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Town offering $1.20 the homes of draw in brand-new locals

By Silvia Marchetti, CNN

(CNN)– Ever imagined owning a house in a pretty Italian village? The news you’ve been waiting on has lastly arrived.

You can now buy one for simply over a dollar.

Ollolai, a location in the mountain region of Barbagia on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, is selling numerous deserted homes for simply EUR1 ($1.2).

It’s not the first Italian town to try the trick, but it seems to be the very first to measure up to the guarantee. It’s also got the appeal and history had to draw people in.

The real estate bonanza features a catch, however. The 200 stone-built homes up for grabs are in poor condition and buyers need to commit to a repair within 3 years– which will likely cost about $25,000.

Behind the sell-off is a plan to rejuvenate a community at threat of ending up being a ghost town. In the previous half century, Ollolai’s population has actually avoided 2,250 to 1,300, with only a handful of babies born each year.

“We boast prehistoric origins,” states Efisio Arbau, Ollolai’s mayor. “My crusade is to save our special traditions from falling into oblivion.

“Pride in our past is our strength. We’ve constantly been tough individuals and won’t allow our town to die.”

Disappearing town

Formerly Barbagia’s capital, Ollolai remains the most unblemished and authentic spot of Sardinia.

As soon as buzzing, its labyrinth of streets and mural-covered piazzas are now silent, as more youthful locals have been lured away to bigger cities.

Abandoned by the families who when inhabited them, lots of stone homes have been depending on mess up, covered in cobwebs, for years.

Some traditional lifestyles endure. Local shepherds continue to make the charming premium sheep cheese, Casu Fiore Sardo, that the area is understood for, while artisans still weave fine baskets.

Arbau likens the town’s battles to its olden day fights, from an era when surrounding caves were used by separatists and outlaws to stow their abduct victims.

“We as soon as had a fiery king, Dux Ospitone, who joined all heathen tribes in a league,” he includes. “Our pagan ancestors never succumbed to the ancient Roman conquerors, who dubbed us ‘barbarians.’

“These hills are Italy’s ‘Highlands’ and we are sons of ‘Bravehearts.'”

Regeneration process

Now Ollolai, which takes its name from an ancient fight cry of “alalé,” is fighting back once again.

In a bid to revive the town, Arbau contacted former homeowner– shepherds, farmers and craftsmen– asking them to sign the homes over to town authorities.

“They’re attractive old buildings made with Sardinia’s normal gray granite rock that grows on mountain peaks and coasts,” says Arbau.

“We need to bring our grannies’ houses back from the grave.”

He authorized an unique decree and put the residential or commercial properties on the marketplace, at deal rates, in 2017.

Despite their bad conditions, three houses have actually already been sold and Arbau states he’s received more than 100 purchase requests from across the world, including Russia and Australia.

The mayor hopes the repair of the homes will assist produce brand-new tasks and revive the regional economy.Frozen in time Vito Casula, a retired

builder, was the very first to get a two-story house for less than the expense of a coffee.

He changed his new house utilizing eco-friendly products, but kept the original decor, recycling old furnishings.

“We live close-by and often checked out Ollolai. Then one day my other half saw the advertisement in the paper. It was a chance,” states Casula. “This quiet town is frozen in time. It provides a peaceful, healthy life.”

He recommends the village to anyone who “is ill with too much stress and requires a break.”

“The fresh air, absolutely no smog and excellent views have a recovery power. My bones and back do not injure anymore,” he adds.

Casula states Ollolai’s relaxing vibe, tasty cuisine and friendly locals are amongst its leading selling points.

“Homeowners are so open and friendly they make you feel at home. They never permit me to pay for anything at the bar and constantly welcome us over for lunch and dinner,” he adds.

Homemade specializeds include su pane vratau, made of layers of flat crispy carasau bread soaked in water, tomato sauce, poached eggs and grated Fiore sheep cheese.

There’s also su pistiddu, an autumn cake made of coffee, nuts, almonds, semolina, hazelnuts, raisins and sapa grape syrup.

Local delicacy porceddu (roasted child piglet), is cooked on a bonfire, skewered on substantial vertical spits and put on burning charcoals.

In fall, cortes apertas (open yards) sees stables and ancient granite-and-turf taverns open up to the general public, providing crazily great wine, ham, cheese and a few other specials.

Other town events include a carnival where participants wear costumes consisting of goat-style masks with horns, fur and dangling bells or white embroidered face veils that signify the union of death and life.

Newbies can likewise check out folklore events and archaic routines such as the “s’istrumpa,” a tussle where gamers should toss their challenger to the ground to win the town’s respect.

Steeped in superstitious notion, Ollolai is a location where ladies make amulets to ward off misfortune and residents’ vehicles bring composed prayers to keep wicked at bay.Sardinia’s’primitive heart’

The town routinely attracts tourists trying to find a quiet, bright retreat,

The 1,200-meter-high peak Nodu de S’Aschisorgu (the Treasure Rock) boasts a spectacular 360-degree view of the island, while Ollolai’s surrounding lakes, rivers, secured parks, oak and beech tree forests are dotted with cone-shaped primitive settlements called nuraghi.

And while it might be a long method far from Sardinia’s high-end beaches, Ollolai is still near to shimmering beautiful seas.

A one-hour car drive takes you to the awesome cliffs of Cala Gonone, with stunning sea grottoes perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Arbau is likewise presenting activities like cheese, pasta and basket making courses, together with dialect lessons to keep newbies hectic.

“Our language is difficult to understand, even for Sardinians, however we understand foreigners like to socialize. This is also a social experiment,” he says.

Just time will tell if the mayor’s gamble has settled, but residents are thrilled and interest in the town is growing.

In reality, a reality show focused around a group of Dutch households as they set up in Ollolai and bring back some of your homes is expected to release in May.

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Apartment fire leaves 17 Henderson locals displaced

Friday, July 28, 2017|7:01 p.m.

. A cooking fire in a Henderson apartment or condo left 17 locals without a house early today and triggered about $290,000 in damage, inning accordance with the city’s Fire Department.

The flames were triggered about 4 a.m. in a pot of cooking oil in a second-story system at Mulberry Park Apartments, 730 Center St., near Burkholder Boulevard and Major Opportunity, officials stated.

The flames infected the roofing system of the apartment prior to the fire was extinguished, authorities said. No one was injured.

Those displaced– 10 grownups and seven children– are from 4 of the systems that suffered fire or smoke and water damage, authorities stated. They’re being assisted by the Southern Nevada chapter of the American Red Cross.

Homeless, lobbyists collide with locals over Las Vegas park

The city of Las Vegas still appears to be at odds with individuals who are homeless and lobbyists at Huntridge Circle Park.

A popular hangout for the homeless people in the location, Huntridge Circle Park has a storied history the city’s negotiations with indigenous individuals and the activists who feed them.

The park, on Maryland Parkway near Charleston Boulevard, was closed for years after a fatal stabbing and was the background of a lawsuit over a City Council ordinance that prohibited feeding the underprivileged at public parks.

That ban was struck down in court, and the park has long given that resumed. However activists with the group Food Not Bombs Las Vegas say they’re still being targeted by the city.

About three lots people gathered at the park Sunday morning as volunteers dispersed cupcakes, chips and vegetarian soup. The group offers meals at 10:30 a.m. Sundays and 11:30 a.m. Mondays.

Neighborhood local David Lopez, a designated parks commissioner, heard complaints Sunday about locked bathrooms and harassment by the Las Vegas Marshals who patrol the park. He said he believes that the park’s homeless visitors ought to be getting help from “reputable” shelters and rescue missions.

“They provide long-term assist with long-lasting solutions,” he stated. He believes the food draws more transients to the park.

“We don’t motivate that,” he stated.

Food Not Bombs volunteer Kelly Patterson, 46, stated the bathrooms are constantly locked now, except during special occasions like the movie nights hosted by the city.

“A great deal of neighbors are worried about what’s taking place inside the bathrooms,” Lopez said.

“Do they not understand what’s taking place within is now taking place outside?” Patterson reacted. “A lot of that issue is fear.”

The lobbyists said they have actually aimed to get the restrooms reopened, but city officials send them to speak with the marshals, who send them to speak with the city.

“I don’t know who has the secrets. The bathroom has been a problem for several years,” Lopez said. “The marshals prefer it being locked.”

Lopez also stated the city is checking out an engineering solution to create it simpler to keep an eye on washroom activity.

Patterson stated it’s a method– homeless individuals who need a washroom either need to leave the park or run the risk of a confrontation with marshals, he stated.

Park patrols utilize what Patterson called selective enforcement in ticketing and jailing native individuals for minor infractions, like riding a bike on the pathway and jaywalking in a suburb. Before a public conference is held at the park, the marshals regularly come in and roust all the homeless individuals, he stated.

“It’s intimidation,” Patterson said. “It’s type of a vicious thing.”

Thomas Gaule, 59, stated he doesn’t comprehend what the issue is. Homeless individuals in the park, like him, police themselves for the most part. And he takes it upon himself to clean the park all the time.

He said area locals demonize them.

“They really grumble about us. It’s definitely outrageous. I don’t desire no issues,” Gaule said. “It’s some kind of message to us.”

In 2006, the City Council passed a regulation that prohibited feeding the homeless at public parks. The American Civil Liberties Union took up the case, and the regulation was squashed in 2007. In 2010, the city settled to reduce up on other limitations about the variety of people who can collect at a park without a license and whether homeless individuals might be begun the property when a crime hasn’t been committed.

Lopez said the city’s concern is public security and pointed to a fatal stabbing during a battle in between two homeless guys in 2006 that offered the city a need to close the park. The park reopened in 2011.

“If they closed every place in the area there was a stabbing, they ‘d close every location in the area,” Patterson shot back. “That was actually simply a practical reason to get rid of Food Not Bombs.”

Patterson said the city would get a lot further with the area’s transients by making them feel like a part of the neighborhood.

“This has actually been our biggest problem park,” Lopez said. “We have to find a middle ground.”

— Contact Wesley Juhl at [email protected]!.?.! and 702-383-0391. Discover him on Twitter: @WesJuhl.

Locals get initially look at plans for I-15-Tropicana Avenue intersection

Southern Nevada residents need to be simply catching their breath after enduring the huge Task Neon program sometime after 2020 when the next huge Interstate 15 freeway work gets underway.

The general public got its first take a look at the $190 million I-15-Tropicana Opportunity Interchange proposition at a public open home conference Tuesday at the Hampton Inn Conference Center on Dean Martin Drive.

Coordinators remain in the earliest stages of thinking about enhancements required by traffic growth in the shadow of the new 20,000-seat arena west of New York-New York.

About 25 conference guests, many of them company individuals concerned about how the job would affect access to their homes, asked concerns and evaluated maps and makings of the interchange understood in the engineering world as an “expanded tight diamond interchange.”

The Nevada Department of Transport is accepting written and emailed remarks through Oct. 16 on the feasibility research that eventually will cause environmental research studies, design, right-of-way acquisition, allowing and building of the project. Composed remarks can be sent to Task Manager Jeff Lerud at NDOT, 1263 S. Stewart St., Carson City, NV 89712, or emailed to [email protected]!.?.!. The requirement for the project

, like the majority of transportation department efforts, includes making the interchange much safer. There were 989 crashes along Tropicana Avenue between Valley View and Las Vegas boulevards in between 2010 and 2013 and of them, majority were mishaps at the interchange ramp intersections. Congestion and delays prevail in the location.

The northbound frontage roadway, known as a”collector-distributor, “is regularly backed up past Russell Road to the 215 Beltway. A logjam happens when traffic is attempting to accelerate onto northbound I-15 while others are slowing to the Tropicana exit. The greatest problem is that the Tropicana bridge over I-15– integrateded the 1960s– isn’t large enough to permit construction of a longer acceleration lane for vehicles merging onto I-15.

In addition, Tropicana’s bridge clearance is 15 feet, 10 inches– 8 inches less than the conventional minimum clearance. That has actually resulted in big rigs and cars towing tall loads to hit the bridge structure.

The variety of vehicles on I-15 near the Tropicana overpass is expected to enhance from 245,000 automobiles a day in 2014 to 295,000 vehicles a day by 2035, thanks in part to the brand-new traffic generator in the area, the arena being developed by MGM Resorts International and AEG Live. Volume also is expected to climb on the narrow Tropicana bridge by 48 percent.

How do you repair it?

Exactly what the transport department is proposing is to restore the whole interchange, including the sweeping flyover bridge that links southbound I-15 traffic to eastbound Tropicana and the Las Vegas Strip.

Other functions of the project:

— Onramps and offramps will certainly be expanded.

— Triple-left-turn lanes will be constructed at indicated crossways.

— The northbound frontage collector-distributor roadway entrance to I-15 will certainly be extended.

— A bridge will be included for Dean Martin Drive traffic to pass beneath Tropicana.

— The whole Tropicana bridge over I-15 will certainly be lengthened to satisfy height and width clearances.

— The existing flyover ramp will be changed to fulfill height and width clearances.

Contact Richard N. Velotta at [email protected]!.?.! or 702-477-3893. Find him on Twitter: @RickVelotta.