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Radio host loses task days after controversial Facebook post


A conservative Las Vegas radio talk program host who posted a Facebook rant versus gay adoption is now out of a task.

Heidi Harris from the Heidi Harris Show on AM 840 KXNT shared A Clark County Department of Household Provider advertisement promoting adoption. The ad envisioned two males holding a kid.

Harris composed, “Another not-so-subtle attempt to stabilize something that is NOT normal. Even if it is typical for YOU it is not the best thing for the baby.”

She went on to write that infants should go to straight couples and political correctness as she called it, can’t alter that truth.

“You know absolutely nothing about what you’re typing. You’re discussing a family dynamic that you know nothing about,” stated Joe Oddo, VP of The Center.

When Oddo first stumbled upon the post he was surprised.

“I looked at it and I resembled that is us, you understand,” he told FOX5.

Oddo and his spouse Tim Oddo embraced two kids, Zayne and Malaya, last year.

“It’s been the most satisfying and finest thing I have actually ever carried out in my life,” Oddo said.

He witnessed very first hand what embracing a kid out of foster care and into a loving household can do for the kid.

He wants the 3,000 foster kids in Clark County to find families of their own, no matter what those loving families look like.

Clark County Department of Household Services concurred.

A spokesperson sent out FOX5 a statement that said, “We do not discriminate, and there is no credible research study to show discrimination advantages a child.However, we do know that kids take advantage of being adopted into a caring and caring household, no matter what that family appears like.”

FOX5 did reach out to Heidi Harris via call. She stated CBS Radio didn’t restore her contract but could not state whether it was since of her Facebook post.

She stated she has absolutely nothing negative to state about CBS Radio Management. She also said she only erased the post since she couldn’t maintain or filter all of the remarks and she doesn’t permit offensive language on her Facebook page.

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Stolen bike rider loses control, passes away in crash on Vegas highway

Nevada Highway Patrol at the scene of a fatal crash on US-95 on Aug.6, 2017. (LVACS)< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/08/14584818_G.jpg" alt=" Nevada Highway Patrol at the scene of a deadly crash on US-95 on Aug. 6, 2017.

(LVACS) "title=

” Nevada Highway Patrol at the scene of a fatal crash on US-95 on Aug. 6, 2017.( LVACS)” border=” 0″ width=” 180″/ > Nevada Highway Patrol at the scene of a deadly crash

on US-95 on Aug. 6, 2017. (LVACS). LAS VEGAS( FOX5 )-. Cannon fodders are investigating a deadly mishap involving a taken motorcycle in northwest Las Vegas early Sunday early morning. The Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command reported a deadly crash happened on U.S. Route 95 near the Centennial Parkway exit right before 4:30 a.m.

Authorities said a taken Yamaha motorbike was traveling at a high rate of speed southbound on the highway before the rider used heavy braking and lost control of the bike.

The 21-year-old become separated from the motorbike and was lying in among the travel lanes, according to NHP.

Another motorist tried to slow down traffic and assist the rider, however a silver Audi A4 struck the motorcyclist during this procedure.

The driver of the Audi stayed and was complying with troopers as the rider was pronounced deceased at the scene.

NHP stated it was unknowned what in fact killed the motorcyclist or exactly what initially triggered him to try and decrease citing their initial investigation.

Lane limitations remained in place at the scene of the crash while cannon fodders examined the event.

Stay with FOX5 for continued updates on this story.

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When a business loses an employee, impacts on profitability, spirits can be profound

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Having to change workers isn’t just a pain, it’s a significant expense– but one that smart executives can prevent. Expenses to hire and train staff members to fill vacancies can be formidable. With this in mind, employers must enhance efforts to retain employees.

Household loses foster care license after weapon occurrence

A former foster household is at chances with the Clark County Department of Family Solutions over guns.

Household Services withdrawed the household’s foster parent license in July, however the family is appealing the choice and has actually kept a lawyer.

The household says it lost its license because of an incident where members acted in self-defense after their next-door neighbors threatened to kill them. At least among the reasons for terminating the license likewise is based upon an obsolete state code running counter to new law.

Kristi and Rod Beber had actually been accredited foster father and mothers since Oct. 19, 2010. The couple says it had a clean record with the kid well-being system.

In a July 29 letter gotten by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Family Services gave 3 factors for such action: noncompliance with basic requirements, non-compliance with tasks of a foster home and non-compliance with weapons and ammo.

The letter followed an April 3 occurrence when the family’s drunk next-door neighbors showed up to their house, threatening to cut Rod Beber and his family into pieces. The neighbors confronted the Bebers because they had actually called animal control and reported them, according to City’s event report.

Clark County authorities decreased to comment on case specifics.

Rod Beber, who has actually a hidden bring license, used a weapon on his ideal hip the day of the occurrence, according to the occurrence report.

Individuals “do hidden bring since they exist to safeguard their family and their property,” said Irene Clements, executive director for the National Foster Parent Association.

Household Services claims the foster daddy did not exercise sound judgment and decision-making during the conflict. The letter specifies that in among City’s dispatch recordings, Rod Beber could be heard mentioning he “made use of them, they came through eviction” which he “kept them at bay with mine.”

Metro’s event report specifies that a reporting party could hear a woman saying a male had a gun pointed at her, however the reporting individual couldn’t see them.

Rod Beber stated he didn’t point the gun at his next-door neighbors. He said as a hidden bring permit holder, he’s received suitable training.

“A lot of discretion was made on my part on exactly what to do,” he stated.

His wife keeps he just raised his t-shirt up so the next-door neighbors might see he had a gun.

“Who wouldn’t protect their household?” she asked. “We have actually come to the conclusion that (Household Services) wanted to close our license and make an example out of a foster family for making use of guns, and we got caught in the middle of their hatred of weapon owners.”

Family Services declares that Rod Beber had a crammed gun out on the day of the April dispute and that on May 1, he reported “putting a crammed gun in the TV living room safe and locked it.” He separated the gun and the ammunition the next day in the morning.

“Mr. Beber was not certified with NAC 424.600 in that he had a packed gun in his house while foster children were in the house and he left it packed overnight,” the letter states.

Family Solutions wouldn’t discuss why it’s referencing a state code that’s in accordance to an old law that needed “all weapons on the properties of a foster home to be unstrung and unloaded at all times when kids are in the house and kept in locked containers.”

A brand-new law that went into effect June 10 permits an individual who holds an authorization to posses a weapon, packed or unloaded, in the facilities of a family foster house. That individual likewise might bring a firearm on his individual while in the presence of a foster kid.

If the individual is not carrying the weapon on his person, the firearm needs to be secured safe storage, except when utilized for a legal function, which may consist of “for the defense of a person or building.”

Family Services was asked to clarify whether it was depending on an old law considering that the actual event took place prior to the new law took effect. The cancellation letter was provided more than a month after the new law was enacted.

County authorities stated by law they are not enabled to discuss specifics related to an existing or previous foster father and mother.

“We are lucky to have numerous great foster parents who offer caring and safe homes for the children who enter into our care,” Clark County representative Dan Kulin said in a statement. “Undoubtedly, the safety of these children is a leading concern for us and we will certainly remain to take whatever action is essential making sure the kids are safe.”

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Chumlee leaves gnarly death, loses a few diamonds

Chumlee and I were capturing up at an outside cafe on Friday when he informed me he lost his $3,000 diamond-teeth upper grill. Have you seen it? It’s got ta be around right here someplace.

A diamond-teeth grill is a denture-esque slip on, similar to partials. The “Pawn Stars” star still has his lower grill, encrusted in real diamonds. He popped it from his mouth to reveal me the bling.

A long time back, his uninsured upper grill went missing out on.

“I lost a diamond earring in a taxi previously, too. You live and you discover,” he said.

I asked him why he does not wear cubic zirconia grills, since I’m a cheapskate journalist.

“Nah. Can’t phony the funk,” he stated.

Chumlee just went back to Las Vegas from four months of vacations in Hawaii, L.a and Newport Beach. On Monday, “Pawn Stars” starts shooting 60 episodes. Yes, 60.

“We can film them pretty fast now,” after six years of production, Chumlee said.

He will also DJ at the Palms hotel’s “Ditch Fridays” pool celebration on July 10.

Chumlee is the periodic target of Web jokesters who post “#RIPChumlee” on Twitter and Instagram. This troll joke began after an April Fool’s prank a few years earlier.

But Chumlee thinks his life actually was surrounding the end credits while vacationing in Hawaii this year. He got stuck in a swirling vortex, or death waves. Here’s exactly what he informed me over iced Americano, through his half-diamond mouth.

Chumlee, 32, was completely delighting in Hawaii, jumping off waterfalls, swinging from tree ropes into ponds, appreciating the stunning ocean.

Chumlee also snorkels.

“A few of my friends can go under for 2 and 3 minutes,” he said.

“I’m not anywhere near that. I’m lucky to hold my breath 15 seconds. However it’s cool,” he stated. “You can swim in these little caves genuine fast. Often, you see sharks.”

One day, Chumlee jumped into the ocean side of a jump for the first time. Chumlee knew there was a neighboring rock including a written warning about how many people had died there. However he wished to attempt it. He jumped.

The water was calm, calm, calm. Suddenly, gnarly.

“The waves began coming over the rocks. You’re in this location that draws you down and draws you up, like, 15 to 20 feet at a time,” Chumlee said.

“I was thinking to myself, ‘Just stay calm. Just remain calm.’ Because I was currently tired.”

Friends assisted him to a 15-foot climb-to-escape rock.

“My buddy came. He grabbed me. Pulled me as much as the rock. He had to hold onto the rock and draw me in, since the present is drawing you down, up and down, up and down, up and down,” Chumlee stated.

Exhausted after survival, Chumlee holds no spite versus the titan Pacific.

“If you appreciate the ocean and do not turn your back on it, you can enjoy. Never ever turn your back on the waves.”

So that’s the watery grave Chumlee left. As a more youthful guy, he had a near-death experience during a desert-riding excursion when he and 3 pals reversed in a car that bounced off a rock-and-roll three or four times.

“I had simply put my safety belt on within 20 seconds before that. Not even a minute.”

Chumlee does not think of death much. I asked exactly what’s his favorite afterlife theory.

“I think simply be released into energy. Perhaps be burned and put in the exact same urn as my dad,” he said.

“I have a little brother; ideally he’ll outlast me. Perhaps I’ll have some kids. I’ve got some nephews. I don’t know. Just to be kept in mind, I guess, by household and loved ones.”

“You do not wish to be the Great Chumlee in the sky?” I asked.

“No, no. I do not want to be the Great Chumlee in the sky. I would rather be the fantastic Chumlee in my family’s eye.”

He stated that and grinned sweetly, sunshine twinkling across the diamond-sparkly much lower teeth of Chumlee, death-defier of water and sand.

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