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Mecum auction turns Las Vegas into '' motorcycle capital''.


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class=” photo” src=” /wp-content/uploads/2018/01/20170602_Sun_Motorcycle_Auction_LE5_t653.jpg” alt=” Image “/ > Las Vegas Sun Guests mill about the lots of bikes up for quote throughout the Mecum Las Vegas Motorbike Auction at the South Point, Friday, June 2, 2017.


Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018|2 a.m. Winter season weather makes January a bleak time for bike riders in much of the United States, however an event in Las Vegas provides a warm area on the calendar.

The yearly Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction has actually turned into a meeting place for bike lovers around the globe, stated Ron Christenson, president of Mecum’s MidAmerica Motorbike Division. Although the sale is the centerpiece, Christenson stated bike groups like the Antique Motorbike Club of America have actually started convening coinciding with it.

” In our 27 years in Las Vegas, we’ve seen it end up being the mecca for classic motorcycle individuals,” he said. “It’s really become a social event there.”

This year’s auction begins today at South Point with 4 days of sales and associated occasions.

More than 1,200 bikes are arranged to go on the block, varying from costly rarities to non-running project bikes for home mechanics.

In 2015, the auction set a record of more than $13 million in sales, with a 92 percent sell-through rate.

This time around, a rising economy and a strong group of bikes for auction have organizers feeling positive.

” I think the economy has actually made individuals believe maybe I will put my cash into something I can touch,” Christenson said. “We saw this back in the big boom, too, in the early 2000s, where obviously individuals were putting some money into the stock exchanges, however there was likewise the reward to put it into something tough and cold.”

If you’re interested in purchasing or just coming as a spectator, here are a couple of things to know:

– This year’s stock includes motorcycles from numerous impressive collections. They include more than 160 off-road bikes from Tom Reese’s Moto Armory, which Christenson said houses “some of the very best motocross bikes on the planet.” Collector Bob Weaver likewise is providing bikes from his collection of low-mileage 1970s and 1980s superbikes, much of which are street-legal variations of racing bikes.

– There are still plenty of brought back and unrestored bikes for purists, however “cafe racer” type bikes are hot. The term came from England, where bicycle riders would speed from cafe to coffee shop on production bikes they had actually personalized with racing-style handlebars, solo seats, shortened fenders, high-performance engine parts and other adjustments aimed at minimizing weight and enhancing horsepower. Now, the design is back.

” You’ll see a ’60s or ’70s stock bike– an Accomplishment, a BSA, a Harley-Davidson– and they have a retail worth of $8,000 to $10,000 at the auction,” Christenson said. “However if someone has souped up the motor and put disc brakes on it, better exhausts, punched out the motor to 80 to 90 horsepower compared to the original 40 or 50, put the larger tires on it with brand-new suspension and forks on it that makes it handle like a brand-new motorbike but looks old, it’ll bring $15,000 to $20,000.”

– Early American models also are appealing to purchasers.

” I’m talking back to 1911 to 1920,” Christenson stated. “And not just the Harley-Davidsons and Indians. I don’t think a great deal of people understand that in 1912 and 1913, there resembled 200 makers of motorcycles simply in the United States alone. World War I took most of them out, and exactly what took the rest of them was that they just could not keep up with the innovation of Harley and Indian.”

– Bidder registration is readily available for $200 at the auction, which includes admission for two individuals to each day of the occasion. General admission tickets are available at the door for $30, with kids 12 and younger confessed totally free. Doors open at 8 a.m. daily, with bidding starting at 1 p.m. today and 9 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

– The Las Vegas auction has taken advantage of a tech interruption. Christenson said one factor the Las Vegas sale has actually grown is because of the web’s impacts on swap meets, which as soon as were magnets for collectors and classic bike lovers.

” You used to be able to obtain all the parts you required for your 1915 Harley at a swap fulfill, now you can purchase it on the web and there’s not much reason to go to one,” he stated. “So Las Vegas has actually kind of changed a great deal of that, just since the swap satisfies are not like they utilized to be.”

To find out more, see the Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction page.

2 on motorcycle eliminated after banging into automobile on Oakey


Two individuals riding on a motorcycle were eliminated Monday night after knocking into a car in west Las Vegas.

According to Las Vegas City police, a call of the crash came in about 8:45 p.m. in the location of West Oakey Boulevard and Duneville Street.

Cops said the motorbike was traveling westbound on Oakey when it struck the side of a Mazda four-door sedan that was entering the highway.

The operator and the traveler of the bike died at the scene, cops said. The driver and a four-year-old traveler in the Mazda were transferred to the healthcare facility for observation.

Oakey was closed down in between Redrock Street and Westwind Road, authorities said. Duneville was also closed at Oakey.

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Sahara reopens after motorcycle-van crash

Police cruisers block parts of Sahara Avenue after a crash July 31, 2015. (Robbie Hunt/FOX5)Police cruisers obstruct parts of Sahara Avenue after a crash July 31, 2015. (Robbie Hunt/FOX5).

An area of a popular Las Vegas road reopend to traffic after a crash that closed the road for numerous hours.

The crash happened at 7:25 p.m. at the intersection of Sahara Avenue and Richfield Boulevard, just west of Interstate 15.

According to Lt. Michael Montel, of Las Vegas Metro authorities, the motorcycle was traveling east on Sahara when a van pulled out of an apartment building and in front of the motorbike. The motorbike hit the motorist’s side of the van.

Montel said the motorcycle driver was required to University Medical Center for treatment, but the level of the person’s injuries was not right away released.

While private investigators were at the scene, Sahara was closed to traffic in between Richfield and Paseo Del Prado.

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Desire a motorcycle license? Here’s exactly what to expect


Sunday, July 19, 2015|2 a.m.

. In 2014, the victims in more than 18 percent of Nevada’s roadway casualties were motorcyclists. While a worrying figure, more motorbike training and knowledge can help in reducing that number. Resources such as motorbike classes cover everything from riding laws and basic operation to ways to make crucial judgment calls throughout complicated driving situations.

Whether you’re a novice rider wanting to get your license or you have actually been riding for several years, motorbike training classes can help polish and sharpen your skills– and maybe even offer you a break on your insurance premium.

Two ways to obtain your bike (“M” class) license

1. Get an instructional license by passing a composed test at the Department of Motor Automobiles, then schedule and pass a bike driving test at the DMV to become certified.

2. Take an approved motorcycle course. Once you complete the course, you’ll get a certification you can take to the DMV that will allow you to obtain your license, bypassing the tests taken at the DMV.

Exactly what to anticipate at bike school

The Motorcycle Security Structure offers the curriculum used in Nevada for the Fundamental Rider Course, which teaches bike basics. The course usually is taught over a two-and-a-half-day duration and includes both class time and riding practice.

What you’ll find out in the classroom

Basic costs

Course: Riding courses in the valley differ in price, but riders should anticipate to spend about $150 to $300.

License: In Nevada, it costs $42.25 for a non-commercial motorist’s license. Adding a motorcycle “M” class license costs an added $9.25.

Learn about various kinds of motorcycles and the layout and operation of basic controls. Participate in activities that present the mental and affective procedures had to be a great rider. The activities are developed to show you ways to process info and ensure choices while riding.

Exactly what you’ll learn on the motorbike

Exercise fundamental controls consisting of utilizing the clutch and throttle coordination; straight-line riding; and stopping, turning and moving. Guideline likewise will cover swerving, emergency situation braking and curves. The course concludes with both a written test and a riding evaluation. The curriculum for the riding portion can be broken down into 14 categories.

1. Becoming acquainted with the motorbike including fundamental functions of the major parts, recognizing the primary controls and discovering how to hold your body while riding and dismounting

2. Utilizing the “friction zone,” a maneuver making use of the clutch that permits you to ride in a smooth, controlled manner while stopping, starting and changing gears

3. Drills to learn the best ways to appropriately begin and stop with accuracy

4. Learning ways to shift and stop

5. Practicing standard skills including low-speed steering around bends and corners

6. Starting and adjusting lean while maneuvering curves, including the best ways to use handgrip pressure and handlebar activity

7. Stopping quickly and making tight turns from a stop, consisting of how to brake gradually to prevent skidding

8. Showing stopping range, allowing students to observe the total stopping distance needed and showing the effects of speed on braking range

9. Navigating the bike in limited areas

10. Knowing how to stop on curves consisting of traction management

11. Judging and working out curves

12. Navigating multiple curves and learning ways to change lanes, consisting of finding out how to judge security margins and gap options while changing lanes

13. Avoiding challenges and swerving safely, consisting of methods for crossing over obstacles and practicing weaving at low speeds

14. Integrated ability practice making use of a series of discovered maneuvers