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Strip star Frank Marino explains the closing of ‘Divas Las Vegas’


Scott Roeben Frank Marino, visualized here at Imperial Palace on Sept. 30, 2010, is The Strip’s longest-running headliner.

” As some know, I have traditionally given a portion of the earnings from the sales of certain ‘Queens Las Vegas’ merchandise to the Make-A-Wish foundation. … I’m saddened to state that due to my own neglect, Make-A-Wish has actually not received a check from me for a long time,” Marino said in the statement. “I am personally embarrassed and embarrassed. I take full duty and am seriously apologetic for this situation. I have actually confirmed the figure which I would have customarily donated to them from a portion of my product sales and have provided to considerably increase that many times over.

” Make-A-Wish is an essential charity and my preferred on the planet due to the fact that it raises the hearts and spirits of kids frantically in need of happiness, comfort and empathy. I hope my mistake will not avoid others from contributing generously to this company and I pray that I will be able to deal with them for many years to come.”

Caesars Entertainment, operators of the Linq and the Mat Franco Theater where “Divas Las Vegas” was carried out 7 days a week, sent a declaration on Monday explaining that Caesars and Marino’s production company had equally accepted close the long-running show. Early Tuesday afternoon, Caesars sent an extra declaration:

” Caesars Entertainment holds itself to the greatest standards and offered the non-payment of donations to Make-A-Wish by ‘Queens,’ we identified that a relationship with this show was no longer suitable. Upon discovering and completely examining this issue, we instantly took all proper actions in reaction. Caesars took pleasure in a long, mutually successful relationship with the ‘Divas’ production team which it hoped would have continued for many more years and the show’s cancellation is due solely to these circumstances.”

Marino’s declaration continued: “Numerous other false claims have been circulated, they are unreliable; ‘Divas’ agreed with Caesars to end the production. … I personally want to state that Caesars Entertainment and the ‘Divas Las Vegas’ show have always preserved an extremely favorable and professional working relationship. I likewise wish to go on record and state that the last eight years of performing at the Linq has been nothing less than a wonderful and fantastic experience for myself and the cast.”

In a statement from Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada, President and CEO Caroline Ciocca said: “While we were very dissatisfied to learn more about this situtation, our understanding is that things will be made right. We are so grateful for the numerous corporations and people in our neighborhood who support our kids by assisting us grant life-altering dreams. This circumstance will not prevent us from our mission of assisting as many kids as possible.”

Learn more about the regional chapter of the organization or donate at snv.wish.org.

Frank Marino’s ‘Divas Las Vegas’ lets you select the stars that hit the phase


contact)Wednesday, April 25, 2018|2 a.m.

Anybody who’s seen Frank Marino’s “Divas Las Vegas” program has his/her preferred acts. It might be Larry Edwards’ now famous performance as Tina Turner, unless you prefer Edwards as Patti LaBelle, which is similarly electrical and includes flying shoes. Or possibly you enjoy Steven Wayne, who does dual queens and present Strip headliners Celine Dion and Cher. Both are likely the best impersonations you’ve seen of these stars.

If you were Marino, suggesting you have actually been a Las Vegas headliner for nearly 35 years and have actually more than made the right to call your own shots in your very own program, you ‘d have the ability to choose which divas perform which all-star impersonations every night. Incredibly, Marino is passing that responsibly on to you, his faithful audience members, as “Divas” has recently changed into what is likely the very first interactive program of its kind on the Strip.

Before each performance at the Linq’s display room, Marino goes live on Facebook to gather votes from the audience on which stars they want to see onstage that night, from Madonna to Beyoncé, Woman Gaga to Dolly Parton. There are some tough options: Whitney Houston or Dionne Warwick? Too close to call. Whitney triumphed throughout my check out Saturday night and Chris Woods’ rendition did not dissatisfy.

Getting the audience involved in this manner is no simple feat considering the show’s comprehensive outfit collection and the accurate makeup and styling that enters into each celeb impersonation. However whatever steams along efficiently, bolstered by the overall skill of the cast including Marino’s backup Andrew Ryan, who delivers a bubbly Katy Perry in addition to a psychological, disarming efficiency to Charles Aznavour’s “What Makes A Man” that closes the show.

Of course, the limitless energy of the show’s star and host is continuously moving things along, whether Marino is doing his renowned Joan Rivers routine or reappearing to present the next act in one of a limitless series of magnificent gowns. After so many years on the Strip competing with larger spending plans and the biggest names in business, Marino’s battling spirit is intact and his program is naughty as ever. It’s tough to think anyone can still get laughs with Lorena Bobbitt jokes, but that’s why he’s the Queen of Las Vegas, one of a kind.

“Divas Las Vegas” is performed daily at 4 or 9:30 p.m. at the Mat Franco Theater at The Linq (3535 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 702-777-2782) and more information can be discovered at the linq.com.

Frank Marino’s ‘Divas Las Vegas’ handles afternoon showtimes


Is the Strip all set for a Divas breakfast ? It much better be.

Thursday, July 6, 2017|2 a.m.

Afternoons on the Las Vegas Strip are going to get a little dirty.

Frank Marino has been headlining on the Strip considering that 1985, always in somewhat provocative productions running late into the night. That’s altering now as the superstar female impersonators of his Divas Las Vegas are introducing brand-new showtimes at the Linq hotel and gambling establishment.

“I never wished to do a delighted hour program, but for Thirty Years people have actually been asking and I lastly gave in,” states the renowned drag performer who first began impersonating Joan Rivers in Las Vegas at the Riviera in A Night at La Cage. “People have actually asked all the time over the years for this, stating that the program was so late and they want they could see it but they need to work in the morning. I didn’t wish to have to burn the midnight oil, however doing programs 7 days a week at 9:30 p.m. is a killer. So now I’m hoping we’ll get an entire new group of individuals that were never able to see the program prior to, maybe a brand new audience of locals.”

Beginning on July 10, Divas will dip into 8 p.m. Wednesdays and Thursdays, and at 4 p.m. Fridays through Mondays at the Linq Theater (discover ticket details here. Now in its 8th year at the Linq (formerly called Imperial Palace then for a brief time as the Quad), Divas currently went through an aggressive revamp in the spring. “We upgraded the whole program and we’re doing it once again to a certain level with brand-new production numbers for the new time slots,” Marino states. “We simply included Adele, Barbra Streisand, Pat Benatar as a retro number, a brand-new Madonna, a new Dolly Parton and a new opening.” Other rotating impersonated legends include Britney Spears, Liza Minnelli, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Patti LaBelle, Cher and Whitney Houston.

Divas is taking advantage of the new times with new promos, including unique beverage packages and a weekend breakfast choice that wraps a meal at Harrah’s Flavors Buffet into the mix. For 5 dollars more, you can add endless Champagne to your program experience, which is quite diva-licious.

“I am delighted to not be taking on Celine and Blue Guy and all the Cirque reveals,” Marino says. “Hopefully I can make myself the king, or queen, of daytime shows.”

Thirty years, one list: Frank Marino celebrates his queendom on the Strip


Erik Kabik/Retna Digital

Still stunning: Plumes and Frank Marino manage swimmingly.

Monday, Sept. 21, 2015|2 a.m.

Frank Marino Turns 50
Las Vegas headliner Frank Marino waits to meet with his plastic surgeon regarding the recovery of his recent procedure Dec. 10, 2013.Launch slideshow “

Click to enlarge photo

Las Vegas headliner Frank Marino returns to “Divas La Vegas” as Joan Rivers at the Quad in his launching efficiency Jan. 20, 2014, after undergoing his newest cosmetic surgery.

Click to enlarge photo

Longtime Strip headliner Frank Marino of “Divas La Vegas” at the Linq is shown with Diana Ross at the Colosseum in November 2010.

Kats With the Meal

Frank Marino, Greg London

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Frank Marino of “Divas Las Vegas” at Imperial Palace talks of his long history on the Strip, initially at the Riviera, where he hosted “An Evening at La Cage” for 25 years. He broaches the current version of that program and his newest men-in-drag show at IP. Also, Las Vegas Hilton Shimmer Cabaret comic/impressionist/vocalist Greg London talks of how he made it to Las Vegas from London by way of Reno.

Frank Marino has actually exceeded the age of 50, 25,000 shows and, finally, Three Decade as an unbroken star of a program on the Las Vegas Strip.

Nobody has done this, ever.

Marino today is the star of “Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas” at Linq Showroom, having logged 30 years between that show and, for almost 25 years, as the frontman for “A Night at La Cage” at the Riviera in the days when the Riv was actually a high-level hotel on the Strip.

The 30th anniversary was commemorated with a VIP celebration at Caesars Palace on Friday night; the anniversary program is to be carried out tonight.

At the 30-year mark, we commemorate All Things Marino with this list of 30 things to know about the terrific drag queen. Follow along …

30: Has actually never played an organized sport.

29: Says he has a five-year window delegated to represent Joan Rivers since “innovation is so common today that fame does not last nearly as long as it made use of to.”

28: Gotten a 5-carat, white-and-black diamond ring with a white-gold band customized designed by Mordechai of the Jewelers of Las Vegas when his partner, Alex Schechter, proposed to Marino onstage at the Quad Display room (now the Linq Display room) in July 2013.

27: Plans to expand the “Divas” brand with his shows in Reno and Laughlin and “keep it going till it stops going.”

26: Prefers creamy to chunky peanut butter.

25: Keeps in shape with regular visits to David Barton Fitness center in Tivoli Village.

24: Makes use of 200 wigs in his show, rotating them in and out “depending upon what state of mind I’m in.”

23: Shares a birthday (Nov. 20) with Robert Kennedy, Joe Biden, Joel McHale and Dierks Bentley.

23: States his favorite meal is “Mother’s lasagna.”

22: Modifications outfits 17 times in a single performance.

21: Can alter phase attire, “Top to bottom, wig, shoes, earrings, costume, everything,” in 2 1/2 minutes.

20: Once joked that he should change the title of his show to “Cirque du So Gay.”

Click to enlarge photo

Joan Rivers and Frank Marino are shown throughout an episode of “Fashion Cops” in 2013.

Click to enlarge photo

Joan Rivers and Frank Marino satisfy for the very first time at Rivers’ show in Atlantic City in 1983.

19: Has actually attempted to integrate Adele and Donna Summer into “Divas,” however both characterizations bombed.

18: Says, “I am constantly trying to find the next hot mess,” to include as a character.

17: Has reached a deal with Bravo to transmit a reality-TV series based upon the wedding, which he wishes to hold at Disney World in Orlando, Fla.

16: Surpassed 25,000 efficiencies on the Strip in Might 2014.

15: Is proud that 3 characters who opened the “La Cage” production at the Riviera are still in the program: Rivers, Cher and Diana Ross.

14: Called in ill to a show in Laughlin in November 2012 so that he could meet Ross, his all-time preferred entertainer, after she performed at the Colosseum in Caesars Palace. He was busted when images of Miss Ross and him appeared in social networks.

13: Has seen Ross perform “more than 100 times, easily, possibly hundreds” in 40 years.

12: Is typically funnier offstage than onstage when he doesn’t make use of a script.

11: Has been a guest on “a minimum of 50” reality-TV reveals over the years, including “Millionaire Matchmaker,” “Toddlers & & Tiaras,” Tank” and “Plastic Surgery Before and After.”

10: Has filmed 15 reality-TV show pilots.

9: Says that his post-“Divas” career would fixate a reality-TV show. “My life is so messed up, people will believe it’s scripted, but it isn’t really.”

8: States of his downstairs dressing room, far eliminated from Linq Display room, “It’s a 15-minute cab trip if you make all the lights.”

7: The TELEVISION program that triggered the $5 million suit filed by Rivers against Marino was “Milton Berle Delights in a Night at La Cage.” Marino and Rivers settled and became pals, as he noted, “I aimed to pay her the whole $5 million but was $80 short.”

6: Has never ever had a “real” task aside from fronting “La Cage” and, today, “Divas.”

5: When provided cash and offered support to his onetime competitor, the late drag legend Kenny Kerr of the Strip production “Boy-Lesque.”

4: Is lucky that his mother, Mary Mastrangelo, states she can not believe of even one negative enjoyable truth about her child.

3: Was adopted at birth and discovered Mary, his birth mother, about 25 years back. He said his first words to her were, “So that’s where I got my nose.”

2: Has actually explained himself as a gay Republican and says he understands another gay Republican.

1: He has no remorses in his career, stating, “If I didn’t do everything I did do, I would not be where I am now. There are some people I would like to get rid of, but everything I have actually done, I would do once again.”


With its glass, star-lit outside, visitors cannot miss out on the Riviera when driving down the Strip. As the very first skyscraper to open on the Las Vegas Strip, featuring a nine-story hotel, the Riviera has seen more than 50 years as an entertainment destination in Las Vegas. Leading costs imitates Liberace, Dean Martin and the long-running Splash revue (closed in 2006) have enhanced its showrooms with time.

The Riviera still offers its share of home entertainment choices with topless revue “Crazy Girls,” a funny club and “Impressions,” starring Jan Rouven.

The 100,000-square foot gambling establishment has been showcased in many movies like “Casino,” “Austin Powers” and “21.” Although the hotel has actually passed through a long list of owners throughout the years it has actually constantly hung on to it’s distinct style (for Las Vegas) because it lacks any particular theme. It also features a William Hillside Race & & Sports Book walk-up wagering window right off the walkway on the Strip.

The Riviera has dining choices well covered, from seafood and steaks at R Steak and Seafood, a variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner fare at Banana Leaf Café to a global cuisine at the R Buffet.

2901 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Linq
3545 Las Vegas Blvd South Las Vegas, NV

Follow John Katsilometes on Twitter at Twitter.com/ JohnnyKats. Also, follow “Kats With the Meal” at Twitter.com/ KatsWiththeDish.

Q+A: Frank Marino celebrates 30 years as headliner on the Strip



Joan Rivers and Frank Marino are revealed throughout an episode of “Fashion Police” in 2013.

Friday, Sept. 18, 2015|2 a.m.

Frank Marino Turns 50
Las Vegas headliner Frank Marino waits to meet with his plastic surgeon regarding the recovery of his recent procedure Dec. 10, 2013.Launch slideshow “

‘Showbiz Roast’ of Frank Marino
Las Vegas Sun reporter John Katsilometes takes the stage during the Showbiz Roast of Frank Marino inside the theater at the Stratosphere, Friday Oct 4, 2013. Proceeds from the event go toward Make-a-Wish of Southern Nevada.Launch slideshow “

It’s been an amazing 30-year reign on the Strip. “His Majesty, The Queen” Frank Marino has had an unmatched run here as a female impersonator. Today, he celebrates his 30th anniversary in Cleopatra’s Rental property at Caesars Palace.

One week later on, he’ll formally toast the 30th anniversary of his life on the Strip at his program “Divas Las Vegas” at the Linq Hotel.

It’s a remarkable achievement for an individual who started with a strategy to go from being a pharmacy pharmacist to a physician but ended up more often than not experimenting in the makeup department rather than dispensing prescribeds.

From drugs to drag? Over time, he estimates that he’s invested almost $1.1 million on gowns and cosmetic surgery to preserve his feminine touch.

Frank was at the now-shuttered Riviera starring for 25 years in “An Evening at La Cage,” then for the last 5 years has been at the Linq Hotel with “Divas.”

When he mastered makeup, he changed himself into the star he most admired, Joan Rivers, and was reserved with other female impersonators to earn $150 an hour playing her, and others as Michael Jackson and Boy George, at wedding events and bar-mitzvahs.

“I was a righteous gay individual and entered drag for Halloween. Something caused another, and Joan Rivers happened to be playing in Atlantic City. She was so thoughtful to let me walk backstage. I just knocked on her door and stated, ‘I impersonate you,” and she was hot to me.

“While I remained in her dressing living room, I met manufacturer Lou Paciocco, who ran ‘A Night at La Cage.’ He employed me right there on the area to be the Joan Rivers for the Florida show. So I owe Joan a lot, too, for letting me into her dressing living room and presenting me to him to make that happen,” he told me.

Joan, who was a friend of mine, passed away a year earlier– Sept. 4– under dreadful situations including a medical professional in a medical malpractice matter at a New York City endoscopy center. I talked with Frank regarding his choice to continue with his acting to keep her legacy intact:

Tell me the story since we’re going over Joan of what her child Melissa Rivers said to you about continuing.

So quick forward Three Decade, the name Joan Rivers turns up in my home 10 times a day, and I get the dreadful news that Joan had actually passed or slipped into a coma, and that was like a member of the family to me at that point. Still to this day, it’s extremely surreal.

Melissa invited me to the funeral service, and I went to the Shiva services in California. While I was there, I said that I’m going to take it out of the act for a while, you know out of regard for your mom, and she said that if anybody would desire you to remain to do an acting of her, it would be my mama. So now I consider it more of a tribute than an acting.

The program that you have now at the Linq, that’s extremely various today than the program you began? Even forgetting “La Cage” for a minute.

Right. When we opened our program at the Riviera, it was more cabaret, and I attempted to make this show more high-energy show. I mixed it up. I kept the legends like Cher, Madonna, Diana Ross, however I did integrate the brand-new divas like Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Rihanna in the program due to the fact that these are going to be the super stars of tomorrow.

I wish to see to it that the more youthful individuals start pertaining to the program. I have actually observed because I began doing that, our crowds are getting more youthful and younger, yet we’re still keeping our routine audience.

Is it enjoyable to be a woman?

I believe it’s effort to be a female. Being a man eight hours a day and being a woman 8 hours a day and sleep in the other eight hours a day offer me perspectives of both sides. So what I’ve gotten is a great deal of respect for ladies and exactly what they need to go through to live up to what society wants them to be as far as glamorous girls.

And you’ve spent a reasonable bit of cash keeping the lady status, yes?

Yes, I indicate between the cosmetic surgery to try to remain looking young, and the fillers and Botox, the costuming and the makeup, it’s an extremely costly job to be a female.

Frank Marino’s ‘Divas Las Vegas’
Frank Marino poses with a phone in his dressing room before his 1,000th performance of Introduce slideshow “

To Wong Foo

Have you ever tallied it up?

I’ve never ever tallied it up, but I understand I have actually invested over $100,000 in cosmetic surgery, and I know that I have actually invested near $500,00 to $1 million in outfits over Three Decade. So it’s up there. All worth it. I would not change a thing.

Given that it’s topical news, what recommendations would provide Caitlyn Jenner? I believe it might be excellent if you explain the improvement between what Bruce Jenner chose to do and exactly what you do.

A great deal of individuals ask me the improvement in between what I do and what Bruce Jenner did when he ended up being Caitlyn Jenner. Exactly what I do is for home entertainment functions. I do it as a type of entertainment. Drag is just a slang word for a female impersonator who goes out and we impersonate normally the very same women– Dolly Parton, Madonna, Liza Minnelli.

Some people do a RuPaul, and I do the same thing, simply a generic drag piece. I call it my own trans-character because I’m not one of the ones who actually delights in impersonating somebody. I ‘d rather do myself.

With that being stated, that’s exactly what I do. It’s entertainment. My whole show, we stroll in as males, and we leave as males. Caitlyn Jenner, when you’re going through a shift and you’re going to have a sex modification, you in your mind feel you were born in the incorrect body, so he feels that he needs to be a female.

I never ever felt like I must be a female. I know it’s a costume, I know we do it for a program, it’s not a way of life, it’s none of that. It’s simply home entertainment, whereas Caitlyn wishes to be a female, and individuals have difficulty distinguishing that. Then there’s likewise transvestite, which is a 3rd one, which is usually a straight man who enjoys putting on women’s clothes for maybe a sexual turn on. So all three of these things are various: female impersonator, transsexual and drag queen.

For how long does it take you to get into character?

Nightly, it takes me an hour to obtain into the character and an hour and a half to get out of it because I put a lot theater makeup on.

Why does it take longer to take it off than to put it on?

Since when I put on the waxes and the putties, they go on a lot much easier than they come off. Women don’t have side burns huge eyebrows. I eliminate them with theater makeup, then I make use of a more womanly womankind of eyebrow. To obtain that stuff off, I have to use infant oil, and it’s a process.

Let’s have a little bit of enjoyable for a moment with a remark from you based upon the fact that it’s incorrect for any man to ask a female her age. So how old is Frank Marino?

I believe it’s incorrect to even ask a man his age. Just do what I do and stick to the age you use on AOL. I’ll answer mine. I’m 51 years of ages. I have to tell the fact due to the fact that they can just Google it. I don’t blame someone if they wish to lie and state they’re younger due to the fact that, unfortunately, society in America looks at the youth as having something more than the senior, whereas in Europe it’s the other method around.

Having struck the middle of life, just how much longer do you want to or can you go on doing exactly what you do as entertainer?

I used to aim to put a date on it, then I recognized that I was just making false dates. So I’m going to state as long as they keep asking me back, I’ll keep appearing as up as long as I’m physically able.

This might seem like a strange concern, however can you stay a girl even while you might be growing older as a guy?

I’m going to offer it my best shot to try to stay as good-looking for my age as I can. I have no idea that I necessarily need to look younger, but I would still like to look good for my age.

What have not you yet done that you wish to do that you’ve always wanted to do?

The only thing I have left to do that I have actually wished to do is get my own reality-TV program for one reason. My life is so insane that when I’m older and senile, I desire some documents of exactly what it truly resembled going day-by-day as Frank Marino.

I live my life like Lucille Ball. I wind up in the oddest situations continuously. Every day, there’s a multitude of them, and I shake my head going, “If this was on movie, they would not believe it.’ They ‘d swear I made it up.

Exactly what is the fascination with drag?

Well, to start with, it’s been a kind of entertainment for years. It goes all the method back to Kabuki, it goes to Shakespeare when women couldn’t do the theater function and the guys would play the ladies.

Then it was Milton Berle’s preferred thing to do, Flip Wilson, and even the more modern-day stars of films like “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.” “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Tootsie.” It’s always been entertainment that people can get an excellent belly laugh out of.

It’s exactly what we said previously. It is so tough for a female to be a female nowadays for what we expect in society for them to do. For a guy to be able to do it, it’s even more tough.

What do you have planned for the 30th anniversary year?

For the very first time in my life, I’m going to attempt to rest on my laurels. I’m not going to push myself to the limitations. I want to delight in the 30th anniversary and take it all in and stop and smell the roses, which I always state I’m going to do, and I never ever did. I’m going to try that, and I’m going to try to do a tiny trip for the last time.

I don’t wish to seem like Cher stating farewell, then I keep returning, but I want to play other cities while I am still able to take a trip like that with the show and bring it to other locations that generally can’t get to Las Vegas.

Any changes to the show for its 30th year?

Yes. I’m still looking for a Miley Cyrus, I’ve been stating this for a year. I simply found a Taylor Swift. We’re altering the music from the characters that are already in the program. We just worked with a brand brand-new Pink that you’re going to love when you see the program next.

I simply wish to keep it developing. I never ever wish to change it all at one time, however I just want to regularly be dealing with something to be brand-new since we get a lot repeat business that I want to make certain that they’re seeing something fresh every time.

We are 30 years, and people might believe that it’s a show that ladies enjoy more than men, however that’s not real. Every time a spouse gets a spouse to come to the program, he’s generally the first one to ask her to come back because he had such a good time.

Congratulations, Frank, and to your partner and fiance, Alex Schechter, and your cast. Thirty years on the Las Vegas Strip is a crowning achievement, and you’re still its longest running headliner. Long might you continue!

Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich & & Famous” popularity has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has actually spent the previous 15 years providing readers the within scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

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With its glass, star-lit outside, visitors cannot miss the Riviera when driving down the Strip. As the first high-rise to open on the Las Vegas Strip, including a nine-story hotel, the Riviera has actually seen more than 50 years as a home entertainment destination in Las Vegas. Leading expense acts like Liberace, Dean Martin and the long-running Splash revue (closed in 2006) have actually graced its showrooms with time.

The Riviera still provides its share of entertainment options with topless revue “Crazy Girls,” a funny club and “Impressions,” starring Jan Rouven.

The 100,000-square foot casino has been featured in lots of films like “Casino,” “Austin Powers” and “21.” Although the hotel has actually passed through a long list of owners over the years it has actually always hung on to it’s unique style (for Las Vegas) because it does not have any particular style. It also features a William Hillside Race & & Sports Book walk-up wagering window right off the sidewalk on the Strip.

The Riviera has dining choices well covered, from seafood and steaks at R Steak and Seafood, a variety of breakfast, lunch and supper fare at Banana Leaf Café to a global cuisine at the R Buffet.

2901 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Linq
3545 Las Vegas Blvd South Las Vegas, NV