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Finding Life and Dark Matter in Nevada'' s Hot Springs

It’s one of the greatest questions of mankind. Are we alone in deep space?

To help us find an answer, UNLV Life Sciences teacher and researcher Brian Hedlund will be studying bacteria and archaea, both single-celled bacteria, found in a hot spring in northern Nevada.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration just recently awarded Hedlund and partners at California State University – San Bernardino, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Stanford University, a $900,000 grant to study bacteria and archaea discovered in Great Boiling Spring, situated about 100 miles northeast of Reno, in Gerlach.

“This spring has deep lineages of life that have never been studied in the past,” Hedlund said. “The technology is now readily available to allow us to acquire insights into the biology of these organisms, which will help supply insight into the early diversity of life in the world.”

Hedlund discussed that the warm spring resembles the high-temperature geothermal location where life might have first formed on our world. And brand-new technology is permitting scientists to check hypotheses on the organisms’ catabolic and anabolic potential, acting on genomics work supported by a previous NASA grant. The work might also offer insights into molecular adaptations to life in extreme environments and the early diversity of life.

“We understand this hot spring has deep family trees of life that have never been studied in the past,” Hedlund stated. “We’re mapping out life in the world in a habitat similar to what’s been found on other worlds.”

To this day, the “microbial dark matter” Hedlund is studying cannot be grown in a lab, so it is very important to study them where they are plentiful, such as Fantastic Boiling Spring. A lot of bacteria and archaea are about one micron long. Simply puts 1,000 organisms span the head of a pin.

“We understand a little about half the animals on our own world and generally nothing about the other half,” Hedlund said. “Our company believe that comprehending all life on Earth will permit us to comprehend if life can exist elsewhere.”

Bank Branches Still Matter Even as They Continue to Disappear

Required for Deposit Development Will Continue to Ensure Viability of Physical Bank Facilities

Bank branch combinations have actually sped up over the last 2 years as clients continue to accept digital banking. Simultaneously, the number of new branch openings continues to fall. But analysts see this as part of a bigger shift in how retail branches are being used by customers and where those brick-and-mortar organizations need to be located.

Through the very first 9 months of this year, U.S. banks have closed more than 2,600 branches. That is about 10 percent more than throughout the exact same amount of time in each of the 2 previous years, according to stats from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC).

At the exact same time, U.S. banks have actually opened simply 873 new branches this year. That number has actually gradually fallen each year from nearly 1,300 in the first 9 months of 2013.

Over the previous five years, the net number of bank branches has actually reduced by almost 7,900 places, representing approximately 19.74 million square feet of closed bank area.

Leading the closures list up until now this year are:

JPMorgan Chase– 143 closures;
Wells Fargo– 138;
First-Citizens Bank & & Trust– 135;
KeyBank– 117;
SunTrust– 117;
PNC– 114;
The Huntington National Bank– 109; and
Bank of America– 98.

Most of them appear on the list of banks closing the most branches in the last five years, including:

Bank of America– 810 closures;
JPMorgan Chase– 712;
PNC– 615;
Wells Fargo– 526;
SunTrust– 392;
Capital One– 338;
Branch Banking and Trust– 312; and
Citibank– 309.

Branches Still Matter

Even having closed more than 140 branches this year and more than 700 in the last 5 years, JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM )officers were asked today during the firm’s profits teleconference why they weren’t doing more to cut their 5,200-branch network considered that mobile banking was up another 12% year-over-year.

Marianne Lake, chief monetary officer of JPMorgan Chase, fasted to address: “Since branches still matter.”

The fact is branches play a substantial role for U.S. banks – they are a low-cost source of capital.

Lake continued, “75% of our development in deposits originated from consumers who have actually been utilizing our branches. On average, a consumer enters our branches numerous times in the quarter. I know that all sounds like old news, however it’s still new news or existing news, so the branch circulation network matters.”

Still there is no doubt clients’ needs for a physical branch are changing, Lake included.

“We’re not being complacent to the customer preference,” she stated, “We’re constructing out all the other sort of omni-channel pieces, as you know, so that we have the complete offering. If the consumer habits begin altering in a more accelerated style, we will respond appropriately.”

At Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), consumers using mobile have increased 47% in the previous 12 months. Mobile deposits now account of 21% of all check deposit deals, according to Brian Moynihan, chairman and CEO of Bank of America.

“We processed almost 14 million transactions and the development continues,” Moynihan stated. “We recently processed a half of billion dollars in a single week.”

But, Moynihan added, the deposits of people that stroll into a branch can be generally 10 times greater than the amounts people transferred digitally.

“Each day three-quarters of a million people enter into our branches, and our colleagues serve them well, and our scores at those branches are at all-time highs in regards to complete satisfaction, and 80% of the sales go on in that space,” he included.

That’s why he noted Bank of America would continue to buy its physical branch network.

“We have been and we will continue to open centers and markets where you have a strong industrial banking wealth management customer base,” he stated.

The bank holding company is likewise refurbishing almost all its existing financial centers, and has actually included 2,000 main sales specialists over the previous 12 months, consisting of relationship lenders, monetary consultants, industrial and magnate.

“So what we’re doing is fine tuning the branch account and frequently consolidating into a larger branch that we have actually invested greatly into the quality of the branch itself,” Moynihan stated.

Bet your bottom dollar chairs matter in casinos


Steve Marcus Station Casinos placed new chairs for slot gamers when it completed its acquisition of the Palms in 2016. According to one manufacturer, the ideal chair at the ideal game can actually help

contact)Friday, June 16, 2017|2 a.m.

The bulk of Nevada’s economy rests on one unglamorous, taken-for-granted item.

It supports most of the state’s gaming win and resultant tax profits, as well as a large portion the quarterly profits for publicly traded gaming companies and as an outcome, often their stock rates.

To a big degree the fortunes of gaming facilities from the tiniest area pub to the biggest Strip resort literally sit on this item.

We’re discussing chairs– the kind seen in front of almost every one of the 166,855 slot and video poker devices in Nevada.

Gamers dropped nearly $2 billion into casino coffers while sitting on 148,313 chairs in front of slot and video poker devices in Nevada’s nonrestricted gambling establishments (locations with 16 or more video games) in the very first quarter of 2017, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board,

That number does not include loan from the 18,542 other slot and video poker chairs in community bars, drug stores and grocery stores. In Nevada gaming guidelines, these are referred to as limited places with 15 or less machines. They aren’t needed to report video gaming profits.

It likewise doesn’t include the cash gambling establishments made from people sitting on chairs and playing blackjack and other video games or banking on sports, which totaled simply a little bit more than $1 billion during that exact same quarter.

It’s hard to know how many chairs contributed to that billion. With slots, one video game almost always equates to one chair however casinos can differ the variety of chairs at table video games or in sports books.

Tale of the tail

According to one maker, the right chair at the right video game can really help a gambling establishment’s bottom line.

“If you take a look at a common slot chair, what you’re trying to do is to obtain people to stay for extended amount of times to play,” stated Avoid Davis, president of Reno-based Gary Platt Production, which constructs slot and video poker chairs.

“You wish to create it best and make certain it fits the video game properly, in regards to height and access to the button panel. And, more significantly, you make it so comfy that the chair does not provide you any need to get up and leave the video game.”

For their part, gaming executives definitely appreciate the significance of this, one of the most standard of casino home furnishings.

“The chairs are critically important, and we take a great deal of care in choosing the right chair with the right appearance,” stated Brian Benowitz, senior vice president of video gaming operations at the Cosmopolitan. “It needs to have both a good style component, and it needs to work. And it needs to last along with be comfortable for the guest to sit there for hours.”

The Cosmopolitan has actually been revamping the casino flooring and other areas just recently to better appeal to gamers and while doing so increase video gaming earnings. The resort has changed nearly all of the 2,000 slot and table game chairs on the gambling establishment flooring since it opened in 2010, Benowitz stated.

Picking the right chair is a crucial process, Benowitz stated, including the majority of the resort’s executives.

“We deal with the design team to get the appearance we want in order to match it to the decoration,” he said. “Then we specify the chairs and get samples comprised. Then I and the executive team all the way as much as the top, experiment with each of the chairs.”

An appearance back

Keeping backsides comfy wasn’t always essential to gambling establishments. Back in the Rat Pack period, when Las Vegas first started amassing nationwide attention, people stood while playing slots. There are a variety of theories why people had to stand and why ultimately chairs were presented. But inning accordance with Walt Hawkins, a slot market veteran who has actually worked for manufacturers IGT and Aristocrat, the modification followed casino operators realized individuals bet longer when taking a seat.

“At first it was a manufacturer who was doing it just to be various,” Hawkins stated. “He actually could not, or did not patent it. The very first devices designed particularly to work when players were seated were called slant tops.”

At first, the casinos placed stools in front of the makers but then, Hawkins stated, the market observed people playing longer at video poker devices in bars with comfortable chairs.

Click to enlarge photo

It usually takes Platt about 6 weeks to produce an order of 200 chairs. Foam and type Today, there’s no lack of suppliers offering chairs to gambling establishments. At the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas last fall, 20 of the 450 exhibitors were promoting slot and video poker chairs.

The secret to keeping individuals in the chair is foam, said Davis, whose company, Gary Platt Production, is a major provider of chairs.

“For our solution, it’s actually all about the foam,” Davis said. “It has to do with the density and elasticity of that foam and getting that right. Then you need to deal with the depth and developing into the foam the ergonomic features you have to offer lumbar assistance and make sure there are no pressure points.”

The shape is vital, Davis said, particularly when it concerns shift points like the edge between the leading and the sides of the cushion. Platt’s styles usually utilize a rolling edge called a “waterfall” rather than sharp 90-degree turn which can put pressure on the back of gamer’s legs.

Getting the edges right, Davis said, is practically an art.

“We literally hand-sculpt the foam, and we have the very best man in the world sculpting our foam,” Davis stated.

Davis stated it generally takes Platt about 6 weeks to produce an order of 200 chairs, if there are no ask for unique fabrics and if the company has the materials on hand. While some orders are large, more than 4,000 systems, the majority of orders are for 500-1,000 chairs.

Click to enlarge photo

Convenience vs. visual appeal

The choice about which chair to use typically pits interior designers against casino executives in a battle of appearance versus feel, Davis stated.

“There are 2 very various views in basic when you look at designers by their training and operators by their training,” he said. “One is attempting to drive coin in and play, and the other is aiming to design the look of residential or commercial property.”

The appearance is essential, Davis said, however it’s also essential to bear in mind a chair is an income-earning property.

Slot machine chairs, Davis said, are typically 19 inches large and can accommodate 90 to 98 percent of the behinds discovered in casinos. Chairs at table video games, he said, will frequently be thinner to fit more clients at one table.

Likewise, the backs of table game chairs are normally lower, makings it much easier for mixed drink waitresses to serve beverages and for other customers to view the action.

The future of accenting

While fundamental casino chairs aren’t that complicated, extra chair functions are being included as the video gaming industry seeks to interactive video games to stimulate client growth. And in some cases, it’s working.

Jean Scott, author of “The Frugal Gambler” and QueenOfComps.com, says she and her partner check out gambling establishments at least twice a week primarily to play video poker rather than traditional fruit machine.

They will make an exception, however, for one slot machine specifically since of its chair.

Click to enlarge photo

the G2E convention at the Sands Exposition Center Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013. The slots are themed after AMC’s Strolling Dead television drama. “‘The Strolling Dead ‘is one where when you struck a prize and if it’s working right, the seat shocks,” she said. “My husband never gets used that, and the very first time it occurred he nearly jumped from his seat. Even after you believe, ‘I know this is going to happen,’ it still surprises you the next time.”

Davis stated extra functions are increasingly part of Platt’s business. The company can build chairs with subwoofers, speakers, shakers and backlit displays. In addition, he stated they’re dealing with manufacturer Interblock, developing bench seating for that business’s brand-new stadium-style electronic table video games.

“We are working on one job today with one of slot business for a pod-style chair,” he stated. “(It’s) generally to produce more of a gamer experience for the gamer. They’ll be surrounded by the screen, and it has a more of an unique feel than it would have by just adding speakers.”

End of the line

Eventually, regardless of the design or level of comfort, slot chairs have to be replaced. Thankfully, most chairs are easily fixed and have a long life even in an environment filled with cigarettes and alcohol, raucous winners and angry losers.

Click to enlarge photo

At a New york city place, there are Platt chairs that have been in service for Ten Years, Davis said. Caesars Home entertainment says that the typical life of its slot chairs is longer, roughly 12 years.

Jay Fennel, vice president of video gaming development and innovation for Golden Home entertainment, which owns PT’s Pubs and gambling establishments in Pahrump, said Golden uses a professional to repair the chairs and keeps a supply of the parts had to fix the chairs on hand, so they can “last forever.”

However often, the chairs are just too beat up remain on the gambling establishment floor. Then, they’re frequently carried to a storage room and eventually sold.

“At the Cosmopolitan, we liquidate them,” Benowitz said. “Initially, they are sent out through to storage facility, where we choose if there’s any other usage we can discover for them. And if there’s not, we send them to a liquidator to be sold.”