination to stay in the city he liked.

“Fats embodies whatever excellent about New Orleans,” his buddy David Lind said in a 2008 interview. “He’s warm, fun-loving, spiritual, creative and simple. You do not get more New Orleans than that.”

The son of a violin gamer, Antoine Domino Jr. was born on Feb. 26, 1928, to a family that grew to include nine kids. As a youth, he taught himself popular piano styles– ragtime, blues and boogie-woogie– after his cousin left an old upright in your house. Fats Waller and Albert Ammons were early influences.

He quit school at age 14, and worked days in a factory while playing and singing in regional juke joints at night. In 1949, Domino was playing at the Hideaway Club for $3 a week when he was signed by Imperial record company.

He taped his first song, “The Fat Guy,” in the back of a tiny French Quarter recording studio.

“They call me the Fat Guy, due to the fact that I weigh 200 pounds,” he sang. “All the girls, they enjoy me, ’cause I know my way around.”

In 1955, he broke into the white pop charts with “Ain’t it an Embarassment”– but in fact sang the lyrics as “ain’t that a pity.” The song was covered blandly by Pat Boone as “Ain’t That an Embarassment” and rocked out years later on by Inexpensive Technique. Domino enjoyed a parade of successes through the early 1960s, including “Be My Guest” and “I’m All set.” Another hit, “I’m Walkin,'” became the debut single for Ricky Nelson.

Domino appeared in the rock ‘n’ roll film “The Woman Cannot Assist It” and was among the very first black performers to be included in popular music programs, starring with Friend Holly and the Everly Brothers. He also assisted bridge rock ‘n’ roll and other designs– even country/western, recording Hank Williams’ “Jambalaya” and Bobby Charles’ “Walkin’ to New Orleans.”

Like much of his peers, Domino’s appeal reduced in the 1960s as British and psychedelic rock held sway.

Domino informed Ebony magazine that he stopped taping since business wanted him to update his design.

“I refused to alter,” he stated. “I needed to stick to my own style that I have actually constantly used or it just would not be me.”

Antoine and Rosemary Domino raised eight kids in the very same ramshackle neighborhood where he grew up, however they did it in style– in a white estate, trimmed in pink, yellow and lavender. The front double doors opened into an atrium with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and ivory dominos embeded in a white marble floor.

In 1988, all of New Orleans seemed to be speaking about him after he apparently paid in money for two Cadillacs and a $130,000 Rolls-Royce. When the salesperson asked if he wished to call his bank about financing, Domino smiled and stated, “I am the bank.”

In 1998, he ended up being the very first simply rock ‘n’ roll artist to be granted the National Medal for the Arts. However he mentioned his age and didn’t make the trip to the White House to get the medal from President Clinton.

That was normal. Aside from unusual appearances in New Orleans, he dodged the spotlight in his later years, choosing not to appear in public or perhaps to provide interviews.

Mormon leader declares faith'' s opposition to gay marital relationship

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017|12:45 p.m.

SALT LAKE CITY– A leading Mormon leader declared the religion’s opposition to same-sex marriage on Saturday throughout a church conference– and reminded fans viewing around the globe that kids must be raised in households led by a family man and woman.

The speech by Dallin H. Oaks, a member of a top governing body called the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, followed a push in current years by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to support theological opposition to gay marriage amidst extensive social acceptance while trying to cultivate an understanding position towards LGBT people.

The Mormon church is one of numerous conservative faith groups navigating the difficulties that arise from attempting to strike the ideal balance.

“We have experienced a fast and increasing public approval of cohabitation without marriage and same-sex marriage. The corresponding media advocacy, education, and even occupational requirements posture challenging obstacles for Latter-day Saints,” Oaks stated. “We need to try to stabilize the contending needs of following the gospel law in our individual lives and mentors even as we seek to reveal love for all.”

Oaks acknowledged that this belief can put Mormons at odds with family and friends and doesn’t match existing laws, consisting of the current legalization of gay marriage in the United States. However he told the nearly 16-million members seeing around the world that the religious beliefs’s 1995 file detailing the teaching– “The Household: A Pronouncement to the World”– isn’t really’ a policy declaration that will be changed.

After the Utah-based Mormon church got backlash in 2008 for helping lead the defend California’s Proposal 8 constitutional restriction on gay marriage, spiritual leaders spent a number of years thoroughly establishing a more understanding LGBT tone.

That was disrupted in 2015 when the church adopted new rules prohibiting children coping with gay moms and dads from being baptized until age 18 and clarifying that individuals in same-sex relationships are apostates. That policy drew severe criticism from gay church members and their fans who considered it a major setback from current progress.

A year earlier, church leaders upgraded a site developed in 2012 to let members know that attraction to individuals of the exact same sex is not a sin or a step of their loyalty and might never ever go away. But the church advised members that having gay sex violates basic doctrinal beliefs that will not change.

Oaks on Saturday repeated a church belief that kids should be raised in heterosexual married homes, not by gay moms and dads or couples who live together but aren’t married. He lamented that fewer children in the United States aren’t raised in exactly what the religious beliefs considers the perfect households.

“Even as we must cope with the marriage laws and other traditions of a declining world, those who pursue exaltation needs to make personal options in family life inning accordance with the Lord’s way whenever that differs from the world’s way,” Oaks said.

The twice-yearly conference going on without church President Thomas S. Monson, 90, who is dealing with ailing health. It’s the very first time in more than a half century that Monson hasn’t spoken at the conferences. Prior to ending up being church president in 2008, he served on the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles beginning in 1963.

Monson has actually downsized conference involvement in recent years and in May church authorities stated that Monson was not going regularly to conferences at church offices since of restrictions associated with his age.

Church presidents serve up until they die.

Monson is the first church president because 1994 not to attend and make a minimum of one speech, however prior to that, it was relatively common for church presidents to miss conference toward the end of their lives.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf, one of Monson’s leading two therapists, opened the conference by informing church members that Monson enjoys them all quite. A second-level leader, Massimo De Feo, asked in a prayer that the angels accompany Monson.

Also missing will be 85-year-old Robert D. Hales, another leading leader who was hospitalized in recent days. Hales has belonged to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles because 1994.

Church leaders utilize the conference to provide spiritual assistance to members and in some cases reveal church news.

Jeffrey R. Holland, a member the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, said he hears too often from Mormons that they seem like they do not determine up. He alerted that the pursuit of Christ-like perfection shouldn’t lead to getting ulcers, bulimia, depression or lowered self-confidence.

“Sibling and sisters, other than for Jesus, there have been no perfect performances on this earthly journey we are pursuing, so while in death let’s pursue consistent enhancement without consuming over exactly what behavioral researchers call “harmful perfectionism,'” Holland said. “We must not demean and vilify ourselves, as if battering on ourselves is somehow going to make us the person God wants us to end up being.”