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Sheila E. brings her musical message to the Golden Nugget


Discover Sheila E. at the Golden

1980s hits”Attractive Life”and” A Love Bizarre” and for her long time connection and cooperations with Prince. However the Oakland-born artist has also worked with legends like Ringo Starr, Marvin Gaye, Herbie Hancock, Diana Ross, Lionel Richie, Gloria Estefan and more and she truly does it all as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. She added another impressive achievement in September when she released”

Iconic: Message 4 America,”a musical call to action that landed her back on the Signboard Albums chart for the very first time given that 1991. Since she’s performing at the Golden Nugget this weekend, I took the opportunity to talk with Sheila E. about the album and how essential it is to her, and how her fans are responding to such a politically charged piece of work. We simply saw you on “American Idol “for the program’s Prince episode. How much fun was that? It was a great deal of fun and it was an important thing to do, too. Everybody wants to do Prince songs and is motivated by him and no one is trying to replace him– because you can’t– however we need to keep taking the chances to continue his tradition and commemorate it, to teach the next generation what that is. I’m really thankful” American Idol” did that. If we do not educate about him and continue to commemorate him, then individuals will forget and everything goes away. He’s done so much. It would be a pity for people to not keep in mind all the great things he left us. And you were in Las Vegas right before you did”Idol. “Did you capture a program last time you were in town? I enjoy Vegas. I have household there and I like to obtain in and out and see programs, from Cirque do Soleil to more recent ones. I saw Earth, Wind & Fire [at Venetian] however before that I saw Ricky Martin, who places on a great program. I love his songs which theater he’s performing in, & you do not even realize it’s a theater since he turns it into one enormous club. Everyone is partying, singing and dancing which’s exactly what you want music to do. Is it true that you were dealing with the”Renowned “album before the 2016 election? It was a couple years prior that I began a job called”Political correctness.”I knew the record I wanted to compose several years ago however I believed it would take at least six months to put it together due to the fact that the lyrical content needed to be quite deep. But then whatever happened so quickly. I was grieving Prince and after that I was mourning our country, with the method the election was going, so I recognized I needed to put something out right now. And so I started considering the tunes I grew up listening to in the ’60s and ’70s, terrific songs that were so relevant for that time and again today with exactly what’s taking place now. And so”Iconic”is a collection of curated covers of songs like “Come Together”with Ringo Starr and “Everyday People” with Freddie Stone from

Sly & The Household Stone and”Pusherman “by Curtis Mayfield. Right. “Pusherman,” today, that pusherman is the drug administration. We are resolving things that are taking place right away with these tunes and paying tribute to those artists. We did”One Country Under a Groove”with George Clinton. It’s time to come together through peace and love, so we picked that due to the fact that we need to unify, even though there’s so much hatred and division and even though the lyrical material can be crazy, the property is bringing individuals together. All of it suggests something. Existed any apprehension for you when you were making the album, considering this is not something your fans would necessarily expect from you? My fans are not used to me speaking about these kinds of things.

That’s why I knew it would take a while to compose it. However these songs deal with the issues I would have written about, issues like hardship and all the things about the National Anthem. And it’s going terrific when we’re playing these tunes. We open up with a funky variation of the National Anthem, our variation, and if they’re sitting they begin standing and singing and we love that. When you go to our programs, you see variety in the audience. Music brings individuals together. It does not matter what does it cost? cash you make or exactly what your status is or who you like or if you’re Republican or Democrat. Our audience is exactly what America looks like, all individuals, all of the above. Sheila E. takes the stage at 8 p.m. on May 18 at the Golden Nugget Display Room(129 E. Fremont St., 800-745-3000) and more info can be discovered at goldennugget.com.

House means the Golden Nugget for Clint Holmes


Clint Holmes performs Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the Golden Nugget

He’s back … not that he went anywhere. Long time Las Vegas vocalist, songwriter and entertainer Clint Holmes is carrying out once again at the site of his very first Vegas residency, the showroom at downtown’s Golden Nugget.

“I did open for Don Rickles often times there in the ’80s when I lived in Los Angeles. Whenever Don would play that space I ‘d boil down and do a weekend with him,” states Holmes, who has now called Las Vegas house for nearly Twenty Years. “When Steve Wynn welcomed to play there in 1999 was when I vacated here and moved my whole household out here, and it changed my life.”

For now, Holmes is performing Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. through Aug. 30– find more info here– though he’s hoping the engagement will continue beyond the summer season. We grabbed the Vegas veteran for a fast chat about yearning for lounges, his recently released jazz album Rendezvous, and more.

Exactly what are you working on at this very minute? I have actually been working really hard on this job that’s happening in a few weeks in New york city. It handles the music of Charles Aznavour. I simply did a program at Birdland [jazz club] there and I was approached by the director Will Nunziata who had this principle of doing an Aznavour piece in New york city, Paris and London, where his work was appreciated. It involves me and 3 women representing the females in Aznavour’s life, and I’m doing a reading for prospective producers [this month] It sounds pretty pressure-packed, and I’m entering knowing none of the songs, so I’m discovering them all from scratch. It’s interesting however also hard.

But Aznavour is maybe the Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen of France, not a rock person however a storyteller. His tunes all inform stories, and they’re thick and thick, not pop tunes with choruses. There’s one terrific song, “Pleased Anniversary,” about how everything possible has actually gone wrong on this couple’s anniversary … the zipper on her dress broke, they’re too late for the program they purchased tickets to go to, but strolling down the street and buying a flower verifies whatever they understanding of each other. Naturally, it takes eight verses to obtain there. It’s quite wonderful however extremely specific, and it’s the kind of thing I truly enjoy due to the fact that I learn and grow from doing things like that.

You started your brand-new residency at the Golden Nugget on May 9. Exactly what is it about that space and you? Not only is the room very comfy, but it’s been among those deals when literally from the very first wedding rehearsal, it’s like, this is excellent. It’s kinda home. I like the intimacy of the room, and there are a great deal of people from when I first worked there that are still there, techs or ushers. I really did feel like house. Harrah’s still feels that method, and the Smith Center, too.

You’ve played numerous Vegas spaces on and off the Strip. How does your experience carrying out modification from location to venue? Well, I do exactly what I do. In that sense, it doesn’t change, however I will constantly get a feel for exactly what the space responds to, exactly what the customers of the hotel is, and in some cases there is a feel to a certain space. At the Nugget, it’s an extremely stimulated room. Frankie Moreno is doing two nights a week there now, too, and he has the same sensation. Maybe it’s the low ceilings, or maybe that the first row of the audience is five feet away. However it’s a really instant, personal, intimate space, and that’s a lot different from the big display rooms where there can be a particular separation from the audience.

That design of room, whether it’s smaller sized or just a more traditional showroom, is really hard to discover in Las Vegas these days. It’s the venue that we’re missing. It is harder to find rooms like the Golden Nugget, with 500 to 700 seats and the acts that work best in that space. I miss the lounges, and here’s why: I was a little too young for the Louis Prima era, when there were shows that began [late] that individuals would line up for. Exactly what I notice from that time is that they offered the gambling establishment a particular energy that comes from music and enjoyment in the heart of the casino. It’s not a ticketed experience or something you ‘d go to the box workplace for and after that sit a mile from the program. It’s a space you ‘d get in line for and hope you get a seat, and Frank Sinatra or Tom Jones or among those people may stroll on phase– that kind of instant energy. I want we had more of that available. Instead they are taking those little rooms and turning them into something else, and I get it, everything has to be practical. But personally, I miss out on that excitement and I would be in casinos more if there was more music to see and experience on a simpler level.

You have actually been working some tunes from Rendezvous into your act. That album wound up being greatly influenced by your moms and dads’ musical backgrounds, but did you prepare it that method? To be sincere I think it simply took place that way. When I sat down with the manufacturers, the very first thing among them, Gregg Field, asked was, “What’s your favorite tune?” It’s most likely “Maria” from West Side Story, so we started from there. As we constructed the CD, it was kind of organic. We never stated, let’s do a biographical CD. It just ended up being the tunes I enjoy, songs that strike me on an emotional level, some I like and some I composed and some that simply turned out to be personal.

Besides the Aznavour job, what’s next for you? Well it’s constantly great to have a home in Vegas and I’m hoping the Golden Nugget will achieve success. I still have the objective of doing my own one-man theater piece and I’m constantly dealing with that. The goal is be on or off Broadway doing my story, which is musical, and I’m writing that all the time. Even the Aznavour piece is potentially a step toward doing my own one-man piece.

Likewise because of the CD I’m starting to do jazz festivals, which is something I have actually never done, Aspen, Lake Tahoe, others. It has actually opened a new avenue for me and it’s entered into my musical life that I have actually never ever fully checked out. You can’t simply walk into a casino and do jazz, or a minimum of it’s extremely tough. So I more than happy to have those outlets to do more of that.

Another casino fire: Teams respond to fire at Golden Nugget

A canopy caught fire at the Golden Nugget Friday.< img src =" /wp-content/uploads/2017/04/13628472_G.jpg" alt=" A canopy caught fire at the Golden Nugget Friday.

" title=" A canopy ignited at

the Golden Nugget Friday.” border= “0” width=” 180″/ > A canopy caught fire at the Golden Nugget Friday. LAS VEGAS( FOX5)

– Las Vegas Fire and Rescue responded to a canopy fire at the Golden Nugget Friday at 8:42 p.m. The fire was out when firefighters showed up, and smoke was in a hallway of the employees’ entryway of the building.

The awning fire occurred in the delivery and employee entryway part of the structure on Bridger Opportunity, in between Casino Center Boulevard and First Street, away from visitors, according to the fire department.

LVFR said there were no injuries and no cause has actually been identified.

The only damage was to the awning. Firemens from North Las Vegas and Clark County likewise responded.

It was the 2nd Las Vegas gambling establishment fire in two nights after a roof fire at the Bellagio triggered as much as $450,000 worth of damage Thursday night.

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