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2 siblings missing after Oregon eclipse festival are OKAY

Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017|10:08 a.m.

PRINEVILLE, Ore.– Authorities say 2 sis reported missing after an eclipse celebration in main Oregon have checked in with their parents and are headed back the home of South Lake Tahoe, California.

The Scoundrel County Constable’s Department said in a declaration that 18-year-old Melissa Lea and 7-year-old sibling stayed longer than prepared. Once they left the occasion Wednesday, they regained cellular phone service and called house.

The Symbiosis festival brought more than 30,000 individuals to the Ochoco National park near Prineville.

2 19-year-old hikers discovered dead after falling from cliff in Oregon


An Oregon neighborhood is mourning the loss of 2 girls who passed away on a backpacking trip when they fell off a cliff along the Pacific Crest Path.

Good friends state Emily Lang and Emma Location, both 19, were cut from the same fabric– two girls with huge hearts and huge strategies, just starting their lives. But on Saturday night, hikers discovered their bodies listed below a 150 foot cliff, 6 miles northwest of Timberline Lodge. Investigators can just presume they fell.

Place’s life-long friend Nathan Hoppenrath says she and Lang had actually been eagerly anticipating their backpacking experience.

“This was a huge one Emma was speaking about for a while. She was super fired up,” stated Hoppenrath. “Just the quantity of love Emma has, she showed that to Emily. The two of them got along really well. They shared numerous memories together and they shared a beautiful relationship.”

Lang just completed her very first year at Western Washington University and Location at Gonzaga.

Place invested the summertime working as a therapist at Cascades Camp in Yelm, Washington. She matured there as a camper. Assistant Director Rob Mohrweis says Location had a strong faith and a passion for service. The personnel is ravaged.

“We’re all simply stunned and in shock,” said Mohrweis. “Emma was an incredible light. She had a smile that would illuminate the room. She was just goofy with a fun character. She was kind an uplifting fr everybody that was around her.”

The teenagers finished from St. Mary’s Academy together in 2016.

On Tuesday, Principal Nicole Foran sent a composed declaration saying, “These amazing, unique girls left unforgettable imprints on our community during their time at SMA. May the peace of the Lord be with all of us, and particularly bless the families of Emily and Emma with courage and grace.”

Clackamas County deputies are seeking tips and more info from other hikers or possible witnesses about exactly what took place that led to the teens’ deadly fall.

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Oregon shooter eliminated himself after authorities shot him


MySpace/ AP

This undated image from a MySpace page that appeared to belong to Christopher Harper-Mercer shows him holding a rifle. Authorities recognized Harper-Mercer as the shooter who went on a deadly shooting rampage at Umpqua Neighborhood College in Roseburg, Ore., on Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015.

Published Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015|12:49 p.m.

Updated 23 minutes ago

ROSEBURG, Ore.– The shooter who fatally shot nine individuals at an Oregon neighborhood college last week killed himself in front of his victims after 2 law enforcement officers wounded him, authorities stated Wednesday.

When 2 plainclothes investigators identified Christopher Harper-Mercer in the entrance of a school structure, he fired at them, and the officers quickly returned fire. The killer then returned inside and shot himself in a classroom where many of his victims lay dead and wounded, a prosecutor informed a press conference.

It was authorities’ most in-depth account yet of the shooter’s death. Formerly, they had actually stated just that the 26-year-old assailant eliminated himself after a shootout.

The investigators showed up within minutes of the first reports of gunfire at Umpqua Neighborhood College.

Seconds later, the officers “both felt they had an excellent target,” Douglas County District Attorney Rick Wesenberg said. Two of their bullets hit a wall. A 3rd struck Harper-Mercer on the ideal side.

The injured shooter “entered the class again, went to the front of the classroom and shot and killed himself,” Wesenberg said.

The attack in this rural wood town was the worst mass shooting in Oregon history. 8 students and an instructor died. Nine others were injured.

A personal memorial has actually been held for Lawrence Levine, who was eliminated while teaching the class. Another private service was held Wednesday for 44-year-old Sarena Dawn Moore of Myrtle Creek. More funeral services are scheduled through Saturday.

Detectives have actually not yet shared any motive for the killings.

They have taken 14 weapons– six found at the college and 8 at the apartment Harper-Mercer shared with his mother on the borders of Roseburg.

Authorities have said the gunman’s mom told them her son was struggling with psychological health concerns, but no details have been launched.

Harper-Mercer and his mom shared a love of firearms and would go to shooting varieties together.

Obama'' s pushing for more gun laws after lethal Oregon shooting

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama when again called for more weapon laws on Friday, pleading for enhanced regulation after a fatal mass shooting on an Oregon college school. “I’m going to discuss this regularly. And I will politicize it,”Obama stated during a White Home press conference.”Unless we change that political vibrant, we’re not going to have the ability to make a huge dent in this problem.”Obama called on gun-control supporters to serve as “single-issue voters,”penalizing and rewarding political leaders at the surveys on the subject.”The people who are bothered by this need to be as extreme and arranged and adamant about this issue as folks on the other side who are absolutists, who believe that any gun safety measures are an assault on liberty, or communistic, or a plot by me to take over and stay in power permanently, or something,”he said.

Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries get ready for rec sales


Gosia Wozniacka/ AP

A medical cannabis dispensary displays a sign Monday, Sept. 28, 2015, in Portland, Ore. Oregon’s medical marijuana dispensaries are getting ready for a watershed minute today: when leisure pot users will certainly likewise be able to purchase weed at their pot shops.

Monday, Sept. 28, 2015|5:32 p.m.

PORTLAND, Ore.– Oregon’s medical marijuana dispensaries are preparing for a watershed minute today: when recreational pot users will certainly also have the ability to buy weed at their pot shops.

More than 200 of Oregon’s 345 medical marijuana dispensaries have actually informed the Oregon Health Authority of strategies to offer recreational marijuana beginning on Thursday. Though some dispensaries might not qualify immediately if they’re still in the application process and haven’t been authorized, OHA representative Jonathan Modie said.

Oregon passed Measure 91 in November. The law legalized possessing and growing restricted quantities of cannabis for individual use starting July 1. But the state won’t be ready to start regulated sales up until next year. As a momentary stop-gap and to curb black market sales, medical dispensaries are allowed to conduct early sales of leisure marijuana tax-free.

Taxes on recreational sales won’t begin till Jan. 4, when a 25 percent tax on retail sales will be included.

Grownups over 21 can buy a quarter ounce of buds. Candy bars and brownies, along with extracts, focuses and marijuana-infused items are not available in early sales. Customers need to supply a legitimate, government-issued photo ID as proof of age.

10 cities and two counties have actually prohibited early retail sales of marijuana, including Douglas and Harney counties, Gresham, Brownsville, John Day, Junction City, La Grande, Reedsport and Sherwood.

Leisure pot has also been legislated in Washington, Colorado and Alaska, though in Alaska is still determining ways to manage the industry.

Many dispensaries in Oregon are enjoyed begin offering leisure pot, hoping to improve their sales in an already over-saturated market. But, they state, it’s tough to understand exactly what effect adult recreational sales will certainly have.

“It’s going to be a surprise for everybody, we’re hoping it’s really hectic,” said Lois Pariseau of Gras Marijuana in Portland, a dispensary that opened 4 months ago. Pariseau stated a lot of individuals have been strolling into the dispensary in recent weeks, inquiring about the start of early sales.

The competition is stiff, she said, with a number of other dispensaries already open on their street. To tempt recreational users, Gras Cannabis has been advertising, consisting of in 2 local alternative newspapers and on two huge billboards in the city.

Pariseau said the dispensary’s “bud tenders” are ready to inform new users about pot. And anybody wanting to purchase must first understand what is and isn’t really allowed.

“It’s essential for everyone to really check out the guidelines, and follow the law to a T,” she stated.

Another issue: stocking enough pot flower to fulfill the growing demand. The dispensary has its own pot grow, Pariseau stated, however that won’t be readily available for several weeks until harvest starts.

A pot lack is also the biggest concern for those in the medical cannabis community, who fear the start of recreational sales will negatively affect medical cannabis clients.

“We’re truly anxious. The dispensaries might offer all the marijuana to recreational individuals and the clients will certainly be left without their medication,” stated Anthony Taylor, president of Compassionate Oregon, a not-for-profit group that advocates for the clients. Costs for medical cannabis might likewise enhance, if need outgrows supply, he stated.

Taylor said supply levels at smaller sized and more recent dispensaries may especially be affected by recreational sales. And while grownups buying leisure pot can just acquire it when a day at an offered dispensary, Taylor stated, people can “dispensary jump,” diminishing product supply throughout a city.

Taylor’s group has sent a letter to dispensaries, asking them to promise to maintain adequate levels for medical cannabis clients and to serve patients initially when there are leisure users in the shop. Some have consented to the pledge, but not all.

“We don’t expect them to turn away business,” Taylor stated, “but we do hope … everyone comprehends that in medical cannabis dispensaries, the patients precede.”

Canine with cancer makes initially, last journey to Oregon coast for owner'' s wedding event

Photo: Cassidy WilliamsPicture: Cassidy Williams
Photo: Cassidy WilliamsPicture: Cassidy Williams


A pet called Dood made his very first trip to the coast for his owner’s wedding event, but since of a terminal diagnosis, it will also be his last.

Dood’s owner, Cassidy Williams, said the 5-year-old Golden Retriever was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer on his skull in July.

Williams had strategies to obtain married on Aug. 7 and Dood was expected to stick with family in Utah while she and her fiance exchanged vows on the Oregon Coast.

But due to the fact that of Dood’s diagnosis, Williams said she chose to alter her plans so the pet dog might be with them at the wedding event.

Williams’ dad canceled his flight and drove Dood from Utah to Manzanita so he could act as ring bearer in the event.

Williams said the wedding was perfect and Dood got to see the ocean prior to the cancer takes him.

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