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Weekend Rewind: J.Lo at XS, '' Magic Mike ' in London, Santana in Oakland and more


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class= “photograph” src=” https://photos.lasvegassun.com/media/img/photos/2018/06/04/jlochain_dannymahoney_t653.jpg?214bc4f9d9bd7c08c7d0f6599bb3328710e01e7b” alt= “Image”/ > Danny Mahoney Andrew Taggart, Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, Alex Pall and Russell Westbrook celebration at

Tuesday, June 5, 2018|2 a.m.

There’s a lot of Vegas reveal news and happenings to report on, starting with the overseas expansion of “Magic Mike Live.” Channing Tatum’s year-old production at the Hard Rock Hotel will open in The Theatre at the edgy Coliseum Casino in London’s Leicester Square in November. Initially produced by Tatum for the Hard Rock and co-directed and choreographed with Allison Faulk and Teresa Espinosa, “Magic Mike” has actually been amassing consistent honor because its launching and the London variation will stay faithful to the original.

Interactive off-Broadway comedy favorite “Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding” has actually found a brand-new home at Buca di Beppo at Bally’s. The program initially opened in 1988 in New York City and has explored the world, including more than 3,000 shows in Las Vegas at numerous venues. It resumes June 15 running Friday through Wednesday at 7 p.m.

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< img src =" https://photos.lasvegassun.com/media/img/photos/2018/06/04/Tegan-Summer-and-Ruby-Lewis_t198.jpg?cdfb4b79ec677a25380d4d2ab25aad58f36db2ce" alt=" Click to

enlarge image”/ > Tegan Summer and Ruby Lewis open” Marilyn! The New Musical “at Paris Las Vegas June 1. “Marilyn! The New Musical” commemorated a smash hit grand opening on June 1 at the Paris Theater, provided by Tegan Summer season and Caesars Home entertainment and starring Ruby Lewis. Amongst the encouraging performers identified on the red carpet reception prior to the program were the casts of “Baz”, the Chippendales, Cocktail Cabaret, “Inferno,” “X Burlesque” and Human Nature in addition to Penn Jillette, Jeff Civillico, Anthony Cools, Chris Phillips and Claire Sinclair.

Celine Dion has actually revealed additional dates for her Las Vegas residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace into 2019. Tickets go on sale via Ticketmaster or at thecolosseum.com on June 8 for these 24 new efficiency dates: October 30-31; November 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16 and 17; December 28, 29 and 31; and January 2, 4, 5, 8, 11, 15, 16, 19 and 20.

Another resident headliner stated a quiet bye-bye over the weekend. Ricky Martin played the Park Theater at Park MGM for the last time on June 3, closing out his “All In” production that opened in April 2017. It was a terrific show that seemed to struggle to sell tickets, but Martin called it a “gorgeous run” and thanked his fans for their energy via Instagram. “I’m going to miss Vegas but I’ll be back for sure,” he stated.

Jennifer Lopez is performing her “All I Have” show at the Zappos Theater at World Hollywood for the next two weekends however she discovered time to hit the club Friday night. J.Lo signed up with The Chainsmokers onstage at XS at Repetition for a rousing performance of her brand-new single “Dinero,” with beau Alex Rodriguez and NBA friend Russell Westbrook singing and dancing along with the crowd.

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Mentioning pro hoops, House of Blues Las Vegas locals Carlos Santana and Cindy Blackman Santana performed a rocking version of the National Anthem prior to Video Game 2 of the NBA Finals at Oakland’s Oracle Arena Sunday. Maybe Santana, a Bay Location native, gets some credit for the Warriors rout of the Cavaliers in that series.

More celeb sightings: Fifth Consistency member Normani, breaking out with her own pop profession thanks to the hit track “Love Lies,” commemorated her birthday at Tao Thursday night. Another sultry singer, Jhene Aiko, celebrated a friend’s bachelorette party at Drai’s Saturday night while her boyfriend, rap artist Huge Sean carried out.

'' Seven Magic Mountains' ' near Las Vegas is an Instagram dream


Artist Ugo Rondinone’s “Seven Magic Mountains”features 7 totems of painted stones noticeable along Interstate 15 near the Jean Dry Lake.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018|2 a.m.

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We have all concerned this area in the desert for something: Seven Magic Mountains.

Two years ago last month, the massive public art work by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone increased on this stretch of land roughly Thirty Minutes south of the Las Vegas Strip. The setup, 7 towers of largely neon-colored in your area sourced stones of differing sizes and shapes, is tough to miss out on. (It’s off Interstate 15, and there are numerous signs. There’s a dirt car park at the website.)

“Seven Magic Mountains” has actually proved to be a popular attraction.

The exhibition, which supposedly cost $3.5 million and was privately moneyed, was supposed to “close” last month, however it has actually been such a struck with visitors (up to 1,000 a day by some accounts) that it will remain a minimum of through completion of 2018. There is talk of extending it a number of years, and perhaps even making it a permanent addition.

There is something cheerful and whimsical about this colorful expression of art– 33 boulders, each weighing 10 to 25 loads, configured into towers 30 to 35 feet tall– relatively in the middle of no place. It’s a welcome break from the earth tones of pebbles and dirt and the soft green of cacti and other plants, wonderfully popping off the figurative canvas in a most unwelcoming place. A number of mountain ranges loom in the range.

And it is highly photogenic. According to the Reno Journal-Gazette, more than 2 million people have taken selfies, or the like, at Seven Magic Mountains for Instagram. After getting an unique permit, Vogue used the setup as the background for an image shoot in April 2017. Beyoncé, Jay-Z and child Blue Ivy have even been here.

On the day of my go to, the “photographers” are out in force, as are their subjects. There’s the female who carries out a handstand versus one of the towers. She likewise does a headstand a few feet away. Then she takes numerous pictures of the couple who photographed her. At first they stand in front of a tower. Next they stage their finest “dive.” There are several sets of parents who let their children climb onto the boulders, as if they’re some sort of jungle fitness center, for images. A little indication asks individuals to remain off the art work, however it’s apparent from a few of the worn paint that plea has been ignored. I make certain the sun and other aspects have not helped either. (Early on, vandals defaced some of the stones with graffiti.)

So why did Rondinone select this website?

Sevenmagicmountains.com says that, according to the artist, “the area is physically and symbolically midway in between the natural and the artificial,” the natural being the mountains, desert and dry lake bed background, the artificial being “the highway and the continuous flow of traffic in between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.”

“In the past, land art has been camouflaging art,” he informed the Las Vegas Review-Journal, but “by giving a layer of color, we are uniting the pop art movement and land art.” Land art isn’t really totally new to the Nevada desert. Michael Heizer and Jean Tinguely created works nearby in the 1960s.

I spend 30 or 45 minutes here, meandering around the towers and supporting, up, up into the desert in an effort to get that perfect shot: the one with all 7 towers– and no people. It clearly isn’t really in the cards, as there is a constant stream of visitors. Maybe I’ll be back one day. I wager it would be charming, and desolate, at sunrise.

Dane Cook talks Han Solo, the magic of Vegas and taking care of his comedy


Jordan Strauss/AP Dane Prepare takes the phase at the Chelsea on June 2.

Comic and actor Dane Prepare has been a bit quiet in recent years, primarily hanging in your home in Los Angeles and working on new material and jobs after the 2014 release of Showtime special “Troublemaker,” which was recorded in Las Vegas during stand-up gigs at Venetian.

” It was the very first unique I produced, spent for from my own pocket and directed because I wanted to own my own product One Hundred Percent and share it only with the outlets I believed were the proper locations,” states the 46-year-old entertainer best known for his manic style and record-breaking funny albums like 2005’s “Retaliation.” “Going through that experience was awesome and the cast and team of individuals that assisted me achieve my goals showed me a brand-new route I wasn’t ready to go back on. I have to be in control of my material, at least to the point where it can air someplace without anybody hampering on it during the process, since as an artist that makes you start to question the stability of your regimen.”

Now he’s on the road again, returning to the Strip to perform at the Cosmopolitan on Saturday, and improving brand-new material for another self-produced unique. Here’s my full discussion with Dane Prepare.

Very first thing’s very first: What’s the verdict on “Solo,” the new Star Wars film? You’re a huge well-known Star Wars fan. I have actually been a nonfamous Star Wars fan for far more of my life. I love the new motion pictures and I’m constantly there on one of the first nights to see them and it’s been an insatiable thing for me because I was a kid. I love “Rogue One” and I actually like “The Force Awakens” and there are minutes I like in the new trilogy, but with “Solo” … whatever I understand about Han Solo can be limited to 2 words: smuggler and rascal. And I didn’t see either of those in this motion picture. It was more lovelorn and green. I believed it was a different take and there were terrific scenes and some terrific impacts, however eventually it was not the origin story I was wishing for. I ‘d offer it two Chewbacca grumbles.

Is carrying out in Las Vegas a different experience for you thinking about the audience here is from all over the place? There’s a couple places I have actually found over my now 28 years I have actually been doing comedy that are simply magical for a variety of factors. Vegas resembles that for me particularly and when I speak with pals and other comedians and performers, they feel that way. In Vegas, you fly in and it’s simply unusual. It’s like all of the history is occurring at the very same time, like you’ve gone through a wormhole and you’re in this spot where the Dunes or the Sands or anything from the Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. and Jerry Lewis period is all still taking place around there. I understand it sounds cheesy however it’s a magical thing, as an entertainer and as a fan, and I’ve gone to Vegas to see artists I dig since of that allure.

Has your off-stage Vegas experience altered throughout the years? Yes, due to the fact that I’ve been there a lot of times. When I remained in my 20s and getting my very first gigs on the borders, it was a blast and I really liked almost getting into problem. But I’ve aged and now I have a lot of family that wants to come in so I’m more on the other side of the road, doing those family destinations instead of, “Let’s find out what’s at the end of that alley.”

Why did you choose to take additional time with your newest product and trip a bit more slowly before getting back to shooting a brand-new funny special? Undoubtedly the development of being an artist is a long and constant transformation. In some cases it’s stagnant and often it’s a shame of riches. The only method to understand if either of those things is coming at you is to keep hustling. After I did “Troublemaker,” which was shot in Vegas at the Venetian … I decided to remain in L.A. and work on a wide variety of brand-new product, believing when it feels right, I’ll do [a special] I don’t have to rush it. And there are a few comics I understand who felt the things they were putting out [on TELEVISION or the Web] wasn’t having the very same effect, that it was super-quick and felt less important. So for this period of my life, this part of the evolution, I’m firing on all cylinders and the something that’s most gratifying is speaking with fans after the programs or on Instagram or by email, when they state, “This was my favorite show, this product.” To hear that from fans of many years is the most rewarding part of this whole thing.

How has that modification in your process affected your writing and the basic direction of your comedy? Twenty years earlier when I was simply a manic, energetic entertainer, it was still composed material that took a long time to develop but it was a great deal of antics and clowning. And that is a blast when you’re in your 20s speaking with college kids about drinking games and crazy sexual experiences due to the fact that you’re all speaking the very same language to each other. But around 26 or 27 I understood I wanted to change, to not be derivative and not inform the exact same stories. Without getting too heady, there were a lot of ins and outs about myself I didn’t understand. I needed to get to the constitution of me, and when I got to dig in and get that perspective, I might end up being introspective. That’s the wonderful formula for comedy, to be reflective and observational, then you may just connect with some people.

You’ve had a lot of success throughout the board, from TELEVISION and movies to substantial records and stand-up specials. Do you feel there’s a great deal of unexplored area in any one of those locations? There are a lot of things beyond comedy that funny has actually enabled me to explore. It’s been my backstage laminate to other elements of the market that typically a funny individual would not have the chance to take part in, motion pictures like “Mr. Brooks” or “Dan in Real Life” or hosting “Saturday Night Live” or doing charity reveals throughout the world. Stand-up is the core of exactly what I am, it’s what I’m about, but it’s the solo gig, the lonesome experience, and I like the collaborative experience, too. I’ve become pals with some manufacturers with clout and I’ve been aligning myself patiently with people I understand are going to elevate and challenge me, so that is what I hope the next Twenty Years will be. I simply finished this film called “American Exit” a year back, an indie movie that pertained to me out of the blue and it was the furthest thing from me. I play an unfavorable, depressed, dying father who kidnaps his own kid and then it turns into this action-suspense drama. That felt a lot like what stand-up was in the beginning, like, how far can I take this, how big. So I wish to await fantastic work and great individuals who bring the best from me, and till that takes place, I have this new performance I love and I can’t wait to obtain it onstage.

Dane Cook carries out at 8 p.m. June 2 at the Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan (3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 877-893-2003) and more info can be discovered at cosmopolitanlasvegas.com.

‘Magic Mike’ runs like a maker after 500 shows at Hard Rock


< img class =" photo" src=" /wp-content/uploads/2018/04/MMCredit-Jerry-Metellus_t653.jpg" alt=" Image"

/ > Jerry Metellus” Magic Mike Live “is about more than hot guys. However there are a lot of hot people.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018|2 a.m.

There’s no informing exactly what will happen next when a huge casino-resort gets brand-new ownership. Richard Branson has assured top-to-bottom remodellings at the Hard Rock Hotel must be complete by the end of 2019 as his company transforms the famous Vegas property into a Virgin Hotels product. New restaurants and bars and refurbished hotel spaces are most certainly en route, however where will these modifications leave “Magic Mike Live,” one of the very best things to take place to the Acid rock in a long time?

After zipping the 500-show mark last month– known as “the cure to the typical male revue,” the Channing Tatum-conceived production opened in April last year– and a year invested regularly rewarding and regularly surprising audiences, “Magic Mike” is worthy of to remain. Much has actually been made of the show’s empowering themes and the two females who accompanied me recently (it was a four-feminist double-date) felt the ambiance and stylistic approach was rejuvenating, creative and enjoyable. It has certainly brought a new energy and extra traffic to the Acid rock in the past year.

Of course it’s attractive, however it’s incredibly funny, too. When comic Lyndsay Hailey isn’t playing the role of the emcee, who guides the pleased audience through a journey of comprehending exactly what women want and how they can have it, you get Chelsea Phillips-Reid, a magnetic and amusing entertainer who’s likewise appeared in “50 Shades! The Parody” and “Vegas The Program.” Ryan Carlson, from the original nationwide trip cast of “Flashdance the Musical,” enacts Mike, a waiter who occurs for the flight and is up for any challenge. His unassuming style sets the perfect tone for the show and also belies some serious ability and sex appeal. Carlson groups with dancer Liinda Garisto, who initially seems a shy audience individual, for a soaking-wet number near the end of the show and it’s most likely the hottest thing happening on any Vegas stage today.

The men of “Magic Mike” are gifted beyond their flawless bodies and just as lovely. Some sing and play instruments and all dance well however some could clearly take their relocate to any other kind of Vegas reveal. Their interactions with the audience are extremely careful however certainly far from shy, and the whole thing feels very big-hearted in the perfectly redone, 450-person area that formerly housed bars Body English and Infant’s. With a soundtrack packed with slinky R&B and uptempo hip-hop, it’s a celebration waiting to happen whether it’s your bachelorette. There will always be a selection of well-done and popular male and female revues in Las Vegas and that’s a good thing for our overall home entertainment scene. However “Magic Mike” is various enough to slide into another classification.

” Magic Mike Live Las Vegas” is carried out at 8 and 10:30 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday in the cabaret nightclub area known as Club Domina at the Acid Rock Hotel (4455 Paradise Road, 702-693-5000) and more information can be discovered at magicmikelivelasvegas.com.

‘Magic Mike’ runs like a machine after 500 programs at Hard Rock turned Virgin hotel


< img class =" photo" src=" /wp-content/uploads/2018/04/MMCredit-Jerry-Metellus_t653.jpg" alt=" Image"

/ > Jerry Metellus” Magic Mike Live “has to do with more than hot people. But there are a lot of hot men.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018|2 a.m.

There’s no telling what will take place next when a huge casino-resort gets new ownership. Richard Branson has guaranteed top-to-bottom restorations at the Hard Rock Hotel ought to be total by the end of 2019 as his company changes the legendary Vegas home into a Virgin Hotels item. New restaurants and clubs and reconditioned hotel rooms are most certainly on the way, however where will these changes leave “Magic Mike Live,” among the very best things to happen to the Acid rock in a long time?

After zipping the 500-show mark last month– referred to as “the remedy to the common male revue,” the Channing Tatum-conceived production opened in April last year– and a year spent regularly rewarding and regularly unexpected audiences, “Magic Mike” should have to stick around. Much has been made of the show’s empowering themes and the two females who accompanied me last week (it was a four-feminist double-date) felt the ambiance and stylistic technique was revitalizing, clever and fun. It has actually certainly brought a brand-new energy and additional traffic to the Acid rock in the previous year.

Naturally it’s attractive, but it’s extremely amusing, too. When comic Lyndsay Hailey isn’t really playing the role of the emcee, who guides the appreciative audience through a journey of comprehending exactly what women desire and how they can have it, you get Chelsea Phillips-Reid, a magnetic and hilarious performer who’s likewise appeared in “50 Shades! The Parody” and “Vegas The Show.” Ryan Carlson, from the original nationwide trip cast of “Flashdance the Musical,” enacts Mike, a waiter who comes along for the flight and is up for any obstacle. His simple design sets the ideal tone for the show as well as belies some major ability and sex appeal. Carlson groups with dancer Liinda Garisto, who initially seems a shy audience participant, for a soaking-wet number near the end of the program and it’s most likely the hottest thing taking place on any Vegas phase today.

The males of “Magic Mike” are talented beyond their perfect bodies and just as charming. Some sing and play instruments and all dance well however some could clearly take their relocate to any other kind of Vegas reveal. Their interactions with the audience are very mindful but certainly far from shy, and the entire thing feels very big-hearted in the nicely redone, 450-person space that formerly housed clubs Body English and Child’s. With a soundtrack brimming with slinky R&B and uptempo hip-hop, it’s a celebration waiting to happen whether it’s your bachelorette. There will always be a selection of well-done and popular male and female revues in Las Vegas which’s an advantage for our overall entertainment scene. However “Magic Mike” is various enough to slide into another classification.

” Magic Mike Live Las Vegas” is carried out at 8 and 10:30 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday in the cabaret bar space called Club Domina at the Hard Rock Hotel (4455 Paradise Road, 702-693-5000) and more details can be found at magicmikelivelasvegas.com.

Tracing Grammy winner ’24K Magic’ back to Bruno Mars’ prime impacts

Haters will say it’s fake– and they did when he swept the Grammys– but Bruno Mars’ love for ’80s and ’90s R&B is as genuine as it gets.

In accepting the Album of the Year prize for 24K Magic, the 32-year-old pop megastar (and Park Theater citizen, returning for 4 programs this month) explained how the album’s songs were motivated by a set he performed as a 15-year-old in Hawaii opening a traveler show called The Magic of Polynesia– pop-soul hits composed by iconic, respected pop producers Babyface, Teddy Riley and Jimmy Jam & & Terry Lewis. “I saw individuals dancing that had actually never ever fulfilled each other … celebrating together,” he said from the Grammy stage on January 28. “All I wanted to make with this album was that.”

He couldn’t have chosen more powerful manufacturers from whom to borrow. The trio was responsible for a relatively limitless stretch of hits from numerous pop artists for decades. Babyface composed and produced much of the most significant hits by Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston and Boyz II Guys, together with engineering his own successful solo profession. Riley led three of his own groups while crafting catchy, influential soundscapes for Brown, Michael Jackson, Patti LaBelle, Snoop Dogg and others. And after leaving the Prince-formed group The Time, Jam and Lewis made Janet Jackson’s profession and cranked out hits for Usher, Mary J. Blige, Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey and more.

The common title track of 24K Magic might reference the retro-funk of The Space Band and Zapp, however Mars’ stated impacts certainly turn up on his smash record, too. Here’s where:


Bruno’s voice is the polar reverse of Bronx-born, Charlie Wilson sound-alike Aaron Hall, and that’s why you cannot tell that “Finesse” is a straight-up Man track. (Riley formed Guy with Hall and his sibling Damion in Harlem in 1987.) The addition of Cardi B’s verses on the “Finesse” remix further muddies the fact that Mars chomped Riley’s intense synths and busy beats, the noise that came to be called New Jack Swing. Pay attention to “Groove Me” or “You Can Call Me Crazy” from Guy’s eponymous ’88 launching and all of it comes together.


“If you ain’t here to celebration take your ass back house.” It’s absolutely something Morris Day may have said. This mid-tempo groove might have been a Time track, however it sounds a lot more like something Jam and Lewis would have produced after their time in that band. Like the flexible work of the Flyte Tyme founders, Bruno’s greatest hits are songs that sound terrific on the radio and make you wish to dance.

“Versace on the Flooring”

Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds in fact co-wrote the last track on 24K Magic, a ballad with a ’70s pop vibe called “Too Good to Bid Farewell.” However even though he has actually composed throughout pop categories (Madonna’s “Take a Bow,” for instance), the majority of people associate Babyface with syrupy romance, and Bruno’s “Versace” dives deep because slow-jam department.

Bruno Mars February 14, 16, 17, 19, 9 p.m., $100+. Park Theater, 844-600-7275.

The Universal Language of Magic

Checking out the mind of Santiago Michel isn’t really tough these days. The UNLV senior opened his new Planet Hollywood show Ilusión Mental to audiences with a mix of mind reading and mind-bending illusions. However he didn’t count on his intuition to break ground with the Strip’s very first all-in-Spanish program.

“I didn’t know if it was going to work,” stated the Mexico City local of the concept for producing a program that deals with the Latino market. “I thought it made sense, however I needed assistance to do some research.”

Michel parked himself in the front row his Sociology of Gaming class and soon exposed his idea to professor Bo Bernhard.

“At the time, I remember thinking, either you’re the fortunate genius who has developed a dazzling concept, or you’re the unfortunate genius who developed it simply a couple of years too early,” said Bernhard, who in addition to teaching for the Harrah College of Hospitality works as the executive director of UNLV’s International Gaming Institute.

He helped link Michel to the market research and mentored him on how to make his company pitch.

However convincing the entertainment-soaked Strip that there was space for an Spanish-language magic show was a tough sell, in spite of the fact that around 6 million annual visitors to Las Vegas speak Spanish. Many residential or commercial properties handed down the task.

“It didn’t matter the number of ‘Nos’ I got because I knew that it would only take one ‘Yes,'” Michel said.

World Hollywood did more than provide Michel a phase, he says; it challenged him to create an experience that is both dynamic and distinct to each audience.

And while Ilusión Mental deals with Spanish-speakers (the program draws audiences from as far as Argentina), Michel explains that magic transcends the bounds of language.

“It’s an all-ages, all-backgrounds, highly visual program. You do not need to speak Spanish to enjoy the program.”

Maturing in Mexico City, Michel saw magic as more than a pastime. It is an artform to be looked into, studied, and practiced. His parents nurtured his passion for magic but were also clear about the value of a solid education.

“My moms and dads told me the only way they would support me was if I went to college,” Michel stated. “I came to UNLV due to the fact that I wanted to become a professional magician, and I wanted to do this in Vegas. I imply, UNLV is the only location in the world where you can be a college student and have a show on the Strip. It is one of the most Vegas thing ever.”

His experience at UNLV’s Hospitality College has given him indispensable professional tools.

“The college has actually broadened my horizon,” Michel stated. “It assisted me find out how to approach individuals, how to communicate with individuals from all over the world.”

And what of the deal he made with his moms and dads?

“I told them I will end up college not matter exactly what happens,” said Michel, who just began his last semester. “I might need to sacrifice some sleep, but I will complete.”

‘Inferno’ could set the Vegas magic program on fire

Exactly what do you call a show that combines grand illusions, awe-inspiring stunts and spectacular pyrotechnics? You call it something various, something the Las Vegas Strip hasn’t seen prior to.

Inferno arrives at Paris Las Vegas this week, a special impacts experience produced by a team of pyro experts who have worked on events consisting of the Super Bowl and the Coachella music festival. European illusionist Joe Labero and his fiery aerial group the Fuel Ladies– who just finished touring in Europe with rockers Fall Out Young boy– are at the center of the action, now playing Wednesdays through Sundays at the Paris Theater.

“Fire highlights something primal in everybody,” co-producer Kris Russell said in a program statement. “It’s one element that’s never quite been tamed, and this program will press the most skilled fire artists in the world to their absolute limitations, letting audiences live out their pyromaniac dreams.”

When was the last time you saw something really death-defying on a Vegas phase?

‘Masters of Illusion’ to bring several layers of magic to the Jubilee Theater


Caesars Home entertainment The Vegas version of the “Masters of Impression” TELEVISION and touring reveal opens at Bally’s on December 6.

mastersofillusionvegas.com or by phone at 702-777-2782.

Magic Johnson caps off the International Gaming Expo

Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s smile and energy are just as contagious now as they were when he was lighting up the NBA and leading the Lakers to champions. As the supreme keynote speaker for day four of the yearly International Video gaming Exposition at the Sands Exposition & & Convention Center recently, Magic wowed the crowd with recollections from his sports and business professions, providing valuable lessons from a life of success. He let the audience inside the thought procedure behind his investment firm’s undertakings into theater multiplexes, Starbucks and Sodexo, and also discussed why he’s so huge on pro-sports franchises; he’s part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Sparks in addition to his relatively new gig as President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers.

Magic Johnson at G2E

Magic’s savvy isn’t really restricted to sports and company, and he likewise showed a lot of comprehending about how Vegas works. “I’m a big fight fan and also I like the shows, so I come and hang out here a lot. I enjoy it,” he said. “Today you have actually got some of the most incredible restaurants. That was the one thing that truly altered, when you brought in the restaurants, then also to make sure you consisted of the family. I believe it really turned things around. Now everyone can concern Las Vegas and having fun. You want them to bet, however even if they do not, they’re still having a good time.”