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The Interview: Makayla Palmer

Throughout the holiday season, this new assistant professor of economics is looking forward to her family’s custom of making and eating red pickles, which are sweet cinnamon pickles. It needs a multi-day canning process so they make big amounts at one time and then ration them over holidays.


Being an economics teacher at UNLV is an extraordinary opportunity and I am so grateful to be here! UNLV is an ingenious school in an innovative state and I am excited about the health research that I can do here. I could tell the economic experts in the department are encouraging of each other, collaborative, and productive. It is also great to be back in the West, surrounded by mountains and far from humidity.

A little about your background

I just recently earned a Ph.D. in economics from Georgia State University in Atlanta and moved to Las Vegas to teach at UNLV and assist introduce the Health for Nevada Initiative. The brand-new research study cluster group brings together scientists from different disciplines across campus who will focus on health variations in Nevada.

Inspiration to get into your field

When I initially became interested in economics I was interested in economic development and how foreign aid could assist, or hurt, establishing nations. I was excited about the power economics might have in assisting enhance the lives of individuals residing in hardship. Nevertheless, when I went to graduate school I became interested in government provision of healthcare for the poor and vulnerable populations in the United States. Similar to the appeal of economic development, I believe health economics is full of intellectually fascinating questions that can contribute to essential and practical improvements in the lives of disadvantaged populations.

Health issues you are investigating

I am currently dealing with how managed care insurance coverage affects health care usage of foster kids relative to fee-for-service payments. A motion away from fee-for-service might lead to decreases in care for these children with comprehensive health requirements, however it might likewise improve care coordination. Another existing research study interest centers around how market eligibility under the Affordable Care Act affects pregnancies and female labor choices.

What is the Health for Nevada Initiative and what will you be doing?

The brand-new research cluster group has been developed to combine scientists from different disciplines working on health topics with an unique focus on Nevada and health disparities. The group remains in the process of hiring a director and a number of more faculty positions, which will help settle the information of the research agenda. So far, I have actually delighted in conference other health scientists at UNLV to check out collaborations and tasks that can hopefully enhance health in Nevada.

What drives you?

I want my research to assist enhance health care gain access to and quality, particularly for susceptible populations. Discovering ways to do this which likewise are cost-effective is vital as healthcare continues to be a growing share of the federal government’s and people’ budget plans.

What do laypeople normally ask you about your field?

People most typically ask me my thoughts on the Affordable Care Act, why health insurance is so costly, or what we must do to improve health care. There are no simple answers to those concerns. Healthcare markets differ in important methods from basic markets and this makes health policy complex. It is necessary to comprehend unfavorable selection, moral hazard, externalities, and the equity problems at play when evaluating health care policies and how they make trade-offs between these concerns.

If area tourist advances to the point where a roundtrip to Mars were possible, would you go if the quickest trip was 3 years?

I believe there are a great deal of essential details missing that I would require to make that choice (cost, health dangers, what you would do on Mars for three years, and so on), however I would most likely prefer to invest 3 years checking out Earth.

What is something individuals would be surprised to discover you?

I played underwater hockey for three years while residing in Atlanta.

What is the most Vegas thing you’ve done because you showed up here?

I went to the Cirque du Soleil O show.I have constantly been impressed by integrated swimming and discover it so lovely and outstanding I took a couple synchro courses growing up, but had to stick to competitive swimming due to the fact that I was not talented enough for synchro. The O program was my top Vegas destination, and it was terrific.

Thor Equities Refinances Chicago'' s Landmark Palmer House Hotel for $427.2 Million

The Palmer House

Hotel in downtown Chicago.Thor Equities is using increasing property worths again, refinancing $427.2 million in home loans on Chicago’s landmark Palmer House Hotel as the downtown of the third-largest U.S. city is buoyed by brand-new hotel openings.

The brand-new loan gives New York-based Thor, which sunk $131 million into the trophy hotel in 2008, more breathing space as it buys and sells other properties in downtown Chicago. Thor got a $333.2 million first home mortgage on “the Chicago hotel the world understands best,” a nod to the Hilton Hotel’s famous status in downtown Chicago, and another $94 million in mezzanine financial obligation, according to Cook County property records.

It is the third time in 6 years that Thor has re-financed the 1,641-key hotel that was a wedding event gift from Chicago businessman Potter Palmer to his partner Bertha, a structure that had to be restored after the Chicago fire of 1871 right after it initially opened and was main to the development of the city’s State Street industrial location. The landmark hotel standing now was reconstructed once again in 1925 and its Golden Empire Dining Room was as soon as an epicenter for entertainers that included Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Liberace.

JPMorgan Chase was the new lender, changing funding of $420 million secured in 2012 with Wells Fargo, the records show. JPMorgan is turning that to the industrial mortgage-backed securities market, according to the records.

Security and Exchange Commission documents note that Thor should make amortization payments equivalent to 25 percent of the excess capital each year, beginning on July 9, 2019, and until the loan term, including extension durations, expires.

Lobby of Palmer House.Photo Credit: The CoStar Group.Thor, which

bought the 24-story hotel at 17 E. Monroe St. and adjacent 14-story workplace residential or commercial property at 27-35 E. Monroe in 2005 for $230 million, has actually wanted to sell the property a minimum of twice. The most recent remained in 2015 at an asking cost of $575 million, according to released reports.

Thor has sold a handful of retail homes on State Street in the last few years as it has actually invested more west into the Fulton Market district, capped off by the company’s $ 12.1 million purchase of 800-810 Fulton Market in May. Thor representatives were not readily available for remark.

New hotel supply is streaming into the market at a fast pace. Last year, 5 brand-new hotels opened in the central enterprise zone and eight were on track for 2018, consisting of the St. Jane Hotel that opened July 2. Pick Chicago, the city’s tourism bureau, anticipates that downtown hotel spaces will swell by 6.3 percent, or 2,700, by the end of 2019.