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UNLV Dance Provides '' In Composition ' March 2 & & 3

The UNLV department of dance presents In Structure, a collaborative performance in between the department of dance and School of Music that produces an interesting program of new music and choreography. In Composition will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Friday, March 2, and 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Saturday, March 3, in the Judy Bayley Theatre.

Act One features choreographer Dolly Kelepecz-Momot and author Diego Vega’s ballet partnership illustrating Latin music, culture, and dance, Mountains to Sea. The piece has four brief motions that deconstruct the conventional designs of music from Vega’s homeland of Columbia.

Choreographer Margot Mink Colbert and author Cynthia Wong contribute Three Brief Pieces, created through the exploration of motion motivated by the noise of the structure, therefore creating 2 parallel art kinds. The work was first choreographed for “Midsummer Night’s Dances,” a program carried out in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the summer season of 2017.

Completing the very first act is choreographer Richard Havey and composer Jennifer Bellor’s cooperation of Bellor’s music Chase Destiny from her album Stay. Bellor’s Stay was included on NewMusicBox’s staff chooses as displaying a “wonderful presentation of how to maintain a highly private compositional identity without having to take sanctuary in pre-post-genre musical silos.” (Frank J. Oteri, NewMusicBox). Chase The Stars is sung live by Bellor, with the rap voice of Rasar Amani.

Act 2 functions department of dance chair Louis Kavouras and music director/composer-in-residence Beth Mehocic. They have actually teamed up on a brand-new work entitled Resonant String, which develops a material of movement with diverse interactions that ups and downs from the voluminous field of area. Mehocic’s rating, Interactions for Viola and Manufactured Sounds, creates the acoustic background and environment for the choreography. Nancy Uscher, dean of the UNLV College of Fine Arts, performs viola on the piece.

Flight of an African Grey is by choreographer Vikki Baltimore-Dale and Beth Mehocic, choreographed to Picasso’s Flight for String Quartet by Mehocic. The music was influenced by Mehocic’s caged African grey parrot, Picasso, who sits in his cage and, Mehocic states, dreams about flying. “He does all these remarkable dives, turns, and balances in his cage, however when discharge, all he can do is flap his wings and slide to the flooring,” Mehocic said. “You can nearly notice Picasso’s imagine soaring in the clouds, and the sound effects in the strings provide the illusion of fluttering wings.”

Act 2 ends with a kind of “dance by opportunity” for choreographer Cathy Allen and author Charles Halka, who have actually participated in the imaginative procedure for Falling From The Curve. The music consists totally of noises from numerous things and instruments that Halka has actually gathered over the years. After seeing Allen’s work and participating in wedding rehearsals, he understood some of these sound combinations would fit perfectly. According to Halka, the long, continual consistencies, peaceful rustlings, layered textures, and jaggedly percussive bursts serve as a backdrop to the intimate, sometimes restrained, in some cases impulsive, and always perfectly shaped movement in Allen’s choreography.

All seats are $18, with $10 tickets available for senior citizens, military, students, UNLV professors, staff, and alumni. Tickets may be acquired at the UNLV Carrying out Arts Center ticket office at pac.unlv.edu or by calling 702-895-ARTS (2787 ).

Thousands march through Boston week after Virginia bloodshed


Michael Dwyer/ Associated Press A counterprotester, left, confronts a professed advocate of President Donald Trump at a “Free Speech” rally by conservative activists on Boston Common, Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017, in Boston. Thousands of leftist counterprotesters marched through downtown Boston on Saturday, chanting anti-Nazi mottos and waving indications condemning white nationalism ahead of a rally being staged by conservative activists a week after a Virginia presentation turned deadly.

Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017|10 a.m.

BOSTON– Thousands of leftist counterprotesters marched through downtown Boston on Saturday, chanting anti-Nazi mottos and waving indications condemning white nationalism as conservative activists rallied a week after a Virginia demonstration turned fatal.

Authorities Commissioner William Evans stated Friday that 500 officers– some in uniform, others undercover– were deployed to keep the two groups apart Saturday. Boston’s Democratic mayor, Marty Walsh, and Massachusetts’ Republican guv, Charlie Baker, both cautioned that extremist discontent wouldn’t be tolerated in this city famed as the cradle of American liberty.

Organizers of the midday occasion, billed as a “Free Speech Rally,” have publicly distanced themselves from the neo-Nazis, white supremacists and others who fomented violence in Charlottesville on Aug. 12. A lady was killed at that Join the Right rally, and scores of others were injured, when a car raked into counterdemonstrators.

However opponents feared that white nationalists may show up in Boston anyway, raising the specter of awful confrontations in the very first possibly large and racially charged gathering in a major U.S. city because Charlottesville.

Occasions are planned around the country, in cities including Atlanta, Dallas and New Orleans.

Walsh welcomed counterprotesters Saturday morning outside Reggie Lewis Center in the city’s Roxbury community. Counterprotesters from Black Lives Matter and other groups knocking bigotry and anti-Semitism marching from there to the Common, and another group plans to rally on the steps of the Statehouse neglecting the sprawling park.

Some counterprotesters dressed entirely in black and used bandannas over their faces. They chanted anti-Nazi and anti-fascism mottos, and waved indications that stated: “Love your neighbor,” “Withstand fascism” and “Hate never ever made U.S. great.” Others carried a big banner that checked out: “SMASH WHITE SUPREMACY.”

Boston police approximated the size of the crowd participating in the march to the Typical at about 15,000. In stark contrast, just several lots individuals have turned out for the conservative rally itself.

TELEVISION electronic cameras revealed a group of boisterous counterprotesters on the Typical chasing a guy with a Trump campaign banner and cap, shouting and swearing at him. However other counterprotesters stepped in and assisted the guy safely over a fence into the location where the conservative rally was to be staged. Black-clad counterprotesters likewise grabbed an American flag from an elderly woman’s hands, and she stumbled and was up to the ground.

The authorization provided for the rally on Boston Common included severe restrictions, consisting of a restriction on backpacks, sticks and anything that might be used as a weapon. The authorization is for 100 individuals, though an organizer has actually stated he anticipated approximately 1,000 people to participate in.

The Boston Free Speech Coalition, which arranged the occasion, said it has absolutely nothing to do with white nationalism or bigotry and its group is not connected with the Charlottesville rally organizers in any way.

“We are strictly about complimentary speech,” the group said on its Facebook page. “… we will not be offering our platform to racism or bigotry. We denounce the politics of supremacy and violence.”

But the mayor explained that a few of those invited to speak “gush hate.” Kyle Chapman, who described himself on Facebook as a “proud American nationalist,” stated he will attend.

Black Lives Matter said Friday that members from around the United States planned to march Saturday in Boston.

Walsh stated the city would do whatever is required to avoid violence started by either side. “If anybody leaves control– at all– it will be shut down,” he stated.

“We will not endure any misbehavior, violence or vandalism whatsoever,” said Evans, Boston’s top police.

Dating to 1634, Boston Common is the nation’s oldest city park. The leafy downtown park is popular with locals and travelers and has been the scene of many rallies and demonstrations for centuries.

Ratings of farm employees, activists march on Ben & & Jerry ' s.

Saturday, June 17, 2017|12:36 p.m.

MONTPELIER, Vt.– Ratings of dairy farm workers and activists marched Saturday on a Ben & & Jerry’s factory to promote better pay and living conditions on farms that provide milk for the ice cream maker that takes pride in its social advocacy.

Protesters said Ben & & Jerry’s concurred two years ago to take part in the so-called Milk with Dignity program, however the company and worker agents have yet to reach an agreement.

“We can’t wait anymore. We are going to pressure them and see what takes place,” said Victor Diaz, a Mexican immigrant now dealing with a farm in Vergennes.

Ben & & Jerry’s representative Sean Greenwood stated prior to Saturday’s march from the Statehouse to the Waterbury factory that the business aspired to reach a contract and negotiations were underway.

“We are a values-led service. We frame ourselves as an aspiring social justice business,” said Greenwood. “We try to do excellent with whatever we can with our company. Dairy has actually definitely been one of those issues we have actually done a ton of deal with for years.”

Ben & & Jerry’s promotes its social activism as much as its eccentric ice-cream tastes such as Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey and Phish Food. A lot of its raw materials, like sugar, cocoa, vanilla, bananas and coffee come from producers across the world that register for the Fairtrade program, which promotes greater rates and better working conditions for farmers.

About 85 percent of the milk Ben & & Jerry’s uses in its ice cream made in North America originates from about 80 Vermont dairy farms. Its Caring Dairy program promotes sustainable farming by providing farmers money incentives for keeping up with finest management practices.

The Milk with Dignity program was established in 2014 by farm employees and the Vermont group Migrant Justice to guarantee that farms supply them reasonable salaries and working conditions and decent housing. In 2015, Ben & & Jerry’s agreed to sign up with the program. Since then, the 2 sides have actually been working out over the details.

“We have actually been working out in great faith,” stated Will Lambek of Migrant Justice. “It’s an undesirable delay.”

Greenwood stated Ben & & Jerry’s didn’t get the first details from the employees up until a year back and the 2 sides have actually been working since then to reach an agreement.

“It needs to work for the farmers, the farm owners, and it needs to work for business included and that’s the complex piece,” Greenwood stated. “How do you make certain that it will be operationalized so it’s a win-win across the board which’s what we’ve been dealing with for well over a year now.”

Hundreds march at McDonald’s head office about low incomes


AP Photo/Teresa Crawford

Protesters requiring pay of $15 an hour and a union march toward McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook, Ill., Wednesday, May 20, 2015. The beginning of the two-day demonstration comes ahead of the business’s yearly shareholder meeting on Thursday.

Wednesday, Might 20, 2015|6:55 p.m.

OAK BROOK, Ill.– Hundreds of protesters marched around McDonald’s suburban Chicago headquarters Wednesday, shutting down at least one structure on the business campus as they called for pay of $15 an hour and a union.

About 100 protesters were jailed for trespassing as they temporarily obstructed two streets around the McDonald’s school a day before the company’s yearly shareholder meeting. McDonald’s closed a nearby restaurant since of traffic concerns, and informed workers in a building targeted by protesters they must work from house, company spokesperson Heidi Barker Sa Shekhem said.

The campaign for $15 an hour and a union started in late 2012 and has included a wide range of methods, including demonstrations in cities around the nation.

Authorities estimated up to 2,000 people took part in Wednesday’s presentation, some bring indicators stating, “We deserve more.” Lots of buses were utilized to transfer people to presentation, with some coming from as far away as New York.

The Rev. William Barber of Goldsboro, North Carolina, stated the project extends beyond pushing for a living wage. He called it a fight for racial equality, keeping in mind individuals of color are disproportionally working in low wage tasks.

Corey Anderson, 21, who works at a Chicago McDonald’s, said he makes $8.25 an hour after working for the fast-food chain for more than two years. That’s inadequate to live on after lease and energies are paid, he stated.

“I seem like they don’t understand what it resembles to make exactly what we make,” he said.

Sa Shekhem said the business respects the right to protest.

“When it comes it comes to the base pay, that is a nationwide discussion, that is not a McDonald’s problem, it’s an economic issue,” she stated. “We’ll seek to the folks in Washington to identify what happens.”

Previously this year, McDonald’s stated it would raise its beginning pay for employees to $1 above the local minimum wage. Labor organizers stated the move falls short due to the fact that it just applies to company-owned shops.

McDonald’s Corp. possesses about 10 percent of its shops in the united state, while the rest are run by franchisees.

The demonstrations come as McDonald’s battles to keep customers amidst intensifying competitors from smaller sized rivals and changing tastes. CEO Steve Easterbrook, who stepped into the function in March, has said he wants to change McDonald’s into a “modern-day, progressive hamburger company.”

Thursday will mark his very first investor meeting as CEO.

Hundreds march at McDonald'' s head office about low earnings


AP Photo/Teresa Crawford

Protesters calling for pay of $15 an hour and a union march toward McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook, Ill., Wednesday, May 20, 2015. The start of the two-day demonstration comes ahead of the business’s annual investor meeting on Thursday.

Wednesday, Might 20, 2015|6:55 p.m.

OAK BROOK, Ill.– Hundreds of protesters marched around McDonald’s suburban Chicago headquarters Wednesday, turning off at least one structure on the business campus as they called for pay of $15 an hour and a union.

About 100 protesters were detained for trespassing as they temporarily blocked 2 streets around the McDonald’s campus a day prior to the business’s annual shareholder conference. McDonald’s closed a neighboring restaurant since of traffic issues, and told staff members in a building targeted by protesters they need to work from home, business spokeswoman Heidi Barker Sa Shekhem stated.

The campaign for $15 an hour and a union started in late 2012 and has involved a range of methods, consisting of presentations in cities around the nation.

Authorities approximated approximately 2,000 people took part in Wednesday’s presentation, some bring signs declaring, “We are worth more.” Dozens of buses were used to carry individuals to demonstration, with some originating from as far away as New york city.

The Rev. William Barber of Goldsboro, North Carolina, stated the project extends beyond promoting a living wage. He called it a defend racial equality, keeping in mind people of color are disproportionally working in low wage tasks.

Corey Anderson, 21, who works at a Chicago McDonald’s, stated he makes $8.25 an hour after working for the fast-food chain for more than two years. That’s not enough to survive after rent and energies are paid, he stated.

“I seem like they don’t understand what it’s like to make exactly what we make,” he stated.

Sa Shekhem stated the business appreciates the right to demonstration.

“When it comes it concerns the minimum wage, that is a national discussion, that is not a McDonald’s concern, it’s a financial issue,” she said. “We’ll planning to the folks in Washington to identify exactly what happens.”

Previously this year, McDonald’s stated it would raise its beginning spend for employees to $1 above the regional minimum wage. Labor organizers said the step fails since it only applies to company-owned stores.

McDonald’s Corp. has about 10 percent of its shops in the united state, while the rest are run by franchisees.

The demonstrations come as McDonald’s fights to hold onto consumers in the middle of heightening competitors from smaller competitors and changing tastes. CEO Steve Easterbrook, who stepped into the function in March, has said he wants to change McDonald’s into a “modern-day, progressive hamburger company.”

Thursday will certainly mark his first investor conference as CEO.

MARCH 2015

Las Vegas Global Business Takes Significant Step Forward-LVCVA Buys Riviera Hotel & & Casino The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) Board of Directors voted on Friday, Feb. 20 to approve an agreement for the purchase of the historic Riviera Hotel & & Casino’s 26-acre website as the foundation for its planned Las Vegas Global Business District. View release. For more information, contact, Heidi Hayes, LVCVA, [email protected]!.?.!. TheInternational Tourist Security Conference, April 26-29

The International Tourism Security Association, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Las Vegas Security Chiefs Association will certainly host the 22nd International Tourism Security Conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center April 26-29, 2015. The International Tourism Security Conference is an event for safety and security authorities in the travel and tourist market concentrated on providing delegates with brand-new details, trends, equipment, strategies and finest practices in keeping visitors safe. For more information or to sign up for the conference, visit: www.touristsafety.org

ARIA Sky Suites, SKYLOFTS and Joël Robuchon at MGM Grand Earn 2015 Five-Star Awards

Forbes Travel Guide honored ARIA Sky Suites, SKYLOFTS at MGM Grand and Joël Robuchon at MGM Grand with the distinguished 2015 Five-Star Award. This acknowledgment identifies the trio amongst the premier luxury locations in the world. Over the previous year, Forbes’ expert inspectors have actually traveled the world to reveal the finest hotels, restaurants and medical spas. To accomplish this award, hotels are evaluated on a wide range of guest experience factors and have to supply an extraordinary stay through the finest in service and facilities. In the dining establishment classification, Five-Star venues must deliver a spectacular dining experience with elegant food, service and presentation. This year, Joël Robuchon got its sixth successive Forbes Five-Star Award. ARIA Sky Suites and SKYLOFTS have made the Forbes Five-Star designations because 2013 and 2010, respectively. To learn more, contact Dara Cohen, MGM Resorts, [email protected]!.?.!. Wynn Las Vegas’Dining establishments Make 32

Forbes Travel Guide Stars Forbes Travel Guide revealed its 2015 Forbes Travel Guide Star Score list, awarding an unprecedented eight Wynn Las Vegas and Encore restaurants with four stars as part of the sixty overall stars bestowed among Wynn Las Vegas and Repetition’s hotel towers, spas and dining establishments. With its 32 stars, Wynn Las Vegas holds one of the most restaurant stars at a single resort in the world. Six Wynn Las Vegas restaurants have been recognized for continued high requirements by as soon as again winning Forbes Travel Guide 4 Stars Award: Sinatra, serving modern-day handles Italian classics in tribute to Frank Sinatra; Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant Wing Lei; BARTOLOTTA, Ristorante di Mare with over forty types of fish indigenous to Italian waters flown in daily; imaginative Japanese dining establishment Mizumi offering four distinct dining experiences; SW Steakhouse ignoring the trademark Lake of Dreams; and Country Club-A New American Steakhouse neglecting the spectacular waterfall on the 18th hole of the greens. 2 restaurants have been raised to Forbes Travel Guide Four Star Award status for the very first time including Botero, the steakhouse at Repetition paying homage to Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero; and Andrea’s, with Asian-inspired dining in a dynamic and social dining-room. For more information, contact Taylor Shields, Wynn Las Vegas, [email protected]!.?.!. Topgolf Announces Flagship Las Vegas Area at MGM Grand Topgolf International, Inc. recently announced plans to construct a cutting edge flagship location at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Thehome entertainment destination is expected to open in spring 2016. Topgolf is the only home entertainment center of its kind, providing competitive playing golf video games for all ages and skill levels and advanced innovation to track the accuracy and distance of players ‘shots. The four-level, 105,000-square-foot Topgolf Las Vegas will certainly rest on 8 acres and neglect a 215-yard outfield. There will be 102 striking bays among the very first 3 levels while the fourth level will certainly showcase VIP areas with water functions. The structure’s strategies likewise consist of a phase for live musical performances and 3,000 square feet of private meeting area. The center will comfortably deal with intimate events ranging from 10 to 2,000 people. To learn more, contact Scott Ghertner, [email protected]!.?.! First-of-its-Kind Swarovski Boutique to Debut at Grand Bazaar Shops The leading designer and manufacturer of fashion precious jewelry and crystal décor items, Swarovski, will debut an unique boutique and crystal replacement at the brand-new Grand Market Shops at Bally’s Las Vegas. Towering above the Swarovski structure, a glittering 14-foot-diameter,

custom-designed crystal-and-LED-light Swarovski Starburst discharges 911″rays”topped by custom-cut crystal spheres. In keeping with the Grand Fair style, the store will certainly showcase Swarovski’s first-ever”bartering window, “permitting passersby to work out the price they eventually spend for select items. Among the products slated to be featured in the barter window are only-in-Vegas creations such as crystallized Beats Headphones in white, black and blue; a Martin custom-made crystal classic guitar; a Gibson Les Paul electric guitar and crystallized white, black and pink skulls. Each night at midnight, the shop will end up being the focal point for the Swarovski Midnight Party at Grand Fair Shops, a stunning three-minute-long light-and-sound program created to mark the dawn of a brand-new day. To find out more, contact Marina Nicola or Erika Pope, Vox Communications, [email protected]!.?.!, [email protected]!.?.!. Hakkasan Group to Debut Exclusive Ultra-Lounge Principle, Heart of Omnia Hakkasan Group reveals its first premiere ultra-lounge idea, Heart of OMNIA, located within OMNIA Bar at Caesars Palace set to open Friday, March 13. The VIP destination will be possessed and operated by Hakkasan Group with assistance from The h.wood Group, formerly obtained by the worldwide hospitality company last June. The sexy Heart of OMNIA is a dark, plush and intimate space highlighting a rich and sultry material combination that uses masculine and feminine design conditions. Placed tactically alongside the club’s entryway and adjacent the

main club, Heart of OMNIA invites VIP guests to experience its powerful appeal and sophistication. The place will certainly invite a famous collection of iconic artists to carry out consisting of DJ Commotion and Rev Run, Questlove, DJ Irie, DJ Jazzy Jeff, D-Nice and Eric D-Lux & Five to develop the most immersive, open-format experience in Las Vegas. To learn more, contact Stephanie Capellas or Kristina Bello, Hakkasan Group, [email protected]!.?.! or [email protected]!.?.! WENDOH Media Obtains Share in Life is Gorgeous Festival, 2015 Dates Announced WENDOH Media, a Las Vegas-based publishing and events company, has obtained a 50 percent stake in the Life is Stunning Festival. The festival, which has actually brought headliners such as Imagine Dragons, Kings of Leon, Lionel Richie, Skrillex; and world-class chefs such as Hubert Keller, Scott Conant, Jose Andres and more to Downtown Las Vegas, will return for its third annual occasion Friday, Sept. 25 through Sunday, Sept. 27. Established by Rehan Choudhry in 2013, the Life is Stunning Celebration is a three-day event in Downtown Las Vegas featuring 15 city blocks of programs constructed around 4 key pillars: music, food, art and learning. With more than

90,000 people in attendance in 2014, the occasion boasts a cornucopia of activity: music stages featuring a varied hit line-up, cooking towns serving world class food, iconic inspirational speakers and an interactive urban street art gallery. The lineup for the 2015 Life is Stunning Festival will be revealed in the coming months. For more details, contact Stephanie Wilson, Wicked Creative [email protected]!.?.! or Erika Williams, WENDOH Media [email protected]!.?.! The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Debuts New Digital Art by Yoko Ono and Sarah Rara The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas just recently presented a boosted digital lobby experience, and two new moving digital artwork, Picture Peace by protestor Yoko Onoand The Pollinators by Los Angeles-based multimedia artist Sarah Rara. The 2 new works further broaden on The Cosmopolitan’s aim to inspire and amaze visitors with their vibrant visual arts program. The nearly 11 minutes of spectacular imagery will certainly run on the half hour, every other hour on the lobby columns and registration desk display screens. Recently, The Cosmopolitan improved the innovation behind the replacement to include 408 brand-new LCD displays with almost 100 new computer systems collaborating to provide content to bezel-less, smart screens packing in over 100 million pixels on each column, with each face having 12 times much better resolution than a single HD channel. Much like the New York Stock Exchange’s display system, the

lobby control system’s smart, fully-redundant design allows for continuous playback

by self-monitoring and immediately switching to backup hardware in case of failure. The digital experience also incorporates lighting and audio controls to produce a multi-sensory experience. To find out more, contact Wendy Sloan, Kirvin Doak Communications, [email protected]!.?.!. XS at Wynn Las Vegas Called the Top Grossing Club by CLUB & BAR’S 2015Top 100 ListXS at Wynn Las Vegas revealed that it has actually been ranked as the top grossing nightclub in the country based upon yearly revenue by Bar & Bar’s 2015 Top 100 list. This year marks the fifth time that XS has actually claimed the top position-an initially in market history. XS has actually received numerous awards and honors given that opening, including the number one position as the leading earning bar by Bar & Bar’s Top 100 list in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014. It was also deemed New Club of the Year in 2010 and Mega-Club of the Year by Club & Bar in both 2010 and 2013. XS recently completed a$10 million technology remodelling. For more details contact Erika Gutierrez, 42West, Erika.Guterre[email protected]!.?.!. Chefs to Honor André Rochat for his35th Anniversary in Las Vegas on Sunday, March 29 Legendary Las Vegas chef André Rochat will be honored by his past and present peers and protégés on Sunday, March 29 at Andre’s Restaurant & Lounge at Monte Carlo Resort and Gambling establishment. Rochat, who is celebrating 35 years in Las Vegas in 2015, will host

the evening as a team of chefs develop a one-night only menu that will certainly feature splendid culinary creations. Ticket proceeds from the event will certainly benefit the James Beard Foundation and are priced at$225 per person for JBF members;$ 275 per person for non-members & (inclusive of tax and gratuity). Seating will be limited to 120 guests. To find out more, contact Marina Nicola or Erika Pope, Vox Communications, [email protected]!.?.!, [email protected]!.?.!. JuiceFarm Includes New Location on the Strip JuiceFarm has actually opened a brand-new location in The Venetian, featuring cold pushed, organic juices, smoothies, superfoods, cleanses and”Rescue Solution Kits.”The California-based company opened first in Pasadena and its location at The Palazzo recently celebrated its one year anniversary. The brand-new place will feature a range of juice blends consisting of Just Greens and Apple or Radiant Blend with apple, strawberry and lemon along with fresh smoothie choices such as Great

Dates, Kalefornia and Popeye Protein.”Mylks,”shakes and lattes tempt cravings for sweets while natural

superfoods like acai bowls provide a bit of crunch. For more details, contact: Carrie Giverson, One7 Communications, [email protected]!.?.!. Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Gambling establishment Contracts with BeyondTV ® Wireless Streaming Player Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Gambling establishment has actually partnered with Hotel Internet Solutions for the setup of its BeyondTV Wireless Streaming Gamer, allowing visitors to experience the Web, live TELEVISION, video-on-demand, individual media sharing, Internet radio and social media by means of their guest space TV or personal mobile devices while remaining at the resort. Visitors at Westgate Las Vegas can see their individual subscribed content such as Netflix, Pandora and Hulu directly on their hotel room TELEVISION. In addition visitors likewise have access to features including reservations, health club, dining establishments, transportation, in space dining and more . This cutting edge system will certainly allow guests to see their own videos, films and images or listen to their own music safely on BeyondTV, mimicing an at-home experience not currently offered at other home. To find out more, contact Tana Shivers, Preferred Public Relations [email protected] Tickets Now on Sale for UNLVino 2015, April 16-18 Commemorating more than 40 years of hospitality excellence, UNLVino invites guests to “take a sip for scholarship” April 16-18, 2015. 3 evenings of events-including Bubble-Licious at The Venetian, Sake Fever at Red Rock Casino Resort & Day spa and the Grand Tasting at Paris Las Vegas -will certainly continue Southern Wine & Spirits of Nevada’s mission to rally the Las Vegas community in support of UNLV’s William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration. Tickets are now on sale at UNLVTickets.com. UNLVino will certainly likewise continue its tradition of recognizing hospitality market

leaders with the Dom Pérignon & Award of Excellence. The 2015 honorees include cooking icon Daniel Boulud and the”Godfather of Italian-American cooking “Chef Steve Martorano and UNLV’s Presidential Consultant for Strategic Initiatives, Don Snyder. For more information, contact Kara Rutkin or Kaity Cash, Kirvin Doak Communications, [email protected]!.?.! or [email protected]!.?.!. Freshly Renovated LAX Bar Lights Up Luxor Hotel & Casino LAX Nightclub just recently renovated the 26,000 square-foot venue. New features include a bigger dance floor, cutting edge lighting and sound systems, refreshed indoor décor emphasized by silver and gold hues in addition to enhanced VIP service and bottle selections. Likewise new is LAX Lounge-an intimate space with a full bar and DJ booth where visitors can take pleasure in a mixed drink prior to entering the nightclub. The club’s second story works as a special level showcasing 7 VIP lofts as well as a private dance location. In addition to the design changes, LAX has revamped its programs and will certainly include music with extensive appeal concentrating on emerging artists. Thursday evenings at the club are #TBT(Throwback Thursday)as hits

from the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s play throughout the evening

. Friday and Saturday night s feature”Office Pop”-music and remixes from the top of today’s charts and arranged performances from emerging artists. To learn more contact, Kristen Cadenhead or Desiree Garrett, MGM Resorts International, [email protected]!.?.! or [email protected]!.?.!. & Fantasy Sports Combine to Concentrate on Techniques to Win Daily, Weekly and Season Long Leagues The first ever Fantasy Sports Integrate will certainly provide major fantasy sports lovers game-changing understandings and methods on ways to win daily, weekly and season long leagues. The world’s most elite collection of fantasy specialists will assist you acquire an edge. Find out distinct understandings from championship-winning coaches, famous general supervisors, world-class professional athletes and some of your favorite sports media characters for the education and experience of a lifetime at the Wynn Las Vegas and Repetition July 17-19, 2015. For more information, contact Brad Seidel or Wendy Sloan, Kirvin Doak Communications, [email protected]!.?.! or [email protected]!.?.! 2015 Outstanding Scripture Music Awards Makes Its Las Vegas Debut at Orleans Arena on March 27-28 The very first and earliest televised awards reveal honoring gospel music artists, The Outstanding Gospel Music Awards, is visiting Orleans Arena on Saturday, March 28 with additional occasions held

on Friday, March 27. The yearly Stellar Awards recognizes the accomplishments of scripture music icons and individuals instrumental in advocating for gospel music. This year’s show will be co-hosted by gospel singer Tamela Mann, comic Rickey Smiley and comedian David Mann. For more information, contact Jasen Woehrle or Lauren Sasso, The Firm Public Relations & Marketing, [email protected]!.?.! or [email protected]!.?.!. Famous Speakers, Scavenger Hunts, Flexible Meetings Bundles Await Visitors at The Mob Museum The Mob Museum, recently revealed a collection of brand-new group plans. This spring, the Museum launches its Speakers Bureau, featuring members of the Museum’s board of directors which includes specialists from local and state government, law enforcement, the judicial system, media and business neighborhood, such as former Mayor of the City of Las Vegas Oscar B. Goodman. For groups looking for team-building activities or merely to be active and captivated as part of the business gathering, Museum Scavenger Hunts offer an intriguing solution. The Mob Museum provides versatile area and can accommodate group occasions from 10 to 400. For additional information , contact Marina Nicola or Erika Pope, Vox Communications,

[email protected]!.?.!, [email protected]!.?.!.