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Nevada generates record $7 million in cannabis taxes in March


Steve Marcus Alex Garcia examines edibles in the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace during a dispensary bus trip sponsored by the Las Vegas Medical Cannabis Association Friday, April 20, 2018.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018|1:09 p.m.

Tax income from cannabis sales in Nevada continues to climb up, setting a new high of more than $7 million in March, the ninth month of legal recreational pot sales, authorities stated today.

That’s up from the previous high of $5.95 million in February.

The revenue includes a 15 percent wholesale tax on medical and recreational cannabis and a 10 percent excise tax on leisure weed sales, the Nevada Department of Tax said.

“Revenues from both taxes continue to exceed regular monthly and annual projections, pointing to a strong likelihood that Nevada will close out the with far more robust marijuana profits collections than expected,” said Expense Anderson, the department’s executive director.

The 15 percent wholesale tax– paid by cultivation and production centers that provide dispensaries– generated nearly $3 million in March.

The 10 percent excise tax brought in a little more than $4 million. The excise tax, paid just on leisure pot, has raised $30.47 million this fiscal year.

Gov. Brian Sandoval’s workplace forecasted that the two taxes integrated would raise an average of $5 million a month from July 2017 to July 2019, a total of $120 million.

Officials projected the first year of leisure sales would raise considerably less than average, with the last 6 months of 2019 generating the most.

Almost 97 percent of the $50.32 million excise tax collections projected for July 1, 2017 to June 30 have actually been gathered during the first nine months of the fiscal year, Department of Tax spokeswoman Stephanie Klapstein stated.

By law, earnings from the wholesale tax is assigned to fund state and city government regulation of the market, and exactly what remains is transferred into the Distributive School Account. Income from the excise tax is deposited into the Nevada Rainy Day Fund.

McConaughey fears March for Our Lives will get '' pirated '.


Chris Pizzello/Invision/ AP Matthew McConaughey, a cast member in the upcoming movie “White Young boy Rick,” attends to the audience throughout the Sony Pictures Entertainment presentation at CinemaCon 2018, the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners, at Caesars Palace on Monday, April 23, 2018, in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018|2 a.m.

. A month after speaking at the March for Our Lives in his home town of Austin, Texas, Matthew McConaughey says he supports some gun control but fears the youth-led movement might be “pirated” by those intending to eliminate all guns in the United States.

McConaughey spoke about his support for the marchers on Monday in Las Vegas, where he was promoting his approaching movie, “White Kid Rick,” at the CinemaCon theater-owners convention in Las Vegas.

He called gun violence “an epidemic in our nation.”

” I have actually got a great deal of friends who are gun owners. I’ve got a great deal of good friends who are NRA (National Rifle Association). I matured hunting. We had accountable weapon ownership, but I was taught the right way to regard that tool,” he said. “At the exact same time, their petition that they were speaking about is a very good one. And I likewise fear that their project– they have to watch that they don’t get hijacked. Meaning, a lot of the crowd was for no weapons at all. That was not the march for life. March for Our Lives was for rightful, simply, responsible gun ownership– but versus attack rifles, against limitless publications and for following up on the regulations.”

The 48-year-old Oscar winner stated he wished to discover space for arrangement in between anti-gun activists and the NRA.

” The 2 sides (have) got to talk. Due to the fact that we both agree that there’s an epidemic. We both concur something has got to alter. So I was for exactly what they were marching for, and I wanted to speak with my home town on the capital of my state Texas’ steps. And also speak with the numerous males and females who I matured with, I understand that had the guns, that owned the weapons, and say hello, do we actually, where can we reach across the aisle here? Discover a compromise for the betterment of all of us?”

McConaughey plays the father of a teenager who becomes a drug dealer and an FBI informant in “White Kid Rick,” based upon a real story. It’s set for a September release in theaters.

UNLV Newsmakers 2018: March

UNLV continued its increase in the United States News & & World Report graduate and expert rankings launched in March, with the Boyd School of Law moving up to 59th general and taking the nation’s leading area in legal Composing.

The month likewise saw UNLV’s students continue to represent the Rebels at the highest level on the national phase, winning first place in the competitive Monterey Next Generation Jazz Celebration and besting Boise State in the first-ever Mountain West Conference Esports Face-off. The university’s nationally ranked dispute team advanced to the Elite 8 of the National Debate Competition and sealed itself as the team to enjoy heading into next season.

On the research front, two headline-grabbing studies led by UNLV faculty published in March. The journal Science informed of special “ice” diamonds, recognized for the first time, which might improve our understanding of the inner operations of Earth; another research study in Nature argued that a small fragment of volcanic glass proves our forefathers didn’t simply make it through a huge volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago – they thrived.

Below is a sampling of media highlights from March on UNLV’s individuals and programs.

A Volcano, a Tiny Glass Fragment, and Environment Change

Our forefathers not only survived a massive volcanic eruption 74,000 years earlier, they might have thrived throughout the resulting environment modification that took place, a brand-new Nature study by UNLV geoscientist Eugene Smith and colleagues discovered. The conclusions counter previously held beliefs that the eruption of an Indonesian extremely volcano– called Mount Toba– and the resulting “winter” of ash and smoke spread countless miles and almost eliminated human beings.

A Cool Discovery

Geoscientist Oliver Tschauner and associates have discovered the first direct proof that water pockets may exist deep in the Earth’s mantle. The team evaluated distinct impurities in diamonds pushed from deep inside the Earth and discovered first naturally taking place example of the mineral ice-VII. The findings were published in the journal Science.

Martian Fossil Hunters

UNLV research study might help assess landing areas and excavation websites for NASA’s 2020 Mars rover mission that wants to discover proof of previous life at a loss world’s rocks. A team of geoscientists– consisting of teacher Libby Hausrath and previous student Seth Gainey– recreated clay minerals akin to those on Mars and published their operate in Nature Communications. Here’s our News Center take on the research, and a link below for a terrific story from the nationwide science/tech news website Applicant.

” All In” on Esports

2 of the best in college video gaming squared off March 8-10 when UNLV topped Boise State in the inaugural Mountain West Conference Esports Showdown. 8-Bit Esports, UNLV’s collegiate esports organization, beat the Broncos in the popular games League of Legends and Overwatch to bring home the title. Las Vegas is becoming a larger gamer – both actually and figuratively – with some assistance from UNLV. Beyond fielding a competitive esports group, UNLV has among the country’s only academic programs combining the art, science, and service of the flourishing market.

Required Professionals? We Got ‘Em

Media rely on UNLV faculty day-to-day – both through requests and proactive outreach – to assist their audience understand exactly what’s occurring in the neighborhood and world around them. Dealing with media to consist of UNLV expert insight on the day’s news is an opportunity to inform the community, but likewise to broadly reinforce UNLV’s strengthening image and track record. Here are a couple of current highlights:

CNN( Rainier Spencer, Vice Provost).
KVVU-TV( Rebecca Gill, Government, Women’s Research study Institute).
Washington Post( Lynn Comella, Gender and Sexuality Studies).
< a href=" https://www.weightwatchers.com/ca/en/article/sole-sole” > Weight Watchers( John Mercer, Allied Health Sciences).
Signboard( David Schwartz, Center for Gaming Research Study).
Mom Jones( Ian Bartrum, Law).
Bloomberg( Benjamin Burroughs, Journalism and Media Research Studies).
Education Dive( Michael Pravica, Physics and Astronomy).
Travel Weekly( twice)( Todd Uglow and Mehmet Erdem, Hospitality). Local News Roundup. UNLV individuals and programs were well represented in local news in March, with stories on the Rebels’ increasing argument team, a program tracking the most significant pollen polluters, and how UNLV Libraries is helping unpack the history of Las Vegas.

Numerous thousands across the United States march for weapon control


Alex Brandon/ AP Crowds of people hold signs on Pennsylvania Opportunity at the “March for Our Lives” rally in support of gun control, Saturday, March 24, 2018, in Washington.

Released Saturday, March 24, 2018|9:45 a.m.

Upgraded 1 hour, 30 minutes ago

WASHINGTON– Summoned to action by trainee survivors of the Florida school shooting, numerous thousands of teenagers and their fans rallied in the nation’s capital and cities across America on Saturday to push for gun control in among the greatest youth demonstrations considering that the Vietnam period.

” If you listen genuine close, you can hear individuals in power shaking,” David Hogg, a survivor who has actually become one of the student leaders of the movement, informed the roaring crowd of demonstrators at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington.

He cautioned: “We will get rid of these public servants who just care about the weapon lobby.”

Chanting “Vote them out!” and bearing indications reading “We Are the Change,” “No More Silence” and “Keep NRA Loan From Politics,” the protesters loaded Pennsylvania Avenue in between the Capitol and the White Home.

Big rallies with crowds approximated in the tens of thousands sometimes also unfolded in such cities as Boston; New York; Los Angeles; Chicago; Houston; Fort Worth, Texas; Minneapolis; and Parkland, Florida, the site of the Feb. 14 attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 people dead.

Protesters knocked the National Rifle Association and its allies and grumbled that they are scared of getting shot in school and sick of inaction by grown-ups after one mass shooting after another.

They required such procedures as a restriction on high-capacity magazines and assault-type rifles like the one used by the Florida killer, tighter background checks and school security, and a raising of the age to purchase guns.

” I’m really tired of hesitating at school,” said Maya McEntyre, a 15-year-old high school freshman from Northville, Michigan, who joined a march by thousands in Detroit. “When I come to school, I don’t wish to have to look for the nearby exit.”

She added: “I want to get to the issue prior to it gets to me.”

In Atlanta, Ben Stewart, a 17-year-old senior at Shiloh Hills Christian School in Kennesaw, Georgia, participated in a march in Atlanta to press for what he called “sensible gun laws.”

” People have actually been dying considering that 1999 in Columbine and nothing has changed. Individuals are still passing away,” Stewart said. “It could be avoided.”

President Donald Trump was in Florida for the weekend. A motorcade took him to his West Palm Beach golf club in the morning. As of early afternoon, he had yet to weigh in on Twitter about the protests.

The NRA went silent on Twitter in the early morning, in contrast to its response to the across the country school walkouts versus weapon violence March 14, when it tweeted an image of an attack rifle and the message “I’ll control my own weapons, thank you.”

About 30 gun-rights supporters staged a counter-demonstration in front of FBI headquarters in Washington, standing silently with signs such as “Armed Victims Live Longer” and “Stop Violating Civil Liberty.”

Organizers of the gun-control rally in the nation’s capital hoped their demonstration would match in numbers and spirit last year’s females’s march, which far went beyond forecasts of 300,000 demonstrators.

” We will continue to defend our dead pals,” Delaney Tarr, another survivor of the Florida disaster, stated from the phase. The crowd roared with approval as she laid down the students’ main demand: a ban on “weapons of war” for all but warriors.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 9-year-old granddaughter Yolanda Renee King gave a rousing speech at the Washington rally, drawing from the civil rights leader’s most popular words.

” I have a dream that enough suffices,” she stated. “That this must be a gun-free world. Duration.”

In Parkland, the police presence was heavy as more than 20,000 individuals filled a park near the school, shouting mottos such as “Enough suffices” and bring signs that read “Why do your weapons matter more than our lives?” and “Our tallies will stop bullets.”

Gun violence was also fresh for some in the Washington crowd: Ayanne Johnson of Great Mills High in Maryland held an indication stating, “I March for Jaelynn,” honoring Jaelynn Willey, who died Thursday 2 days after being shot by a schoolmate at the school. The classmate likewise died.

Rallying outside the New Hampshire Statehouse in Concord, 17-year-old Leeza Richter stated: “Our government will do more to stop us from going out than it will to stop a shooter from walking in.”

Because the bloodshed in Florida, students have used a current of gun control sentiment that has actually been constructing for years– yet still deals with an effective enemy in the NRA and its fans.

Organizers hope the enthusiasms of the crowds and the under-18 lineup of speakers will equate into a tipping point starting with the midterm congressional elections this fall. In addition to pushing for tighter weapon laws, the students have been working to sign up youths to vote.

Polls show popular opinion in the United States might be moving on the problem.

A new survey conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research discovered that 69 percent of Americans think weapon laws in the United States need to be tightened. That is up from 61 percent in 2016 and 55 percent in 2013.

In general, 90 percent of Democrats, 50 percent of Republicans and 54 percent of weapon owners now prefer stricter weapon laws.

At the exact same time, the survey discovered that nearly half of Americans do not anticipate chosen authorities to take action.

March Madness in Vegas: '' Super Bowl Sunday and New Year’s Eve integrated into one''.


Wade Vandervort From left, Justin Leigh and Steve Haft of Seattle and Matt Martinkus of Yakima, Wash., cheer as they watch the first rounds of March Insanity at

Associated content

The saying was repeated all the time: The next best thing to being at the NCAA Tournament is being in Las Vegas for the competition.

Being here, really, could be slightly better.

Our excessive celebrations have cheap eats, easy access to wagering stations and video games shown on advanced tv screens. It is a big reason that nearly 4 million checked out last March.

Thursday, I got a taste of the insanity, Las Vegas style. I visited 6 homes and satisfied some quite awesome people along the method.

Here are some of the stories:

Click to enlarge photo

Wade Vandervort Jeff Sullivan Jr., left, and his father, Jeff Sr., enjoy the NCAA Competition at the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook on March 15, 2018. At 4:45 a.m. Thursday early morning, Patsy Sullivan came to the Westgate Las Vegas to book her family’s 6 seats in the front row of the sports book.

Seeing the competition at the home is a yearly tradition for the Washington state citizens. She wasn’t alone. To get a prime spot at the popular regional book, you need to show up early to beat the masses. You need to understand the custom: If you need to leave to utilize the restroom, prop up the seat or leave a piece of paper with “reserved” composed on it.

A line of potential bettors was currently in location when Sullivan showed up. When the Oklahoma-Rhode Island video game tipped off at 9 a.m. to formally start the 13-hour day, the line of wagerers was more than 150 deep.

Jeff Sullivan Jr., her boy, didn’t have to wait. He’s got the Westgate’s mobile app and spent the day wagering from his phone.

“When we initially starting coming here, guard would rush over if someone got a mobile phone,” Jeff Jr. jokingly stated, describing a time when phone usage in books protested state law.

The Sullivan household, each dressed in Gonzaga gear, and each on the edge of their seats for the Zags’ narrow win on Thursday, never reconsider where they watch the preliminary days of the tournament. The three generations of Sullivans wait all year for the journey to the Westgate.

“This is the best location to view the competition, without a doubt,” Jeff Jr. said.

Laura Piper has actually been originating from Chicago to the Orleans to watch the tournament for more than 10 years. When see strolls into Mardi Gras Ballroom, she’s recognized by staff who call her by name. She’s recognized by other visitors, who she’s befriended while enjoying the tournament together each March.

This year, however, Piper was going to need to stay home. She opened a 3rd restaurant– The Lunchroom– a couple of days earlier and couldn’t fathom being away.

Then, Loyola-Chicago made the competition.

Piper lives minutes away from the university and has ended up being a fan of the program that had not won a tourney video game since 1985. She needed to concern Las Vegas.

“No chance I miss this,” she stated.

Loyola-Chicago did the rest. Donte Ingram’s 3-pointer as time ended provided No. 11-seed Loyola-Chicago the upset victory versus Miami, sending out Piper and her buddies into event. She hugged her cousin and wife in a moment of pure joy. You could not have actually requested for a better ending or setting.

Their group was the only one wearing Loyola-Chicago equipment, and numerous other clients came by to praise them. That consisted of staff at the Orleans.

– – –

Click to enlarge photo

A bulk of the crowd clearly had wagers on Rhode Island at minus-1.5. So, when a shot by Rhode Island rimmed out at the policy buzzer to force overtime, much of the sold-out crowd of more than 2,000 were vocal in their dissatisfaction of nearly having a winning ticket.

Mid-interview the Cosmo’s Fedor Banuchi, its vice president of entertainment and among the masterminds behind the mega-event, summarized the day completely: “You don’t get that in a man cave,” he said.

Las Vegas homes have actually evolved in the past years by means of seeing celebrations, and the Cosmo has actually been one of the leaders. Yes, it’s still a basketball enjoying marathon, and now numerous supply more than just the game.

March Madness Parties Launch slideshow”The Cosmo has a free-throw shooting competition and complimentary bar games such as

Golden Tee. The ballroom is lined with modern forecast and high-definition television screens, and there’s a choice to purchase an unrestricted buffet.”We are constantly attempting to do brand-new things, “Banuchi states. 3 months after Cosmo opened, it hosted its very first

competition viewing party in March 2011.

It wasn’t as fancy and simply 50 people participated in, paying$ 40– that included 2 beverages. Now it’s grown to a$225 entry and more than 6,000 participants over three days. “We actually thought in this,”Banuchi stated. – – -< a href ="https://lasvegassun.com/photos/2018/mar/16/723344/

“title=”Click to enlarge photo” > Wade Vandervort Ken Welk of Washington, center, makes his choices of teams

of March Insanity at South Point, Thursday, Mar. 15, 2018. Ken Welk is a smart veteran when it pertains to NCAA Competition seeing. He’s been coming

to Nevada (initially Reno before wising up)to watch and bank on the competition given that the 1980s and has actually clearly learned a couple of techniques along the way. In the middle of Welk’s table at the South Point sat a bag with grocery-store fruit for the day,

because while Welk and his friends prepared to load up on cheap stadium-style food and beer, they understand its not sustainable for 13 hours straight on back-to-back days. Welk, from Washington state, arrived almost 2 hours before video games on Thursday to book his

table. South Point is a residents preferred and numerous others rushed into the ballrooms when doors opened to do the same.”Every year, there’s just a growing number of individuals,”stated Welk, whose setup likewise included a laptop computer and betting literature

.”Cannot blame anybody. This is a week to have fun.” In the other ballroom at South Point, someone on their way to place a wager with confidence screamed,”Everything I bet turns to gold.”

Somebody asked who he was beating. He replied,”Oregon.”It’s too bad Oregon, who made the Final 4 in 2015, missed the tournament. – –

– Wade Vandervort From left, Tyler Borland, Chris Shumaker and Joseph Nixon of Columbus, Ohio, present for an image throughout thepreliminaries of March Madness at Beerhaus, Thursday, March 15, 2018. Joseph Nixon did the majority of the planning for his group to travel from Columbus, Ohio, to Las Vegas to view the competition. Never ever in the preparation,

however, was a game of Monopoly part of the schedule before rooting on Ohio State in its round-of-64 win. But Nixon and buddies Chris Shumaker and Tyler Borland made their way from the New York-New York sports book to Beerhaus at The Park to find a great addition to the seeing party landscape– parlor game. Patrons play video games such as Uno, Jenga and Yahtzee, for a short while taking their mind off enjoying their alma mater or cheering on a parlay bet. The group started at the bar and rapidly shifted to among the side tables with video games. It added to the experience, they stated.”It’s a pretty good offer and better than sitting at the bar,”Borland said. – – – < img src ="/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/IMG_0384_t603.jpg" alt

Click to enlarge photo

=”Click to enlarge image”/ > Green Valley Resort bartender Tony Deppe and server Nicole Ervolino work the sports book throughout the NCAA Competition on March 15, 2018.

Bartender Tony Deppe has actually manned his station at the Green Valley Cattle ranch Resort sports book given that the home opened in 2001. He proudly knows lots of regulars by name.

The initial Thursday of the NCAA Competition is one of his most preferred days of the year to work. You see, when you are as social as Deppe, the spike in customers is a good idea. He appears taken part in 3 conversations simultaneously, all while keeping a close eye on the televisions with the video games.

“Great laughs,” Deppe said. “We are having a great deal of enjoyable.”

On a regular Thursday, Deppe and server Nicole Ervolino manage all the daytime business in the book. However this is no regular Thursday throughout town. Green Valley Cattle ranch Resort hired numerous servers and bartenders to handle the numerous patrons jockeying to place beverage orders. It’s three or four times busier than a regular Thursday, they say.

“It’s Super Bowl Sunday and New Year’s Eve combined into one,” Ervolino stated.

When the financial impact of the competition in Las Vegas is discussed, what’s frequently discussed is the of loan wagered– $439.5 million statewide in 2017. But with 3.78 million visitors concerning Las Vegas in March last year, they are doing more than betting.

They are consuming, drinking, going to shows, taking taxis and spending exceedingly. For service market workers like Deppe and Ervolino, that implies some days of great pointers.

However for Deppe, the pointers are a great benefit to watching the competition with the friends he’s serving. That’s not necessarily lip-service. He seriously enjoys his shift at GVR.

Ray Brewer can be reached at 702-990-2662 or [email protected]. Follow Ray on Twitter at twitter.com/raybrewer21