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Marilyn Manson harmed onstage throughout NYC show

Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017|6 a.m.

New York City– Marilyn Manson’s agent states the singer was hurt in a mishap on phase during a New york city City performance and required to a healthcare facility.

Variety reports that Manson was carrying out a cover of the Eurythmics’ “Sugary food Dreams (Are Made of This)” when he started to climb up a podium, triggering it to wobble. Manson fell backwards and the prop fell on him. Soon the house and stage lights went off for several minutes and returned on with an announcer stating the program was over “due to injury.”

It was not instantly clear whether any of Manson’s performance dates will be delayed due to the injury.

Marilyn Manson, hurt onstage in NY, cancels Oct. trip shows


L.E. Baskow Marilyn Manson, performing at House of Blues on February 14.

Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017|1:33 p.m.

NEW YORK– Marilyn Manson is canceling numerous upcoming trip dates after the vocalist was injured in an accident onstage throughout a New York City performance and required to a medical facility.

“The Dope Program” vocalist released a declaration Sunday that stated his Oct. 2-14 shows will be rescheduled. That means dates in Boston; Huntington, New York; Toronto; Camden, New Jersey; Columbus, Ohio; Chicago; Milwaukee; Kansas City, Missouri; and Houston are impacted.

Manson, whose 10th album “Heaven Upside Down” comes out Friday, was hurt Saturday night towards the end of his set, ending the concert early. Variety reported that Manson fell backwards onstage and a prop fell on him. He will be recuperating at his home in Los Angeles.

‘For the Record: Baz’ stars are onstage star-crossed and real-life fans


Abel Armas

Ciaran McCarthy and Ruby Lewis from “The Excellent Gatsby” in “For the Record: Baz”

Wednesday, June 17, 2015|2 a.m.

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Ruby Lewis from “The Fantastic Gatsby” in “For the Record: Baz”

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The full cast performs “A Little Party Never Killed No one” from “The Great Gatsby” in “For the Record: Baz”

‘For the Record: Baz’
Launch slideshow “

Onstage they are star-crossed lovers Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan in the new magnificent “For the Record: Baz” opening in previews at Light in Mandalay Bay on Monday. Offstage, Ruby Lewis and Ciaran McCarthy are taking pleasure in a real-life romance, but they have actually got a significant, three-strike caution for theatergoers when their 360-degree, immersive theatrical show experience opens June 26.

Ruby, who plays Sissy in the part rock show, part musical comedy, part bar spectacle, has belonged to the Los Angeles company of For the Record for the past 3 years in 10 of its productions. She’s appeared in “Desperate Housewives” and “Rules of Engagement” and just recently toured starring in the Queen rock theatrical “We Will certainly Rock You.”

Ciaran originated the role of Gatsby in the L.A. production of “For the Record: Baz” and appeared in the John Hughes and Quentin Tarantino theatrical mashups too. He appeared on “NCIS: L.a” and explored in “The Wedding Singer.”

On Monday, the cast was in the last run-throughs before preparing for today’s gown rehearsals in makeup. Last-minute adjustments were being made to lighting hints and video-wall scenery. The 90-minute production has an ensemble cast of real triple hazards and a knockout six-piece band for audiences to take a wild, exciting ride through the cinematic and musical movies of Australian director Baz Luhrmann.

“Romeo + Juliet,” “Moulin Rouge” and “The Fantastic Gatsby” are threaded together in love to collide in the show mashup with an epic soundtrack.

“Turning popular cinema into immersive home entertainment is the ideal match for Las Vegas in a hot club,” stated Scott Zeiger, president of Cirque du Soleil theatrical that’s bringing “Baz” to Mandalay Bay.

Earlier when the cast relocated to Las Vegas, I spoke with lead actress Ginifer King for an inside look at the custom-stage-designed program that will certainly envelop audiences in a wild, nighttime celebration. Just how wild will this underground spectacle be?

It ended up being a major part of my conversation with Ruby and Ciaran:

This looks exceptionally complicated, Ruby, doing a theater program in a bar.

This is like testosterone bar. Steroids nightclub.

What’s it like working inside Light?

It has its difficulties, however it’s generally everything we’ve ever desired the show to be. It’s suggested to be immersive, and this location makes that so possible. Besides having 3D elements like rain, it really offers the audience a complete sensory experience, which is what we constantly wanted to have the ability to do.

I was viewing the lighting scene with all the candle lights just now. Is that an altar?

Yes, that represents Juliet’s altar when she takes the dram of poison and kills herself.

The two of you are a couple in the program and real life. Let’s discuss the relationship in the show first. You are exactly what to him in the program?

I play Sissy Buchanan, so we really do get to be extremely close during the program and have some intimate minutes. We are told that we have really fine chemistry, so that was excellent to hear! I have actually heard interviews where stars state they do not have good onstage chemistry with their significant others for some factor despite the fact that they’re together, so we actually pat ourselves on the back.

Are you acting, Ciaran, or are you just being genuine?

It’s real. She’s excellent and she is actually open and susceptible, and it’s basically Ruby when I see Daisy onstage. She gives me the things that I see every day, and I react to that.

Ruby: A lot of times in the scenes in the program, the characters are experiencing loving being together and feeling fortunate to be together. So it’s extremely simple for us to feel lucky to be together because moment. That’s why it seems so genuine.

Did the two of you fulfill in the show, or did you understand each other before the show?

We met as a result of theater, but it had not been this For the Record show. We were doing “9 to 5” in a regional theater production.

And after that both of you were hired for this show?

Yes. I had been doing the For the Record reveals for several months when I satisfied him, and I believed he was just an ideal suitable for the business as a triple hazard. I brought him to see among the programs; he fell in love with it. He sent a tape, and it was a no-brainer. He was hired. I didn’t have anything to do with that, though!

So you fulfill in local theater, you get him interested in “Baz,” and now, Ciaran, how do you avoid being on top of each other day and night?

I think communication is very important. We try to approach it with a really encouraging favorable. We don’t provide each other notes. We do not inform each other how the other might enhance their efficiency. It’s the No. 1 guideline in relationships and acting.

Ruby: I think the show in Los Angeles is such an innovative outlet and happiness for both people. We get to go together, experience it together, then we get to get back and discuss how much fun it is and how lucky we are to have this display. It’s become a mutual joy.

Is it hard to separate it when you go home after you’ve been in love for 90 minutes openly?

Yeah, we’re in what we call the bubble. It’s hard to obtain from the bubble, especially if there’s not a lot else going on.

For the Record: Baz.

For the Record: Baz.

Baz Lurhmann at For the Record: Baz.

For how long have the two of you been together?

Since January 2013. We’re not married yet.

Have you thought about a Las Vegas wedding event?

The more weddings I go to, the more I think of eloping, but my mom would be so upset!

Ciaran: Being a star and artist is constantly so tough. I believe we wish to have a good strong task or more below our feet when we take that plunge. A number of TV programs wouldn’t harm.

So your reaction when you heard you were transferring to Las Vegas with the show was exactly what?

Delighted! We have actually been wishing to see this brand name blow up nationally. It’s such a cool principle, there’s nothing like it anywhere, and we thought exactly what an excellent location to expose what we’re doing. Exactly what a fantastic platform in among the best entertainment capitals of the world to see this new, exciting, cutting-edge brand name enter into home entertainment.

In L.a, you have 4 rotating director’s shows, and here in Las Vegas we get the very best? Is that the concept?

I think it’s the very best one. I think it’s the very best idea, the best conceived, and I likewise believe that Baz Luhrmann’s films work the best together. It’s a mashup. I think this is the best-constructed program we have. I think it’s the cleanest and has the very best art.

Ruby: It’s gut wrenching. Individuals come, and they don’t understand just how emotional they can become seeing live theater. I think it takes people by surprise.

This is new theater? This is theater to get kids back into theater due to the fact that nightclubs have stolen them away?

Yeah. I are afraid for the regular proscenium theater because immersive theater is where it’s at. Interest periods are getting smaller sized, and people want to feel like they remain in it, and that’s precisely why this brand is removing. Not just is it simply creatively dazzling, however also it lets you belong of it. Even as far as allowing individuals to take images and hashtag them, even that becomes part of the experience.

I’m not being extremely remarkable, however exactly what wrecked regular theater– nightclubs or social media?

I have no idea. I blame video games!

Ciaran: It could have been both. It’s ending up being a high art. It’s like theater as we understand it, musical theater, exactly what we grew up learning and liking is almost becoming like opera in regards to it ending up being an elite thing to do. You put your nose up about going to the theater. That’s not how it was created. It was for the people, the masses, the blue-collar entertainment realm.

How do you believe Las Vegas theater audiences who are tuned into Cirque du Soleil are going to react and associate with this?

I think something that this program has that some Cirque reveals may not have is the through line and the storyline where you immediately attach to these characters and you go through the trip with them; a full story arc. People forget how much they like storytelling.

It’s simple to watch techniques and to be in ooh and ah over people who are doing death-defying stunts, but exactly what we do is we act and we get down to the psychological core of why individuals enjoy the theater and entertainment. They can connect to it. And relive movies. People love these films; they enjoy quoting them.

However how do you handle a rowdy audience drinking and partying at the same time?

Ruby: We welcome it, and we encourage it.

Ciaran: We ask the audience to be respectful, and typically they are. They understand the minutes when they can jump in and state a line or sing along with a song, and we motivate it. In lots of ways, it works our improv muscles because we need to be on guard that people are going to want to play, and we want it. It advises them that they’re involved; they’re part of this.

So it’s a little bit like “Rocky Horror” with the audience shouting along at the motion picture?

Ruby: Yes, definitely, and it can toss you off.

Ciaran: It can depending on exactly what’s taking place. I bear in mind one time we remained in a huge fight scene with Daisy, Gatsby and Tom, and after that somebody’s mobile phone kept going off. We’re used to it, we’ll proceed, however at one point our Tom Buchanan turned around and said, “Alright, who’s got the phone?” He remained in character, and it became this entire experience to try to find the phone due to the fact that this female lost it, and it was regularly sounding through the whole scene.

The audience loved it and just began wailing, and we solve back into it and we go. That happens all the time. It makes the audience feel like they’re actually a part of this. Simply don’t be belligerent; choose the times when you blurt out. When Tina is passing away, it’s most likely not the very best time to begin shouting.

And you don’t mind waiters playing around pouring drinks or people standing up to go to the bar?

Ruby: No. When we initially began, it was a dinner theater.

Ciaran: When you initially move from the standard proscenium theater and you enter this environment, it is disconcerting. It’s method more collective than the common proscenium program due to the fact that there are a lot of other moving aspects. So things like wait personnel then become part of our team, and we start to end up being knowledgeable about the people putting the beverages.

So every night is entirely various?

There’s a constant program, but little touches here and there will certainly be different depending upon the audience.

Is that frightening for an actor? Is that enjoyable for an actor? Is it challenging? What is it?

It can be challenging. You desire particular things from particular audiences. You desire John Hughes audiences to be filling in the lines so I can reverse and I don’t have to state them since the audience already hit the punch line. It can be tough, however it keeps you on your toes. Once you lose that concept of how it’s going to go and let the audience move you and take you, I think you become a much better performer for it.

Ruby: The euphoria that I feel being onstage rather than lagging a camera is it’s an exchange in between the audience, and this is the supreme kind of that. If somebody is crying, you can see it so plainly, and it ends up being an immersive experience for us, too.

Complete this sentence in regards to the 2 of you onstage, then finish this exact same sentence with the 2 of you in your home in the kitchen. Love is …

Daisy and Gatsby have extremely a heart-wrenching circumstance, but it’s organic. They actually do enjoy each other.

Ciaran: I would state my character has a various love than you have. I would say my character can’t help however enjoy you, therefore love would be obsessive, and in him it’s difficult due to the fact that he thinks he has it, however he does not. I liked him in the movie. I didn’t like her. I resembled why would not you leave him? He does not love you like Gatsby enjoys you.

Ruby: Her love is very impulsive and it’s fly by night and totally harmful.

So we’ve got love is obsessive for Gatsby and love is fly by night and spontaneous for Daisy, now in the house love is …

Ruby: Love is effortless.

Ciaran: Love is fantastic. It’s mutual.

One last concern. Exactly what do you do if your Las Vegas audience gets out of control? I indicate they’re drinking. In L.A., you may stop drinking at 2 a.m., however here there is no stopping.

Ruby: Well there comes a point where our improv skills do not work, and we have to get a guard. There’s a policy. It’s like two strikes, three strikes you’re out. If you act up too many times, you’ve got to go.

Can an actor inform that to a member of the audience?

Ciaran: Oh, definitely. Third time we would tell a guard it’s too much, they have actually crossed the line, either inform them to stop and if they do not, they’ll be gotten rid of.

That may well occur in Las Vegas!

It’s occurred prior to. We encourage you to engage and enjoy, however just acknowledge the sense of the arc of the show. Our manufacturers don’t like to call it theater– immersive experience is what they’re calling it.

How’s everything going so far on this immersive home entertainment project? Four days to your first preview. No issues?

It’s complexed. I suggest that’s a 60-foot screen, so it’s got different types of video and different types of estimates, so they need to come together, along with the noise, along with a brand new band, along with a brand-new stage and new environment for us because the staging is different than we do in L.A. We have actually cut some things in the program. We have actually fine-tuned the program. There are a great deal of moving pieces and variables, and it is going to be impressive. It’s just taking a second for all the pieces to fall into place.

Ruby: There are a lot of brand-new technical aspects that we’re having to juggle. Whenever we see something come together, the excitement is just through the roofing because we know the potential for this show is so terrific that individuals will certainly seem like they remain in a dream.

Ciaran: There’s nothing in Las Vegas like this. We cannot wait till Las Vegas finds out exactly what’s been constructing and brewing in L.A. due to the fact that people who come see the program are consumed. We have insane fans who would follow the program anywhere, so we’re pumped to put it on in a much larger scale. It deserves it. It’s so distinct and extremely, extremely unique.

Ruby: We’re adhering to the exact same formula and injecting a little more Las Vegas.

* * *

“For the Record: Baz,” an evening inspired by the movies and soundtracks of Baz Luhrmann, starts previews Monday at Light in Mandalay Bay, with opening night scheduled for June 26. Tickets start at $55 and can be purchased at Ticketmaster.com.

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Light Light Bar, switched on by Cirque du Soleil, brings A-list DJs, festival-style visuals and an unbelievable performance aspect to Mandalay Bay. Performers in Cirque-caliber outfits interact with visitors and perform aerial acts and dance numbers throughout the night set to a soundtrack offered by a few of the leading names in electronic dance music.
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