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Teen trapped in van calls 911: '' Tell my mommy I like her if I pass away''.


A 16-year-old student at 7 Hills school made a 911 call pleading for help hours prior to he was discovered dead inside his van Tuesday night.

Kyle Plush passed away of asphyxiation due to chest compression, inning accordance with the Hamilton County Coroner. His death was ruled unexpected.

“Assist, I’m stuck inside my van,” Luxurious informed dispatchers in a call made near the campus of Seven Hills school around 3:20 p.m.

Soon prior to 9 p.m., a family member discovered Plush’s body inside his 2004 Honda Odyssey minivan parked next to the school’s Red Bank Road campus.

Audio launched Wednesday night shows Luxurious apparently used voice commands to call 911 more than once, informing dispatchers he was trapped in the van.

“I’m going to pass away here,” Plush informs a dispatcher after consistently requesting assistance. The dispatcher asked numerous times, “Where are you?” and “What is the address?”

Cincinnati Authorities are now working to piece together exactly what happened to the sophomore student.

“I probably do not have much time left. Tell my mommy I love her if I pass away,” he said.

An officer responded to the scene but might not find the distressed caller, according to a dispatch report. The dispatcher called Plush’s cellphone back, but it went to voice mail.

It’s unclear when Plush called 911 for the second time.

“This is not a joke. I’m trapped inside my gold Honda Odyssey van in the (inaudible) car park of the 7 Hills,” he informed dispatchers.

Luxurious can be heard asking “Hey Siri” a number of times.

The coroner has not commented further on exactly how Luxurious passed away. Related: 2nd examination released into van death of teen

who called 911 two times Plush’s mom likewise called 911 to report her boy missing.

“My son never got home from school,” the victim’s mom says on a different 911 call, likewise released Wednesday. “And we believed he was at a tennis match. And he never got back from school.”

Authorities have purchased a “full procedural and technical evaluation” of all calls related to the case, inning accordance with Lt. Steve Saunders.

A gold minivan was towed far from the scene around midnight.

Plush was a sophomore at 7 Hills, an independent school located in Cincinnati’s Madisonville neighborhood. Communications Director Chris Hedges said sorrow counselors were at the school Wednesday.

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Mommy jailed after child, toddler found dead in their safety seat

SUPERIOR, Ariz. (AP/Meredith) – A 20-year-old mom was detained on suspicion of first-degree murder after her two kids were found dead inside their car seats, officials said.

The bodies were discovered outside the household’s house in the historical mining town of Superior, about 60 miles east of Phoenix.

Autopsies are being carried out to identify the causes of death of the 2-year-old boy and his 10-month-old sister. The Pinal County Constable’s Workplace did not instantly divulge exactly what evidence had been discovered, however said in a statement that it “indicated foul play.”

Police determined their mom as Brittany Velasquez.

Superior Interim Cops Chief Christian Ensley stated that members of his department had called Child Protective Services in early January due to the fact that of issues about the 2 children. The state agency said it had actually gotten calls about the kids, however never ever found evidence of overlook or abuse.

Authorities went to crime scene late Monday night and relative were inside the house. However, they could not supply info about the situations of how the children were positioned or left in the cars and truck or a motive into their killings.

Ensley stated the kids’s dad had actually passed away last year which he knew numerous members of the Velasquez household.

The killings were bound to have a genuine impact on the tight neighborhood, the acting authorities chief included.

“This is a real blow,” he stated. “This doesn’t occur typically.”

Nobody responded to the door Tuesday at the run-down, one-story brick house in the hardscrabble neighborhood where the vehicle consisting of the children had actually been parked. Ensley validated that Velasquez’s grandparents Lorenzo and Sally lived there and the children had actually been found in a parking area outside.

Velasquez is being held on a $2 million bond. Her next court date is April 30.


Paul Davenport reported from Phoenix.

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Mommy furious after child'' s hair is shaved off without her consent

(Meredith)– The mom of a 7-year-old woman stated staff members at a group house shaved off her daughter’s curly hair, declaring it would grow back straight.

“I’m very upset, and I’m not going to stop being upset since I seem like my kid was attacked,” said Denise Robinson.

Robinson said when she dropped her daughter off at the Little Heroes Group Home in Dracut, Massachusetts, the child’s hair reached well past her shoulders.

The girl, named Tru, stays at the group house specific nights of the week due to the fact that she has serious psychological issues, according to

WCVB. On Monday, employee supposedly took the lady to a hair salon to cut off her locks without Robinson’s approval.”To be truthful with you, they made a game out of it,” Robinson told WCVB.”After they cut her hair, they told her,’Oh, it will grow back directly. Do not fret.'”

The mommy said employees insisted it became part of their health program and they could do it when necessary.

“There was no hygienical factor for them to shave my kid’s head,” Robinson stated. “There were no louse, there were no bed bugs …”

In a statement to WCVB, the group house said it is examining what happened, adding that grooming decisions are based upon several factors, including hygiene.

Robinson stated she desires her daughter to participate in a different group home.

The Department of Children and Households is investigating the event.

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Single mommy raising money for kid'' s cancer treatments


A young boy is fighting for his life after being detected with cancer when he was 13 months old.

Now, 3-year-old Ayden has actually stopped responding to treatments and has actually been put in hospice, but his mommy, Lindsey Licari, has not giving up hope on finding treatment for her boy.

“My fear terrifies him so I attempt not to sob, I try to remain positive and think about all the advantages that might occur and remind him of the important things that make him delighted, since that’s the only method you get through it,” Licari said.

Prior to Lindsey Licari might hear her son talk or watch him walk, she spoke with doctors who told her little Ayden had cancer.

“I do it alone I do not have his dad it’s simply me and Ayden so some moms lose their kid and go home to their other kids and their husband, I’ll go the home of an empty home, due to the fact that I’ll have nobody,” she stated.

Ayden has been battling the rare form of cancer for 2 years. There’s an enormous tumor in the plural lining of his lung. He’s gone through 3 various rounds of chemotherapy

“We tried ICE chemo which is the greatest chemo they got and we got a great deal of shrinkage, however then after the 2nd round we were supposed to do surgical treatment to obtain a little more shrinking and it backfired and double in size on us,” she said.

Ayden is now in house hospice. He cannot walk and sobs every night in pain.

Desperate for a way to conserve her boy, Lindsey is raising money to try to provide him a special treatment by a few of the very best doctors in Germany, Boston or Texas.

“Doing vehicle washes fundraisers, sticking out on the street like we did today because quiting is not an alternative for us we’re not going to give up and we are going to keep fighting for my child,” Licari said.

Ayden requires 24/7 care and Lindsey is hardly able to make ends satisfy. She says the support from our community to help fund her little boy’s treatment is giving Ayden a fighting chance.

A BARBEQUE fundraiser for Ayden is being held on Sept. 2 at 12 p.m. at Sundown Park. A balloon release ceremony will be held at 9 a.m.

Anybody can help Ayden with contributions on his GoFundMe account.

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NY male pleads not guilty to murder of mommy, sister, 3rd woman

Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017|2:08 p.m.

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y.– A guy implicated of bludgeoning his mom, sibling and another lady in a fatal hammer attack on New york city’s Long Island has pleaded innocent to murder.

Bobby Vanderhall is being held without bail after his arraignment Sunday.

The 34-year-old Vanderhall was arrested Saturday on murder charges in the deaths of his mom, Lynn Reichenbach-Vanderhall; his sibling, Melissa Vanderhall; and visitor Janel Simpson.

Officials stated a 4th woman managed to escape and summon assistance.

Nassau County police state Vanderhall had a history of psychological issues, and his mom had gotten a protective order against him and had actually thrown him out of their Hempstead home. Cops state Vanderhall used a big hammer to break through the basement door, then attacked the ladies.

This story has been remedied to reveal that the case is being handled by Nassau County police, not Suffolk County cops.

Cops: Mommy was on Facebook while child drowned in bathtub

Cheyenne Summer Stuckey, 21, is charged with injury to a child. (Source: Parker County Sheriff's Office)< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/06/14212944_G.png" alt=" Cheyenne Summertime Stuckey, 21, is charged with injury to a child. (Source: Parker County Constable's Workplace)"

title=” Cheyenne Summertime Stuckey, 21, is charged with injury to a child. (Source: Parker County Sheriff’s Workplace)” border=” 0″ width= “180”/ > Cheyenne Summertime Stuckey, 21, is charged with injury to

a kid. (Source: Parker County Sheriff’s Workplace). RENO, Texas (Meredith)– A Texas lady was jailed after authorities said she was messaging on Facebook while her baby drowned in a bathtub. Cheyenne Summertime Stuckey, 21, informed cops she put her child Zayla Hernandez in the tub and left her unsupervised” for only a few minutes” on June 13, inning accordance with an arrest affidavit obtained by< a href="

http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/texas/article/Texas-mom-Facebook-baby-drowned-11239659.php#photo-13136268 “target=” _ blank” > the Houston Chronicle. She stated she became sidetracked by her 2-year-old son then by

Facebook Messenger when she left the restroom, the local paper reports. A Parker County Constable’s examination revealed Stuckey was on Facebook messaging two individuals for a minimum of 18 minutes while the baby was left ignored.

After recognizing she had actually ignored the child, she went back to the restroom and observed her child was “unresponsive and floating face down in the water,” the affidavit states.

The little woman was noticable dead at the healthcare facility.

Stuckey was scheduled in to the Parker County Prison and accuseded of injury to a kid.

Her other children were gotten rid of from the house and put in foster care.


Info from:

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Mommy charged after kid'' s teeth pulled in Walmart washroom

Interior of Wal-Mart store, close-up of shopping cart in aisle. (Credit: Ferre' Dollar/CNN)< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/06/12926947_G.jpg" alt=" Interior of Wal-Mart store, close-up of shopping cart in aisle. (Credit: Ferre' Dollar/CNN)"

title=” Interior of Wal-Mart shop, close-up of shopping cart in aisle. (Credit: Ferre’ Dollar/CNN)” border =” 0″ width=” 180″/ > Interior of Wal-Mart store, close-up of shopping cart in aisle. (Credit: Ferre’ Dollar/CNN). SALT LAKE CITY (AP)- Authorities state a Utah lady pulled 2 of her kid’s teeth in a Walmart bathroom.

Prosecutors stated Monday that the 47-year-old woman purchased hand sanitizer and needle-nose pliers from the shop, then took them into the restroom and pulled two of her 7-year-old boy’s teeth.

Authorities in American Fork, Utah, say the young boy’s older sibling heard the kid yelling and got him out of the toilet on April 2.

Charging files state the boy told his sibling that one of the teeth was loose, however the other was just slightly loose. Prosecutors say the female didn’t utilize any sort of anesthetic.

The lady was accuseded of felony kid abuse. No lawyer was instantly listed for her in court records.

The Associated Press is not calling her to prevent identifying the child.

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Vocalist and mommy Shakira promotes early childhood advancement


Greg Allen/ Invision/ AP

Shakira participates in The Happy Factor Discussion forum hosted by Fisher-Price at the Crosby Street Hotel on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, in New York.

Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015|6:09 p.m.

New York City– Shakira, a longtime marketer of early childhood advancement and education, states being a mother has given her an even more powerful connection to the concern.

The Grammy-winning performer and her soccer pro-partner Gerard Pique are the moms and dads of 2-year-old Milan and 8-month-old Sasha.

“I have actually been a supporter for education long before I ended up being a mother, so picture how I feel now,” the Colombian singer said in an interview Thursday in New York City. “I have actually been focusing on education for other children and now that I’m a mother, my kids’ education is such a crucial topic of conversation, such a vital thing in my life.”

Shakira and Fisher-Price debuted the Moms’ Hopes & & Wishes Research and previewed a brand-new app to assist teachers and educators. The worldwide vocalist, whose hits consist of “Hips Do not Lie” and “Whenever, Wherever,” launched a toy line with the business in 2013.

The study of 3,500 new and soon-to-be mamas measured parental attitudes and methods to early youth advancement.

“It’s so essential since I’ve truly seen firsthand the power and the transformation that education carries out in the lives of not just in the children however likewise the households who gain from it. I’ve seen it through my foundation and the projects that we have in Colombia, however I’ve likewise seen it in my own children,” she said.

Shakira has actually made early childhood development a leading concern for her company, Barefoot Structure, launched in 1997. A UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, she also promoted early youth advancement at the United Nations on Tuesday.

The app the 38-year-old vocalist established called “Grow” will feature 2,000 ideas and will be offered later this fall. Her First Steps collection of toys and baby gear with the Mattel Inc.-owned business includes a bouncer that plays music, alphabet blocks and a musical soccer ball. All of the profits benefit her structure.

“In some cases when we purchase a toy for our children, it’s not that we are spoiling them. A toy is not frivolous, unneeded thing. A toy is such a crucial device for a kid to develop his senses, sight, touch, auditory senses, coordination, motor abilities, fine and gross motor skills,” she said. “A kid’s most primary obligation is to play and to discover the world around him and to understand how the world works, and in some cases a toy plays a substantial function because.”