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Is Trump tossing a match into a tinderbox in the Middle East?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018|2 a.m.

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The one location where any president has almost complete latitude is foreign affairs. Lord conserve us.

Lord save the world, in fact. President Donald Trump is making rash and dangerous moves that assure either dazzling success or devastating failure. Considered that it’s Trump we’re dealing with, I do not like the chances.

I can only applaud his achievement in securing the release of Kim Dong-chul, Tony Kim and Kim Hak-song, the 3 Americans who were being held in North Korea on unwarranted charges– obviously as bargaining chips. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew to Pyongyang to bring them home, and Trump existed to fulfill them when they got here before dawn Thursday at Joint Base Andrews outside of Washington.

“We wish to thank Kim Jong Un, who was truly exceptional,” Trump said. It was an odd way to explain a dictator who leads one of the most brutal and secretive routines on earth– a man whose nuclear weapons and ballistic rockets, inning accordance with Trump and his advisers, position a grave and unacceptable risk to the United States and its allies.

Trump announced later on Thursday that he and Kim the Outstanding (previously known as Rocket Man) will hold their much-anticipated summit June 12 in Singapore. I stay skeptical that Kim will ever quit his hard-won nukes and missiles, even for an ironclad U.S. pledge never to attack or seek program change, which is what Kim states he desires. I believe Kim looks at Trump and sees unmatched opportunity.

Kim is finally getting one thing that North Korean leaders have actually always looked for– one-on-one settlement with a U.S. president as equals. I think Trump was right to consent to a summit, because the policy of not talking hasn’t worked. However a lot more foundation ought to have been laid, and I fear Trump will return with an intense, glossy plan filled with promises that turn out to be empty.

I comprehend why Kim would wish to get out from under global sanctions and offer his oppressed people adequate financial development to make his own position more secure. I likewise understand why he may want to signal authorities in neighboring China that if they are not more upcoming with money, technology and other goodies, North Korea has another suitor knocking at the door.

However there’s no need to prejudge the top’s result when we don’t even really know the agenda. Kim has currently declared a pause in his intriguing nuclear and rocket testing. Maybe he and Trump will emerge with a pact to reach a more substantive arrangement at a later date. That would be an advantage– while we’re talking, we’re not shooting– and Trump would have achieved something beneficial.

That credit is negated, nevertheless, by Trump’s unjustifiable and careless decision to renounce the Iran nuclear deal. Of all the bad decisions Trump has actually made as president, this is the most unsafe. He seems to be attempting to start an unimaginable war.

Officials in Germany, France and Britain have actually vowed to aim to keep the agreement alive. However with the Trump administration already threatening to sanction European firms that continue to work with Iran, it is uncertain if the offer can endure without the world’s leading economic power and essential reserve currency.

It is customary to place the caution that the Iran contract isn’t really perfect, that it has obvious flaws, that it could be better, and so on. But really it is, or was, rather excellent. It has actually supplied an unmatched window into every nook and cranny of the Iranian nuclear program; divested Iran of its stocks of highly enriched uranium that can be quickly made into fuel for bombs; and halted Iran’s constant development toward nuclear weapons for at least a decade.

Put yourself, for a moment, in the Iranian routine’s position. You understand the full economic advantages of the deal will never come through. You see the U.S. administration strongly promoting your competitor, Saudi Arabia, as a dominant regional power that is bristling with advanced new weapons and backed by other Sunni states. You see nuclear-armed Israel efficiently joining in as a member of an anti-Iran union.

Iranian authorities can simply surrender. Or they can heighten their projects of asymmetrical warfare, utilizing groups such as Hezbollah, while likewise covertly resuming deal with a bomb.

I fear Trump’s choice significantly increases the probability of a significant war in the Middle East– not due to the fact that he has a much better concept, however because he can’t bear living with a landmark pact signed by Barack Obama.

Eugene Robinson is a columnist for The Washington Post.

Police state man in match pointed weapons, holed up in southwest valley apartment

< img alt="( File)"

title=" (File) "border=

” 0″ src =” /wp-content/uploads/2018/05/16676540_G.jpg” width=” 180 “/ >( File). LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -. Las Vegas authorities were responding to a guy holed up in a house in the southwest valley on Wednesday night.

Lt. Baker of Metro authorities said about 7 p.m., a white male in his 50s, using a business fit and “hang badge,” was supposedly pointing guns at people in an apartment building on the 9900 block of West Katie, near Twain Avenue and Hualapai Way.

The guy disregarded authorities commands and entered into a home.

Officers were trying to make contact with him and ask the general public to prevent the location.

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Marketing group wants to match Golden Knights’ success on the ice


Steve Marcus Kristopher Knief, director of organisation intelligence for the Vegas Golden Knights, positions in a suite at T-Mobile Arena on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.

Cops: Four apprehended after weekend cockfighting match

Monday, Jan. 29, 2018|3:25 p.m.

Erasmo Fallad

City Cops Erasmo Fallad City Police Pablo Castellanos Metro Authorities Angel Alcala-Sanchez Jr. City Police Angel Alcala-Sanchez Sr. City Authorities state they apprehended four males in connection with a cockfighting match Sunday in the east valley. Animal

Control officers showed up about

10:30 a.m. at the battle in the 4700 block of Judson Opportunity, near Lamb and Lake Mead boulevards, authorities said

. About 40 people rushed from the home, and 4 were later jailed, cops stated. Pablo Castellanos deals with 19 counts of willfully or maliciously torturing, maiming or eliminating an animal. Erasmo Fallad, Angel Alcala-Sanchez Sr. and Angel Alcala-Sanchez Jr. each face one count of being involved in battles in between animals, police said. Authorities said 440 roosters were seized by animal control officers and required to the Animal Structure. Another 20 birds were found dead.

Haggis will not provide sworn testimony in rape match next week


Evan Agostini/ AP Director Paul Haggis participates in the world premiere of “Spielberg”, throughout the 55th New York Movie Festival, at Alice Tully Hall on Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017, in New York.

Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018|7:12 p.m.

LOS ANGELES– A set up deposition of Paul Haggis in a lawsuit where the Oscar-winner is implicated of rape will not go forward as planned next week.

Attorneys for Haleigh Breest, a press agent who says he raped her in 2013, set up Haggis to provide sworn statement on Monday. However his attorney, Christine Lepera, notified her attorneys on Thursday the date didn’t work.

The suit, filed in December, prompted 3 extra ladies to information to The Associated Press their own sexual misconduct allegations, including another who says he raped her. They aren’t determined in court documents.

Haggis has denied the accusations and countersued Breest, who sued Haggis in Manhattan in December.

Breest’s lawyers have requested the deposition to be right away rescheduled. They likewise criticized Lepera for asking for a settlement which was then defined as extortion in the countersuit.

Lepera did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

MGM to match worker donations to civil liberties groups

Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017|6:48 p.m.

. Among the biggest companies in Nevada is introducing a contribution match program benefiting civil liberties companies due to the lethal Charlottesville protests.

MGM Resorts International, the biggest casino operator on the Las Vegas Strip, stated Friday that it would match employee contributions made to the Southern Poverty Law Center, NAACP, Anti-Defamation League, Human Rights Campaign, Council on American Islamic Relations, OCA National-Asian Pacific American Supporters and League of United Latin American People.

CEO Jim Murren made the announcement in a letter, stating he felt obliged to speak up versus “the destruction of standard human self-respect” following the deadly attacks in Charlottesville and Barcelona in current days.

He stated the business champions variety and inclusion. Murren said MGM thinks in free speech but that it would not endure hate.

Judge tosses DJ'' s match against Taylor Swift in searching trial

Friday, Aug. 11, 2017|9:12 p.m.

DENVER– A judge on Friday tossed out a previous radio host’s case versus Taylor Swift in a trial that delved into their dueling claims over whether he searched her during a backstage meet-and-greet and whether she and her team ruined his career.

U.S. District Judge William Martinez figured out that the pop star might not be held accountable since David Mueller cannot prove that she personally set out to have him fired after the 2013 photo op in Denver. His similar claims against Swift’s mom and her radio intermediary will go to jurors for a verdict.

Mueller rejects groping Swift and took legal action against the vocalist, her mother, Andrea Swift, and their radio handler, Frank Bell, seeking up to $3 million as compensation for his destroyed career.

The singer-songwriter said in her countersuit that she desired a symbolic $1 and the opportunity to defend other women. The jury will still consider her claim.

Swift teared up as the judge read his decision and said there was no proof of her actions being insincere. Later, her team smiled and accepted. Mueller’s side didn’t speak.

“I could not be more proud to represent someone like Taylor Swift who’s willing to step up in a scenario like this,” attorney Douglas Baldridge said outside court.

The judge’s choice followed days of testament from the vocalist and others and just before jurors were set to hear closing arguments.

Swift invested an hour on the witness stand Thursday defiantly stating what she called a “despicable and scary and shocking” encounter before a show.

“He remained attached to my bare ass-cheek as I lurched far from him,” Swift testified.

“It was a certain grab. A very long grab,” she added in her testimony.

Swift’s testy exchange with Mueller’s attorney occasionally generated laughes– even from the six-woman, two-man jury. She got a laugh when she stated her security guard saw Mueller “lift my skirt” but someone would have had to have actually been underneath her to see the actual groping– “and we didn’t have anybody positioned there.”

Swift testified that after the picture was taken, she attempted to get as far Mueller as she could. She stated she informed him and his girlfriend, who was also in the photo, “thank you for coming” in a monotone voice prior to they left.

She also said she was stunned and did not state anything to Mueller or stop the event after he left due to the fact that she did not wish to disappoint several lots people waiting in line for images with her.

In the image, revealed to jurors during opening declarations however not publicly released, Mueller’s hand lags Swift, simply below her waist. Mueller’s then-girlfriend, Shannon Melcher, is on the opposite of Swift. All 3 are smiling.

Melcher testified Friday that she saw absolutely nothing occur throughout the brief encounter which she and Mueller were rudely confronted and escorted out of the arena that evening. Melcher stated Mueller was devastated by the allegation.

She stated she and Mueller started as colleagues at nation station KYGO-FM and ended up being romantically involved in February 2013, a couple of months prior to the show. They wandered apart late in 2013, but Melcher states they stayed good friends.

Pink Taco’s brand-new breakfast offerings match savory with sweet

It’s been raising eyebrows in Las Vegas for 18 years, however Pink Taco, the Acid rock Hotel’s Mexican dining establishment, is just as satisfying as its name is outrageous.

Pink Taco’s new breakfast menu, produced by chef Crystal Parker (previously chef de food at Flour & & Barley in San Diego), dishes out the best of two distinct worlds: sweet and mouthwatering. You can’t pass up the churro waffles, tossed in cinnamon and sugar and drizzled with brown butter cajeta, or the absurd tres leches pancakes, a warm and fluffy stack served with a scoop of fried ice cream, a sprinkling of powdered sugar and condensed milk syrup.

Changing equipments, the crispy chicken tamale with roasted tomatillo salsa isn’t really your regular tamale. The crunchy masa exterior gives way to an enticing textural experience, and the moist and tender meat on the within will keep your fork returning for more. Topped with a fried egg and queso fresco, this meal is savory and smoky– simply the right plate to offset the sweet taste of those pancakes.

While soup may not yell “breakfast,” you’ll be appreciative you ordered the hangover green chile chicken stew. Pink Taco’s take on posole uses tender pieces of smoked chicken and earthy hominy, then adds both to a citrusy, salted and hot broth. As guaranteed, it’ll cure that nasty hangover, and get you primed for round two. Pink Taco at the Acid rock Hotel, 702-693-5525; brunch Saturday & & Sunday 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Johnson could match UFC record with 10th title defense in KC


John Locher/ AP In this Dec. 3, 2016, picture, Demetrious Johnson, right, battles Tim Elliott throughout a mixed martial arts flyweight bout in Las Vegas. Johnson will once again defend his flyweight title against Brazilian Wilson Reis in the main event at Sprint Center, the first time the UFC has ventured into Kansas City.

Saturday, April 15, 2017|2 a.m.

KANSAS CITY, Mo.– Demetrious Johnson had actually simply completed an open workout on a muggy spring afternoon when the UFC flyweight champion was inquired about the remarkable haul of title belts he has generated for many years.

Did that ever set off a diatribe.

In tirade that was half-serious, half-joking, the man nicknamed “Mighty Mouse” explained he just has one championship belt in your home. Every time he’s safeguarded it, nine times and counting, the UFC straps a belt around his waist following the fight, then takes it away when press obligations are total.

“You understand exactly what? I’m getting pissed off about this,” Johnson said with a smile. “I saw (light heavyweight champion) Daniel Cormier had 3 belts, so WME, IMG, whoever the owner is signing the checks now, provide me 8 damn belts, please.”

Or possibly nine come Saturday night.

Johnson will again protect his flyweight title against Brazilian Wilson Reis in the primary event at Sprint Center, the first time the UFC has ventured into Kansas City. And if Johnson is successful, his 10 defenses would match the UFC record held by long time middleweight king Anderson Silva.

“You know, I’m a company man,” Johnson stated, when again using his perpetual grin. “I come and battle and if they take the belt away from me, peace. That’s it. Today I have actually seen these guys with 3 belts, and I have actually just got one– and I need to share it with my two kids.”

The only 125-pound champion in UFC history, Johnson (25-2-1) is riding an 11-fight winning streak that consists of excellent knockouts of Joseph Benavidez and Henry Cejudo. He beat Kansas City’s own Tim Elliott, who will be combating Louis Smolka on the undercard, in his latest defense in December.

Now, he handles a Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert riding his own four-fight win streak.

Reis was expected to fight Johnson for the title at UFC 201, however a series of events beyond his control scuttled the possibility. He wound up fighting on the undercard, then won once again, to lastly earn a shot versus the fighter numerous consider the very best pound-for-pound mixed martial artist worldwide.

“Whatever in my life happens for a reason. I’m an extremely favorable person,” Reis said. “I understood it should not be last July, that’s why it wasn’t, so I simply kept my composure, trained every day, worked hard. I didn’t know when it was going to be, one battle, two battles, 3 battles, however I understood I was getting there.”

Reis (22-6) didn’t hesitate when asked whether Johnson is the very best fighter worldwide, explaining that the champion hasn’t lost in more than five years. However when faced with the same question, Johnson was only going to put himself in the same category as the elites, rather than at the top of the load.

To get to that point, it might take numerous more title defenses.

“It’s like Usain Bolt, no one is ever going to beat his record,” Johnson said of the Jamaican sprinter, whose Olympic medal haul has put him in rarified business. “However Twenty Years from now, 30 years from now, there might be another fast person who smokes that. So I’m going to keep fighting. It might be 15 (defenses), it may be 16. Whenever my body burns out, I’ll hang it up.”

By that point, Johnson may lastly have all those belts the UFC owes him.

“If I’m successful Saturday, I’ll take the belt home and give me 8 more,” he said. “Something Floyd Mayweather Jr. did, he has a photo of all his belts, and Andre Ward did it too. I think it would be cool if I might recreate that image.”

The co-main occasion of the Fight Night card on FOX features a strawweight battle between fourth-ranked Rose Namajunas and sixth-ranked Michelle Waterson, both of whom have some history in Kansas City.

Namajunas’s first three pro fights came for the all-female Invicta company in 2013, prior to she became a family name on the Ultimate Fighter reality TELEVISION program. Watterson likewise fought three times for Invicta in Kansas City, winning and defending its atomweight championship several years back.

However there is more on the line for both as the UFC makes its debut in the City of Water fountains: The winner stays in title contention, the loser might be entrusted to a long road back to the top.

“It’s constantly a breath of fresh air when you can concern a place with familiarity, and that’s what Kansas City seems like,” Waterson said. “The airport feels familiar, the street sounds, the smell of barbecue. That’s exactly what it seems like. And every time I have actually fought in Kansas City, I have actually won.”