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Basketball legend Isiah Thomas believes Las Vegas is prepared for the NBA


Isiah Thomas brought his Cheurlin Champagne to the Bellagio previously this month.

John Legend: Vocalist, songwriter, spelling bee champ

Saturday, June 24, 2017|6:09 a.m.

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio– John Legend’s work has actually won Grammys, an Oscar and a Tony, but years before accomplishing international popularity, the Legend-to-be took house another reward: spelling bee champ.

A 1989 story in The Springfield News-Sun announced, “Product of house mentor wins bee.” The paper kept in mind the future R&B singer’s sharp clothes, his consistent look and crisp enunciation, stating the 10-year-old Legend “came to win … and win he did.”

Legend, born John Roger Stephens in Springfield in 1978, credited his mom, Phyllis Stephens, and a tutor with assisting him study for the contest. He and his brother or sisters were home schooled.

The newspaper says he took a no-nonsense method, not splitting a smile during the competition till his tutor sobbed out with joy when he correctly spelled the winning word: “prejudice.”

Q+A: Music legend Paul Anka, at 74, is still doing it his method


Award-winning singer-songwriter Paul Anka.

Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015|2 a.m.

Paul Anka
Award-winning singer-songwriter Paul Anka.Launch slideshow “

Paul Anka My Way

At age 14, Paul Anka swiped his mother’s vehicle keys to drive himself minor to music gigs in his home town of Ottawa, Ontario. A year later on, he taped “Diana” that he wrote about a lady in his church who he didn’t understand. It hit No. 1, and Paul ended up being an international vocal singing feeling.

Prior to 18, Paul had five Leading 20 hits. He visited the world as one of the most significant teen idols and went on to compose 500 songs. He is the only artist in history to have a song on the Billboard Hot 100 in seven consecutive decades.

Now 74, Paul is still making beautiful music, and much like the song “My Way” he composed for his friend Frank Sinatra in 1969, he’s still doing everything his method after 6 decades in showbiz.

He’s tape-recorded more than 126 cds, and his songs have been carried out well over 100 million times. His “Tonight Program” theme from 1962 has actually been carried out more than 1.4 million times.

Paul’s brand-new autobiography is entitled “My Way,” a 360-page tome filled with rich stories of his showbiz years and Las Vegas experiences released by St. Martin’s Press. Joe Delaney, one-time entertainment author here at the Las Vegas Sun, said, “Paul Anka is the quintessential performer, a master of presentation.”

He’s still vocal singing, wowing numerous thousands around the globe and swinging to his hits. This Friday, he reaches our Smith Center downtown for a concert.

Before flying right here, I talked with him at length about his profession, durability, how he plans his life in five-year blocks and what’s ahead for the next 5.

This is the very first time you’ve played the Smith Center.

I studied it and spoke with a lot of individuals. It’s an incredible facility, and I think that’s excellent for Las Vegas. I play all over the world. I’m on a significant trip right now that finishes next April, and I’m thrilled about our time in Las Vegas. We’re including the big band, 15 terrific artists, so a huge show, big video, huge piece on Sammy Davis Jr.

. Is the show going to be different than exactly what you’ve done in Las Vegas previously since it remains in the Smith Center?

Somewhat. The complexity is, you know demographically the crowd has changed. You’ve got some who have actually existed a while who will certainly want to hear 60 percent of exactly what I’m going to do. There’s an acoustic spot that we’re going to present. There’s a piano spot. I can’t get away from some of the oldies, “She’s a Woman,” “My Method,” obviously, some of those requirements I have actually got to do. I do not throw away songs and say, “Here I am. I do what I like.” It’s most likely 50/50.

So devoted fans will get to hear “Put Your Head On My Shoulder,” “Puppy Love” and “The Tonight Program” theme, then you’ll experiment a little?

Well, things I have actually done you know from new albums, things that we’ve done recently extremely effectively for the last few years. Traveling worldwide as I do, you alter everywhere you go. We go to Israel, and it’s a whole brand-new set of tunes. No tunes.

When I go to Russia, they want to hear something, and we’re going to Egypt now in February, then Paris. So it’s ever changing, and I don’t know if Las Vegas falls under that spot since you have actually got an ever-changing crowd there, too. I guess the fans who have actually seen it previously, I’m going to attempt and offer them some of what they anticipate.

Paul, do you ever stop and consider this amazing trip? Right here you are 74 years of age, you began previously 16, and in that time practically 100 million copies of your albums. Do you ever think of how all of it taken place? Why it occurred?

The “why” I have actually never ever determined. I know the “how” in terms of my commitment. I was a writer in a time the pop industry was in its infancy phase. There were none of these TELEVISION shows, innovation didn’t rule as it does today changing the dynamics of the music market.

At that time, I worked at a local newspaper since my father saw my writing talents. You could not go to school to be a reporter, so I was doing some reporter things and wrote some stories, but then when I got thrown away of shorthand class, I took music only since I was always concentrated on writing in music, and I was simply really tenacious about it.

You understand I borrowed some cash and left house and got to a record business because instinctively I felt that’s how I ‘d get into it although there were only six or 7 business at that time. Simply desiring that music sense about me which whole environment of music and going to shows and seeing them, I understood back then that’s exactly what I wanted to do.

You have a lot to manage, none people are born advanced, you, me, none of us from the beginning, specifically in my market. You get all this success, and you have enough to just deal with it, then someplace along that voyage, you awaken with some wisdom, and you know how to handle it and success. I understanding of all these children today due to the fact that they actually have no idea the best ways to deal with it. I get it.

Paul Anka

Paul Anka

And naturally some singers today cannot even sing.

That’s the whole other thing. You know the innovation has actually produced individuals. Young people come near me and state, “Hey, I’m a musician,” and I state exactly what do you play, and they state a computer system. That’s not an instrument. Then they know they can alter their voice. There’s a great deal of lip-synching.

It’s just a various market because they’re in it for various reasons. Making all that money that they need to handle, but they can’t sing. When you look at the brand-new statistics for everyone generating income on trips, it’s everyone over 60 to 65. Nothing under that age is actually offering out; it’s terrible. All the men in my specific niche, Tony Bennett, we’re offering out all over. All the huge stadium things that’s working is with stars over 65 years of ages.

That’s a remarkable truth.

Well, it’s true. There’s nobody under 65 doing any company. You’ve got Taylor Swift undoubtedly the exception, now they are concerned about the Madonna tour. The representatives are stressed over business. It’s a difficult one.

Simply believe if you hadn’t been tossed out of the shorthand class and turned into a legendary artist, you might be writing a story as a cub reporter for the Ottawa Citizen about another singer.

Perhaps. I don’t know that that would have stopped me. I would have discovered another way around that wall due to the fact that I was so into it. I would have certainly been an author with a piano, writing music and songs. I have actually been composing since 15 years of ages. You never stop. Last year, I had the most significant record on the planet with Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Great.” It was No. 1 in 50 nations.

When you’re a writer, those songs never die. A great song can constantly have a life. I was with Michael Buble in Vancouver, I was doing my tour up there, and I was quite a part of his life in the first album with David Foster. I may be composing something with him for his brand-new cd, which he has started.

In the writing process, where is it that you understand that it’s a hit or not a hit? Is it in the first 20 minutes or an hour in or the next day?

The majority of us, if we could do that, we would be billionaires. It’s an expert digestive tract that you have actually got something different and good and potentially there. It’s just a sensation that you’ve got based upon the dynamics of the tune, the melody, but do you actually know at the end of the day that it’s a hit? I think just a couple of times have I felt that, and the rest of the time you belong of a procedure that needs to get it there to the consumer.

You have an antenna as an expert that you’re on to something really strong, you understand basically in the very first day of developing it. I mean did I understand with “Rock Swings” (a swing jazz cover cd of rock and pop 1980s and ’90s chart hits), which was a huge opportunity, it might have been a career breaker. I had to transform all those songs.

I had arrangers put it together, and thank God it exercised and we were gold all over the world with it, however that was a huge opportunity, and I had no concept. All I knew was that I liked the idea since it was fresh. We just entered and said, OK, let’s put all the money in the quality, microphones, gamers, engineer, and even when we were recording it, it then simply begun to seem like wow, this is different. Perhaps we have a shot here.

Most of the time you have no idea. You’re just looking to make excellent music and get a sense that it finds the ideal slot and gets to the consumer. Exactly what is the customer moved by? Sometimes it’s the strangest things. A lion in Africa? I get it. The children washed up on shore and the sadness of all that. You’ve got Trump, who’s struck a nerve. I imply I speak to Donald, and he resembles, “I’ll see you in the White Residence, Pauly.”

You have no idea till you hit that universal nerve with any person. Like the Coca-Cola switch, everyone was aghast. No, we desire the old one back! You wished they would learn about politics and policies and issues that are very important. You don’t know when you’re handling a customer. You just have no idea.

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Prize-winning singer-songwriter Paul Anka.

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Acclaimed singer-songwriter Paul Anka.

So constantly strolling the tight rope.

In a sense. You understand exactly what you’re doing, and you’ve got a shot. Is that any various than Steve Wynn, whom I’ve understood all of these years? Every time he develops a brand-new one, “Oh, I hope they’ll come, oh, I hope they’ll come.” That’s why at one point, he practically sold the Mirage to Kirk Kerkorian. They develop, and they hope they’ll come.

You know a few of the locations in Las Vegas, Robin. They build, and they have not come! It’s that type of formula, you do your finest, no one is better at it than Steve at what he makes, then there’s times when you state are they going to come? Customers are clever today. They know exactly what’s going on, and they move very promptly.

You have a lot of happy memories of Las Vegas. When you pertain to the Smith Center, will it still seem like getting back?

Yes, it’s constantly getting back because I had my home in Las Vegas for years. It’s constantly home because that ambiance is in my soul which vibe from when I started for Sophie Tucker in 1958, and after that the fans from 1968 on. It remains in your blood. You see it grow, and you realize the inevitability in all of that evolution that has to occur. It’s definitely different, Robin, it’s not like it was. You would have loved it at that time.

It was the vibe, the fashion statement was colorful. You understand that when you belong to something like that from the beginning, it belongs of you. I was a part of it when nobody saw Jimi Hendrix coming, nobody saw the technology, nobody saw this media-driven society.

Everything that went on there up till that point was fantastic. You lived in that moment, and you never forget. I still feel the sense of that when I get back there of how it was and exactly what it was. It’s the same but with more lights, honestly.

Las Vegas made use of to be much more intimate in those days, if that’s the word. Visitors had much better relationships.

The one guy who’s solid is Larry Ruvo. I’ve understood him forever, and he is liked all over the world. He is a good friend to everyone. Back when I understood him, you had a handshake with the children. You didn’t have an agreement. They looked after you, and they were there for you right through it. Today? No, no. Attorneys are not my favorite people. That’s the success of a Donald Trump.

I ask this concern gently. You take a look at Tony Bennett. He’s out there at 89 years old. I’m taking it you don’t even think of retirement, either.

He cannot. God bless Tony, he undoubtedly believes that he can do it. I would never do it to a point where I cannot be as reliable onstage as I am. He has a particular ambiance. We stay in a various age, Robin. There was a great deal of emphasis on youth, and if they’re over 30, they cannot get the job done; it’s a new industry.

What you have actually got today are individuals with experience, you’ve got individuals in my company who are over 65 doing all the sellouts; I feel great. There’s need all over the world, and I go and I do. I have no idea what I would do. I sat with Frank in Palms Springs when he retired, and he was playing with trains and flowers. There’s something incorrect with this image.

Well, we’re addicts. He needed to be on the road. I travel. I have a fantastic family of musicians and techs who go with me. I have actually been to interesting locations all over the world. Individuals are welcoming the music. How do you leave something like that?

It’s not a federal government task where you sit around and wait for that paycheck and a payday out. It’s not exactly what I do. I might never think that method. I inform individuals who concern me and I state, “I’m considering retiring,” I state, “You already have.”

That’s true. The minute you begin believing it is when you load it up.

Yes. Take a look at the task you have actually got. When we are in the leisure of business, everybody, we’re so fortunate due to the fact that the world is ill. It’s crazy out there, Robin, I see it. I can see the discontent, I see the stress, from Russia to Asia.

It’s an extremely various world than it was, so you have to stay active, keep your brain working, keep your body working. I don’t know how Don Rickles does it. I know Tony gets people on or with him, but God bless them if they want to keep doing it and keep doing it– just do not pass away doing it.

I guess you’ll keep doing it your method for a long, long period of time to come.

I’m in five-year increments, the way I’m doing it. I reserve in five years at a time. I look at medicine, and I see for the first time on the horizon there’s a great deal of amazing breakthroughs that are going to occur in the next five years. Like stem cell research study in Florida now, you won’t need to go to Germany. There are a great deal of advancements and cancer research study.

If you can remain healthy for 5 more years, there’s a lot of excellent things that’s going to keep you going since the human body, when you study, it it’s produced to choose 150 years. It’s only the junk that we put in it that’s offering us the incorrect number. Every human types and all animals, there’s a chart telling us how long each can live. People are living longer than ever.

So where are you in this current five-year cycle?

Well, I’m doing more music, I’m talking with people about my book and possibly doing a musical film. I’m into taking a trip the world. You understand we book a year ahead of time, it will be that, and it will be spending time with my household, but primarily my 10-year-old child. Life is really developed around Ethan, my son, and right here and simply living. That’s it.

So are you at the halfway point of this five-year frame, or are you toward completion of this 5 years?

I’m at completion of it. Beginning next year, I look at the next 5.

Well keep doing it your way.

I will.

Paul Anka headlines at the Smith Center on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich & & Famous” popularity has actually been a journalist for a bit more than 50 years and has invested the previous 15 years providing readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum play ground.

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Smith Center for the Carrying out Arts The Smith Center for the Performing Arts offers a mix of performances by resident business and touring attractions. The 5-acre cultural school features 3 performance areas, which includes a main performance location with more than 2,000 seats. This downtown cultural center of Las Vegas seeks to inform, amuse and delight neighborhood members.
361 Symphony Park Ave Las Vegas, NV Las Vegas, NV 89106

Las Vegas legend Frank Mir has plenty of battle left in him


L.E. Baskow

UFC fighter Frank Mir, right, sends out a kick to the head of fitness instructor Angelo Reyes throughout training at Hybrid Performance in prep work for his Labor Day weekend battle in the co-main event of UFC 191 versus Andrei Arlovski on Friday, August 14, 2015.

Sunday, Aug. 30, 2015|2 a.m.

. The other main event at UFC 191

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson has experienced virtually no misfortune throughout his reign as UFC flyweight champ over the past 3 years, with one noteworthy exception. John Dodson scored an early knockdown at UFC on Fox 6 in January 2013 and nearly dismissed the 125-pound kingpin before Johnson rallied for a close unanimous-decision win (49-46, 48-47, 48-47). Johnson gets the opportunity to beat Dodson more convincingly in the primary occasion of UFC 191. Dodson has actually won each of his other six UFC bouts, consisting of a first-round knockout of present bantamweight champ T.J. Dillashaw. A victory would be Johnson’s ninth straight and possibly spring him even more up the UFC’s pound-for-pound rankings, where he is No. 3 behind featherweight champion Jose Aldo and middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

UFC Fighter Frank Mir In Training
UFC fighter and Bonanza High product Frank Mir continues his training at Hybrid Performance in preparation for his Labor Day weekend fight in the co-main event of UFC 191 against Andrei Arlovski on Friday, August 14, 2015.Introduce slideshow “

Long prior to he ended up being a two-time UFC heavyweight champ, Frank Mir was a multisport standout at Gold mine High School. He established the area record in the discus toss at 177 feet, 10 inches– a mark that still stands– and was the football group’s finest player at protective end, helping the Bengals reach the area semifinals.

But when Mir signed up with the wrestling team as a junior, he lost 9 straight matches to open the season and aimed to stop the sport. Challengers less physically talented than he had better method and beat him in seconds.

“I was constantly a huge, strong, quickly, natural athlete,” Mir stated. “That is generally a dish for mental weak point, which I had in abundance.”

His coach, Russ Leet, was consistent in motivating Mir to stay with the sport. As a senior in 1998, Mir went 44-1 and won the state championship.

“It was really mentally discouraging, extremely hard to handle,” Mir stated of the pressure to keep battling in high school. “I tried to stop on (Leet). I didn’t appear for the weigh-in. He pulled me out of class and said, ‘There are a couple various methods we could tackle this. You can either range from it and this will set a trend for the rest of your life, or you can suck it up, like any male does when you have obstacles, and face them head on.'”

The latter is how Mir, now 36, has actually approached his profession in the UFC, which began in 2001 and continues Sept. 6 against Andrei Arlovski in a co-main event battle at the MGM Grand Garden Arena for UFC 191.

Mir, a 14-year veteran, is the longest-tenured fighter, despite category, in the UFC. In the heavyweight department, Mir has had the most fights, victories and submissions in organization history.

However his tenure likewise has been fulled of humbling minutes, scenarios where, similar to in high school, Mir quickly might have walked away from contending. Mir lost four consecutive fights from May 2012 through early 2014, and some felt his profession, or at least his tenure with the UFC, was coming to an end.

In February, Mir faced Antonio Silva in Brazil in what turned out to be a career-saving battle. Despite being a 2-to-1 wagering underdog, Mir completed Silva in 1 minute, 40 seconds with a series of punches and elbows. He was so impressive, he earned the Efficiency of the Night bonus offer.

Then on July 15, he floored Todd Duffee with a thunderous punch just 1:13 into the battle to once again win Efficiency of the Night, showing the success versus Silva had not been a fluke. And just like that, Mir again ended up being a competitor in the heavyweight division.

“Frank Mir is a Hall of Famer, I’m sure in everybody’s eyes, due to the fact that of his experience,” stated Angelo Reyes, Mir’s boxing coach. “Losses happen in Mixed Martial Arts. They take place in boxing, however boxers do not have the exact same earning possible after one or two (defeats). The UFC has been excellent. They have been extremely faithful to Frank. And he has actually been very devoted to them.”

That commitment was validated weeks after the Duffee battle. Mir had assumed he ‘d get a couple of months off to unwind, however the UFC asked him to handle Arlovski, another former champion who has actually rejuvenated his career.

“I was really looking forward to sitting there and drinking beer and watching my children play up and down the street,” Mir said. “So it was a little bit of a shift in frame of mind” when the UFC called.

But even if his body still was recovering from training for Duffee, the opportunity was too great to skip.

Mir (18-9), who is No. 10 in UFC heavyweight rankings, has placed himself when again to be in contention to make a champion fight. Another victory, specifically versus a high-quality opponent such as Arlovski, could do wonders for Mir’s title opportunities.

Mir’s experience will certainly assist in the fast turn-around. Earlier in his career, he admitted to not seeing movie of his opponents and entering into matches with little preparation.

“You don’t require a tactical plan. You head out and react,” Mir said, explaining his one-time state of mind.

Now, an older and wiser competitor, Mir is much various in his method. He’s analytical and always looking for answers. He typically relates approaches from life to combating.

“If you are doing something you love and if you enjoy it, the trip and path itself is its own reward, even if you do not reach the destination,” he stated.

So together with coach Ricky Lundell and Reyes, Mir and his team study each challenger’s tendencies and create a comprehensive game plan. It’s partially why Mir states he has gone on a win streak and why he’s positive he will have a strategy to beat Arlovski.

Mir admits to self-doubt, specifically during his losing streak. But just like the days of Bonanza fumbling, he found a method to get rid of.

John Legend to manage music for servant drama '' Underground '.


Erik Kabik/ ErikKabik.com

John Legend performs at Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015, in the Linq Promenade in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015|8:06 p.m.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.– John Legend is bringing his skills to a TV drama about Southern slaves defending freedom.

WGN America states Legend and his production company will certainly be in charge of the rating and soundtrack for “Underground.”

The drama remains in production in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It stars Aldis Hodge as the organizer of an escape effort by plantation slaves. Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Christopher Meloni co-star.

WGN America told a Tv Critics Association conference Wednesday that Legend’s company will certainly also work as an executive producer for the drama.

In a statement, Legend says he thinks the story of individuals brave enough to risk everything for freedom will be inspiring.

He and his songwriting partner, Typical, won an Oscar this year for the tune “Magnificence” from the civil liberties film “Selma.”

“Underground” will air in 2016 on WGN America.

B.B. King’s supervisor says cries legend didn’t want to see household

Blues legend B.B. King made the choice to prevent visits from two of his daughters throughout his dying days, his longtime manager alleges in a new court document.

LaVerne Toney, who worked for King for more than 40 years, denies that she prevented Karen Williams and Patty King from visiting their dad.

“It was Mr. King’s decision to not check out with Karen and Patty,” according to the file.

Las Vegas lawyer Brent Bryson filed the file Tuesday on Toney’s behalf. Clark County District Judge Gloria Sturman has set up a hearing in the probate case Thursday morning.

Lawyers have submitted a flurry of papers in the contentious case since King’s death on May 14. King, whose legal name was Riley B. King, was in hospice care when he died in his Las Vegas home at age 89.

Four of King’s children, consisting of Williams and Patty King, challenge the visit of Toney as individual representative of his estate. They state she needs to be disqualified since of conflicts of interest and her alleged embezzlement of more than $1 million from their father.

Through Bryson, Toney has denied embezzling the money. The legal representative said Toney transferred the money into King’s trust account after his death.

In the document filed Tuesday, Toney asserts Williams and Patty King had actually engaged “in numerous schemes” to manipulate their father out of money. It also declares King rejected a demand by another daughter, Rita Washington, to compose a book titled “On the Road With My Dad.”

“A few of Mr. King’s youngsters and family members are attempting to do what Mr. King would never allow them to do when he was alive, which is to insert themselves into his company affairs,” the document alleges.

Las Vegas lawyer Arthur Williams has actually said he drafted King’s will in 2007, and the document made Toney the administrator. He said he knows of no other will drafted after 2007.

This is a developing story. Inspect back for updates.

Contact press reporter Carri Geer Thevenot at cgeer@reviewjournal.com!.?.! or 702-384-8710. Discover her on Twitter: @CarriGeer