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'' Cheers ' star, radio host Jay Thomas passes away at 69


Nick Ut/ AP In this July 9, 1992, file picture, star Jay Thomas, who starred in CBS tv’s “Love and War,” positions for a picture in Los Angeles.

Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017|3:33 p.m.

LOS ANGELES– Jay Thomas, a radio talk program host and star with recurring functions on the comedies “Murphy Brown” and “Cheers,” has died, his publicist said. Thomas was 69.

He was “among the funniest and kindest men I have had the honor to call both customer and good friend for 25 years plus,” press agent Tom Estey stated in a statement Thursday. He did not provide additional information.

Thomas was combating cancer, the New York Daily News reported Thursday.

Thomas’ best-known functions were as Eddie LeBec, the former-hockey-player hubby of barmaid Carla on “Cheers,” and tabloid-talk-show host Jerry Gold on “Murphy Brown,” for which he won two Emmys.

Diane English, developer of “Murphy Brown,” said in a Twitter post that she was sad to become aware of his death and called him “talented.”

“I would have loved to compose another function for him. RIP Jay,” she tweeted.

Thomas, who in the last few years hosted a SiriusXM Radio talk program, was a reliably deserving visitor. His yearly Christmastime look on “Late Show with David Letterman” became a custom that included a contest to knock a meatball off a Christmas tree erected onstage.

The customized started one night in 1998 when New york city Jets quarterback Vinny Testaverde was a visitor. He and Letterman picked up footballs and began tossing them at the oddly embellished tree, aiming for the meatball.

Impatiently viewing their failures from the wings was Thomas, previous quarterback at tiny Central Piedmont Neighborhood College in Charlotte, North Carolina. He operated on stage, picked up a football and, in one toss, achieved exactly what the NFL quarterback couldn’t in a number of. Thomas was invited back annually for the duration of Letterman’s “Late Program” go to try to repeat his task.

With each appearance he also retold a tale of his time as a radio DJ in the South when he and a buddy gave a flight to Clayton Moore, star of TELEVISION’s “Lone Ranger.” Letterman hailed it as the “best story I’ve ever heard.”

Thomas called his annual “Late Show” ritual “the craziest thing I have actually ever belonged of” in an interview a couple of years ago with The Associated Press.

Born John Thomas Terrell in Kermit, Texas, he began his radio career as a sports commentator for high school football and college basketball while going to schools consisting of Gulf Coast College and Jacksonville University to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees, according to his online biography.

He worked as a radio video jockey and station program manager in a lot of Southern cities that “I had a profession like a Piedmont Airlines schedule,” he joked in an AP interview.

His radio experience led to stand-up comedy gigs and eventually acting on stage and TELEVISION. In 1979, he was cast on the hit comedy “Mork & & Mindy” in the supporting function of delicatessen owner Remo DaVinci.

He starred for 3 seasons in the comedy “Love & & War” as a sports author romancing the woman who owned his favorite sports bar. Thomas likewise made many visitor appearances on funny and drama series, most recently on “Ray Donovan,” “NCIS: New Orleans” and “Bones.”

His films roles include “Mr. Holland’s Opus” and 2nd and third “Santa Provision” movies.

Thomas’ survivors include his partner, Sally, and children J.T. Harding and Jacob and Samuel Thomas.

AP Television Author Frazier Moore in New York contributed to this report.

Jerry Lewis, comic, telethon host, passes away at 91 in Las Vegas


< img class=" photo "src =" /wp-content/uploads/2017/08/20160924_Jerry_Lewis04_t653.JPG" alt

=” Image”/ > Sam Morris/Las Vegas News Bureau Jerry Lewis, displayed in a file image at the preview of his film “Max Rose” in September 2016, passed away Aug. 20, 2017, at his home in Las Vegas. He was 91.

Published Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017|10:59 a.m.

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Jerry Lewis: 1926-2017 Introduce slideshow” Jerry Lewis 90th Birthday Celebration Launch slideshow” Related content LOS ANGELES– Jerry Lewis, the manic, rubber-faced showman who jumped and cried to fame in a rewarding collaboration with Dean Martin, settled to end up being an uneasy screen auteur and found an even higher following as the tireless, teary host of the annual muscular dystrophy telethons, has died. He was 91. Press agent Candi Cazau says Lewis died Sunday early morning of natural causes at age 91 in Las Vegas with his household by his side.

Lewis’ profession covered the history of show service in the 20th century, beginning in his moms and dads ‘vaudeville act at

the age of 5. He was just 20 when his pairing with Martin made them international stars. He went on to make such favorites as” The Bellboy” and” The Nutty Teacher,” was featured in Martin Scorsese’s “The King of Comedy” and looked like himself in Billy Crystal’s “Mr. Saturday Night.” In the 1990s, he scored a phase comeback as the devil in the Broadway revival of” Damn Yankees.” And after a 20-year break from making motion pictures,

Lewis returned as the star of the independent drama” Max Rose, “released in 2016. In his 80s, he was still traveling the world, dealing with a stage variation of “The Nutty Teacher.” He was so active he would sometimes forget the fundamentals, like eating, his associates would remember. In 2012, Lewis missed an awards ceremony tossed by his precious Friars Club due to the fact that his blood glucose dropped from absence of food and he needed to spend the night in the hospital. In his 90s, he was still performing standup shows. A major influence on Jim Carrey and other slapstick entertainers, Lewis likewise was known as the ringmaster of the Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy

Association, joking and reminiscing and presenting guests, sharing stories about ailing kids and concluding with his personal anthem, the ballad” You’ll Never ever Stroll Alone.” From the 1960s onward, the telethons raised some$ 1.5 billion, including more than $60 million in 2009. He announced in 2011 that he would step down as host, however would remain chairman of the association he signed up with some 60 years ago. His fundraising efforts won him the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 2009 Oscar telecast, an honor he stated” touches my heart and the extremely depth of my soul. “But the telethon was likewise criticized for being mawkish and exploitative of children, called” Jerry’s

Children.” A 1960s muscular dystrophy poster boy, Mike Ervin, later on made a documentary called” The Kids Are All Alright, “in which he alleged that Lewis and the Muscular Dystrophy Association had treated him and others as items of pity instead of genuine people.” He and his telethon represent an old-fashioned and devastating 1950s charity mindset, “Ervin wrote in 2009. Responded Lewis:” You do not want to be pitied since you’re a cripple in a wheelchair, remain in your house!” He was the classic funnyman who longed to play” Hamlet,” sobbing as hard as he chuckled.

He sassed and snarled at critics and job interviewers who displeased him. He pontificated on talk shows, lectured to university student and assembled his ideas in the 1971 book” The Overall Film-Maker. “” I think, in my own way, that I state

something on movie. I’m getting to those who probably do not have the mentality to understand what … ‘A Man for All Seasons ‘is all about, plus many who did understand it,” he wrote.” I am not embarrassed or embarrassed at how relatively trite or saccharine something in my films will sound. I truly do make films for my

great-great-grandchildren and not for my fellows at the Screen Directors Guild or for the critics. “In his early movies, he played the kind of fellows who would have had no idea what the older Lewis was speaking about: loose-limbed, buck-toothed, thick adolescents, trouble-prone and likely to wail when besieged by enemies. American critics acknowledged the comedian’s popular appeal however not his aspirations to higher art; the French did. Writing in Paris’ Le Monde newspaper, Jacques Siclier applauded Lewis’

” apish appeal, his conduct of a child, his grimaces, his contortions, his maladjustment to the world, his morbid worry of ladies, his way of disturbing order everywhere he appeared.” The French government granted Lewis the Chevalier of the Legion of Honor in 1983 and Commander of Arts and Letters the list below year. Movie critic Andrew Sarris observed:” The fact that Lewis does not have verbal wit on the screen doesn’t particularly trouble the French.” Lewis had coordinated with Martin after World War II, and their radio and phase shenanigans delighted audiences, although not right away. Their launching, in 1946 at Atlantic City’s 500 Club, was a bust. Warned by owner” Skinny” D’Amato that they may be fired, Martin and Lewis tossed the script and improvised their way into history. New York writers Walter Winchell and Ed Sullivan concerned the club and raved over the attractive singer and the berserk clown. Lewis described their fledgling act in

his 1982 autobiography,” Jerry Lewis face to face”:” We juggle and drop a few dishes and try a couple of handstands. I conduct the three-piece band with among my shoes, burn their music, dive offstage, run around the tables, take a seat with the customers and spill things while Dean keeps singing.” Hollywood manufacturer Hal Wallis saw them at New york city’s Copacabana and signed them to a movie contract. Martin and Lewis first appeared

in supporting functions in” My Buddy Irma” and “My Buddy Irma Goes West.” Then they started a hit series of starring automobiles, including” At War With the Army,”” That’s My Kid” and “Artists and Designs.” However in the mid-1950s, their partnership began to wear. Lewis longed for more than laughs. Martin had actually tired of playing straight male

and of Lewis ‘efforts to include Chaplinesque pathos. He likewise wearied of the rate of movies, tv, nightclub and theater appearances, benefits and publicity junkets on which Lewis flourished. The rift became significantly public as the two camps sparred verbally.” I knew we were in problem the day somebody offered Jerry a book about Charlie Chaplin,

” Martin broke. On July 24, 1956, Martin and Lewis closed store, at the Copa, and remained estranged for many years. Martin, who passed away in 1995, did make a remarkable, surprise look on Lewis ‘telethon in 1976 (a reunion brokered by shared friend Frank Sinatra ), and director Peter Bogdonavich nearly convinced them to appear in a film together as former associates who no longer talk to each other. After Martin’s death, Lewis

stated the 2 had actually once again ended up being friendly during his previous partner’s last years and he would repeatedly express his admiration for Martin above all others. The entertainment trade at first thought about Martin the casualty of the split, considering that his skills, other than as a vocalist, were unexplored. He deceived his detractors by cultivating a comic, drunken personality, becoming star of a long-running TV variety program and a highly regarded star in such movies as” Some Came Running,”” The Young Lions” and” Rio Bravo.” Lewis also differentiated himself after the break, exposing a severe side as unexpected as Martin’s gift for funny. He generated funny director Frank Tashlin for “Rock-a-bye Baby, “” Cinderfella

,”” The Disorderly Orderly, “” The Geisha Boy” and” Who’s Minding the Shop? “, in which he did a pantomime of a typist trying to stay up to date with Leroy Anderson’s rapid song” The Typewriter.” Jerry Lewis in your home < a class =" playButton" href =" https://lasvegassun.com/photos/galleries/2016/mar/15/jerry-lewis-at-home-las-vegas-90th-birthday/embed/"

title =” Jerry Lewis in the houseEntertainment legend Jerry Lewis photographed at his home Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016, in Las Vegas.” id= “

make_slideshow_link_jerry-lewis-at-home-las-vegas-90th-birthday “> Introduce slideshow” With” The Bellboy,” though, Lewis assumed the posts of producer, director, writer and star, like his idol Chaplin. Amongst his hits under his own direction was the 1963 “The Nutty Teacher,” playing a dual Jekyll and Hyde role, transforming himself from an unpopular college teacher to an attractive (and conceited) lounge singer, Pal Love, considered a spoof of his old partner Martin.

He likewise directed “The Patsy,” “The Errand Young boy,” “The Family Jewels” and “The Huge Mouth.” Lewis’ more current film credits consisted of such low-budget releases as “Arizona Dream,” co-starring Johnny Depp, and “Max Rose,” which came out in 2016. He had a visitor shot on television’s “Mad About You” and was seen briefly in Eddie Murphy’s remake of “The Nutty Professor.”

He was born Joseph Levitch in Newark, New Jersey, on March 16, 1926. His dad, billed as Danny Lewis, was a singer on the borscht and burlesque circuits. His mother played piano for Danny’s act. Their only child was typically left alone in hotel rooms, or lived in Brooklyn with his paternal grandparents, Russian Jewish immigrants, or his aunts in New Jersey.

” All my life I’ve hesitated of being alone,” Lewis once said. In his later years the solitude haunted him, and he surrounded himself with an entourage at work and in your home.

Joey Levitch made his expert debut at age 5, singing the Depression tearjerker “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?” to terrific applause. He recalled that he eventually lost all interest in school and “started to clown around to draw in individuals’s attention.”

By 16, Jerry Lewis (as his billing read) had dropped out of school and was making as much as $150 a week as a solo performer. He appeared in a “record act,” mouthing wildly to the records of Danny Kaye, Spike Jones and other artists. Turned down by the Army due to the fact that of a heart murmur and punctured eardrum, Lewis amused troops in World War II and continued touring with his lip-sync act. In 1944 he wed Patti Palmer, a band vocalist.

The following year he satisfied Martin, on a March day in 1945 in Manhattan, Broadway and 54th to be precise. Lewis was on his method to see a representative, strolling with a pal, when his friend identified an “exceptionally handsome” guy wearing a camel’s hair coat. Lewis and Martin were introduced and Lewis knew straight off that this new associate, nine years older than him, was “the genuine deal.”

Jerry Lewis’ Life time Accomplishment Award< a class="

playButton” href =” https://lasvegassun.com/photos/galleries/2011/aug/21/jerry-lewis-lifetime-achievement-award-red-rock/embed/” title =” Jerry Lewis’ Lifetime Achievement Award” id=”make_slideshow_link_jerry-lewis-lifetime-achievement-award-red-rock” > Release slideshow”” ‘Harry Horses,’ I believed,” Lewis wrote in the memoir “Dean and Me, “published in 2005.” That was exactly what we utilized to call a person who believed he was smooth with the women. Anybody who used a camel’s- hair overcoat, with a camel’s- hair belt and fake diamond cuff links, was automatically Harry Horses.”

Lewis couldn’t leave from small-time reservations. The same was true of Martin, who sang romantic tunes in nightclubs. In 1946, Lewis was playing the 500 Club, and the seats were empty. Lewis recommended working with Martin to strengthen the expense, guaranteeing he could do comedy in addition to sing.

Fame brought him females and Lewis wrote honestly of his many partners. After 36 years of marriage and 6 sons, Patti Lewis sued her spouse for divorce in 1982. She later wrote a book claiming that he was an adulterer and drug addict who abused their kids. Kid Gary became a pop singer whose group, Gary Lewis & & the Playboys, had a string of hits in 1965-66.

In his late 50s, Lewis wed Sandra Pitnick, 32, a previous airline stewardess. They had a daughter, Dani, called for Jerry’s father.

3-year-old passes away after being left in day care van for hours

By Jessica Suerth CNN

(CNN)– A Florida day care center staff member is expected to deal with charges after a 3-year-old kid was discovered dead in a parked van, police in Orlando stated Tuesday.

Myles Hill was discovered on the flooring at the back of the van parked at the Little Miracles Academy day care center around 6:30 p.m. on Monday, cops told press reporters. Police Chief John Mina stated authorities believe he had remained in the automobile considering that around 9 a.m. that morning. The heat in Orlando on Monday was about 93 degrees Fahrenheit, inning accordance with Weather Underground.

The reason for Myles’ death has actually not been determined, but Mina stated that based upon the evidence, it is thought to be heat-related. “This was an outright catastrophe that could have been prevented,” Mina told press reporters on Tuesday.

The van is used by workers to carry children from one day care place to another– along with pick them up and drop them off at their houses.

Mina said a staff member, who has not been called publicly, had utilized the van Monday to move a group of kids, including Myles, from one area to another. The staff member dropped the kids off and returned the van to the very first place at around 9 a.m. It then sat in the parking lot until cops were called later on that night. It was unclear whether the employee locked the van after using it.

Myles would have turned 4 on August 22.

The Little Miracles Academy could not be reached by CNN. Several calls were unanswered and the site for the daycare was down.

No head count taken

Employees found Myles’ body after his granny and legal guardian called the center because he was not dropped off at home that afternoon. Family members stated workers at the center informed them that Myles had not been seen at the day care center throughout the day, inning accordance with CNN affiliate News 13.

Vivian Chaney, who identified herself as Myles’ aunt to News 13, stated that Myles’ presence never ever turned up when relative called the center on Monday to inquire about school uniforms. “There must have been some sort of head count,” Chaney informed News 13.

The worker who drove the van supposedly told authorities there was no head count of the kids when they were dropped off at the second place– and personnel did not recognize Myles was still in the van. Mina said he was uninformed of any procedure the academy had for contacting households when a kid who was expected at the center did not get here.

Mina stated there are charges pending versus the staff member, but refused to broaden on what the charges may be– and did not determine the individual involved. An autopsy is being conducted and charges will be submitted once it is total, Mina said.

If Myles’ death is figured out to be heat-related, he will be the 32nd child this year to pass away in a hot vehicle in the United States– and the fifth in Florida, cops stated. Approximately 37 children pass away each year in hot cars, inning accordance with safety organization Kids and Automobiles.

Center closed ’till further notification’

Examination reports from the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) show that Little Miracles Academy has failed to comply with several standards for personnel records, supervision and transportation, going back to 2015.

In June 2015, the DCF found that personnel had cannot include a signed Child Abuse and Overlook Reporting Requirements form in its workers records. According to the department, all child care personnel are required by law to report any “suspicions of child abuse, overlook or desertion.”

In March 2017, the department discovered that staff were not “within sight and hearing” of the children throughout nap time. In July, the department stated the facility’s transportation log failed to include several necessary components, including destination and arrival times and locations.

Mina informed reporters Tuesday that the DCF is performing an “functional examination” of Little Miracles Academy in response to Myles’ death.

According to a tweet from News 13 reporter Jerry Hume, a note has actually been put on the doors of Little Miracles Academy that states “closed until additional notification.”

CNN’s Tina Burnside and AJ Willingham added to this report.

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Stolen bike rider loses control, passes away in crash on Vegas highway

Nevada Highway Patrol at the scene of a fatal crash on US-95 on Aug.6, 2017. (LVACS)< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/08/14584818_G.jpg" alt=" Nevada Highway Patrol at the scene of a deadly crash on US-95 on Aug. 6, 2017.

(LVACS) "title=

” Nevada Highway Patrol at the scene of a fatal crash on US-95 on Aug. 6, 2017.( LVACS)” border=” 0″ width=” 180″/ > Nevada Highway Patrol at the scene of a deadly crash

on US-95 on Aug. 6, 2017. (LVACS). LAS VEGAS( FOX5 )-. Cannon fodders are investigating a deadly mishap involving a taken motorcycle in northwest Las Vegas early Sunday early morning. The Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command reported a deadly crash happened on U.S. Route 95 near the Centennial Parkway exit right before 4:30 a.m.

Authorities said a taken Yamaha motorbike was traveling at a high rate of speed southbound on the highway before the rider used heavy braking and lost control of the bike.

The 21-year-old become separated from the motorbike and was lying in among the travel lanes, according to NHP.

Another motorist tried to slow down traffic and assist the rider, however a silver Audi A4 struck the motorcyclist during this procedure.

The driver of the Audi stayed and was complying with troopers as the rider was pronounced deceased at the scene.

NHP stated it was unknowned what in fact killed the motorcyclist or exactly what initially triggered him to try and decrease citing their initial investigation.

Lane limitations remained in place at the scene of the crash while cannon fodders examined the event.

Stay with FOX5 for continued updates on this story.

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3-year-old passes away in unintentional shooting in southwest Las Vegas

LVMPD police vehicle in Las Vegas. (File/FOX5)LVMPD squad car in Las Vegas. (File/FOX5) LVMPD police vehicle in Las Vegas.( File/FOX5 ). LAS VEGAS( FOX5) -. Las Vegas Metro cops said a 3-year-old child was fatally shot in the southwest part of the Valley Tuesday afternoon.

The occurrence took place right before 2 p.m. in the 9500 block of Chandler Springs Opportunity, near Fort Apache Road and Warm Springs Road. Adults and other kids were apparently in your home at the time of the incident.

After being treated on scene by very first responders, the kid was transported to a regional hospital where he passed away, cops said.

Initial details shows the shooting was unexpected, inning accordance with authorities.

Stay with FOX5 and FOX5Vegas.com for developments.

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Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington passes away in LA at 41


Scott Harrison/Retna/HarrisonPhotos. com Stone Temple Pilots With

Chester Bennington at the Joint on Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013, in Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas.

Thursday, July 20, 2017|11:56 a.m.

LOS ANGELES– The Los Angeles County coroner says Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who sold countless albums with a distinct mix of hard rock, hip-hop and rap, was discovered dead in his home near Los Angeles on Thursday. He was 41.

Coroner spokesperson Brian Elias states they are investigating Bennington’s death as an apparent suicide however no extra details are readily available.

The group offered 10 million copies of their 2000 launching, “Hybrid Theory,” then another 4 million with 2003’s multiplatinum “Meteora.” Both albums explored sensations of frustration and fury.

Bennington, who sported piercings and tattoos, battled with drug and alcohol dependencies at different times during his life. He was wed and is made it through by 6 children.

3-year-old left in hot automobile at south Las Vegas Boulevard resort passes away from heat-related injuries

Metro police investigates the death of a child in the parking lot of a resort (Kurt Rempe/FOX5).< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/07/14395139_G.jpg" alt= "City police examines the death of a kid in the parking lot of a resort (Kurt Rempe/FOX5).

" title=" City authorities examines the

death of a child in the parking area of a resort( Kurt Rempe/FOX5).” border=” 0 “width= “180 “/ > Metro police investigates the death of a kid in the parking

lot of a resort( Kurt Rempe/FOX5). LAS VEGAS( FOX5)- Abuse and overlook detectives are investigating the death of a toddler at a resort south of the Strip Saturday afternoon. Metropolitan cops reacted to a call of a hurt child at the Grandview Resort on 9940 South Las Vegas Boulevard at 4:50 p.m. Officers located a 3-year-old kid suffering from heat-related injuries, according to Lt. Carlos Hank.

Emergency situation medical personnel carried the kid to St. Rose Healthcare facility where he was noticable departed.

Lt. Roger Cost of the Unique Victims Unit stated the moms and dads of the kid recognized he had been left in the car in the car park of the resort for over an hour after getting to the hotel, but it was too late.” Any quantity of time because environment can be fatal to a kid,” Cost said.

Apparently, the moms and dads were visiting Las Vegas as part of a large household reunion that united relative from throughout the nation and lost track of the child.

Cost included that about a dozen kids belonged to the gathering.

The temperature level in the Valley today reached a high of 114 degrees, inning accordance with local weather forecast. Authorities stated the inside of an automobile with the windows rolled up in Las Vegas can reach a high of 170 degrees.

No even more information were released at this time. Stay with FOX5 for updates.

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Guy passes away after motorist plows into Henderson music store

Henderson police investigate a crash where a driver drove into a music store in Henderson (Austin Turner/FOX5).< img src=" /wp-content/uploads/2017/07/14294725_G.jpg" alt=" Henderson cops examine a crash where a motorist owned into a music store in Henderson (Austin Turner/FOX5).

" title=" Henderson cops

investigate a crash where a motorist drove into a music store in Henderson (Austin Turner/FOX5).” border= “0” width=” 180 “/ > Henderson police examine a crash where a driver owned into a music store in Henderson( Austin Turner/FOX5). LAS VEGAS( FOX5)- A motorist plowed into

the storefront of a Henderson music store in a mishap that left one guy dead Monday afternoon, said a Henderson Police representative. A consumer was inside Anthem Hills Music store situated at 10345 South Eastern Avenue near Horizon Ridge Parkway when he was struck by the car who inadvertently drove into the business at 3:50 p.m., according to public info officer Peña.

The victim, recognized by the Clark County Coroner’s Office as 81-year-old Jerome Lloyd Eisenberg, was transported to St. Rose Medical facility in crucial condition however he later passed away of his injuries. The driver of the lorry was not hurt.

Henderson police officers are continuing the examination.

Stay with FOX5 for updates.

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Heart transplant survivor passes away hours after bring to life very first kid

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Meredith)– A female who made it through a heart transplant surgery 7 years ago passed away less than 24 hours after giving birth to her very first child.

Christian music artist Nathan Johnson and his other half Megan invited their newborn child into the world just before 2:40 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

Megan had a smooth delivery, Nathan’s bandmate, Josh Wilson, wrote on the household’s GoFundMe page. The brand-new mommy held, fed and burped her infant lady, Eilee Kate. Her partner joyfully published a picture on Instagram to celebrate the birth of their child.

“Happy Birthday Eilee Kate Johnson,” he wrote. “Megan was/is a professional and feels fantastic. Her heart worked perfectly the whole time and Eilee presented herself quickly and smooth. I am an abundant male!!!”

The couple spent 6 hours with their newborn, before Megan began to experience problems.

By 11 a.m., Megan passed away. Currently, it’s unclear exactly what caused her death.

Megan, who was raised in Ferguson, Missouri, contracted a virus at the age of 15 that resulted in myocarditis, a possibly fatal heart disease.

Her condition got worse, and she had a heart transplant in 2010 in her home town. She blogged about her journey online and in a book titled,”

Megan’s Heart. “One year after her heart surgery, Megan wed her spouse Nathan and transferred to Nashville.

Friends and household began a fundraising effort after learning about Megan’s death.

On Thursday, a GoFundMe account targeted at raising $40,000 exceeded that objective and reached $330,168 in just one day.

Megan’s funeral service will be hung on Sunday in St. Louis.

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Coroner: Female passes away weeks after ex-boyfriend choking arrest

Monday, June 26, 2017|11:02 a.m.

Authorities in Las Vegas state a 39-year-old female who was choked into unconsciousness by her ex-boyfriend has died of her injuries.

The Clark County coroner said today that Stella Martinez passed away Friday at Summerlin Medical facility of brain injuries following the June 3 incident. Her death was ruled a murder.

Cops state a patrol officer reacting to a report of a man aiming to break into a home saw 41-year-old Christopher Wood assaulting and choking Martinez on the ground in the backyard.

Martinez was hospitalized for nearly 3 weeks before she died.

Wood was apprehended on tried murder, tried theft and domestic battery by strangulation charges that are expected to be updated before a July 14 initial hearing of evidence versus him.

His court-appointed public protector, Josie Bayudan, decreased to comment.