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The Killers, Picture Dragons, Penn & & Teller will team for Vegas Strong Benefit concert

Some of Las Vegas’ best-known entertainers will collaborate for a December 1 performance at T-Mobile Arena to benefit victims of the October 1 Route 91 Harvest celebration mass shooting.

The Killers, Think Of Dragons, Penn & & Teller, Cirque Du Soleil, David Copperfield and Boyz II Men will all take part in the Vegas Strong Benefit Show, in addition to others yet to be announced, today’s news release suggested.

Tickets, ranging in price from $75 to $125, will go on sale 10 a.m. Wednesday, November 8 through AXS.com and by phone at 888-929-7849 and 10 a.m. Thursday, November 9 in-person at MGM Resorts ticket office and concierge desks. Profits will go to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund.

Thurgood Marshall motion picture faithful to the realities, and the male

Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017|6:15 a.m.

WASHINGTON– Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall’s widow, Cecilia, has actually seen 2 provings of the new motion picture “Marshall” about her late hubby. She liked it, however had one observation about star Chadwick Boseman, who plays the civil rights pioneer and legal giant.

“He’s a really attractive man, but he’s not as handsome as my husband was,” she told her kid John after seeing the film, he stated.

The concern of appearances aside, what spectators get in “Marshall” is a film faithful to the truths and to the man, according to those who have studied the real-life Connecticut rape case from 1941 and those who understood Marshall. He passed away in 1993 at age 84.

Michael Koskoff, a lawyer who wrote the movie script with his kid, states he began with the details he had about the case, then filled in the gaps.

In early 1941, Marshall was in Bridgeport, Connecticut, to represent Joseph Spell, a black driver accused by his rich, white company of rape. Because Marshall was an out-of-state attorney, he got the assistance of a regional lawyer, Sam Friedman, who was white and had proficiency in trying civil cases, not criminal ones.

The motion picture, which came out this month, shows a 32-year-old Marshall, with one Supreme Court argument under his belt and more than a years before his victory in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case that disallowed partition in public schools. Koskoff stated there is “absolutely nothing especially significant” about the case depicted in the movie, however it is representative of the legal work Marshall was performing in the early 1940s on behalf of the NAACP: traveling around the United States to safeguard black males accused of criminal offenses, and doing it at great personal risk.

Koskoff said he evaluated old newspaper articles, private investigators’ notes and what remained of court files. He took a look at letters in between Marshall and co-counsel Friedman and notes Marshall took during jury selection.

There was no transcript of the court procedures. As a result, much of the courtroom dialogue is made up, as is the nature of the relationship between the 2 lawyers.

The movie takes other factual liberties:

– a court scene that opens the film took place after, not prior to the Spell case.

– in the film, Spell’s socialite company declares she was raped two times; accounts from the time have her saying it was 3 times.

– Friedman was slender and athletic, not the heavyset character played by Josh Gad.

– Friedman’s child Lauren, who was likewise associated with the motion picture, stated something the film does not show was that the night of the decision, her moms and dads had left town since of death hazards.

However more is precise than not in the movie, including even information about minor characters. “A few of the things you would think are not true held true,” Koskoff stated, referencing a point in the motion picture where Friedman, in the courtroom, shows being gagged.

Details spectators learn about Marshall’s life likewise are appropriate, consisting of that his first partner, Vivian “Buster” Marshall, suffered numerous miscarriages prior to her 1955 death from cancer. It wasn’t till his 2nd marriage, to Cecilia Suyat, that he became a father.

Among their 2 kids, John Marshall, examined multiple drafts of the motion picture’s script and assisted the scriptwriters record his papa. John Marshall stated the film’s director, Reginald Hudlin, called him half a lots times asking whether particular details were right, to whether his father smoked. The filmmakers consistently caught his daddy’s sense of humor, his confidence and his proficiency of the law, John Marshall said.

University of Maryland law teacher Larry Gibson, a Marshall biographer, concurred that the motion picture’s developers got how Marshall carried himself. “Life held on him sort of loosely,” he said.

Susan Low Bloch, a Georgetown teacher who clerked for Marshall at the Supreme Court, stated the motion picture caught the character, funny bone and thoroughness of the Marshall she knew.

Spectators who remain in the theater through the credits will get to hear Marshall himself in a little bit of old audio. He states in part: “You know, there are a lot of individuals, indeed my own children sometimes, take a look at me with an expression on their face that they don’t think what took place in the past.”

'' If I were KKK would I hold you like this?'', widespread picture reveals peace in Virginia


With tensions being high throughout America today after a rally turned deadly in Charlottesville, one photo posted to Facebook is spreading out peace.

The viral image was captured at the end of the day at the Jubal Early monument at Fort Early.

The image features Ruettecti Hicks and Jason Turner.

After an anonymous risk to vandalize a Confederate memorial, monolith guards were on patrol in Lynchburg, Virginia all the time, inning accordance with a Facebook post from The Virginia Flaggers.

“Monument guards are not armed. They patrol and observe the location then call law enforcement to report.” Barry Isenhour, journalism Representative for the Virginia Flaggers, said.

“Late in the evening, one of the monolith guards discovered this female,” the post read.

The monument guard said he could inform she feared them.

“He walked up to her, arms outstretched, said ‘We are not KKK’ and she grabbed him and would not let go. He discussed that they were [there] to stop all of this and prevent another Charlottesville,” the Facebook post read.

Exactly what occurred next is going viral.

“If I were KKK would I hold you like this?” the monolith guard asked.

The two talked together through tears about interacting for a compromise.

“Jason and I are planning to collaborate to spread out peace,” Hicks said in a telephone call on Sunday. “We remain in consistent contact.”

“It functions as a reminder to everybody that God can use the most unpleasant times to shine light and truth, even in near darkness,” the post said.

The Facebook post was made early Saturday morning and has considering that received near 3,000 shares and over 2,000 reactions.

“We are here to educate the neighborhood, that’s it.” Isenhour said.

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Picture Dragons to perform at 4th yearly Believer Gala at Caesars Palace


Amy Sussman/Invision/AP Envision Dragons, from left, Wayne Preaching, Dan Reynolds, Daniel Platzman and Ben McKee.

Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017|2 a.m.

. At the age of 16 years old, Tyler Robinson was identified with a rare kind of cancer known as Rhabdomyosarcoma. Soon after his medical diagnosis, his older brother Jesse emailed Tyler’s favorite band, then-rising Las Vegas group Imagine Dragons, to let them know he was bringing Tyler to their performance in Provo, Utah.

“It wasn’t requesting for anything, simply letting us know that the concert suggested a lot to their household, which ‘It’s Time’ was Tyler’s tune,” recalls Think of Dragons vocalist Dan Reynolds. “They came and we dedicated the song to Tyler and found him in the audience and it was an actually special moment, extremely psychological for everybody in the room.”

Reynolds says he formed a bond with Tyler in the years following the show and stayed in touch with the Robinson household. In the spring of 2013, after being previously diagnosed cancer-free, Tyler all of a sudden slipped into a coma and passed away. The band joined with his household to create the Tyler Robinson Structure, a charity organization designed to raise cash to households handling pediatric cancer. “There are just so lots of unexpected costs in extra to medical expenses for these households, anything from an actually costly diet plan [to assist treatment] to parents needing to drop out of work to help care for their family,” says Reynolds. “The foundation has actually currently done so much amazing work and raised millions of dollars.”

The most noticeable fundraising event go back to Las Vegas on August 25 when the 4th yearly Follower Gala brings cocktails, dinner, live and silent auctions and entertainment consisting of Picture Dragons and comedian Joel McHale to the Palace Ballroom at Caesars Palace. Tickets and information can be found at trf.org.”The band is really hands-on with the gala in all senses,” states Reynolds. “We perform every year and reach out to different groups and pals to get them to be part of the cause, or just come and be a voice and contribute. We aim to make it an unique occasion with fantastic food and home entertainment.”

Reynolds says the gala is a guaranteed psychological experience for atrioventricular bundle, which is presently riding high with brand-new record “Evolve” on top of the Signboard Top Rock Albums chart and a big tour beginning this fall.

“It’s always the thing I look forward to the most from the year, actually a reminder of why we entered music in the very first place, to make an effect for much better in the world,” he states. “To see just how much the structure has grown is so inspiring. It’s larger than us or anything, to obtain people to come together to help families. It’s an effective thing.”

Netflix makes Hall H debut with big spending plan Will Smith picture


Al Powers/ AP Will Smith reacts at the Netflix Films’ “Bright” panel on the first day of Comic-Con International on Thursday, July 20, 2017, in San Diego.

Thursday, July 20, 2017|6:38 p.m.

SAN DIEGO– Picture “End of Watch” but with orcs and fairies and magic. That’s the vibe of Will Smith’s big budget Netflix film “Bright,” which unveiled its very first complete trailer Thursday in a presentation at Comic-Con.

The movie reunites Smith with his “Suicide Squad” director David Ayer and takes audiences to a gritty Los Angeles setting where 2 police officers, one human (Smith) and one orc (Joel Edgerton) have to contend with some legendary, evil forces plaguing the city. Noomi Rapace and Edgar Ramirez likewise star.

It was the Hall H launching for the streaming service, which brought out Smith, Edgerton, Ayer and the movie’s other stars to charm the 6,500 incredibly fans in presence and get them delighted about the $90 million movie, which makes its Netflix debut on Dec. 22.

Ayer stated “Intense” is not some “standard concern PG-13 motion picture.”

“I was able to do some real (curse),” Ayer said. “I had the ability to tell a genuine story. I was able to do my thing.”

He praised Netflix for its support.

Smith said the movie has the tough “rated-R grind of ‘Training Day'” mashed up with “Lord of the Rings.”

His character is stuck with the force’s very first orc police officer, which Smith said gave him a rare character opportunity: to be racist.

“You never ever get to be racist when you’re black,” Smith stated. “You’re like, ‘Look male, I do not want no orcs in my automobile.'”

Smith is simply the current A-list film star to try his luck doing a big movie with Netflix and has made waves in Hollywood with his support of the service.

“There is a distinction in between seeing a movie in a theater and seeing it on Netflix,” Smith yielded, however included that he is “really thrilled” to see “whatever this new wave of home entertainment is going to be.”

Netflix also trotted out the director and cast of its upcoming movie horror pic “Death Note,” which some Comic-Con guests will get to see in full Thursday night before its Aug. 25 Netflix launch.

Based on the manga series of the very same name “Death Keep in mind” follows a high school student (Nat Wolff) who finds a supernatural notebook that gives him the power to choose who passes away and how. All he has to do is compose a name and an approach in the note pad and the Willem Dafoe-voiced devil Ryuk carries out the grim job.

Netflix is simply one of a few studios previewing movies for audiences at the yearly fan convention. Previously on Thursday, Fox showed footage from “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” and on Saturday the comic book giants DC and Marvel will go head-to-head with prolonged presentations.

Comic-Con runs through Sunday.

Viva Picture Dragons: Band is kicking around a ‘Vegas’ song concept


Denise Truscello/ WireImage

Imagine Dragons bassist Ben McKee, lead singer Dan Reynolds, guitar player Wayne “Wing” Preaching and drummer Daniel Platzman carry out at the “Think of A World Without Cancer” gala on Thursday at the Fours Seasons.

Friday, Sept. 25, 2015|6:50 p.m.

Envision Dragons needs a Vegas song.

Not a song that is sort of ambiguously about their history in Las Vegas. “It’s Time” is that sort of tune. However a tune that describes the city in the very same method The Beatles colorfully stated their youth in “Cent Lane.”

This is a mere opinion. But we broached this kind of tune prior to Thursday night’s Tyler Robinson Structure Gala at 4 Seasons. In its second year, the charity is named for a young fan who befriended the band– specifically by means of text with front man Dan Reynolds– who died of a brain growth in March 2013 at age 17. The band has actually named its youth cancer assistance and treatment organization for Robinson, and Thursday’s was the 2nd gala raising cash and awareness for the cause.

Prior to the event, we talked of Vegas and the band’s upcoming strategies after its appearance at this weekend’s Life Is Beautiful festival in downtown Las Vegas.

“I thought of you individuals when I was at iHeart Radio at the MGM Grand over the weekend,” I began. “They played ‘Viva Las Vegas’ with four showgirls from ‘Jubilee.'”

“Oh, nice,” Reynolds said. “I understand they do that song. It’s fantastic.”

“I believed it would be excellent for you people to cover that tune,” I continued, due to the fact that I believed it would be great for the guys to cover that song. “Have you ever?”

“No, however I think we need to, right?” Reynolds stated. “However we cannot do it now that The Killers have done it? A minimum of we cannot do it in the same way.”

“We have actually got to be original,” guitar player Wayne Sermon stated.

“Perhaps we’ll do ‘House Means Nevada,'” Reynolds provided, describing the Nevada state song.

“The Killers do that one, too,” Sermon said.

“Possibly ‘Leaving Las Vegas,’ by Sheryl Crow?” said bassist Ben McKee, who was worn a baby-blue tux as Jeff Daniels’ Harry Dunne character in “Dumb and Dumber” (drummer Daniel Platzman was in orange as the Jim Carrey/Lloyd Christmas sidekick from the film).

“We need to get an entire list of them together,” Reynolds said.

“We need to comprise our own tune,” Preaching said.

That is the response. “We must do that,” Reynolds said. “We have ‘It’s Time,’ which has to do with Vegas, however we require a tune that’s simply called ‘Vegas.'”

“Picture Vegas,” McKee included.

“If we do it, now you understand where it started,” Reynolds said. “Right here, tonight. We’ve ascertained.”

The event raised more than $600,000, counting the sales of table seating and the live and quiet auction. More than 400 advocates remained in attendance.

Till the “Vegas” concept reaches the lyrical phase, Think of Dragons remain to promote their “Smoke + Mirrors” cd with an upcoming trip of Europe. Thursday’s event included the band in an acoustic set, playing for about 300 visitors consisting of important invitee Elaine Wynn, who stated prior to the program that the Think of Dragons’ TRF charity “is a terrific organization that has grown so much in just a few years.”

Rachel Smith of Fox 5’s “More” show was the host, and Jason Hewlett was the host. The band carried out a 30-minute set, “as raw as you’ll ever see Picture Dragons,” as Reynolds said, playing “I Wager My Life,” “Amsterdam” and “Radioactive,” but not “Freebird,” which was undoubtedly shouted from the audience.

Reynolds’ voice cracked as he described his relationship with Reynolds, whose household was in attendance (his brother, Jesse, recently started a several-week bicycle tour from Canada to Mexico to raise assistance for TRF).

“I didn’t know him that long, but he touched me extremely deeply,” Reynolds stated. Robinson stayed in Utah and was a big music fan and particularly fond of Envision Dragons. The band discovered of this through a Facebook message from Jesse to Reynolds, and at a show at a Provo club called Velour devoted the song “It’s Time” to Robinson, who stood above the crowd on bro’s shoulders throughout the program.

Honored during the evening by band manager and TRF Chairman Mac Reynolds were the organization’s Humanitarian Award winners: Hamish Dodds of Acid rock International; Mikaela Shiffrin, U.S. Ski Team Alpine racer and a three-time World Slalom champion; Jonathan Agin, executive director of limit Remedy Foundation; and Lisa Hill, accepting for her daughter Lauren Hillside, a basketball standout at Mount St. Joseph, who struck the very first and last basket of her last video game against Hiram College. She passed away of a brain tumor in April.

The last Humanitarian Award honor went to Geoffrey Alintoff, a 13-year-old children who nearly took the night from the band itself. A lover of music and a science and mathematics wiz, Alintoff has actually raised more than $20,000 for TRF in what started as a bar mitzvah job, and remains to deal with behalf of the I.D. structure. “Children are not expected to be defending their lives!” he called from the podium, to a standing ovation. As host Jason Hewlett said in following the speech, “I believe exactly what this governmental race is missing is Geoffrey Alintoff.”

Why not? He can offer a terrific speech. He can raise money. And, thanks to an inspiration from Picture Dragons and the late Tyler Robinson, his heart is in the right place.

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Kid of El Chapo tweets picture with guy believed to be left father

If you’re one of Mexico’s many infamous drug lords, fresh from getting away prison, exactly what do you do next?

Program up on Twitter, possibly.

A Mexican official stated Monday that he believes a picture posted online by the child of Sinaloa cartel chief JoaquĆ­n Archivaldo Guzman Loera, aka “El Chapo,” does in fact include the desired fugitive. But that doesn’t indicate it shows where “El Chapo” is or reveals when the image was taken.

A post last Monday to an account believed to belong to El Chapo’s kid, Alfredo Guzman, features a picture of the 29-year-old flanked by two men whose faces are obscured by emoticons. The mustachioed guy sitting to Alfredo’s right at a restaurant appears like the drug kingpin. The post says: “Pleased here, you already understand with whom.”

The place tag in the photo is Costa Rica. That could suggest the Main American nation or the town in Mexico’s Sinaloa state where “El Chapo” is based. Or it might be absolutely nothing beyond a ruse to throw off authorities.

And as to the timing of the image, the only thing for specific is that it went up online a week earlier. That’s eight weeks after Guzman stepped into a shower and slipped into a tunnel to escape from the maximum-security Altiplano Federal Jail.

Yet, the Mexican authorities explains, there is no chance to know precisely when the photo was taken.

Regarding where, the same official does not think it was in Costa Rica– regardless of exactly what the area tag suggests.

Marco Monge, a spokesman for Costa Rica’s Office of Judicial Investigation, has told CNN that officials in his country believe the place refers not to his country however to the Mexican town.

Daniel Lee, a spokesman for the Mexican chief law officer’s office, has actually stated that his federal government is “familiar with the image.”

Understanding about the image is different, though, than comprehending everything about it. El Chapo’s child may have made a mistake, or it might have been put out there to throw off or ridicule authorities.

Guzman has two times gotten away from jail– investing 13 years on the lam till his February 2014 arrest. That first escape stimulated some to urge that he be shipped to prisons over the border in the United States, lest it occur once again.

Mexico is providing a reward of as much as 60 million pesos ($3.8 million) for information causing El Chapo’s capture.

And last month, the U.S. federal government revealed benefits of approximately $5 million for information causing his arrest. Guzman has been charged with drug trafficking and relevant crimes in numerous U.S. federal courts, consisting of ones in Arizona, Southern California, Texas, Illinois, New york city and Florida, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Both sides state they’re looking hard for him, though DEA spokeswoman Barbara Carreno stated her company would not discuss specifics concerning this hunt.

“Chapo is among the world’s most powerful organized crime figures,” Carreno said. “And, as such, (he) has remarkable resources at his disposal.”

CNN’s Ray Sanchez, Nick Valencia and Rafael Romo added to this report.